Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vignette: Excerpts from the Life of the Mule

I pulled a fit chick from the gym the night by telling her about the benefits of a post workout whirlpool session, "Too bad they don't have one here, but we got a jacuzzi at my condos." So back to my place, me planning to do the nasty. Highlight was her blowing me on the steps of the hot tub and neighbors turning the outside lights on. Did the deed.

Next day go to her house cuz she wants some more Mule cock. Well, when she called she claimed it was cuz she needed me to bring the clothes she left at my place to her, but we all know it was cuz she wanted my dick.

What's this?

Mule radar... tracking suspicious bogey....

A chad bogey on the dresser, repeat chad bogey on dresser..

At her place,  Pick up a picture of some Chad. "Who's this dude?" I ask her.

"Oh that's my husband but don't worry he's at work." she calmly  replied.

and yes OF COURSE, I fucked her after that...she's an HBB.

Bishes got no loyalty....amIright?

of course if YOU owned a Fiat and had a chance to drive a Ferrari once or twice, you probably would too...


So here's the deal: This  other Bish, who I was seeing ONLY  as a casual, turns all STAGE FIVE CLINGER of course, I had to delete her digits. It is amazing how nuts some chicks get when you fuck 'em once or twice, they change their relationship status on Facebook, and start getting  IDEAS: wanting you to meet their parents, take them to restaurants with cloth napkins and table cloths, and all other sorts of ridiculous shit.  I don't need these sorts of complications, so I was so OUTTA, I booked out of there like the FLASH.  I hear she is taking it well.

Bishes know there just is NO comparison....

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Torn between Faith an Lust: Part Two:Aversion Therapy



Father Brendan, while a participant in all the fun, plays the snitch in order to score points with the Dean.  Someone should teach Pastor Brendan that snitches get stitches!

What can I do for you today, Father Brendan?

I think you should be made of certain untoward occurrences
 that have been going on around here!

Just the other day, there was prohibited intimacy occurring
 at the gym!

..and who was involved in these unsanctioned activities?

Father Brendan I need your help in some rather unorthodox
 treatment... treatment that is not exactly SANCTIONED by
 the archdiocese....if you catch my drift...


The Dean, who is the author of many controversial Psychoanalytic studies on the subject, upon hearing reports of unchaste behavior among his charges, decides to try some aversion-conversion  therapy on the wayward priest Father Gary in the hopes of bringing back the focus of his callings. 

Aversion therapy is a form of behavior therapy in which an aversive (causing a strong feeling of dislike or disgust) stimulus is paired with an undesirable behavior in order to reduce or eliminate that behavior. Conversion therapy is psychological treatment or spiritual counseling designed to change a person's sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual.

The Dean has had enough of Gary's shenanigans and arranges some aversion-conversion therapy to cure Father Gary of the temptations of the flesh.  He elicits the services of the Dominican priest, Father Brendan, to be the Facilitator for this project.   After all, it was the Dominicans that had conducted the Inquisition

Every time Father Gary shows signs of yielding to the sin of lust, Brendan is to hurt him and, of course, hurting Father Gary, his rival, is right up Brendan's alley.  

The Aversion-Conversion Therapy Session

Father Gary's entire body was tense with anger.

“Now, now,” Father Brendan  chimed in.  “Just relax Mr. Muscles.  You’ll probably want to conserve your energy-- for later.”

“You’re really not in a position to object to any of this, Father Gary,” The Dean said as he looked at Father Brendan , who returned a grin.  “ As Father Brendan said, relax for a minute while I explain what’s going to happen here.  We’re going to play a little game.   It’s called ‘Who popped the boner.’  It’s very simple, really."

"We are about to be joined by a young provisional priest named Jeremiah, who I have specifically chosen for this assignment for reasons which will soon be obvious. " 

 "We will give Jeremiah 30 minutes to show you his… well, his assets.  You only need to not sprout an erection.   If you do get hard… well Father Brendan here will apply the appropriate sanctions... ”  the Dean concluded. 

We tried the New Testament approach to your redemption,
now we are going to go all OLD TESTAMENT on your sorry,
 sinful ass!

So I am to be redeemed by  the ministrations of  Brendan the
 hebephile sodomite?   You really think this is the best strategy?
--Gary bitterly challenged the Dean
Who better than the fallen and redeemed to know the best
strategies to redeeming lost souls
--countered the Dean

Gary wanted to tell the Dean how unredeemed the scoundrel
Brendan was, but doubted he would be believed, and did not
 want to antagonize his would be torturer!

The Dean called in the provisional priest Jeremiah

Jeremiah a/k/a "FATHER

I cannot imagine this could be sanctioned by the Arch-bishop!

Sometimes it is better to ask forgiveness than permission,
 the Archbishop wants results, and does not ask too many

...and if you want to continue being a priest, you will tell no 
tales to any meddlesome Prelates!

You worry about the redemption of your soul and your vocation,
 and let ME handle the Archbishop-
-added the Dean

The provisional priest Jeremiah was the most handsome
 cleric at the retreat, the other priests had nicknamed him
 FATHER HOLLYWOOD on account of his phenomenal 
beauty.  He would provide the temptation, while Brendan
 would provide the painful conditioning. 

...and Jeremiah proved sorely tempting to the young horny
 priest from Colorado!

Jeremiah began to pose naked.  His jaw clenched, his muscles flexed and he began to run his hands lightly over his spectacular naked chest.    He moaned softly as he felt his pecs, then the ridges of his washboard stomach, then ran his hands up over his shoulders and down to stroke his perfect biceps.

First he raised his arms, flexing his biceps, then pressed his fists on the sides of his waist, pushing his shoulders forward and flaring his lats in a classic bodybuilder pose. Oh, man,” Gary thought, suppressing a moan, “he is fucking incredible. Jeremiah looks magnificent..."

Then  Jeremiah moved his hands to  Gary's beefy chest and began squeezing Gary's nipples hard in his fingers.

And sorely was the operative word, for as Gary's
cock swelled and throbbed of its own volition,
Father Brendan brought on the pain.

