Friday, June 26, 2015

Mule and the MMA Chick: The Movie

Mule and the MMA Chick powered by XTube If you have trouble playing this let me know by email Our first attempt at a movie. Comments or suggestions are appreciated.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mule and Blondie *******Epilogue*********


 Man, Mule loves me a nice big pair of tits. Especially after a brawl!

I maneuvered the big breasted blond up against the wall of the alley.

The sight of them bazoongas had sent the blood flowing to my oversized poker in a surge. Half a pint had moved there in the last few seconds, rushing to fill my barrel.  Despite the battering and bruising that had been inflicted on me, nothing critical was damaged and was evidently the most important part of my anatomy still responding to stimulation despite those punches into my groin.

All things considered, I figured a quick fuck was just what I needed to put me right.

MY right hand slid down her belly to her crotch. My fingers came away wet, indicating Blondie was primed.  I moved them to her face and she kissed and licked them sensuously, tasting her own cunt-juice. Her fingers slipped to my jeans and she unclasped them, unzipped the fly and slid one hand into my crotch. Her fingers closed around the enormity of my penis.

She gasped again as it sprang free from its confines, revealing its enormous length and thickness, and yet again as I lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and impaled her against the wall.

Conscious that we might be interrupted at any time, I dispensed with any preliminaries and rapidly got to work. I  bucked my hips upwards, found her opening and began to insert myself. As the big mushroom split her lips, we both moaned hotly. She gasped and her eyes widened as the thick head of my cock pushed past her folds, spreading her as I pushed into the silken heat of her tight pussy.
"Ohhhhh. My God," she gasped. "Fuck, you are sooo big..."

I gripped her hips and held her in place as I continued to work his way into her, my thick thighs and rounded ass flexing purposefully. Each upward thrust planted me deeper and deeper into her. Mule rocked up into her with greater force until finally every inch of my powerful young prick was buried to the hilt in the sexy woman.
I held himself there for a moment, while both of us adjusted to the  tight fit. Then without warning, I began forcefully and repeatedly ramming my big poker up into her and watched her big tits bounce satisfyingly before my eyes.
She responded to my firm, steady humping by hooking her legs around Mule and pulling me in tight. She groaned as my mighty  ass drove the Mule-cock into her again and again. Pretty soon I had to stifle her lustful cries with my mouth in case the noise she was making attracted any unwanted attention.

Aaron was crawling away like a slug from the pair of us, leaving a slime trail of blood, saliva,  and urine.  But he barely registered to either of us.

"Oh god," she moaned. "Oh god yes, I want your cock... c'mon, fuck me harder... please ... I want you to fuck me hard..."

As I stoked her with my mighty spear, I turned my attention to those beautiful, delicious tits.  They were real, not implants and of a size and shape that called out for me  to suckle.
My dick swelled with fuck lust I he fell hungrily first on one, then suddenly switched my mouth to her other tit, using my left hand to maul the first, saliva-soaked one.

I  resumed my hard, rough ramming. Raising myself on tiptoe, I took care that she got the full effect of his throbbing meat with each thrust. My calves and thighs bulged as I pumped away with my majestic muscular ass. Her hands clawed at my broad shoulders and her legs were spread wide by mine. She could barely accommodate my length and girth, but her moans indicated that she was enjoying the experience of being fucked hard by this vigorous young muscleman.

She was horny. I was horny. After five minutes or so of power fucking, we began to come together: she a writhing bundle of voluptuous flesh, me a tower of straining muscle.


With a satisfied sigh, I slid slowly out of her. They both leaned against the wall, panting in the afterglow of lustful satisfaction.  Even the mighty Mule’s prong was having to take a break from servicing the 150-pound sex machine, with the talented tongue, magic fingers and gravity-defying tits.

“Gee, I was right, you are a big, strong boy,” she said with a smirk, adjusting her clothing and patting herself down. And you sure can handle yourself. Thanks.”

Looking back on it, I was amazed that Aaron had had any fight left in him after a night with Blondie (and all the respect to her for being able to handle two 270 pound musclemen, one after the other). It made me wonder what punishment the tough guy might have dished out if his balls hadn’t recently been repeatedly drained the night before.

Of course,it might just have been an excuse for her to continue to get her hands on my big muscles when she told me that not only had I kicked his ass but that I was better in the sack too.

“Any time, honey,” I said, with some difficulty easing my missile cock back in its housing and zipping myself up.


Mule and the Soldier

Mule and the Soldier

Now your Mule doesn’t normally ride the bus. Most of the time, I get where I need to be in my faithful jeep. Only recently, she was in the shop getting another imprint of the Mule removed from her hood.  Faithful readers will know this has happened more than once, good thing the claims adjuster has the hots for Mule and always says YES,YES, YES- before, during and after I am fucking her either in terms of the insurance or in the bedroom.

But the Mule still has to get to where he is going, and thumbing through my phone contacts for hot chicks to give me rides, only goes so far when you tend to delete them after they go stage 5 clingy, which given that I am the Mule, they ALL DO.

Only the other day, I had punched in the number of some hot young chick with massive tits which I was looking forward to exploring in detail after she successfully served in chauffeur duty; however, a moment later she calls me back and says her car won’t start when she turns the key.  Naturally I thought that “Your engine would definitely turn over if I stuck in my key”, but I said, “No problem”, I will just catch the bus, this is a college town.”

I had never rode the bus before here, but the BRT is part of some GREEN COLORADO initiative, and runs on cow farts or some shit like that.  The bus station here is known as Boulder Junction (previously called the Transit Village -but that sounded too much like an ex-con half-way house) and is… and I quote:
 “…a state of the art transit-oriented development that features a bus rapid transit (BRT) station, Boulder Junction is becoming and the importance of providing robust BRT service to leverage the significant public (city and RTD) and private investment to support a true transit-centered lifestyle at Boulder Junction.”
In other words the hippies, stoners and college kids ride the damn thing, and the rest of us ride in our private vehicles because we ain’t commies!

