Thursday, January 18, 2018

Musing from Valhalla: Bro Shoutout!


I like to give shout outs to Blog readers doing cool things.  This shout out is to my Artist Amigo, Enrique Nieto, (as distinguished from Artist Brah).  He is a talented artist, I really like his work, and want to give out a shout out to his latest project, personalized portraits!   Imagine yourself in a piece of art like you are on the cover of a comic book or fantasy novel.  Pretty cool, eh? 

If you would like a portrait done, send a photo to  and he will work up a sketch concept, if you like the idea, he will work up a finished drawing and send it to you as a high definition attachment to print out in the size you choose.  For the reasonable price of $75 preferably though Paypal,  you can be immortalized in art.  If you want to check out more examples off his work check out his website!

Be the center of your own art collection!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Musings from Valhalla: Mailbag #3

Be sure to also check out:

If you haven't already done so, for more FAQ info.

How come you don't have any tattoos?
If you had a Ferrari, would you put bumper stickers on it?

When is your birthday?
Every day is Mule Day!

I keep complaining about [fill in], but you never seem to listen, why is that? 
 I listen to all my viewers requests and complaints but listening is not the same as accommodating them all, I do things my own way and in my own time. The name is MULE for a number of reasons!

Why don't you have any stories about [insert ethnic group here]?
Send them over to Boulder, Colorado and I will fight 'em and/or fuck 'em and then there will be!

Have you ever had sex with anyone famous?
Does fucking a girl who thinks she was a princess from ancient Atlantis count? What about if she is a “star child” from the Pleiades star in Orion’s Belt?  'Cause I’ve had both.  Also for those keeping score at home, my "celebrity fucks" also include: Girl with 500k instagram followers, various NFL Cheerleaders, Extra from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, and a VERY hot Cougar, who had her nudes in playboy!

They start as Zenonian girls and grow up into Terrestrial

Give us an M, Give us a U, give us a L, give us an E,
give us a C and an O and a C and K, what does it all spell?

I am an Atlantean Princess, why won't you return my calls?
  I gave you my royal treasure!

You know Mule, we women from Orion are said to be irresistible
 to human males...

Why don't we have more stories about you being humiliated, destroyed, dismembered, killed and/or eaten?
You know the old adage, that you are the hero of your own story...well these are MY stories, and I am the hero damn it! Now, I have the humility to acknowledge that in the game of life, I don't always win, but I mostly win, because I am a WINNER, so you will just have to get used to that.

Why are there so many stories about you?
I will have to use the same basic answer as I used to the last question.  This is called the MULESBLOG for a reason, these are my stories, and I AM THE HERO!

Why aren't there MORE stories about you?
Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavor.  A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Most of the stories ARE about ME, or thinly disguised legendary or literary versions of ME, but I do like to throw in some tales of my buddies for spice and to keep things INTERESTING. 

I have a rather large collection of  Mulesblog character fan-fiction stories that I think you might be interested in. Would you like to see them?

Much as I would simply love to paw through hundreds of such tales, there is so much to do, and so many sloots that require my attention.  The life of your Mule is not an easy one, and not for the fainthearted, but someone has to live this larger than life, superhero existence so as you all have exciting tales to read about and fap to!

How come you don't post very recent pictures of yourself? 
Some have speculated that I have become Jabba the hut in my proportions, others realize that I am no longer a student, and have a professional reputation and responsibilities, but the real reason is I have grown so amazingly beautiful that you would require a special visor or risk madness.

You write about how intensely you build your body, but what efforts do you make to build your mind?  
Well, long-time readers will know I was edumucated at Duke and Georgetown, two very prestigious indigestions of higher lurnin'. But the Internet exists as a vast digital compendium of the sum of all human knowledge, so naturally I use it mainly for porn! 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Musings from Valhalla: Happy New Year 2018

We at MULESBLOG wish you all a Happy New Year, and hope you will stick with us, as a new year of adventures unfolds for Mule and your favorite blog characters!

This post is a retrospective on our 7th year together in this particular incarnation of my  blog.  So let's look back on 2017 together shall we?

              A total of over 96,000  views in  this last year! 

Over 251,000 views since 2011!

67 new posts this last year, 258 since 2011!

and now some highlight reels:

The Mongolian Horde Trilogy

This year we learned about Ylur Mule's long running feud with Mongolians, Mongolian BBQ and their temporal shifting ways! Follow my battles with the Mongolian hordes across the centuries!

Mule v. Mongol Hordes: Duke Delirium

Mule v. Mongolian Hordes: Mongorians in Colorado

Mule v. Mongolian Hordes: Kage Match Khan

Torn Between Lust and Faith Trilogy (Gary and Friends Adventures)

This year we had more exciting adventures with our favorite randy priest, Gary!

Torn Between Lust and Faith: Gary Goes Aviking with Father Torn

Torn Between Lust and Faith: Aversion Therapy

Torn Between Lust and Faith: Water Sports

Mulezan Saga

This year blog readers were introduced to the Legend of Mulezan, the much handsomer and cooler than Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle!

Mulezan: King of the Jungle

Mulezan: Lair of the Ivory King

Mulezan: Mule vs. The Evil Hunter-The Most Dangerous Game

Mulezan: Be Careful What You Wish For

Mulezan: Mulezan vs. The Evil Hunter-The Sex Fight

Mulezan: Mulezan and the Jungle Tyrant-Fight to the Death

Halloween Party (Mulecules v. He-Man)

Even an innocent Halloween party can go South when Your Mule attends, for some reason trouble just seems to follow me, I am unlucky that way!

Mule vs. the Male Fitness Model

This year you got to hear about an adventure when I was visiting my home town, New Orleans, and about some of my pet peeves about the fitness industry!

Vatican Cage Fight

As stated above, this was quite the year for adventures with Gary, this story sees Gary in Rome in an adventure that would even wow Dan Brown!

Mule vs. The Flying Saucers 2

This year we learned  the reason why Your Mule has such animosity towards illegal aliens and by aliens, I mean extraterrestrials.  With two tales of my UFO encounters!