Jeremiah had worked his magic, now it was Brendan's turn to step forward and work a much darker sorcery. Gary's body was alive with anticipation and fear…mixed with uncontrollable desire for the man who would torture him. The homoerotic image of the imposing and domineering Father Brendan was hypnotic, and Gary’s heightened awareness made his muscle packed body shake. His imagination of what was to come was worse than actual pain. This was torture in itself ….. the agonizing wait.

The imposing and domineering Facilitator Brendan 

Brendan unzipped his leather pants, pulled out his thick cock and let it hang free ….. all ten inches of it. As he gazed at the erotic sight of the fettered muscle-stud, his huge cock grew rigid and stood straight out, pointing at Gary, hanging in shackled humiliation. The 
Facilitator/inquisitor watched in awe as the bound giant struggled, his sinewy muscles strained and his veins bulged. Brendan grinned as he watched the bound muscle god try to free himself, watched the sculpted physique gleam and flex as his shoulders and arms bulged with the effort to break the chains around his wrists. Brendan looked at his helpless captive with a satisfied grin. The handsome bodybuilder was naked and completely immobilized against the wall.

Brendan looked at his helpless captive
 with a satisfied grin

Let’s see how tough you are, stud. You’re a great fighter, I’ll give you that. You even beat me. Now it’s just us ….. man to man. Show me how much pain you can take.” Father Brendan said imperiously as he fiendishly fingered the handle of a cat o' nine tails. 

The leather straps stung like fire ants as Brendan whipped his loins in mockery of his swollen cock and magnificent balls. Then he softened up his massive pectorals, before with Jeremiah's help, loosening the straps, turning the penitent around and re-pinioning him  face to the wall, to apply the lash to his rippling lats to "soften them up for what was to come".  Then as Gary was feeling woozy from the pain, Brendan and Jeremiah hauled his striped carcass over to the chair of pain. Known as the Judas Chair, this device seemed appropriate to the evil tasks of the betrayer of priests, Father Brendan. 

To avoid movement, the Gary's wrists were tied to the chair. The spikes had been coated with a briny vinegar intensifying the pain.  "Do you repent of your lust, sodomy, fornication, unchastity, and rampant carnality, and pledge to uphold your holy vows?
--demanded the Dean over Gary's screams. 

After a minute on the chair, he signaled Jeremiah and Brendan to lift Gary off the Judas Chair.  He gave Gary a moment of repose and asked his question again, pointing to the Judas Chair as part of  psychological terrorism to induce confession and repentance.

"Well...?" --inquired the Torquemada-like Dean

"Do you repent of this cruelty and the sins of wrath, pride and envy?" --Gary muttered bitterly

A minute more of the chair followed.

"Enough of the Judas Chair for now, we must be constrained in the use of that particular torment, tie him to the whipping post," commanded the Dean.

It was as if the gorgeous muscle god Gary was on a medieval wrack, his sensational body being stretched helplessly in agonizing torture, as Brendan applied three strokes of the lash. Sweat poured off Gary as he was groaning in pain. It was a sight that had Brendan drooling in amazement. Brendan thought he had never seen anything more beautiful. The sight of the bound and helpless bodybuilder had long since made Brendan’s cock rock hard. Brendan whispered in Gary's ear, “This is the way one male claims ownership of another, Gary. Now I am your master.

Nearby was a table where an odd assortment of instruments were laid out that looked like they belonged from a movie about the Spanish Inquisition.

..The pattern of pleasure than pain continued for hours...

The sensual touch of Jeremiah still tempted Gary
into sinful reveries, even knowing the torments of Brendan
 would soon follow!

"Go ahead, Jeremiah,” Brendan said. He looked at a clock on the wall. “Time… starts… now.

Jeremiah wasted no time getting into round two of the temptation. He moved in front of Gary and just stood there, smiling, allowing Gary  to take in the mass and definition of his physique. Jeremiah’s imposing body was causing Gary to stir with desire.

Jeremiah lifted his arms slowly and flexed his biceps. They grew into heads of peaked muscle-- each one with a freaky split of the muscle. The skin looked as thin as plastic wrap around the muscles. Holy fuck! thought Gary as his eyes grew larger, despite his efforts to contain his awe.

Jeremiah flexed harder, and his arms peaked even more! A cantaloupe-sized ball separated itself from the lower, triceps part of the arm. His arm twitched with the effort. Veins ran all over the fuckin’ thing. It formed a peak that pointed. Simply as an amazing, powerful-looking set of arms as Gary had ever laid eyes on. He wanted to touch them.

Over the next few minutes, Jeremiah expertly took Gary through a muscle posing routine that had Gary lost in lust. Jeremiah straightened his arms and the triceps muscles shortened, bunched and grew-- bulging with insane definition. Jeremiah started to slowly ripple the pecs on his enormous chest. Jeremiah had moves and poses that Gary had never thought of. And every one of them was designed to bring Gary further and further down the road toward full sexual stimulation.

Gary was getting hard. Fast. Jeremiah put one leg forward and with his free hand started to rock his mammoth quadriceps muscle back and forth-- freezing and tightening it into amazing striations and vascularity. Suddenly Jeremiah's muscular arms pulled him close and Jeremiah’s warm tongue penetrated his mouth Gary found himself hopelessly lost in a world of envy and lust. 

With calculated inevitability, Gary’s cock pulsed to full-mast. Jeremiah took one long finger and put it to the wide piss slit, moistening it with Gary’s precum. He brought it to his lips. There was a lot on it. Sensually, he inserted the finger into his mouth, smiling.

Thanks, Gary,” Jeremiah smiled. “Glad you like the show.” He grasped Gary’s broad shoulders and turned him so Brendan and the Dean could see Gary's fully erect state. Gary moaned with despair, knowing what was coming next Jeremiah looked behind him, to Brendan, for approval.

But Gary was not alone into being lured into lust filled

Beautiful Jeremiah became smitten with the handsome and
 jacked Gary, and became totally obsessed with the 
temptations of such succulent flesh!