Anyway, in a nutshell, that’s why I was on the bus yesterday heading off down the gym, as usual, aiming to add a few more pounds of muscle to the 270 I already got. The bus naturally had bikes hanging off the front and was painted with “art” meant to look like graffiti, to make the busses look “hip and fun” for the young people until it was covered over with REAL GRAFFITI.  I got in following a series of people with “Ecopasses” and when I got in and paid my $2.60 in vile COIN, the crowd seemed to hiss as I was clearly an interloper!  I made my way past the disproving looks of the hemp-fiber clad/ Birkenstock shod hostiles back to the back of the bus. There were fewer of the “I never wear deodorant on principle” people there and there was more room in back seat for my imposing frame

So I settled myself down in the back after scattering some pencil necks and started to look around. Straightaway, I noticed the shoulders a couple of rows up on the other side. As wide as a football field. The tan beret he was wearing on his jar head said military. Tan beret means Army Ranger, as I recall. Rangers are supposed to be uber tough. I had fought Marines before, most of them were bat shit crazy.  But I had never fought an Army Ranger.
The Soldier
My “fight instinct” was already tingling.  There is not fight or flight instinct in the Mule, just fight, wait, I take that back, in the context of a class five clingy female, there is DEFINITELY a flight instinct!!!   Anyway the potential adversary was sitting alongside some college slut with long blond hair which she was flicking around in the way girls do when they want the “D”.  I had spotted her in the bus queue waving her “Ecopass” with the best of them and thought even for a college hippie chick she was eminently fuckable.

The Soldier and Blondie

She had on a kind of preppy summer dress, all fluttery and flouncy but at the same time clingy. The weirdest thing was that it had no straps and only seemed to be kept up by being hooked over a very nice pair of surprisingly big boobs. I say ‘surprisingly’ because most of these tree-huggers don’t exactly have fit, developed bodies but Blondie did. She was outstanding in every sense. Regular readers will also know that the Mule, as well as being a fighter, is, as far as potential fuckees are concerned, a major tits man: well, these ones just called out to be man-handled. Besides that, I always like a girl in a dress cuz of the ‘ease of access’, if you follow me.

Anyhow, I figured she clearly liked big muscles as she had sat next to soldier boy who was sporting some well-honed sinew. I made a mental note that Blondie appeared
 a) to like musclemen
b) was hot
c) seemed slutty.
The perfect trifecta!!!  You never knew when opportunity might strike - but with me, being the Mule, my door gets a constant pounding, followed by a different sort of pounding.

Over the dreary mumbling of bus conversation, I happened to catch a bit of what they were saying. It turns out I’d got the story of her and the soldier boy all wrong. They hadn’t met on the bus at all like I though but that, in fact, she and Soldier Boy  had met the day before and apparently  had an all night session during which they had fucked each other’s brains out. She was babbling away about her pacifist beliefs, and he was flexing his muscles, and clearly planning his maneuvers to get her back  onto his dick and replace her idle chatter with moaning.  He was avoiding politics and focusing on scenarios of him versus the elements, giving her the spiel of adventures in various hostile terrains, avoiding discussions of combat. Couldn’t fault him for that. He knew his objective and was not going to be distracted from staying on course. Then he switched to telling her about his time with the MPs.  He was describing some of his fights, and despite her tree-hugging sentimentality, it was clear her inner primate was getting very turned on by his caveman victories.  From my big blond Bam Bam point of view, this was just getting better and better.

Anyway, whether it was the fact of my eyes boring into the back of his shaved head or what I don’t know but at some point he swung round and our eyes locked. As blondie babbled away about the evils of corporate animal husbandry, trying to get his attention back, he looked at me appraisingly and seemed pretty impressed with what he saw.

And it cut both ways… that he had turned round, I could see that the shoulders that had first got my attention were matched by a pair of bowling ball arms and a massive chest. No wonder Patchouli girl was keen to act as his mattress.

She chatted on but he clearly wasn’t listening any more. The lightning which flashed in his eyes was the excitement of the challenge of another alpha male.  Alphas need to intimidate any potential rival, and even better to butt horns like rutting rams. I was equally gearing up for the challenge. Suddenly the yabbering pussy was merely the stakes, the true focus for both he-men was now on the contest with a clearly formidable rival.  Hot Sluts were as common as tie-dye shirts here in Boulder, but a man worthy to challenge were few and far between.  Clearly that soldier boy was up for the challenge and interested enough focus all his attention on me rather than split it with Blondie.

You see, in any given situation there can only be one alpha. Soldier boy, like me, was evidently used to claiming that spot in most situations, if not all.  Well, it so happened that on this day on that bus there were two muscular he-men who were potentially top dog and that needed resolving.

Finally, Blondie goes quiet and also turns around to see what had turned soldier boy deaf to her pitch against GMOs. If anything, she was probably expecting to see a rival for her affections - what she hadn’t been expecting was to see another guy as big, if not bigger than her muscular soldier and, I’m not embarrassed to tell you that when she did, her jaw dropped.

Confusion showed on her face - what her exact thoughts were, I don’t know. How was this encounter going to play out? Who was the bigger muscleman? Who was she more attracted to? Should she dump Soldier Boy and go off with me? Sluts were never content with what they had, and were always looking for that free upgrade!

I detected quizzical flicker of Soldier boy’s eyebrows, which (to those in the know) was code for “Wanna show me what you got?”

No problem there so I reached up and signaled for the next stop. Almost straightaway the bus starts slowing down. Having let us off, it moved off again-the tires riding higher after being relieved of a quarter ton of muscle plus whatever the slim Vegan weighed, which couldn’t have been much.  The two men glowered at each other, and despite her ideals, the slut was getting wet in anticipation, whoever was able to walk out of this battle was clearly going to get to fuck her brains out as their trophy.

