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Trucker v. Muscle-Cop

 Trucker v. Muscle-Cop

Trucker is back by popular demand...but is he man enough to take on the Mule-destroying Muscle-Cop? Both jacked studs have a Mule notch in their belts, but who will wind up the champion of champions?

The Return of the Trucker!

Trucker was heading down Highway 34 in Weld County on his way to Greeley, Colorado. Tomorrow he would head out to the shale oil fields to deliver this damn oil rig contraption he had been towing for over 800 miles, it was good pay for the 14 hour haul (with stops) from Fargo, North Dakota, but he couldn't wait to hitch back up his very own semi-trailer Caroline to his tractor sweetheart, Dorothea.  Sure some hauls required towing such interlopers, but Caroline was blessed with a most forgiving soul.

Map of area detailed in this story

While it hadn't been that long since he had been sucked off by that fresh faced local yokel...what had the name tag on the stained overalls read again...oh yeah Brian....mmmm... Yeah so while it hadn't been very long since his last pit stop at Brush o'er in Morgan County after he turned off Interstate 76, his hormones were already beginning to rage again. "You are one lusty, mofo!", he thought to himself. He smirked as he remembered how pretty boy Brian at that full service station in Brush, when confronted by the Trucker's IMPOSING mountain of muscle, had instantly sunk to his knees behind a stack of oil drums, unzipped him and got to work. All the while, the wrench monkey was protesting that "he was not a faggot"....but as the Trucker noted to himself with a wicked smile... AROUND HIM, all men ultimately turned into cock-sucking, ass-wagging faggots


He had to admit that the wrench spinner ( despite 'not being a faggot') was a pretty good li'l cocksucker, he deep throated his 11", wide-load rig like a champ, no teeth!  Sure he lost points for almost choking on the huge amount that the Trucker had eventually shot down his throat. But the grease monkey swallowed, and didn't waste a drop of his precious and potent man-juice.

Although, his main pleasure was pounding female pussy and ass, he had made a mental note to go back to that service station in that little fly speck of a Colorado town, they grew good cocksuckers back there in Morgan County!

Talking of female ass, he started to think about who was going to be on the receiving end tonight in Greeley: Camila or Jarlene. Both were excellent in the sack, had bodies to die for and, most importantly, were always willing to oblige him. Camila was a muy picante Mex number and Jarlene was a rodeo cowgirl who knew how to ride a bull like him. His ambition was to take them together but, in their rivalry for his attention, they hated each other, so he doubted that would ever happen. Still he could be POWERFULLY persuasive when he put his mind to it.

Still he had to wait until things cooled a bit, A few weeks back when he was last in the state, he had been happily screwing away when he had made the mistake of murmuring the wrong name in the wrong ear. Now he couldn't remember which of the bitches he had been screwing.  Must have been Jarlene, come to think of it, because she had switched her relationship status to IT'S COMPLICATED...which coincidentally was the Trucker's default. Man, had his phone had blown up with text messages after that. Luckily his runs took him safely out of range thereafter, until the memory of his muscles and his abilities in the bedroom had smoothed things over, and tonight he was again free to choose. "Gotta keep all of your bitches happy", although when you have a couple dozen 'regulars', the juggling sometimes got tricky--"life of a trucker, right?" Still having such a harem saved him on maintaining an actual residence, or spending money on motels.

From here it was a straight run to motel "Jarlene" or motel "Camila" along a mostly empty stretch of  road. In his keenness to get "home", he began to go faster. The big rig started to buck slightly on the gravelly surface of the highway under repair, as he sped past CAUTION, SLOW and MEN WORKING signs,but his big arms and legs held it steady. His cock started to stir and occasionally he had to reach down to calm it. 

He also eased off slightly on the throttle -taking it down to 60, the last time he had been pulled over he had ended up in court: the judge had ordered that he see her in chambers after she first silently read that he had written “raging cock and balls” as mitigating circumstances on the form they’d asked him to fill out, and then looked up to gawk and salivate over his muscular form.  He could not necessarily expect to find another judge so understanding, letting him off with a warning and her phone number.

Erection sustained!

He much preferred when he was pulled over by a female traffic cop, as he avoided getting tickets and the hassle of going to court all together.  That was how he had met his 'regular', Deputy Rebecca ----- in Santa Fe.  It had been clear from the first few seconds that she was more interested in his handsome face, mighty muscles and hairy chest than in upholding the law, she had ended up being fucked by him noisily in the small bed in the back of his cab. From that day on, Deputy 'Becky' had been at the Trucker's beck and call.

Deputy 'Becky' is now at the Trucker's beck and call...

 The memory of that encounter and the thought of Jarlene/Camila turned him on big time...

He thought: Fuck it!”

 He thought: “Fuck it!”, shifted down, and gunned the engine to push the big rig thundering down a long straight stretch doing 80.

The  State Patrol Officer Washington, of Troop 3A: Greeley, sat in his new Camaro  pursuit cruiser. He looked around the interior and sniffed the new car smell appreciatively. The branch had taken delivery of it only last week and it had been assigned to HIM. It helped that the Major in charge of District Three had a major hard-on for him. Heck the whole district loved him (well except for that cocksucking bastard O'Reilly...but though he hated Washington, he still compliantly and regularly sucked his black cock out of FEAR of another beatdown by the menacing muscle-cop!)  "Yeah, they sure do love me!" he thought, as he looked in the side view mirror admiring his handsome reflection... "but can you really BLAME them?"