While Gary was made to suffer intensely for his desires, it had no effect on his sexual addiction, in fact it was his erstwhile torturers: Brendan and Jeremiah who became more and more obsessed with Gary's hot, muscular body as the "aversion therapy" continued.  Eventually Gary was ready to swear on the Bible that he had repented of his sins, and would immediately report any violations of these vows by  any priest to the Dean. He had sworn to be chaste and a snitch, and silently Gary hoped God and Tim Tebow would forgive him for lying under oath.

Your refusal to snitch is admirable Gary, but this would be an
 excellent opportunity to embrace chastity!

 When the "therapy" was concluded, Brendan and Jeremiah each  (unbeknownst to the other) took their turns in Gary's room. 

"Let's wrestle for top."  the crafty Brendan proposes to a Gary still weakened from his therapy session.  "A 'stakes' match. Alpha versus alpha wrestling is all about the domination factor.  Two muscle studs who know they can defeat most anyone their size...and then putting that reputation on the line to see who can fuck  whose ass. When  I win an alpha vs. alpha stakes match, I don't give the loser any slack. The sex is  gonna be brutal, sweaty and rough. The winner, which will be me, seizes the dominate role, and even if I have  to force things, I demand the loser which will be you, accept the sub role. I will use you in defeat, like a cheap whore and enjoy every minute of it. Just thinking about it gives me a boner. It brings out the animal in me."  

His aggression fired by a desire for revenge for the Aversion therapy, Gary was more than eager for some alpha versus alpha fighting, even though he is still recovering from the debilitating effects of his aversion-conversion therapy.  Fighting revenge, and for possession of their rivals ass, the two squared off.  There is that special feeling when a man get the advantage over a man who is his equal or close to it.  Normally Brendan would be no challenge for Gary, but after the debilitating therapy, his tormentor now held a slight advantage.

"Fine, let's do it" said Gary. The mighty priests  circled around each other, slowly. Brendan  raised his muscular arms inviting Gary to a test of strength. Their big square hands locked together. Their biceps bulged and hardened, their pecs thickened and tensed, their leg muscles flexed and rippled, as each tried to force the other down on to his knees. Suddenly Gary stuck his right leg out and foot swept Brendan, but went crashing over as well, and they toppled together onto the floor. 

They writhed and twisted together, rolling crazily around the floor, grunting and panting, fighting for top position, each trying to pin the other. Their mighty legs were locked right down to their bare feet, applying so much pressure they could have broken most men's legs. Their  man shafts jammed and rammed tight together as their sweat-streaked muscular bodies intertwined in battle. Both could feel a violent warmth surge through their chests and balls. Huge cocks began to lengthen and harden dripping precum and sweat. The two hard-muscled fighting men were  aroused, thrusting their impressive cocks into each other, their sinewy bodies locked together in a raw cock combat. They scrambled to a kneeling position facing one another, blatantly showing off their magnificent stiff, erect and swollen dicks, so hard they didn't stand out but pointed to the ceiling. Their eyes were staring, glued to each other. Even as each turned the other on like a light bulb, there was also some strange animal-like animosity, and their looks spoke in almost equal shares of aggression and lust.

Gary was immediately on his feet.  His eyes roaming over the sight of  one of the roundest, tightest pair of glutes he had ever seen.  

Like what you see?

"Like what you see?" Brendan  asked suddenly. "Yes," Gary answered, not hesitating at all even though his voice was rough and scratchy. " Taking that fine ass will be a suitable reward for kicking your ass!" --Gary said salaciously. 

The two men looked at each other from head to toe, cocks stirring at the sight. Slowly they walked toward each other, their cocks like flagpoles and their eyes full of anger but also excitement. Then they were standing three feet apart, watching each other intently. Two hard-muscled big-dicked studs, strong and proud, holding their cocks stiff in their hands, rock hard, pulsing with irresistible intention. 

They both paused, momentarily. Brendan  came closer. Both men altered their footing to bring their cockheads just an inch apart, precum oozing from their piss slits. Their dicks flexed instinctively. Their cockheads touched, they pressed their piss slits together, both cocks throbbing and pumping out more precum to join them. Each stud's precum was coating the other's cock.  They came chest to chest, face to face, nose to nose, their nips touching,  power shooting all through their magnificently muscled bodies. They had fire in their eyes and all they could think of was each other and their battle, at the end of which one of them was going to get an ass fucking like never before.

 "Listen to me" growled Brendan , toe to toe with Gary, his expression hard and aggressive. "You are going to be my bitch, and I'm going to fuck you hard and you are going to take it." Gary's face had developed a similar frown / snarl. Gary said in a thick, husky voice. "I'm gonna give you a real man's protein, my protein, up your man-pussy. Your ass looks pretty nice, and I'm gonna fuck it and maul it, and dump load after load of my cum up it, and I'm gonna pound the fuck out of you ." 

Glaring at each other they locked up. Thick arms flashed around muscular frames, grinding their massive pecs harder and harder, straining to hold each other tighter and tighter. They looked like fighters in the middle of the ring.  The two naked muscular men stood and wrestled. They grappled each other, wrestling to be the one who took the other; veins, biceps, and triceps bulging; thighs taut with flexed muscle. Before long sweat was  making their muscles gleam as they continued their struggles. Then Gary slipped on Brendan 's sweaty shoulders, Brendan  pushed, and they fell sideways in a sweaty tangle to the floor. They moved swiftly apart, rolling their bodies. 

Brendan reacted fast, trying to stand up, but Gary  fell like a jungle cat on his back and tackled him to the ground, firmly placing a muscular right arm around Brendan's thick neck. Brendan caught Gary's hard forearm, trying to break free, but Gary locked his right arm in place by grabbing his right wrist with his left hand and squeezing tighter, barely allowing Brendan to breathe. Brendan knew he no chance to move it now.  His wrestling skills were no match for those of the Coloradan. The big round bicep of the Mile-high muscleman pressing Brendan's throat was like a ball of iron. Gary's huge cock  rubbed up between the smooth muscular cheeks of Brendan's tight ass. 

"Do you surrender?" asked Gary hissed in Brendan's ear. For a moment there was no reply, and Gary  added even more pressure. "Do you give?" repeated Gary. "I give!" cried Brendan. 