We looked around trying to get our bearings (not being, as I said, a student of bus routes, it took me a moment to assess where we were). It was an older part of town, with dingy alley ways and warehouses but at least this almost certainly offered some private locations to settle this little head to head bout. And Blondie wasn’t bothered since she was not likely to come to any harm from any skinny mugger/rapist dude while in the company of such two prime specimens.

As the he-man soldier was checking the neighborhood out like it was hostile enemy territory; I looked him over again this time evaluating him properly as I would any opponent.

He was a real mountain of muscle. Despite the beret, he looked masculine, with a square jaw formed in battle grimace. He wore a tight tee shirt with writing on the front though it was kinda hard to read what it said as it was pushed out of shape by his fortress of a chest. Beneath it muscles bulged everywhere pushing the fabric of the shirt to their limits. He had to be about 6'2" and 270 lbs. with tattooed arms and a ‘don’t mess with me’ expression that those who know they are bad-asses acquire.  There was some life wear and tear on him, which suggested he was somewhat older than me and had seen his share of fights. His confidence bordered on the cocky, which Mule knew he could turn to his advantage.

He had a gold watch on his left wrist and a kind of skull ring on his right hand – which I GUESS was meant to impress. I noticed he also wore a wedding ring. So, married, but still up for screwing random chicks as may come his way. Horny bastard - now I was starting to like him, MY KIND of guy, I could almost feel bad when I left him a bloody pulp in a few minutes, well ALMOST.

The two men glowered at each other, and the slut was getting wet in anticipation, 

By now I was beginning to be fired up myself, my own muscles and cock flexing at the thought of a grapple with this tough guy. Damn, he looked strong, probably as strong as anyone I’ve come across. But then I always think that before a fight-it gets me revved up for combat!

Below the waist, he had on a pair of camo trousers which struggled to contain a massive pair of quads. These were made to look even bigger by the fact that his pants were tucked inside a pair of well-worn rugged leather combat boots.

What I hadn’t noticed before was the luggage he had brought with him off the bus (when Mule sees muscles, he doesn’t notice much else). Maybe on his way back home from a training exercise, he was carrying a grip and a bed roll. There was a set of dog tags attached to the grip which I could just about see said he was army (no prizes for that) and that his name was Aaron something.

What really blew my mind was that not only did he have a pistol on a holster attached to his belt but along the top of the bed roll lay an M39 rifle! What the fuck, was the Mule fighting some “Chris Kyle” type now?  “What did you get yourself into this time, Mule?”-I thought.

To say the guy was packing was an understatement. Packing muscles, packing hardware and, talking of hardware, packing a sizable bulge that appeared to be growing by the minute.

Aaron the soldier suddenly said, “How about down here?” pointing and looking over Blondie’s shoulder (she was, by this stage, completely mesmerized by the realization that these two musclemen were about to lock horns. Blondie and I both thought he was referring to his crotch, but then realized from where he was pointing, that he was discussing the location for the fight.
It was a dead end alley way with a dog leg at the end and, so, hidden from the street. It was quiet but there was enough noise to mask any sounds that might cause someone to come and investigate.
Soldier boy stowed his gear carefully in the corner.

He pulled the brown T shirt up and over his head and tossed it on the ground.  At this point, I guess- most potential opponents turned yeller and headed further into the Rockies. The display of muscles was rather intimidating. He shrugged those wide deltoids of his - which powerfully capped his perfectly contoured torso and rocked his head from side to side to loosen up. Mule imagined for a moment he was Perseus facing down a Minotaur.

Aaron kept his camo pants on, but they could not conceal his colossal quads.  For a moment, he looked down at his own impressive body appraisingly, and then he lifted his head and smiled across at me. As a trained fighter with a mammoth body, this was another moment he clearly loved - flexing his muscles and scrutinizing his opponent’s face for weakness or a sudden failure of confidence. But on this occasion there wasn’t any.

Overall, the two fighters seemed to be fairly evenly matched.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever mixed it up with a soldier; maybe your life’s not as eventful as the Mule’s or you don’t go looking for it like Mule does. Anyway, if you do, you’ll know they’re not all the same. Apart for the bat-shit crazy marines already mentioned (who try to rip your head off in any way they can), there are the regular army sluggers who like to go toe to toe until one man eventually collapses and there are the special forces trained to incapacitate you in the shortest time possible.

Aaron was the last kind and if the Rangers run an unarmed combat class in viciousness, he must have passed out summa cum laude. It’s not often Mule is tasting concrete that early in a fight but one minute I’m on my feet, the next I’m chest down on the floor with one of my tree branch arms hooked behind my back. I was all like “Wtf?” trying to work out what had happened when he drove his knee between my legs to soften me up by crunching my pride and joy and giving me a quick reminder of what I’d had for breakfast that morning

Mule is tasting concrete one minute into the fight!

To give the dude his due, when faced with a mountain of muscle like Mule, your best chance is to select one body part and do your best to disable it quickly; seems like he’d decided a man with only one functioning arm would be going nowhere fast except down and out.

Anyway, having weakened me with the blow to the nuts, he was now locked in tight from the side and focusing on breaking my elbow or the fingers that were bent back against his beefy shoulder - or both. Man, it hurt. Maybe he was intending to break my arm; maybe he was expecting me to submit. More likely, he didn’t give a rat’s ass whether “I give” was in the Mule’s vocabulary or not.

It wasn’t.

Abruptly, the Soldier pulled me to my feet by my arm and threw me into the alley wall.  "OOOFFFFFHHHH!!!!!!"  The air exploded out of me, as my back was slammed into the brick wall behind me.   He moved back a few feet and charged me, but missed at the last second as I moved to my right. The Army Ranger rammed his shoulder into the brick wall behind me instead, and let out a loud yelp from the impact.