 It was a fine car which appealed to all his macho instincts. The only slight downside was that its streamlined, sporty shape struggled to accommodate his massive bulk.  He rested his hands on the wheel. His forearms were bigger and more muscular than any he had ever seen on another man. The thick muscles were covered by his dark skin which accentuated his sensual, powerful look. His black, butch haircut gave him a military look that the women loved, and the men envied.

The Muscle-cop was 27 years old and newly-married to a beautiful woman who he slammed daily and, when his shifts allowed, several times a day. When it didn't, the uniform had its perks, people will do anything to get out of a ticket, and if they were hot enough, he just might oblige them.  With a libido like his, one woman could not be expected to satisfy him. There were side chicks and casuals...but only one woman really mattered in his heart...well besides Mama of course...but that was a different sort of love.

He glanced at his watch; just 45 minutes to go before he could bury his thick long dick in that sweet pussy and motorboat his face in those mountainous breasts...cantaloupes that seemed to defy gravity, even when she was lying beneath him with that hungry “fuck me hard” look on her lovely face.

His cock flexed and he had to fight down the desire flooding his brain. The tight polyblend fabric of his uniform was stretched to its tensile limits around his 23 inch upper arms.  This just served to made his guns look that much more powerful. This was not helping. Out here in the boonies, it was easy to jerk off to get some relief and he often did but today he wanted to save himself for his girl who liked it when his orgasm just went on and on as they did when he had denied himself.

He focused again on his physique and looked himself over. He had never competed in a body-building contest, but knew he would blow away anybody, had he chosen to enter. His body fat was in the single digits. His thick shoulders and narrow waist were unbeatable.

But the most amazing thing about him wasn’t just his eye-popping build. It was his fucking inhuman strength! He had never met anyone who could beat him in any contest of strength. 270 pounds of raw muscle himself, he routinely benched well over 500 pounds. He was unbeaten in arm wrestling or any sort of a fight. Even men who were bigger than he was, and there weren’t many, couldn’t match his strength.

His intimidating build and his unbeatable strength came in real handy in his line of work. He was roused from his reverie b
y an 18 wheeler speeding past, he clocked that sucker at 80!

As the muscular ebony cop flicked on his flashers, he smiled as he pulled after the semi that had sped past him in his carefully chosen hide or "bear trap" in trucker lingo.  

...wearing a camo green Make America Great Again cap

The driver had been wearing a camo green Make America Great Again cap, which just added the Muscle-cop's pleasure at taking this speed demon down. 80 in a double nickle zone, PLUS it was a posted road work area, THAT was going to cost the cracker!

What you DON'T want to see in your side view mirrors!
The rig pulled over to the shoulder, and after about 10 minutes of making the driver 'sweat it' as cops are want to do (given that the computer check takes only about two minutes), a heavily muscled black cop FINALLY got out of the squad car-muscle rippling. 

The man was HUGE.  His state patrol polyblends being stretched to their limits by the bulging muscles applying intense pressure to the fabric.  He stood 6'2" the frame packed with solid and lean 270 lbs. of twisted sinew.  He looked like a comic book rendering of a superhero more than he did a cop, as he did the standard police strut and swagger toward the cab of the 18 wheeler.  He tapped on the door with his night stick and said: "Grab your licence and registration, and step out of the vehicle."

"Grab your licence and registration, 
and step out of the vehicle."
The man who stepped down out of the cab was nothing like
 what the Muscle-cop had expected.

...but what stood before him was not a mere muscleman like
 himself, but a muscle GOD.  "Yeah, Sarge, I caught me a real
 big'un......" the Cop radios in to the station. 


The man who stepped down out of the cab was nothing like what the Muscle-cop had expected. This was bound to be an unusual encounter. The trucker had to be about 6'4", 290 with  strikingly handsome features displaying a square jaw and ruggedly masculine contours. His tight American flag xxl muscle-t barely contained his hairy 55" muscular chest. 

His tight American flag xxl muscle-t barely contained 
his hairy 55" muscular chest

This was bound to be an unusual encounter...

The pectoral shelf on this physical specimen would have had sent IFBB pros salivating. The shirt rode up a bit as he got down from the cab giving a a flash of 8 pack washboard abs. His delts were like boulders and a 19" neck was embedded in a set of sinewy traps that flared like the hood of a cobra. He wore a pair of  30" inch waist compression shorts that displayed to good effect a set of solid muscular glutes, and also showed off his sinewy  legs which sported 30” quads and 20” calves. It seem like every muscle rippled as he moved-the Muscle-Cop’s jaw dropped as he surveyed the musculature: with massive pecs, traps like mountains, narrow waist topped with a ripped set of muscled abs that were solid mounds of river rock. The Muscle-Cop was the most jacked guy on the force, but what stood before him was not a mere muscleman like himself, but a muscle GOD.

"You look pretty jacked, and you look the sporting type..."

The trucker gave the Muscle-Cop a greasy grin. "You look pretty jacked, and you look the sporting type, and an alpha eager to test his mettle against another alpha.  I doubt you get much challenge from most of your collars...but I am much tougher than the rest...perhaps you would be willing to take me on...If I win, I don't get a ticket, if you win, you can throw in a 'resisting'."

"If I win, you will be getting much more than a ticket" the Muscle-Cop countered giving his own crotch a little grope so there would be left no doubt as to the full nature of the wager.

"Well do you accept the terms of my wager?"

They walked along the side of the trailer to a spot they would be  out of sight of the road, to be free of prying eyes.

"Well do you accept the terms of my wager?" The cop asked, although the fact that the Trucker had followed him back had essentially already answered his question.

"Challenge accepted", the trucker returned along with a left haymaker to the Muscle-cop's jaw that seemed to come out of nowhere, and which rang the officer's bell like it was  church on Sunday! 