Brendan could feel the  brawny conquering muscleman' swelling rod pressed against him, nuzzling the cleft of his ripe firm buttocks. Precum was drooling from the end of Gary's prick.  The Coloradan, easing up a trifle, but not releasing his hold,  began to probe with his fully erect meat, eager to fuck Brendan's beaten ass. He pressed the hard, wet head of his hugely engorged cock against Brendan's puckered anus and pushed. Brendan moans loudly from just the huge head entering him. Brendan resisted and gave a loud cry of pain that was muffled when Gary 's vise grip on his throat intensified. 

Gary spoke into Brendan's ear again. "I am going to fuck that ass so brutally, you will be walking funny for a week! You will become my bitch-boy  not only with that magnificent body...but in your  soul"  Gary looked almost diabolical when he made this prophecy. Brendan immediately regretted being so rough on Gary during the Aversion Therapy, he was going to get paid back with interest for his dark ministrations during the therapy.

 "No, please!"  Yet, despite the whispered protest, there was stoic resignation behind Brendan's reply. 

"The more you resist, the more this is going to hurt. Get it?"  --snarled the vengeful Gary!  Gary set himself again and pushed forward, and this time the swollen head of his manhood slipped inside. The Mile-high priest thrust in sliding in slowly, increasing his depth until he was fully sheathed in Brendan's cherry ass. The whole of his great fucking dick was in, right up to the hilt. He had won that hot, tight, muscular rear end, spoils of combat, and now he would put his mark on what he had taken. 

Wrapping both his formidable arms tightly around Brendan's neck, Gary  drew back his hips. Using his body weight and powerful leg muscles, he plowed into Gary's tight  rectum as he impaled the other bodybuilder on his manhood.

Brendan's pain was excruciating (Always a top, he had never experienced a dick piercing like this before, never mind one this thick and long.  Gary was PRODIGIOUSLY hung, with a cock that could split a man in two,  which made the initiation of  Brendan's cherry ass, all the more painful.  It was contrary to his entire ethos as an alpha male to submit like why was he so completely embracing it in the deep, primitive portion of his psyche? What diabolic powers did this Gary possess?

The pleasure was so intense, so blinding... Brendan's breaths came as rasps and his skin glowed hot and red. He writhed and pushed up and thrust back with his body, physically aroused and in full must, as Gary's pythonic embrace relaxed. The two men's deeply tanned bodies interlaced strongly, two mighty muscled animals of absolute lust, drowning in a hot raw fuck.  Gary slammed inside Brendan over and over again. Brendan's mouth opened in a hoarse scream as he thrust his ass back at Gary. "OH my GOD! Gary ... Sweet fuck!"  Bracing his legs, Gary  placed his rough muscular hands on Brendan's hips and pulled up until the treacherous priest was kneeling beneath him on all fours, then began to set up a rhythm inside the snitch. 

Gary 's powerful bronzed thighs slapped noisily against Brendan's tanned, sweat-slick ass-cheeks each time he lunged forwards, the two men's heavy massive balls swinging back and forth and banging together. Each time  Gary hunched forward a low moan escaped Brendan's parted lips, betraying the intense pleasure. Gary's violently forceful cock instilled in Brendan submisssive feelings, with every powerful thrust. Brendan was surprised to realize that he was pushing up into Gary's thrusts with gusto, that he was turning into Gary 's bitch.  This is not what he had anticipated when he had come sniffing around the Coloradan's quarters!

Gary slowed his strokes and Brendan grunted, then groaned, then yelled as the dominant man's muscular right hand reached down around Gary's hip, taking a firm grip on the other stud's dick. Gary resumed his quick slapping tempo, moving deeply, fucking that tight writhing ass, and began moving his hand against Brendan's long cock to the same frantic rhythm. 

Brendan began a keening, urgent chant. "Ooooh fuuuuck... Ooooh fuuuuck... Ooooh fuuuuck..." Gary's hips caught the rhythm of Brendan's words, pulling out with each 'ooooh' and shoving back as deeply as possible on the 'fuuuuuck'. Both words and movements set the pace for Gary 's hand, gripped tightly around Brendan's hard shaft, palming slickly over the top before sliding back down to tighten at the base, letting Brendan fuck Brendan Gary's hand at his own pace.

 "OhjesusohfuckohgodohFUCK! FUUUUUUUUUCK!" Brendan hollered as he came, and Gary felt the liquid heat roll over his fist in pulsing waves. Brendan's head came up, held in a tight straining rictus of pleasure for several long, throbbing, squeezing moments as he convulsed. Gary groaned loudly as the muscular slabs of Brendan's backside tightened, gripping him hard. The jerk on Gary 's cock felt like an industrial milking pump run amok.  Gary  let go of the spent serpent of the traitorous Brendan and slid his cum-covered hand back around, taking a firm grip on his victim's hips as he continued fucking Brendan. Brendan squirmed against Gary, grinding his tight asshole around that stiffly sliding cock. Brendan's rear end felt like a hot, velvet glove around Gary's cock, and the dominant male's teeth were clenched as he fucked Brendan. 

Gary was getting to the point of no return, and Brendan could sense that the stud on top was going to blow his wad.  Gary 's cock was iron hard, his balls bursting, his breathing shallow and urgent, heat spreading like wildfire from his balls to his cock. He bucked against Brendan, once, twice, then with a mighty shove he exploded powerfully, pumping the violated asshole with man cum, filling Brenda's innards with his hot seed. 

Gary 's climax seemed endless, his cock spurting jet after jet of sperm deep inside Brendan's seething ass. Finally, Gary held still, the weight of him plastered to Brendan's back, his hands gripping the muscular hips, his cock still buried deep within Brendan's fantastically tight shit-tube.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, plastered together back-to-chest, feeling the stickiness of their coupling between them, Gary's big dick slowly deflating inside Brendan's slick ass. they broke apart, both rolling on their backs. They stayed that way for a long time  on the floor, just laying next to each other with their chests and stomachs expanding and contracting with every breath. Neither stud moves. 