I wasted no time. I turned around and started slamming kick after kick into the back of the Soldier's thighs. The sound of my booted feet beating on his thick muscular hamstrings echoed throughout the alley way. The continuous assault prevented the Ranger from getting back up to his feet. I went on for a few more kicks before I stopped and picked him up by his waist. From behind, I hooked my fists across the Soldier’s lower abdomen and yanked him backward. Lifted off his feet, he was suplexed hard to his back, landing in the middle of the alley. Blondie remained silent as she witnessed the tough Sargent being taken apart by the younger muscleman so early in the skirmish.

As the winded muscleman struggled to get back up on his feet, I dragged him back up by his hair. I wrapped my strong arms around the Ranger's waist. I growled and started to flex my arms, determined to squeeze the life out of my opponent.

Mule bear hugs the Ranger

The Sargent moaned in my bearhug. He wrapped his legs around my thighs as he felt the pressure increasing around his ribs. I sweated heavily. The soldier's 270 lbs. weight took a toll on my strength. He let up a little, and all of a sudden, the Soldier pulled himself upward in my arms, pressing down on my broad shoulders breaking my grip. The Soldier positioned his thick chest in front of my face as he wrapped his arms around my head. He hiked his legs up around my waist and locked his ankles right on top of my bulging ass. He leaned forward and whispered: "Y’got a pretty mean bearhug, pretty boy; but I have been in stronger..."

The Ranger’s constricting grip wrapped me up like a boa. The veins in the Soldier’s arms rose to the surface like ropes when he started to apply increased pressure to my throat and carotid. I tried to pull him off desperately, but the Soldier didn't budge for a second. My arms began to flail helplessly as I fought to breathe, my face smothered between the Soldier's mountainous pecs. My big muscles were not getting any oxygen.  I could feel myself grow weaker. His sleeper hold had me drifting into the dreamlands.

Once the Ranger felt me weaken, he let go of me and jumped backward. I immediately fell to the concrete, landing squarely on my muscled butt with a bit of a bounce. I panted heavily, trying to catch my breath as I struggled back from semi-consciousness. I felt like I had been in a vice so powerful and professional his grip had been. The Soldier's smothering headlock had taken a lot out of me, and I desperately tried to shake off the effects and recover quickly from my now vulnerable position. Before I could get to my feet, the Soldier slammed his fist into my gut. He followed up with a series of left and rights to my abs, until  I dropped to my knees  with a thud. Blondie suddenly let out a cheer for "her man" when she saw me put down by his blows.

The Ranger throws a huge left to Mule's solar plexus

The Ranger pounds the Mighty Mule with lefts and rights to the abs

Ranger is beating the snot out of the Mule!

The Ranger chops Mule down like a giant oak tree

 Blondie felt pity and tried to step in to save me, but it only gave me a momentary respite.

The Ranger beats Mule down to his knees....

Blondie  cheers for "her man" when she sees Mule put down by his blows.

The smirking Ranger towers over the kneeling Mule

The smirking Ranger reached down and hoisted my dazed-self up, stretching my muscled body across the his broad shoulders. I was so out of it I could barely move.  The Soldier carried me around like a wrestler in the ring before stopping in front of Vegan chick who was slobbering like a carnivore over a steak.  "Take a good look, baby, I am going to END it right here!"  It was if the announcer of Mortal Combat had yelled FINISH HIM.

The Soldier hoisted the  dazed Mule up

The Soldier stretches Mule's muscled body across his broad shoulders

The Soldier carried Mule around like a wrestler in the ring ...

Until he stops in front of Blondie....

"Take a good look, baby, I am going to END it right here!"
The Ranger announces....

Just as the soldier completed his sentence, he pushed my body up from his shoulders and slammed the small of my back across his outstretched knee.  WHAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

The Ranger slams the Mule across his outstretched knee.....

Mule cries out in agony 

The Soldier held Mule across his knee for a few long seconds...

...forcing Mule's  spine to bend farther and farther backward

I cried out in agony when I landed on the Soldier's knee. Sweat from my body and spit from my gaping mouth flew few out, some of it hitting Blondie. The Soldier held me across his knee for a few long seconds, letting my spine bend farther and farther backward, before rolling me off.

I rolled dazedly onto the ground while this ‘Captain America’ knockoff showboated to Blondie's delight.   She thought she knew where this was now headed and was already imagining herself squealing under the big guy in a little while.

I picked myself up slowly, struggling to take stock of my predicament.  Taking advantage of my opponent having written me off, I saw advantage in this arrogant veteran still facing the chick and posing,  and with a Herculean effort, I desperately kicked the back of the Ranger's knees. The attack surprised my nemesis. He tripped, falling to the ground. My back throbbed as I pushed through the pain and landed on top of the Soldier's back. I moved into position, crouching on top of the Soldier's lower back. I got a strong grip on his biceps and pulled them up to lock them across my knees. Slowly and methodically, I pulled the soldier's head back by his chin. Catching my breath and recuperating from the ranger’s attack, I leaned backward, sitting low in the camel clutch.

I heard Blondie give a sigh of admiration. She was impressed, seeing me flexing my muscles and, in this surprising turn of events, watching me dominating her hot soldier.  Maybe she was beginning to change her plans and desired to open her legs to the Mule instead. With that, I gave my onslaught every ounce of strength I had left, building up the pressure against Aaron's neck and back. Aaron wiggled his body and grunted underneath me, flexing his muscles defensively against the camel clutch.

The hold went on for another minute as Aaron struggled to free himself.   My exhausted arms began shaking as our muscles strained against each other.  Slowly, the Ranger began to overpower me.  Then the Soldier swung his body from side to side and managed to throw me off balance. We toppled to the side, and the Soldier deftly landed between my legs. He slammed a barrage of sharp elbow blows into my ribs before landing a fist into my face. KRAAAK!