...rang the officer's bell like it was  church on Sunday!

and it was ON!

The trucker took advantage of the moment when the Muscle-Cop was watching and listening to the tweety birds circling his discombobulated head to unlimber himself of restrictive garments for the coming fight. Off came the MAGA cap, and the American flag Muscle-t, until the Trucker was standing like an ancient Greek warrior, in just his shorts and ready to rumble. 

The Muscle-Cop’s head clearing, decided to do the same, rather than risk soaking his uniform with the Trucker’s blood. He had only planned a minor ass-kicking, but the sucker punch had incensed him and now he was ready to open a big ol' can of whoop-ass on the cracker.

Big ol' can of whoop-ass

The macho State Cop seductively undid the buttons of his shirt, pulled the shirt from the waist of his pants and began to roll his shoulders, freeing his massive upper body from its material prison. Eventually the shirt lay on the ground and his chest stopped flexing and rolling. It was a sight designed to intimidate and inspire awe, as mostly it did; in the Trucker it provoked respect certainly but also excitement. He was wearing a baseball style cap, rather than his regulation "smokey" as he was already shifting over to "off duty" mode. He tossed the cap on top of his shirt.

He lowered his shorts for a moment, flashing his enormous battering ram at the Muscled-Trooper in an act of intimidation...and promise.  "This is what you are going to be choking down soon, Smokey Bear, not to mention it will be tearing up that sweet ass as well!"

The muscular titans threw up some muscle poses at one another, in an effort to intimidate and 'psych out' their respective adversary.

The muscular titans threw up some muscle
 poses at one another...

"You ever seen muscles like this before?"

"Not bad for SHOW MUSCLE, Smokey Bear!"

"You lawman are all the same, all strut and swagger, 
these muscles here WORK for a living"

"I will SHOW you how these muscles WORK,
 when I beat your smart ass, cracker!"

The Trucker looked ran his appreciative eyes over the State patrolman whose upper body was already glistening with sweat from the exertion of his posing routine. He was magnificent, a powerhouse, a perfect specimen. If nothing else, it was going to be interesting encounter with the added edge of battling a lawman.

"Life's a bitch 'Billy Big Rig', 
and soon you will be MY BITCH!"

"You won't be sound so cocky when my giant donger 
is kicking in your back door, Lawman!"

"Then it will be all 'Please stop...please stop...please stop'
...then just 'PLEASE...Oh Please YES PLEASE!'
and I will add another Smokey notch to my belt!"

"I have never lost a fight yet, Trucker man, and I am not going
 to start today.  It will you who will be begging and
moaning in a few minutes!"

"Can't wait to shove my GIANT black cock down that
big mouth of yours, then it will be full
of a different sort of cocky."

"Don't let your smug mouth try and write checks,
your punk ass can't cash, copper!"

"30 Smokeys before you tried and failed to take me down,
 they are gonna call you Baskin-Robbins,
as you will be flava 31!"

"Cracker,  will enjoy the flavor of my creamy jizz,
when you are tongue polishing my knob,
like a good l'il cocksucker!"

"Those big fleshy nigga lips will feel so good
 pressed against my fuckpole, Smokey"

"Your lips are going to be nice and fleshy fat
when I feed you some knuckle sandwiches, cracker!"

"I am going to make America great again
by giving you a major ass whooping, Trucker man!"

Then like two grizzlies, the two heavily muscled titans,circled one another, their gargantuan muscles flexing and rippling every cautious step of the way. Both titan’s massive cocks pulsated in with unbridled anticipation of dominating & destroying their equally muscular adversary.  The Muscle-Cop had never before encountered a white dude who rivaled him in terms of muscle and in terms of male endowment.  The trucker must have sported 11" of thick veiny manmeat and those muscles bulging all over his body! Here was a cracker who seemed to rival or exceed him in every physical attribute.  "This will make my victory, all the sweeter!" thought the Muscle-Cop

"Can't wait until I turn this 'Protect and Serve' into an 'Ingest and Service', it will be so sweet",  mused the Trucker as he reflected on an unbroken record of such victories over smokeys across 30 states.

Slowly the two muscle giants circled and stalked each other, muscles still rippling like contestants in a martial arts flick, until both muscle-bound behemoths locked hands and began testing one another's strength.

The two muscled behemoths tested each other's strength...

Pec to Pec, nipple to nipple,
 the two stud bulls locked horns...

The aroma of their sweat and testosterone filled the air,
heightening their aggression...

Pressed so close, they could feel one another's raging fight
 boners through the fabric of their pants...

Pressed so close to a physical specimen as remarkable as
 themselves, each brute was simultaneously enraged
 and aroused.

An almost electrical discharge seemed to emanate from there
 being two such mountains of muscle in close proximity!

As their muscle lust grew, each muscleman was stirred on to
 achieve a quick victory, to claim
their now so badly desired prize.

Their FIGHT AND FUCK instincts were in OVERDRIVE!

When Titans square off, mere mortals best stay out of the way
 or risk being collateral damage!

Neither strongman could find purchase, nor gain initiative or
advantage, their strength seemed so evenly matched!

The Trucker, confident as ever, raised his arms and invited macho man to show him what he could do. Smiling, the cop slipped his mighty arms round the Trucker’s waist and picked him up in one of the most god-awful bearhugs ever perpetrated on man. His ribs were compressed to the point of tearing or breaking and his breath was gone. The contact, though brutal, was thrilling as his near-nakedness pressed against his. This was not some playful rough-house; he was in the grip of a master. The mighty young black powerhouse released him with a look that said he had plenty more where that came from; evidently he was not expecting this to take long.