Gary sat up first, looking down at Brendan's  naked body now gleaming with sweat and cum.  Gary was  admiring the man he had fucked. 

Brendan's long, thick cock rose like the  mast on a tall ship as he rose to his feet in one fluid motion. His cock slapped against his ridged abdomen.

"Get up, Gary," Brendan said softly. "My turn now!" 

"What the fuck!?" Gary scrambled to his feet. "Are you fantasizing about fucking me?"

"Yes, Gary, I'm going to fuck you."  Brendan stated matter-of-factly.

"No - I don't get fucked. I do the fucking!" Gary replied. 

"Come on, Gary," Brendan said. "You've had your turn and now it's mine."

"Well, I've got a better idea. I want my cock back up your tight ass."

After a breather, Gary was ready to have a second go at Brendan.

Brendan  tensed. "Re-match," he stated quietly, looking directly into Gary's eyes. "Loser gets fucked. You game?"

Gary scrutinized him for a long moment, then gave a curt nod, as the two men circled each other again. They made a sensual pair, both grunting with effort as their naked bodies, rippling, bulging and gleaming with heavy coiled muscle. The sweat poured down their naked bodies in streams as they grappled. 

Suddenly, Gary seized the back of Brendan 's neck with both hands and thrust him suddenly and violently downward. The momentum of Brendan 's own movements added to the brutal force with which his forehead hit the floor. For a moment Brendan was dazed. Swiftly Gary turned in his standing position and dropped down to seat himself comfortably on the small of Brendan's back.

Leaning forward, Gary slid his hands along the muscled ridge of Brendan's thighs, then down to hook them underneath the outstretched legs just above the knees. A strong sharp upward tug, and Brendan 's legs were in the air, his body beginning to fold in two at the waist, caught in a Boston crab.  Gary had captured Brendan in the same hold that Father Torn had used to defeat Gary. 

The pressure on Brendan's spine  quickly reached a crisis point. With a cry Brendan  began to kick and squirm, raising himself on his hands in a vain attempt to shake Gary off, trying to alter the cruel angle at which his body was bending and ease the pain. There was nothing he could do. Gary was leaning far back now, his legs were trapped tight under Gary's armpits. Further and further back Gary leaned, till it seemed that at any second he would hear Brendan 's spine snap. Gary had him.

"Come on, Brendan , give it up!" Gary grunted through clenched teeth. "It's all over now. Give it up like a good boy and tell me I'm the better man."

"!" was the only reply. Gary tightened the hold still further. The sweat was dripping off him on to his prostrate opponent, mingling with Brendan 's own. Brendan 's breathing was harsh and agonized.

Gary made sure that Brendan 's legs were securely held under his arms and then threw himself backward, stretching out to his full six-foot plus and bending Brendan 's back towards a right angle. The force of the move was too much for Brendan. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" he screamed. "I submit! God damn and fuck you to hell, I submit!

Gary released his legs, and rolled off him to one side.  Gary had defeated Brendan using the same Boston Crab hold that had been used by Torn to defeat him in their match. 

Several minutes passed before Gary sat up. His gaze traveled slowly over every visible inch of the long, muscled body stretched out at full length before him. Brendan  lay there on his front, still gasping for breath, showing his tight ass, broad back and muscular legs. The taut, perfect asscheeks beckoned Gary on, and his cock swelled as he imagined plowing them again. 

The victorious Gary crouched behind Brendan , leaning over him. "...Round Two ..." Gary snarled in a deep husky tone, balancing on his left hand and his knees as he prepared to collect on his second win. He spat into his right hand and worked his tool, holding it firmly. Brendan's ass puckered in anticipation, for an ass that had never previously known cock, it was responding well to 'training'.  Brendan found himself delighting in surrendering to a different side of himself.  "Perhaps it was something in the nature of priests," mused Brendan between Gary's energetic thrusts, "Perhaps the vocation to submit to God...was a way of embracing a submissive side, the alpha portion of their mind vigorously suppressed?"

Brendan  did his part by raising his hips, bracing himself on his thick forearms, ass up, shoulders down, legs splayed, perfectly positioned, displaying his powerful build with all the apparent unconcern of a male centerfold. Perfect twin globes of muscle, bronzed and glistening with sweat, lay beneath Gary's eyes, the tight butt arched up, providing a peek into Brendan 's ass crack, making the muscleman  shudder with anticipation. It was a perfect picture. Gary's eyes glazed as he stared down at this magnificent specimen surrendering his body. "Get ready for the fuck of your life, Brendan, because I'm gonna fuck you  so hard you'll never forget it." 

Gary's cock was greasy from his saliva and precum. He held the cum-filled weapon hard and firm, right down at the base. He placed one hand on those wide hips and nudged against Brendan 's pucker with the thick purple head of his pulsing cock. Biting his bottom lip in concentration, Gary began to press forward into the muscle man, completely exalted as he felt Brendan 's ass muscles close in around him, squeezing him, pulling him inside. The rim of Brendan 's ass was so tight that it hurt, but Gary slid past it into the hot canal beyond. He didn't stop until he was nestled all the way inside, his balls resting against Brendan 's scrotum, the base of his big fucker hugged by that tight ring of muscle, that firm taut ass spread wide and strained by the bulk of Gary's stiff flesh inside it.

 Brendan  felt the muscle man's rock hard, washboard stomach press up against his back as Gary just lay there for a minute, moaning, his cock engulfed, finding ecstasy in the incredible tightness of the muscle man's passage.  Then, supporting his body on straightened arms either side of Brendan 's head, Gary looked down at the juncture of their bodies ... to observe ... to witness beneath him, impaled on his thick tool, waiting for Gary to fuck that perfect sun bronzed ass. 