I was seeing double, as I lay stunned on the ground clutching defensively at my face.  Aaron climbed up your hero’s body, coming to rest straddling my torso, as he checked the damage he had just inflicted.

He carefully positioned his left leg across my throat. Simultaneously, he twisted my head to the side, shoving my mouth into his large crotch, while he laced his ankles together and squeezed his legs around my neck like a vise.
Mule suffers in the Soldiers neck scissors...

The Rangers mighty legs choke out the Mule...

I writhed, lifting my hips and dropping them to the ground again in a panic. My carotid artery was again slowly being pressed closed as I loudly struggled to suck air into my lungs from the musky location where my face was trapped. The Ranger sat up and flexed his biceps, displaying both his strength and mastery of his opponent as a spectacle for Blondie who was already fingering herself in ecstatic appreciation of the violence.

"Get prepared to give the 10 count" I hear the Aaron tell Blondie as he figures to end the fight as I slipped into unconsciousness.  My eyes suddenly snapped open wide as I breathed a wheezing, desperate gulp of air into my burning lungs.  “I'm not finished yet.....”-I thought!

My nose was still filled with the musky scent of the Soldier's balls that like the scissor-hold, I wasn't able to shake off.  Soldier boy examined my soaking wet muscles up and down, closely studying my gasping bruised body. I was still trying to open up my eyes completely when I felt a sharp pain from the back of my calf, knocking me down to his knees.

As I kneeled involuntarily, the Ranger dropped down behind me. He wrapped his massive left arm around my muscular throat and flexed, applying pressure across my windpipe. I let out a squeaking noise as my lower legs kicked purposelessly behind me while I pried at the Soldier's arm in desperation.

As Mule kneels  involuntarily, the Ranger dropped down behind him

The Ranger wrapped his massive  arm around Mule's muscular throat and flexed

The Soldier finally let up on his arm, still holding onto my struggling body. I let out a loud gasp as he struggled to gulp down some air into my burning lungs.

Although Aaron loosened up his vice-like choke, he didn’t let go. He slid the palm of his other hand across my upper body, feeling my abs before coming to rest on my heaving right pec. He massaged my beef steak sized pec a few seconds. Then he cupped it with his strong fingers, feeling the heft of my impressive pectoral muscles, kneading the striated sinews with a claw-like grip.   My legs kicked frantically behind me while I tried to pry the cruel hand away from my chest. Sweat poured in thick streaks down my sculpted torso like a waterfall as the Soldier worked on me.

Aaron clawed at the muscle for an agonizingly long minute. When he felt his opponent weaken, he loosened his chokehold and grabbed my left pec from under my armpit. Soldier boy held both of my firm round pecs. He felt the meaty, pecs for a few long seconds before he started squeezing, clawing at the powerful muscles viciously.

 The Ranger claws Mule;s beefy pecs

I feel the powerful fingers grip and see the Ranger’s amazing forearms flex to an incredible size as he closes his powerful fists.  My mouth falls open as I try to breathe, but can’t. Every muscle in my body flexes to an awesome size all at once, then begins to convulse as if it’s being electrocuted.
I yelled out while desperately trying to pry his hands off my burning pecs. Blondie was cheering him again. WTF? The fickleness of females!

Soldier boy tightened his grip, drawing out the pain he was causing, loving every second of the reaction he was getting both from Mule and from Blondie as He thrust his fingers deeper and deeper.

The cocky warrior paused to acknowledge Blondie with a nod and a wink. When he did, I clutched my pecs defensively, folding my muscle-bound arms across my massive chest

Aaron had to work to drag me to my feet. My knees kept buckling weakly underneath me.  As I stumbled out of control, the ground. His left heel drove with a solid thud into my meaty upper chest. I was thrown backward so violently by the kick that my head hit the pavement long before my hips and legs.

The ‘Chris Kyle’ wannabe climbed up to his knees and swung his left knee to the other side of my head. Straddling my neck, he slowly lowered his heavily muscled ass down, swiveling his hips as he sat across my face.

I planted my palms on Aaron's hips and tried to press him off his face.  He was immovable, perched humiliatingly on my face. He stroked the palms of his hands slowly across my sweat-soaked pecs and down my long, rippled abdomen.  Abruptly, he lifted his hands. The Soldier slowly curled his fingers into nasty claws. Blondie moaned with anticipation. Finally, he plunged his claws down into the sculpted abdomen beneath him.

My legs kicked violently. My knees lifted defensively, but the Soldier leaned backward out of harm's way, his claws digging deeply into my thickly muscled core. I bridged hard, attempting to throw the Soldier off balance, but the Ranger remained squarely on top of my face, his claws disappearing beyond the first joints in his fingers as he pried savagely at the powerful abdominal muscles in his grasp. My hips bucked up and down and my legs kicked aimlessly.

After more than a minute of digging savagely into my thick abs, the Soldier lifted his claws with a flare and flexed his biceps for Blondie.  My bright red abdominal muscles rose and fell quickly as I breathed deeply, trying to prepare myself for whatever sadistic torture was in store for me next.

The Soldier climbed to his feet and stood, straddling Mule, lacing his hands behind his head and flexing his six-pack abs to the hooting cheers of Blondie. His cock was unmistakably hard, straining the fabric of his camos.

I lifted my head up just slightly and saw the Soldier flexing for Blondie.  I felt defenseless as my muscles failed to cooperate. I lowered my head back to the ground. It was painful for me just to breath.

I looked over and saw the Ranger still posing for Blondie. Without hesitation, I leapt forward and rammed my shoulder into the Soldier's face. The move was sluggish but effectively slapped the Soldier's head back to the concrete. I slowly crawled behind my opponent.