The Trucker felt the constricting pressure
 of the trooper's muscular embrace

Every muscle in their bodies strained to the limit

The Trucker wincing in pain, had to give props to the
 trooper's phenomenal strength

The Trucker now realized he was in
the toughest fight in his life...

 Every muscle in their bodies strained to the limit, enormous veins popping, sinews flexed and rock hard, as they exerted all their might. Their massive chests collided together as both musclemen powered for dominance, matching muscle for muscle.  The two grizzlies slid into a mutual bearhug, locked tightly with ever tightening constrictions like two intertwined giant pythons. two intertwined giant pythons

 Both studs grunted and sweat profusely as they drew on their reserves of strength.  They groaned curses as they felt a lingering stalemate, and suffered muscular agony under the prolonged strain. Each gained momentary advantage-but none could press it to gain any semblance of the initiative.  It was a veritable clash of muscle-bound titans and neither would yield an inch.  Sweat poured like gushers from their pores, as animalistic groans and growls escaped their snarling maws. Every muscle fiber strained as sinews twisted like snakes, veins popping, bodies becoming increasingly slippery with sweat and body oils as exhaustion began to set in.

Finally the behemoths had to break off their assaults, each stumbling backwards to catch their breaths and reassess their stratagems as they each glared menacingly at the other.  Each had underestimated their adversary, and realized they would have to be more innovative to win this fight! Their old stand-by maneuvers that had ALWAYS promised easy victories in the past, would clearly not suffice for victory here.  Each would have to step up their game! They would have to go from basic throws and holds, to epic WWE level dramatic signature moves and finishers.

The two rushed at each other again and the seriously vicious fight continues.  Both studs were hard from the get go and gripped upper bodies with loud roars. Legs were spread wide as the two massive bodies collided. "You fuckin' cop cunt, you're fuckin dead fuckin' meat," the Trucker bellowed through clenched teeth.

"Fuckin' cocksucker," the State trooper raged, " I'm gonna fuck your ass up."

Their arms bulged as they grappled rough and hard into each other. The Muscle-Cop pressed down on the huge muscle stud and sidestepped enough to lock a furious side headlock on the Trucker. The Muscle-Cop leaned down hard and cranked the Trucker's head violently as the Trucker grabbed the Muscle-Cop's right leg in his muscled arms. They both jockeyed for control with neither letting up on the grip on the other. For the next two minutes they moved in circles around the ground with their glute's flexing.

The Trucker finally charged and slammed into the trooper like a train and, for the first time in his fighting career, he found himself flat on his back, pinned down by a STRONGER opponent.

For the first time, the trooper found himself pinned on his
 back, pinned down by a STRONGER opponent.

Hammer blows rained down on his face and upper body.

The Patrolman knew if he didn't break free from his
 predicament soon, all would soon be lost!

At first the patrolman flexed and presented a wall of rock hard muscle to the Trucker’s sledge hammer fists, each one thudding against its target.

"It's over copper, submit and save yourself a world of hurt!"

"Go fuck yourself, Cracker, I ain't licked yet!"

"It's you I will be fucking, boy...and speaking of licking,
have you ever licked a Trucker's sweaty,
ass taint, Smokey Bear?

Muscles flexed and rippled, the sinews like twisted cords of 
rebar, as the brawny Colossi grappled for supremacy!

The trash talking gave way to animalistic
grunts and groans...

...the large hard erect cock of the Trucker
 pressed against the space between his muscular glutes,
 a dire augury of what might come to pass?

Eventually his legendary body began to fail
 against the onslaught

As he maneuvered to try to avoid them, his back scraped against the road surface, causing him even more pain. Eventually his legendary body began to fail against the onslaught. He shifted round onto one hip to try to escape the 290 pound muscle giant who seemed intent on killing him with his bare hands. He thought of trying to reach for his weapons but, despite the serious disadvantage he was under, he’d never needed anything but raw muscle power before….but this Dude was so strong, he was not just giving him a fight he was overwhelming him.

As the lawman tried to use his powerful quads to break free, he felt through the two layers of fabric stretched thin by their respective massive musculature, the large hard erect cock of the Trucker pressed against the space between his muscular glutes, a dire augury of what might come to pass?

The Trucker finally let out a roar  and lifted the Muscle-Cop off the ground. He had the Muscle-Cop lifted shoulder height and slammed the Muscle-Cop's ass down hard on the ground. The Trucker slipped his head free from the headlock and slapped on a muscle crushing full nelson on the Muscle-Cop. The Muscle-Cop let out a wail,  as he felt the power of the Trucker. The Muscle-Cop thought his head would be ripped off as the Trucker barreled down on his adversary.

one of the sneakiest maneuvers in wrestling, the spladle! 

Hook the Leg, Roll & Catch, Pin to Win

the spladle is the Trucker's go-to homerun move! 

 The Trucker had his legs spread wide and his boned up 11" cut-cock pushed out through the torn fabric of his shorts and slammed against the Muscle-Cop's back as the Muscle-Cop struggled to power out.  The patrolman's own 10" uncut  hunk of man meat was swinging violently behind his trousers as his body jerked from side to side. Against most guys, the Muscle-Cop would be able to flex out of this without batting an eye, but this rock hard muscle stud was the most powerful foe he had ever faced. The Muscle-Cop powered up with his legs to a standing position.