Gary filled with heat and lust,  pulled his fuckpole back slowly, inhaling sharply. "Yeah," Brendan  assented, as with a loud grunt Gary shoved in up to the hilt. "Show me. Do me. Ah, that's good..." Gary started stroking his cock deep within the muscle man's tightly clasping rectum, quickly going from a slow and steady rhythm to a quicker one, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh playing counterpart to both men's grunts and moans. Then the sex was slow and languorous, as Gary rocked his hips against Brendan's to slide home smoothly  as he set up a steady rhythm. Gary began to move within Brendan  with greater speed and force, feeling that asshole part around his assaulting piston. Brendan  moved back and forth, meeting every one of Gary's strokes, as he felt the power of a manly, masculine, hard body on his own. 

Sweat dripped down off Gary's body onto Brendan 's back, the muscleman's thick shaft plowing into Brendan 's guts, changing rhythm, speed, depth, and angle numerous times. Gary gripped Brendan 's hips tightly as he rammed into the muscle butt, pulling the other stud in hard against his hips with each stroke. Gary bit his lip painfully with the exertion, fucking Brendan  hard. Slapping sounds echoed as Gary fucked hard and stroked long. 

 Finally Gary's jackhammer strokes became faster and incredibly stronger. The feel of the powerful body moving below him, the realization that the animal sounds from Brendan 's lips were being wrung by his manhood, all finally proved too much for Gary's control. His mouth gripped Brendan 's neck in almost a painful grip. And then he was shooting, burying his cock in Brendan 's ass to the balls, the liquid fire running up the shaft of his manhood and jetting out, as Gary nearly passed out from the amount of energy rushing through him. 

He didn't breathe as jet after jet of pearly white cum was injected deep into Brendan 's bowels, coating the muscle man's insides. Gary's cock twitched as it delivered its load. Brendan 's incredible body took shot after shot after shot of Gary's hot thick fluid. They ended up collapsed and panting and sprawled on the floor.  Gary slowly eased out of Brendan 's wet hole and flopped over onto his back. A muscled arm slid around Gary's waist, pulling him into a loose embrace, sweat cooling on their bodies. They lay like that for a long time. Gary  let out a sigh of immense satisfaction. 

 Brendan was first to speak "I know a good fuck when I get one, and you did me real good. You were fucking your cock inside me like some goddamn stud bull! 

Gary smiled and said: "And I've never had a pussy as hot as your eager asshole. Are you sure it was the first time taking it up the ass for you? You bottomed, like an experience CHAMP. Screwing your hot, tight, beautiful ass must have been the best sex I've ever had in my life." This was not exactly true, but having humiliated Brendan,he wanted to throw him a bone.

Brendan  frowned. "I think every guy has that male quality in him that makes him want to be the “top dawg”. He wants to prove to his counterparts that he is superior and that he rules the mats. Most men enjoy being the leader, just some are more suited to actually being the leader than others...."  Brendan was uncomfortable now with having bottomed for Gary, and plotted to assume the dominant role...permanently.  

As Gary rested from his exertions, he waited for his INNER TEBOW's sharp reproach. but instead he got:

Damn it Gary, now you got ME all horned up!

Then there was a knock on his door...

Jeremiah slithered into Gary's room.  This time Gary looked on the intruding rogue priest not with revenge like he had with Brendan, but with the ravenous hunger of febrile lust.  Jeremiah was so beautiful, that even a total straight man could go a bit bi-curious over the stunning beauty of the priest.  Jeremiah had once been serious about his desire to become a good and virtuous priest, but his beauty had made him an object of seduction back in his altar boy days, and the constant supply of being pursued by men and women eager to seduce him, and turned him into a sex addict.  Gary didn't have to battle Jeremiah to assume the top position, they slid into their appointed roles naturally and with gusto.

"AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!" choked the handsome Jeremiah, as he was skewered onto  Gary's throbbing erection, all the way to the thick root. He felt like a pole had been shoved up his butthole. A guttural roar came from Gary and he exploded into action, powering in and out, forcing his huge penis between Jeremiah's sweaty butt cheeks and deep into the pretty boy's body, slamming his hairy groin into Jeremiah's muscular cheeks as he methodically and energetically plowed the gorgeous priest. He fucked Jeremiah hard, satiating the terrible lust for the beautiful priest that had been building up during the Aversion Therapy.    

Jeremiah's tight ass was engorged and full, and he moaned as Gary's thick iron-hard shaft slid firmly into him again and again. That great cock felt like it was a burning spear roughly stabbing him. The pretty priest was a power bottom, but he had never been fucked like this before.  He had mixed feelings of trauma and ecstasy.  Part of him wanted to protest, but the desire to submit to the power of the muscular priest was more urgent, and he fell into a state of  dazed surrender.  Gary plunged deep and hard and screwed Jeremiah's ass as if he wanted to mark it for all time as belonging to him.  It was as if he owned this ass and he was marking his territory. Gary 's cock was saying "make no mistake, this ass is mine." 

The incredible sensations were physical, but they also were something far more guttural and instinctual. With each hard thrust he was claiming this strong, powerful stud he had fought for dominance; with each undulation of his sinewy form he tightened up on Jeremiah.  "Hollywood" was torn between polar opposites of emotions. It was brutal and painful, yet felt so good, so incredibly good.  

Gary heard himself grunting as if it was coming from somewhere else.  Jeremiah felt his own beautifully buff body rubbing from head to toe with Brendan 's masculine form as the Coloradan stud plowed Jermeiah's ass, skin-to-skin, grinding himself against Jeremiah's broad back, grunting his pleasure. 

Gary pulled free of Jeremiah's body and roughly turned the handsome hunk over, then stood over the beauty, legs firmly planted apart, the muscles of his belly flexing tightly with each breath, as his mighty man-rammer thickened and rose, the urge already stirring there to have this big hard stud again serve his cock.  Jeremiah felt a jolt of excitement and stared. With one hand under each armpit, Gary dragged Jeremiah to his feet turned the Adonis around and leaned him chest-first up against the wall. Stepping up to Jeremiah, the muscle man put both hands on the pretty boy's hips, and Jeremiah shifted, legs spread a little, offering his muscular buttocks. Gary 's hard tool slid up and down Gary's crack. Then the first gentle nudge, dickhead seeking and finding asshole, another nudge this time a little more brutal, then another and another, repeatedly teasing the quivering, pulsating hole. The nudge changed to push, and then with a sudden unexpected thrust, the big mushroom head slid roughly inside. 