I didn't have much time to think through my next moves. I pulled the Soldier up to a sitting position from behind. Even that took a toll on my muscles. Then I slipped my left arm across the Soldier's throat, while pressing my right arm against the back of the Soldier's head for support. Soldier Boy felt my arm sinking into his throat.

The Ranger was stunned by the turn of events.  He was holding on to his opponent’s arm to prevent me from locking in the sleeper completely, while I flexed my muscles to try overpower him. Beret-boy found his breathing constrained by the hold. He suddenly felt a rising panic for the first time during the match,

His mouth and face were suffocated by unbreakable, fleshy boulders of my solid muscle.
"Not so cocky now are you, you fucking Captain America wannabe" I whispered into the Soldier's ear. Aaron was unable to pry my arms away, but he managed to block the hold enough to prevent me from crushing his windpipe. He was buying time, the rising panic taking hold as he struggled to think of his counter move.

My taunt gave the Ranger renewed resolve as he released his grip on my arm and threw a series of elbows jabs into my rock hard gut. I was shocked by the strength of the Aaron’s blows. After five sharp strikes, when I inadvertently loosened my hold on the Soldier's neck.  Aaron immediately grabbed hold on my wrists and pried them straight to my side. I grunted as I felt the twist on my arms. Before I realized what happened, my face was met with the back of the Soldier's head. The head-butt sent me falling to my thickly muscled ass in complete exhaustion.

Aaron climbed to his feet slowly, massaging his neck. Man, I began to think this guy was unstoppable. In a bar fight, I’d’ve dumped half a dozen guys on their asses by now but this military muscle machine was still up for more.

After a brief moment to recover, he flexed a double bi pose at Blondie which generated an enthusiastic cheer (by now she was seriously beginning to piss me off). Turning around with his hands on his hips, he examined the sorry state of his fading opponent. As he walked towards me, I charged at him with arms up. He reached up to stop me. Our hands met in a grip above our heads with loud "slap", fingers locked like vices. He groaned a deep throaty groan on impact.

He was feeling the pain of my grip but held firm. We were locked face to face, arms and bodies straining against each other. This was it. This was the test. And I was into it. His arms were huge, bulging. But face to face with his arms, mine were just as big!!!

"Yeahhh!" I thought. "This is gonna be good!”

I gotta say that, close up, he was quite a sight. His arms bulged as he fought me. He gritted his teeth. It looked like he was actually growing. His neck thickened even more; his shoulders widened; he closed his eyes and groaned, half wincing, half growling. His chest rose and filled out and his legs ballooned with hard, thick muscle. He breathed heavily between his fits of body-tightening but I held him. Every time he strained it weakened him. It was like his strength was draining from his body and feeding into mine. Awesome.

His teeth were gritting together, his forehead sweating, his neck muscles flaring. His mouth was drooping open. But He couldn't move my arms. He was trying to hide his pain. I looked straight into his eyes.

It looked like he had never played second-fiddle to anyone. And now, meeting me, I could tell he was both awe-struck and in the fight of his life to maintain his Alpha position.

I felt the power coursing through my body, and I pushed. Suddenly, his wrists wrenched back, and he let out a low grunt. He tried to stop me, but I now had the upper hand. I pushed, bending his hands back. I could feel him starting to shake. I could feel him weakening. I pushed harder. He was starting to shake. He groaned and then it happened - he faltered but he never let go of my grip. I pushed harder and harder till I broke his resistance. I pushed harder and I pushed him downward - driving the Soldier to his knees. He was fighting but he knew he was losing. His legs buckled. His knees hit the ground. He kept glaring up at me, trying to push me off. The feeling of power of forcing him down was unbelievable.

"You won't take me." he said with strain in his voice.

"Wanna bet?" I smiled. Then I kneed him in the chin, cracking his head and body backwards and leading though with a right punch to the side of his head that slammed the Ranger to the ground face down. He lay there for a moment.

Aaron shook off his shock and pushed himself over on his arms shaking his head.

His confidence had definitely taken a dent.
"I know you like to fight, Soldier Boy." I said. "You do it often. I do it often. It's a man thing. So let’s go again" I taunted.   "You and me - mano-a-mano." I danced a little bit around him, waving my hands in front of me, gesturing him to come at me.

He stood in front of me – a wide-open target. I spun faster than he could imagine with a karate kick, smashing the side of my foot into the side of his head. He staggered and shook the stars out.

"That was too easy, man. You just gonna let me beat you like this?" I swung my right fist towards his face. He grabbed my wrist with his left hand – holding it incredibly hard. His strength was back.  His teeth gnashed in his mouth like a dog starting to growl.

"That's it, get mad. Makes it better", I said.

He sprung at me with his other hand. I grabbed it and used his momentum to toss him up above my head and flip him onto his back on the ground. I let out a warrior yell and dropped back, driving my elbow into his abs. He let out a deep yell as the blow sank into his gut. I followed by whipping my forearm back and bringing the back of my fist down on his face. Pain shot across his features, eyes winced, face scrunched.  It made me smile.

I lifted him up to his feet in one complete move followed by a haymaker to his jaw. My knuckles hit hard and when the blow connected – crack! He reeled back.

I stood in front of him as he stumbled.  My cock was like iron.

He righted himself, panting hard. I ran at him. He started to bolt up at me, but I jumped and landed a karate kick across his cheek that sent spit flying from his mouth. He spun around and staggered. Sweat covered his face. I stood in front of him.

He swung with his right and struck me square in the chest. The blow catapulted me 10 feet back but I was unhurt.

A smirk crossed my face. "You know why I have an extra edge?" I asked him. "It's not just my strength or my skill." I stepped forward, pointing to my bulging jeans. "It's my heat-seekin' missile that drives me. What drives you? Whatch you got in your camos, Soldier boy?"

He glared at me. His body seemed to swell twice his normal size as he spread his lats and arms to the side. "You want a fight?" he said like the alpha male he was.