The Muscle-Cop struggled and the Trucker lifted the Muscle-Cop off the ground and slammed his rock hard ass down hard again to the ground. The Muscle-Cop was still locked up. "Yeah, you fuckin' black juice head. Can't take this Trucker muscle. Too much for ya, ain't it?"

"YOUR FUCKIN ASS IS MINE YOU COCKSUCKIN' CUNT"  and with that the Muscle-Cop once again pressed up to his feet and with a massive surge of muscle, slowly pulled his arms down. The veins in his neck bulged as his lats flared and the Trucker's grip loosened. With one final snap, he broke free to spin around and lock the Trucker in a side headlock of his own. 

 The Trucker was in shock, for the first time, someone had broken his full nelson. Before how momentous that was could fully sink in, the Cop  hip tossed the Trucker across the ground and crouched down low ready for the next attack. The Trucker jumped to his feet and the two bulls met head on and locked double front headlocks on each other. Bodies entangled, the two studs moved in a circular motion around the ground as they muscled into each other trying to take the other down. These behemoths  were evenly matched and it showed. The Muscle-Cop leaned hard into the Trucker and began to lower him to the ground as the Trucker mustered all his muscle to stop the move. 

The Muscle-Cop  cranked on the pressure using the muscles in those big guns of his.  The Cop decided that he would let his opponent go - the hard way.  He bull-dogged the Trucker to the ground.

  “Come on  old man!  Show me something!  You ain’t nothin'  but  a loud-mouthed piece of shit cracker!”  He snarled.

 The Trucker got up on his hands and knees, and when Muscle-Cop got close enough the Trucker  struck with a hard fist to the fabric covered balls. Muscle-Cop cupped his hands over his crotch and fell like a ton of bricks.

The Trucker got up and looked at Muscle-Cop rolling around on the ground and said, “Okay flat foot, I ll show ya something.  how about this?”   He kicked Muscle-Cop in the gut as he was trying to get up. He grabbed Muscle-Cop by the hair and pulled him up.  A series of jabs where he rocketed his hard fist to into his opponent's jaw staggered the big cop but he didn’t go down. Muscle-Cop staggered around throwing wild punches hitting nothing but air.  The Trucker went up to him and just poked him in the eyes blinding him.

The Trucker than strutted about the hapless officer with his chest puffed out as he alternatively applied Big Show style 'chest chops' to the Peace Officer and Donkey-kong gorilla poundings to the top and sides of the coppers head.  The chest of the Colorado Constable reddened from the 'chest chops' and protrusions swelled up from the head of Colorado's Finest, the Trucker even quoted the Bug's bunny cartoon Rabbit's Kin with the query to Pete Puma:
"How many lumps do you want?" as he brought his sledgehammer fist down.

"How many lumps do you want?"

Oops, one lump too many

As the policeman sunk to his knees, eyes spinning like the dials of a one armed bandit, the Trucker tapped one of the swelling knobs with an index finger saying. "Oops, one lump too many!"  The fat lady was warming up with scales backstage, it did not look good for the lawman.

The Trucker in his hubris failed to notice a rallying look on the clearing head of the copper, and with his legs splayed in a victory stance as he flashed a triumphal double biceps pose the officer thrust his arm upwards in a hammer blow to the groin.

A soprano was singing alright, but it was the song of high pitched screams from 'Billy Big-Rig'.  As the Trucker staggered back, the officer was able to get to his feet and charge the Trucker who was contorted in pain.

"Shoes on the other foot NOW, you cocksucking cracker!"

The Trucker knew that he could not withstand the agony of
this powerful bear-hug  much longer.

The Muscle-Cop was able to get his arms around the Trucker locking on another bear-hug.  He squeezed hard as the Trucker yelled out in pain.  The pain was excruciating and the Trucker could feel that big swollen cop-cock rubbing against his gut.  The Trucker knew that he could not withstand the agony of this powerful bear-hug  much longer.  He had to do something.  Again he resorted to an eye gouge.  That made Muscle-Cop release the hold.  A quick jab to the crotch  sent Muscle-Cop back into the truck.  The Trucker bashed Muscle-Cop’s head off of the side of the trailer  a few more times. The lawman crashed to the ground.  His balls still ached, his head was spinning, he was struggling to catch his breath but his dick was still hard!

The Trucker  knew he couldn't take another bear hug like that and  knew that those big guns of the Muscle-Cop’s had to be neutralized.  He stretched Brawny-Bear's right arm out, holding it in place and began to administer a series of knee drops. After every third blow, he would hold his knee on the arm and grind it into those muscles.  The patrolman was screaming out in pain.  When he had given the Muscle-Cop’s right arm about ten knee drops and he was satisfied that those muscles were mush now, he repeated the procedure on the left arm.  The Trucker stood up and looked at his suffering opponent.

 "This is one tough mutha." the Big-rigger thought. The Trucker then applied some "sweet chin music" with a high kick to the Blue Behemoth's square-jawed chin. This sent the faltering Flex-fuzz flying back hard into the cabin of the rig leaving a large cop shaped dent in the door of the tractor, as the stunned Protect-and-Serve slid down to his knees, his back leaving a sweaty, oily and bloody slime trail on the rig.

"How dare you dent Dorothea and leave your pig taint on my precious girl! Let's see how you like it when YOUR vehicle is messed with!"

The Trucker then dragged Muscle-Cop to the squad car and proceeded to bounce his head off  the front of the chevy Camaro, smashing the left and right headlights, before swinging around to the driver's door of the police pursuit vehicle, and using the patrolman's head as a battering ram, until there was a sizable dent in the metal  He had knocked the Brawny Behemoth in Blue senseless.  Colorado's Porky-pig was out of this fight which had moved from the contested stage to the outright infliction of pure medieval punishment stage. He was going to lay down the law on the ass of this state patrol paragon.