Gary drove his thick long staff inward, hissing with pleasure as the moist passage pressed around his member. Jeremiah gave a cry from deep within his guts as a rapid rush of lust and tension soared through him. With an outward pushing pressure of knees inside of knees, Gary spread Jeremiah's legs wider, and the next fuckfest had begun. Four sun-bronzed legs, thickly muscled and intensely defined, becoming two as Gary delivered a standing fuck into Jeremiah's firm buttocks; Gary's heaving muscular chest pressing against Jeremiah's broad, smooth, sweaty back; Gary 's mega-pumped-up dick working in and out of Hollywood's tight chute; the lewd, resounding, smacking noises of the ramming and the thrusting lost in a continuous, inhuman grunting of renewed lust... Gary rocked his groin into Jeremiah's cheeks, sliding his cock up and down inside the muscleman's ass, feeling that asshole alternately relax and contract in response to his probing and pushing. Gary's cock swelled again because Brendan  was glancing off the hottest part inside him, and because he liked the masculinity, the maleness, of two big, muscular, handsome specimens of manhood having sex standing up, heavily locked together with that inflamed cock plunging deeper and harder up and into his asshole. He groaned louder as each thrust from Gary's hips drove his rock-hard column of  manhood into the ass of the titillating Adonis.

Jeremiah's eyes rolled back as he growled and snarled and swore at Gary as the Coloradan hunk  kept feeding punishing lengths of hardon into Jeremiah's overworked bunghole. Their guttural gruntings grew heavier and rougher as Gary fucked hard with divine precision, driving his thick long cock into Jeremiah from behind. Gary's lip curled in a  snarl as he thrust faster and harder into the Apollonian pastor's butt. Jeremiah's tunnel was a slick furnace burning up the length of Gary 's cock as he slammed in and out of the other man, his every nerve locked in erotic pleasure, excited by the tight hotness of Jeremiah's ass. 

Jeremiah could feel Gary's climax approaching as the muscleman's ass was penetrated repeatedly by the massive invader, its owner grunting as he felt the cum boiling in his balls again, seeking release. Gary felt that familiar rumbling in the base of his cock, felt the head of his dick jerking and twitching inside Jeremiah's ass, felt his balls contracting as they prepared to explode and release themselves of the new load they'd churned up. Then with a strangled cry Gary buried himself in Jeremiah's  body to the hilt, unleashing a torrent of cum from his mighty cock, a river of sperm that flowed copiously into the Adonis's cavern, mixing with the cum already there. Gary remained motionless as he drained his balls deep into Jeremiah's guts, his throat constricted with the paralysis of his pleasure. Then with a harsh, loud breath Gary's head fell on Jeremiah's shoulders, his great cock deflating with sudden and complete satiation. They stood there, breathing hard, Gary feeling against his back the deep rising and falling of Gary's attempts to recover his own breath. 

"Oh man," Jeremiah groaned. Gary chuckled, though it came out more as a gasping cough, and he took a nip at a meaty, sweaty shoulder before easing his hips back, pulling his soft cock out. Jeremiah quickly turned around, his rampant erection solidifying as his eyes roamed over Gary's fantastically masculine body, assessing the  man's brawny magnificence. Gar 's cock hung limply from his crotch, glistening with his spooge. Even now, with it limp, it was a massive organ. Gary in turn drank in Jeremiah's phenomenal beauty with admiration and appreciation. Jeremiah was a spectacular sight, that hardened cocks, and set pussy's dripping wherever he went. big and imposing and hard.  Gary's eager hot cock popped back into an erection as he studied every contour of Jeremiah's magnificent form, he was a truly magnificent specimen of manhood, a veritable Greek god. "You are my bottom boy, forever now, Jeremiah, get used to it!"

After some hot, sweaty and intense sex, Gary rested on
the lovely Jeremiah's chest, he had always thought of
Jeremiah as a goody two-shoes spy for the Dean.  But the
 priest had mad sex skills, which made sense, given he wound
 up at this rehabilitation retreat!

The treacherous Brendan noticing that Jeremiah was a rival for Gary's sensual attentions, turned his fellow inquisitor  and Gary into the Dean, as retribution. The Dean assumed Jeremiah had been compromised by the machinations and seductions of Gary and merely received a stern castigation.  Gary however faced more stern measures.


You and Father Jeremiah have been together quite a bit 
recently, if you get caught in any more rule violations, your
 career as a priest is OVER, not even your buddy Justin 
can save you NEXT time!

With the sword of Damocles hanging over Gary and the Dean watching him like a hawk, the rematch was postponed. Gary was subjected to another round of Aversion Therapy.  But the thing about horny can't keep a horned cock down, and two weeks after the chewing out by the dean....

continued in Part Three: Water Sports

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Torn between Lust and Faith: Gary Goes Aviking with Father Torn



In an effort to get Gary out of the clutches of the utter reprobate Father Justin, and the rather dubious Father Brian, the Dean introduces Gary to a new penitent, the seemingly  much more wholesome Father Torn. Still he feels they need to be cautioned lest old patterns re-emerge

This is Father Torn from Sweden. Another one, God help me,
who can't keep it in his pants.  You two will stay away from each
 other in that way , d'ya hear?

Fuck that!--Gary thought

Gary was instantly smitten with this Nordic god of a priest.  Not Only was the 6'5" Father Torn jacked, but he was possessed of a beautiful Scandinavian visage. Fine of face, and formidable of form, how could Gary resist such magnificence.  His loins swelled in salute of this Norse god.

The dean interjected into the horned-up daydreams of Gary...

"I have scheduled you to be Bible study partners, you will restrict yourselves to such appropriate interactions, and both of you will stay away from Father Brian and Father Justin, those two I think need some quiet time alone in prayer and reflection."

Now THAT is what I am talking about!

 So at first Fathers Gary and Torn stuck to the plan...

You up for some more Bible study, Father Gary?

Unfortunately for our priests, the Bible is replete with sexual references that just got them more and more horned up.

