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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Eve

-Go to some chicks NYE party middle of nowhere
-Get lost cause dumb bish directions
-Get chased by wolves in the forest
-Takes 2 hours total to get to the party, while her house is 5 min from start point
-Good party, lots of dancing, ladies, awesome fireworks ect,

-Talk to every chick there
-Flirt with 2 chicks, first one is a 7/10 with huge teddies but the hotter 8/10 has jacked meat head  husband there
-Pick without husband
-Go upstairs start banging sloot (tight pussy ), about to cum so start doing math problems in my head
-Do some crazy equation i can't figure out and lose hard on

-Bish sucks my dink for 10 min (worst bj ever, dink looks like it went through one of them industrial shredders)  Might have PTSD for life.
-Go downstairs and the bish with husband starts fighting with other sloot about me in front of husband
-I ignore the bish and go back upstairs with first sloot to try banging again

-Later that night juice monkey   husband comes in room where I am laying with sloot and confronts me in roid rage
-Tells me he thought I was a cool guy, but really I'm an dickhole  cause I ignored his wife and did not want to bang her
-I ask him if he's retard and that I will not bang another mans wife, guy gets extremely angry (da fuk)
-Finally wife drags his over developed   ass out of the house and they leave

-Wake up this morning, sloot sucking dink, finger bang her 2 times and eat pussy make her cum bunch of times
-Finally fuk her and cum (raw)
-Go to sleep and wake up to hand job
-I  get up to piss
-Grab my pants,  run off,

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Need to find a cheap carpenter....

I was at some chicks place and  I tried opening a door but didn't realize it was locked so I pulled it harder and totally ripped it off the hinges....the chick  who saw it happen said its because my arms are too big and expects me to have the door fixed.  Funny thing is was last month I tried to change my jeep from park to neutral without turning the ignition and i totally snapped the metal base of my gear lever...and the mechanic at the Jeep dealer said its because my arms are too big... funny hearing that twice in a month like that, maybe its truth.  Will check with my neighbor and see if he can give me the name of that carpenter she was using that I beat up a while back... ought to be an interesting convo..   "Hey, broself,  this is Mule,  I kicked your ass a while back, I was wondering if you could fix a door for me...."

Monday, November 25, 2013

                                                                          A challenger