 “Come on big man!  Get up so I can beat you down again!”   As the Muscle-Cop tried to get up he realized that not only did his arms feel like they were on fire, but he could barely move them.  . Muscle-Cop just stood there kind of wobbly with his arms down at his sides.   “Now I am really gonna have a good time with you boy!”   the Trucker taunted.   

‘You ever been bitch-slapped boy?  I’ve always wanted to bitch-slap a smokey! the Trucker growled. 

The Patrolman pleaded, “Nooo, don’t man.”

The Trucker hauled off and slapped the Muscle-Cop across the face. The Muscle-Cop’s head snapped to one side from the force.  Then the Trucker backhanded Smokey’s other cheek.  He continued to slap the cop’s face several more times.

The Trucker then gave the patrolman a shove and Muscle-Cop stumbled back.  When he regains his footing he charges the Trucker, only to be greeted by a double pec-claw from the Trucker.  He backed the Muscle-Cop up against the truck and started pounding on those massive pecs.  The Muscle-Cop had never been beaten like this in his life.  The Trucker  taunted, “ I bet you worked long and hard to build these muscles didn’t you Ass-hole?  Well, all that fuckin'  muscle ain’t doin' you any good now is it?  Look at you!  You're fuckin'  helpless!”   After pounding on patrolman’s chest , he reapplied that double pec-claw really clamping on the pressure .

 “Aaaahhhrrrgg!!”   Now the policeman's pecs were beginning to feel like they were being pulled off his chest.  The torture continued for a while longer as the Trucker alternated between pounding and clawing the Muscle-Cop’s muscles.

 Suddenly, the Trucker scooped the weakened  patrolman up and slammed him to the ground.  Then he landed several elbow drops on the cop’s already beaten chest. He grabbed Smokey’s ankles and lifted his legs and spread them wide.  “Make a wish Officer!”   Muscle-Cop thought that he was being pulled apart like a wishbone giving the Protect-and-Serve a groin pull.  He never knew that his legs could stretch so far apart.  Then the Trucker put his right foot on the crotch of the Muscle-Cop.  He increasingly applied pressure while he was grinding his foot into flatfoot's balls. The state copper had never experienced pain like this before.

Well, all that fuckin' muscle ain’t doin' you any 
good now is it?  Look at you!  You're fuckin'  helpless!” 

The torture continued for a while longer as the Trucker
alternated between pounding and clawing
the Muscle-Cop’s muscles.

The Muscle-Cop had never been beaten like this in his life. 

 --gloated the big rigger.

"You want to suckle on my nips, while you're there, copper?"

"You put up quite the fight, got to give you
props for that, Smokey!"

The Lawman was cradled in the big powerful arms of his
 Trucker Nemesis like a helpless baby!

 The Trucker dragged him to his feet and re applied the full nelson.  He cranked it on as hard as he could   There was no way the now weakened  Five-0 was going to break his full nelson now.   The Trucker shook the patrolman from side to side in his full nelson, like a wolf shakes his prey to break its neck. Then the trucker released the hold and Muscle-Cop dropped to the ground.  He laid there sprawled out on his back.  The Trucker dropped to his knees along side of the fallen officer.

 The kneeling Trucker raised his arms high above the Colorado Smokey and spread his powerful hands as you would to palm a basketball.  You could see every muscle in his upper body flex as he drove his thick fingers into the Cop's  stomach wall like ten steel spikes.  Impaled, the Trucker took the officer to a new level of pain that the Protect-and-Serve had never before imagined. As his fingers penetrated deep into the Cop's  defenseless body in an ab claw, the Five-0's head jerked forward in involuntary reaction. 

The officer was in total agony as the Colorado's Finest watched the thick muscles in the Trucker's massive forearms knot with power as his fingers gripped around the two vertical shafts of muscle running up the Cop's  stomach.  Like an eagle’s talons digging into his prey, the Trucker’s vice-like grip encircled the muscle that once defended the Cop's brick-wall abs.  His massive hands proved how powerful they were as he crushed the officer's  ab muscles like most people would knead bread.

The Smokey Bear gasped for what little oxygen his beaten body could absorb.  Then in another demonstration of the Trucker's incredible power and muscle control, the Trucker lifted the Cop's  270 pound frame with nothing more than his killer grip on the policeman's  abdominal muscles.  The lawman's  defeated body jerked up in uncontrolled reflex before stretching back, his prize abs were on fire!  The Cop screamed as he thought the Trucker was going to rip his stomach out.

The Trucker drove the Protect-and-Serve's  musclebound fame to the pavement , without releasing his death grip on the Cop's  stomach. The powerhouse drove his fists deeper and deeper into the officer's  midsection.  The Cop  could feel his internal organs rearranging from the force.  The Trucker's massive muscles flexed again and the Muscle-Cop's helpless body was ripped from the ground by nothing but his ab muscles, held aloft for what seemed forever, then smashed to the ground with the thundering force of the Trucker's 290 pounds behind his solid stone fists powering nearly to the officer's spine.  The Peace Officer  tried to move, but couldn’t.   Bright lights started flashing all around him like cameras at a rock concert.  The  Cop's  lungs were on fire, starved for life giving oxygen.

“I give!  I give! I give!   P..L..E..A..S..E   stop!  I can’t take any more!  I give.  I ...... GIVE" the patrolman begged.  But the Trucker wouldn't accept the lawman's submission.  