He rushed at me like a rhino, slamming into me, smashing us into the wall of the alley. The wind was knocked out of me. I tried to grapple him down, but He rolled on top of me and slammed his fist into my face.  Urgrgh!  That hurt.  Yeah! What's a fight without damage? I returned the blow, slamming him hard in the chin with enough force to catapult him back. He landed with a crash on the cement.

Before I could follow up, he was on top of me, pushing me to the ground. He grabbed my head and slammed it into the concrete. I saw a flash of light and stars as my face smashed into the blacktop.  WRRRAMMM! WRAMMMMM! WRAMMMM!

He lifted me up with his arms in a full nelson around my neck. My neck strained. I managed to push up on my arms, trying to push him away. But I couldn't budge him.

"Give up!" he said in my ear.

"Nope!" I said.

"Give up, and you'll get off easier."

"Fuck you!" I said.

"Have it your way" he said, wrenching my head forward. He pushed hard. I winced as my neck muscles burned. Even with my thick football mega neck it hurt like hell. "You're goin' out in hurt!" he said. I could tell from the huge dick against my ass that he was enjoying this. I tried to kick, wrap my legs around his to throw him off balance, but I couldn't. He lifted up and my toes left the ground. He was breathing heavily in my ear, straining with all his might. I was hanging there, kicking and wrenching my body to get out of the hold. But I couldn't knock him back.

I knew I shouldn't waste my strength. I needed to focus – visualize myself breaking the hold. I planted my feet hard on the ground. I pushed with all my strength. My arms and lats flexed, burning like hell. Aaron gripped harder. I pushed to swell my muscles. We both grunted. Neither of us were moving – frozen in fierce, muscle-straining combat, sweat pouring off both of us. I could feel him trying to keep his hold, his steel pecs against my back.

I knew I brought out his inner warrior ‘because his cock was hard against my ass.  I breathed in again, tensing all my muscles; mind sending signals to every fiber. I put all my force into my legs and pushed against him. For a fraction of a second, I could feel him slipping, rocking back.  I knew I WAS stronger than he was! I could almost feel my body grow as I pushed. My biceps bulged into his forearms; my triceps hardened against his delts. He tried to hold on, but I could feel him straining. I let out a yell and forced harder, lats spreading his grip. His fingers slipped a centimeter against my sweaty muscles, and then "FUUUUUCCCCKKKK  YEAHHHHHH!" - I burst out of his hold with a massive yell!

His arms whipped back with the recoil. I blasted my elbows back into his gut, knocking him backwards, then lunging him back further with a kick to his chest. He was fast, grabbed my ankle. He twisted my leg with lightning speed, spinning me off balance. If I had tried to resist he would have broken my leg in two.

I cocked my fist and shot it up into his the gut .The sheer force of the move took him by surprise, and he let go of my leg. His whole body jackknifed on my outstretch arm.  He grunted loudly as his abs caved in around my fist. .  My fist drove his abs into his spine.   His thunderous grunt filled the air, his face and neck went red, and he went down.

Fast as a cobra I snatched his arm, turning it at the wrist, and put my foot against his exposed obliques. I slammed my heel into his kidney. Again and again and again. Brutally stomping. He grunted in pain, and his body arched back with each blow. "Huuuuuggrrhhh! Huuurggghhhh! Arrrrrggghhhh!" Every shout of pain was more guttural than the last. I let him have it harder and harder, my quads pumping thicker and thicker with each impact. I stomped his kidneys into mush.  He would be pissing blood for a week.  His breathing became labored. Liquid started to leak on the ground under him as he jerked uncontrollably.  He panted hard as I rolled him over. My kidney stomping had made the tough Ranger piss himself, there was a wet stain on his camo front.

I let out with a loud laugh. My mistake. He kicked his leg around and hit me across the ankles. I went down. He lunged on top of me. I jolted my arms outright holding him off, his fists swiping by my face. I lifted my foot into his crotch and pushed him off me. He landed on his feet and rushed me again. I sprang up, facing him off. He stopped in his tracks, and we began circling. His cock was huge straining against his piss-stained camos.

"Come on!" he roared. There was real anger in his eyes.  We were animals in the pit - and that was right where I wanted us!

He rushed me. I sidestepped and he lunged past me. I tackled him and we went rolling on the ground, locked like snarling dogs, arms and legs intertwined. I was on top of him. He managed to fist me in the side. UGGHHH! He bridged up with his back lifting me off the ground, pushing up with his left leg and rolling on top of me. Fist into my face. I saw stars! Tasted more blood! Another fist into my face.  My head smashed down into the cement. I managed to grab both his wrists and push him back. I whipped my legs up, locking my ankles around his neck, pushing with all my strength - my quads against his massive torso, my arms against his massive arms.  I thrust my groin up against his cock. The move startled him, giving me the edge. I rocked, forcing him back off me. He fell on his back.

I sprang back on top of him. I grabbed his chin and yanked back in a camel clutch. I pulled, wrenching his chest off the ground. Air spat through his clenched teeth as he tried to shake off the pain. He tried to get his arms levered up to push me back, but I pulled harder and bared down on his back at the same time, rocking him back and forth. He let out a yell through clenched teeth. But he couldn't move. His neck was a massive knot of muscles. His back and traps were almost exploding. It felt like I was ripping boulders out of the ground with my bare hands. He pulled at my elbows, weakening my grip enough so that he could turn and throw me off his back. I went flying over him onto the ground but I managed to roll with the fall.

We both bounced to our feet. He swung at me. I blocked his blow with my forearm. He hit me with his left. Good blow. Knocked some wind out of me, but I swung back and landed my fist in his side. His body caved to the side with the force of my blow. I sent blow to his other side. Another, and another! He lurched over against my fist each time it hit, his face scrunched in pain. He dropped to his knees, heaving. I laughed. I was hitting an oak tree - but I cracked it, and I was ready to chop it down.

Suddenly, pain shot through my gut – actually through my whole damn body! The Ranger had slugged me in the balls. God it hurt! He smiled at me as I arched over grabbing my nuts. But then I raised my head up, not letting on that my guts had caved in.

"Good one!" I said with a grin.

He sprang up, snarling, swinging at my head with a haymaker. I ducked, and gave it back to him Whrammm!!! – Right into his balls! He yelled.

Aaron felt it now - the stabbing sword of pain shooting up from his testicles, ripping into his gut - the depth charge that just gets worse after impact, growing into white hot, breath-killing, body-wracking agony. His muscles shuddered. His first instinct was to cover his nuts. Before he could reach them, I drove my knuckles into his sack again, shoving his balls up into his stomach. His head and arms shot back with a yell - "FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK...!”

I ran over to him as he crashed on his back. He jumped up lunging for my throat. I blocked his arms with mine and whipped them aside. I sent a jab to his chin, his head snapped back. I sent another, but he blocked it, hitting me in my side.

I grabbed him by his bunched up arms blocking face and sent my quad into his side. OOOOFFFF! He dropped his guard. I sent both fists into his lats at the same time. His eyes bulged as he was squeezed like a stress ball, his chest bulging forward from the force. I stepped back as he staggered on his feet - the light bouncing off his sweaty muscles, red marks and bruises where I had stuck him. His eyes were starting to glaze, but his determination was still there.

"C'mon Captain America..! C'mon!" I motioned him to come at me. He charged, shooting a blow to my chest. Instead of blocking it, I stood there - legs planted firmly apart, arms to my side. His fist hit hard – THOOOOMMMM! The ground shook under my feet But I stood there unmoving - a wall! Captain America had met THE HULK!

The Ranger looked at me in shock. Anger flashed across his face. . I began posing my abs, flexing them etched and vascular in front of him, guiding him where to hit - BAMMMMMMMM - right in the six pack! Aaron recoiled shaking his hand, knuckles in pain.

I took a step towards him. He edged back. "What's wrong, Ranger-boy?"  He roared and punched me in the chest. It was a strong punch, but it just slid down my chest. I sent two blows to his biceps, making him wince. Grabbing him by his thick traps, I pulled him forward, kneeing him in the gut over and over. OOOFFF! AAAH! UNGGGHH!!! Spittle dribbled out of his lips. I stood him back up, and sent a punch to his gut. He started to double over. I grabbed the sides of his head as it was going down and rammed it on my upcoming knee. CRACK! Bone against bone. His body jolted like a shockwave, and he flipped backwards onto the ground, blood dripping from his nose.

The blood fired me like a shark! I showed no mercy. I slammed my fist into his abs again and again and AGAIN and AGAIN! HUHH! HUHHH!! HUUUHHHH!!! HUUHHHHH!!!  Knuckle-sized bruises started forming on his tight skin.

He weakly tried to grab me, but I wouldn't let him catch his breath.  I lifted him up in a body-crushing bear hug. We were both yelling from the pain and exertion. I don't think he had ever felt his body being crushed like I was crushing him. His legs and back arched, mouth open in agony, cords flaring on his neck like steel cables. His hands clawed at my traps, trying to tear himself away. I could feel his cock against my abs. Even in pain, it was still erect. I wrenched him harder and rougher, jerking the air out of his body.  With each tightening of my arms, he would arch in pain, animal grunts howling.
 Mule lifted the Soldier up in a body-crushing bear hug...

The Soldier had never felt his body being crushed like Mule was crushing him.

I gave one final crushing wrench to his back and slammed him down to the ground on his knees. The force shook his body. I sent lightning hand chops to the sides of his neck! He was dazed and swaying, but still upright – face at fist level. Yeah, he was my punching bag!  CRACK! Fist into his chin! WHRAMMM! Right across the face!  CRACCKKK! Uppercut to the jaw. A right! A left! Another right! Another left! Another right! CRAMMM! SMASHHH! WRACKKK!!! I sent FIST AFTER FIST into his face, his head, his chest, his ribs, his abs! He just took it. I don't know if it was out of sheer defiant will or just spite! Blow after blow! Bruised, nose bloody, eyes swelling, – he still wouldn't go down!

Then I winged both my arms out to my sides and chopped both fists into his ears with a blow that would have crushed a normal man's head - WRABBAMMMMMMMMMMM!

"WHAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!" he yelled from deep in his gut. I knew he was seeing stars. Another double chop to the sides of his head! His head shot back, and he grabbed his ears. He swayed and looked up trying to hold onto consciousness. I drew my arm back over my head and slammed him across the chin with the most brutal hook of the night! His head jerked like it had come off his neck. Sweat, spit and blood flew from mouth. His whole body spun in the air like a top, and he hit the ground face first. And he didn't get up. He was unconscious, blood dripping from his ears and beaten face.

"Yeah!  Down for the 10 count! I knocked Soldier boy the fuck out. Yeah I fucking KO'd a fuckiing Army Ranger!  Good night, Captain America!!!"

Mule knocks the Ranger the fuck out!!

I caught my breath and readjusted the hard cock in my jeans.

"So much for foreplay." I thought with a smile. "Now time for some pussy...”

Leaving Aaron in a crumpled bloodied heap of shattered dreams, I looked around for Blondie who was totally fired up over two muscle studs fighting over her-or so she imagined that was what this fight had been about.

Judging by the way in which she was flashing her ample cleavage in my eye line, we were definitely on the same page fuck-wise. Jeez, those tits were the size of cantaloupes, and big cantaloupes at that; they looked like they were about to jump out of her low-cut fair-labor dress any minute.
She was ready and waiting. It looked like it was to be a vigorous fuck up against a wall and the Mule was happy to oblige, her moaning soon drowning out that of the beatdown Ranger as he began to come to.