The Trucker was intent on making it clear that his muscles were in complete control of this big bodybuilder.  The patrolman's  massive, well-muscled body would fail before his superior power.  The State Cop could already feel his body shutting down.   

The Trucker used his abdominal lift a third time and this time showing just how strong his hands and arms were, the stud held the Muscle-Cop  in the air by his abs while he clamped his vice grip even tighter.  Every muscle in the lawman's  bodybuilder physique began to twitch as though they were subjected to thousands of electrical shocks!  The muscles in the Trucker’s arms were thick and pumped to amazing size and definition!  He held the officer in his death grip for nearly a full minute, but it seemed like twenty, then his powerful fingers spread apart allowing the Muscle-Cop's broken body to crash back to the ground.

The Protect-and-Serve was out cold.  

It's the circle...
the circle of BEATDOWN!

The Muscle-Cop lay prostrate at the muscled Trucker’s size 16 eee feet. He was an unconscious mass of pulverized flesh, one swelling bruise merging into another.

"I guess you pulled over the wrong Trucker, asshole!" the stronger muscleman gloated. He knelt down and then reached with a ham-sized left hand and grabbing the Muscle-Cop by the hair, used his other tennis-racket-size palm to slap the swollen face of the officer back into a state of semi-consciousness.

Wakey, wakey hibernating bear! You had a good workout, but you need some post-workout energy. I know what you need, a PROTEIN SHAKE.” He used his giant right paw to shape his downed opponent’s mouth into the semblance of a large mouth bass. He then proceeded to rub his large cockhead around the inside of the fleshy lips of the Muscle-Cop, stimulating the saliva glands of the copper, and the sweet dew of pre-cum on his balanus. Then slowly penetrated this dripping cockhead into the receptive mouth of his beaten foe. With the groggy Muscle-cop instinctively suckling the pro-offered glans with lips and tongue, the Trucker slid his cock in deeper, letting his thick veiny shaft get into some of the slurping action. 

The Trucker fed and withdrew his swelling cock rhythmically into the mouth of the copper plunging ever deeper, colliding with cheek so that the vague bulge of his cock could be seen against the stretched skin, until finally he was getting deep-throated by his former adversary. For a first timer, he was doing very well, and only occasionally did the copper need a cuffing to remind him to get his teeth out of the way. “I feel those chompers again, and you will need to be fitted with upper and lower dentures!

From that point on the Muscle-Cop was slurping like a champ, until his mouth filled with the warm, salty semen of the Trucker.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah, that's it....Swallow every last drop of this protein shake I am generously offering you, waste a DROP of this elixir and you will rue the day you spurned my gift."

The Muscle-Cop gulped it down obediently, the will to resist utterly beaten out of him. 

"Good boy! But I think given what bad shape you are in right now, you will need a special infusion of revitalizing fluids.  Doc here," he said jabbing a large thumb toward his own chest,"...thinks what you really need is a PROTEIN ENEMA.  I think I will need Dorothea's help with this one. She is still mighty pissed about what you did to her!"

The Trucker saw the abject terror in the Muscle-Cop's eyes, but his victim was too cowed to give voice to any objections. The Trucker drank this in like whiskey and flashed a victorious smile as he slammed a giant fist into the State cop's face turning off the lights on the copper yet again.

Five knuckle astronomy

Lights turned off for the lawman

When the muscled patrolman came to he was pressed face-forward against the cab of the rig.  Both wrists were handcuffed to the vehicle, so he was spread eagle as if awaiting some sort of flogging.  "What Da fuq?" thought the Muscle-Cop.

"What Da fuq?" thought the Muscle-Cop.

He then heard the Trucker sniggering a few paces behind him, as if admiring his handiwork.  Then he heard the Trucker approach deliberately stomping each foot for effect.

"Here I come...step by step...drawing close... as your sweet ... sweet...bubblebutt ...calls out me... it seems... to want... my D..."--he said in a rhythm syncopated to his steps. As the patrolman sweated bullets.

The Trucker pressed his body close...

The Trucker pressed his body close against that of the trooper, his raging boner pushing out against his shorts, pressed up against the seat of the policeman's pants, while he stimulated the trooper with nipple play.

...He stimulated the trooper with nipple play

His hot breath tickled the hairs of the copper's neck...

  His hot breath tickled the hairs of the copper's neck and the Trucker nuzzled the officer in mock affection as he reached around an unfastened the lawman's pants.  Then with the flourish of a magician the Trucker pulled the policeman's trousers down, and the officer suddenly commando, felt the chill of the air on his exposed ass, cock and balls.

with the flourish of a magician the Trucker pulled
 the policeman's trousers down...

In one swift motion Trucker pulled his hips back to place his cockhead directly at the Muscle-Cop’s trembling anus. Without hesitation he savagely rammed his mighty fuckpole past the patrolman’s quivering ass lips. He skewered that thickly muscled butt hard and deep, traumatizing sphincter muscles and abrading rectal flesh. The Muscle-Cop howled out in agony. The superhuman Trucker had impaled the officer to the balls with a single savage thrust. He pulled out his cock until only the head remained inside, and thrust back in, sheathing his throbbing rod in one move, hearing the copper, grunt, groan and sob at the deep and lengthy impalement of his heavily muscled rump. Karma guffawed loud and hard at the Muscle-Cops predicament.  What he had inflicted on others, now had been visited seven fold on him. 

Karma's a bitch!

He was completely overcome with the desire to mark, to master yet another copper; to lay it to the hot, sexy, sweaty lawman whose ass he was violently and mercilessly plowing for all it was worth. He was going to dominate the Muscle-Cop with his dick, and force him to submit utterly to his masculine power. He didn't just need to defeat the cop, he wanted him BROKEN, turned from a wild mustang stallion into a docile bred mare.

At first the brawny patrolman bucked and growled brutishly as the
as Trucker's cock began to thrust into him with amazing strength. But gradually the officer grew more passive and receptive, the moaning as much of pleasure as it was of pain.  They were rutting like two wild animals, synchronized as the beast with two backs. Burying his broad chest in the Muscle-cops rippling lats, the bred officer felt the Trucker's thickly muscled, washboard stomach press up against his thick back.  

For his part, the Trucker relished feeling the Muscle-Cop's heavy musculature churning beneath him, as rape transitioned into sensual rapture for both participants. Trucker eye's rolled back like a shark closing for the kill as with an energetic crescendo he assaulted the cop in a blur of hard, ass-pounding motion. The blood and hormones raged in both men, as they were both propelled toward ecstatic climax.

Trucker's sweaty muscular body glistened in the sunlight as he pistoned in and out of the sinewy body before him.  He studied the officer's matching his gyrations with receptive rolls of his own. The ebony broad shoulders shone with the sweaty sheen that coated them and his face was as stretched and taut as his ass as he grimaced in response to the repeated penetration of his anus, but in his eyes the expression of burning anger and hostility had given way to softer expressions. His body grew alternatively taut or limp as the muscular hulk  slid in and out of the cop's tight rectum. 

Finally he pulled out his giant cock, the cum-slickened shaft gleaming in the light as he spewed a stream of frothy semen on the backside of the Muscle-Cop.

He undid the cuffs and let the battered lawman fall to his knees. The Trucker picked up the copper's pants and used them as a cord to behind the officer's hands behind him.  Then he dragged the lawman back a few feet, and stepped around to face his prey.

The Trucker lowered himself into a crouch before, and above the lawman.  The state patrolman looked up at the Trucker with large adoring puppy eyes.

"Lick my cock clean, cur!"

The Muscle-cop obliged dutifully and lovingly.  When finished he looked up at his MASTER, expectantly, as if waiting for new orders.  This made the Trucker happy, his conquest was complete.

"Mission accomplished!" He snorted, and slammed a mammoth fist into the Muscle-Cop's head as he snarled. "Light's out sweetheart!" dropping the copper back into a prone unconscious heap, like he was before the fuckfest.

Trooper seeing stars once again!

"Light's out sweetheart!"

He needed the Muscle-cop quiescent while he dressed.  When he returned his orange MAGA cap to his head, topping off his re-garbing he studied the slumbering naked muscleman, contemplating his next move.

Well now that his one-eyed snake had settled down, he felt a powerful need to urinate.  He looked down at the prostrate muscleman and smiled wickedly.

To continue the degrading humiliation of his ebony nemesis, the trucker aimed his huge cock and began to piss on the laid out Cop, covering the fallen strongman in a golden arch. It was like a fire hydrant had been opened.   Starting from back to front hitting, legs, buttocks, back and shoulders, until he reached the Muscle-cop's head that was beginning to stir from the warm bathing.  The urine cascaded down his face, causing his eyes, nose and mouth to twitch, until at last the vast bladder of the Trucker was finally emptied.

The Trucker brought his fist down like a sledgehammer on the drenched head of the degraded Muscle-Cop sending the trooper stargazing before putting him back into slumber mode. 

...sending the Trooper stargazing

...putting him back into slumber mode. 

 He grabbed the officers cuffs, and taking the arm of the unconscious Copper, he dragged him back to the squad car and handcuffed him to the steering wheel.

The Trucker used the police radio to call in an "officer in need of assistance" at their highway location.  Then walked away as the state police operator sought to ascertain his identify according to protocol. He gave a couple blasts of his air horns as he sped off down the black ribbon, the sound stirring the Muscle-Cop to a semi-state of consciousness.

... as he sped off down the black ribbon

After an unbroken string of victories over "crackers", the Muscle-Cop was finally given his comeuppance.  His throat was raw from the furious skull fucking by the Trucker, and his ass was still bleeding from being mercilessly bred. That he was found by a colleague handcuffed naked to the steering wheel of his state police cruiser only added insult to injury as his shame was now public, he could never live this down at the district branch, especially as the bastard O'Reilly (obviously still pissed from that beatdown the ebony muscleman had given that smug spud-sucker or maybe weary of having to frequently slurp down his big black cock) had taken damning photos on his cellphone and already they were dashing on digital packets across the Internet to every trooper in the district...heck something this salacious would likely soon go viral to every state, federal and local police force ACROSS the country. Who could have imagined that such a primal force of fury existed in the world...and he, Kivon S. Washington, had dared to challenge it...hubris had laid him low, he never imagined he COULD lose, and now he had lost EVERYTHING.

Greeley Joe says:
  Never make a Cheyenne shaman suck your
big black cock to get out of a ticket

Not long afterwards at the Double Clutch Cafe, a 24 hour greasy spoon in Evans, the triumphant Trucker notched his belt to mark yet another triumph. Now who would be dessert after his dinner, would it be Camila, or Jarlene?

Now who would be dessert after his dinner,
would it be Camila, or Jarlene?

Cue Exit Music:

End Note:

Kivon Washington is now a successful physical trainer in Greeley and volunteers with the Colorado Mounted Police helping out the Greeley P.D., while waiting for the settlement from the lawsuit that his Lawyer, the Mule, has filed against the Colorado State Patrol for it's hostile work environment , he was down...but he is not OUT!


This story is a sequel to the stories Mule v. Trucker and Mule v. the Muscle-Cop 

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