How about today we study the Song of Solomon?
I think we might be safer with the Epistles of Paul!

Very well, let us begin with 1st Corinthians

It started well, but when they got to 1 Corinthians 6, things took a turn for the worse.  First it opened with a passage about Lawsuits, which got Gary thinking about lawyers and then naturally he thought of his buddy Mule, and of course from there, hot sweaty sex....

Damn this Bible Study is making me SO HORNY!

Then 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 really got both of their cocks dripping: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.  And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Is it just me, or should we lay off the Bible Study and
perhaps watch a movie on t.v. until we cool down!
I concur, that seems the wisest policy!

Oh I love this movie, exclaimed Gary
I am a big fan as well, noted Torn

This is my favorite scene in the whole movie...

You think you could take a guy like one of them
Barbarian brothers, Gary?

Brah i eat clowns like him for breakfast, lunch and dinner
just like I am damn sure I could lick a guy  like you,  Father Torn!

Father Torn, true to his viking heritage, was definitely not going to let that challenge go answered, and IT WAS ON!


Both studs pulled off shirts and clerical collars  as they got ready to get down to some serious muscle wrestling. The  two huge mountains of solid muscle stood across from each other, their bodies pumped and bulges growing. Gary shot a double biceps pose for Torn and smiled.

"Think you can handle these guns, pal?" Gary asked.

"Guns?  Looks like pea shooters to me. Think you are tough?  Let’s go!" Torn  replied with a double biceps shot of his own, his  massive arms bulging like cannon balls ready to go off in a hot  flex off with his opponent.  Both wrestlers bounced their pecs in an attempt to intimidate the other but neither one took his eyes off the other as they flashed their muscled bodies at each other.

"One match to submission," Gary said and Torn  simply nodded his agreement. Both wrestlers began walking around the room, sizing up the other and getting ready for the  lock up.  Both muscle-heads oozed the kind of testosteroned laced conceit that only men of incredible muscularity and unbelievable good looks have.

The mighty priests  circled around each other, slowly. Father Torn raised his muscular arms inviting Gary to a test of strength. Torn and Gary stopped the circling and moved in on each other. Their big hands locked together. They locked up in a muscle grinding collar and elbow and barreled into each other. Bodies swayed up and down as they matched muscle for muscle.  Their huge biceps bulged and hardened, their heavy pecs thickened and tensed, their massive leg muscles flexed and muscled guts tensed and rippled. The two titans moved in a circular motion around the room as they muscled into each other trying to take the other down.  These muscled stallions were evenly matched and it showed. Ape-like grunts erupted from deep within each of the men as they battled out for male supremacy as each tried to force the other down on to his knees.  Both  were grunting like silver back gorillas as each tested the rock hard muscle of the man locked in his arms.

Think you are tough?  Let’s go! The two titans  muscled into
 each other 

Growls erupted from deep within each of the men as they 
battled out for male supremacy 

Both  were grunting as each tested the rock hard muscle of
the man locked in his arms

Their huge biceps bulged and hardened, their heavy pecs
thickened and tensed, their massive leg muscles flexed, and
muscled guts tensed and rippled

These muscled stallions were evenly matched and it showed

Torn suddenly shows his power by scooping the heavily muscled Gary off his feet and quickly smashing the bodybuilder  pastor's  huge back across his knee. "UUUUUMPH" is the only sound from the big muscleman, but enough to let Torn know he is on the right track.

 "What's the matter, muskelknutte? Does that hurt?" Torn shouts triumphantly as he lifts the muscleman and slams the stud's body across his knee again. Gary's handsome face reflects the damage being done to his muscular body. "Third times a charm, studderi" The big Swedish  he-man states as he demonstrates his muscle power by lifting the big bodybuilder and  holding him helpless, then  driving Gary's brawny battered back across his outstretched knee again.

"AAAARRGH" Gary gasps as his muscular body stretches back. Torn takes advantage of the worked over stud by pounding his fist into the captive hunk's rippling abdominals. Gary grunts with each powerful punch and Torn  knows the big stud is weakening. Triumphantly, Torn rolls the battered bodybuilder off his knee letting him crash face first on the ground.  As Gary tries to press up, Torn  is on his back locking on a full nelson.

Torn poured on the pressure as Gary struggled violently to muscle out of the full nelson hold. Gary's arms, lats, and traps bulged to superman size in an effort to break free from the python hold crushing his neck and head. Gary was as strong as an ox, but Torn was an awesome tower of muscle and even Gary couldn't muscle out of the hold.

The massive muscleman pulls Gary's powerful chest from the ground then begins to lean back and sit, pressing on Gary's lower back while driving his rippling stomach down. With his knees propping up the vicious full nelson, Torn sits back pressing Gary's muscled frame to the ground and is rewarded with a long agonizing groan.

"Gee, what happened to the giant muscle-man? I thought you were indestructible and you were going to use those gigantic muscles to break me down? What's the matter, He-Man? Where is all your fight now???"  Torn gives Gary some shit and tightens his grip adding more agony to the hold.  A confident Torn  knows that once he locks his massive pythons on a man, the fight is pretty much over. 

Gary strains and twists in agony but the muscleman's full nelson is inescapable and all Gary can do is hurt and weaken even more.   "AAAARRRGH!"  Gary screams.   Torn finally releases the macho stud and stands above him, smugly flexing his massive muscles in superiority.

Gary's gigantic muscles are not helping him now. Gary struggles to get to his hands and knees and his rippling muscles flex as he tries to work his way up, but as soon as he's part way up, Torn delivers a powerful kick to the midsection, flipping the muscular bodybuilder over and knocking him to the floor  on his broad back.

Dropping with his knees anchoring the Gary's shoulders to the ground, Torn flexes and puts Gary  on notice. "Now I will introduce you to my  signature move,   The Hammer of Thor!" Clasping his massive hands and flexing his powerful muscles, the Nordic musclegod,  Torn  smashes his double fisted hammer punch to the muscleman priests rock hard  upper abs. Torn is rewarded with a groan from the muscle-priest but not much more for his effort. Torn smiles, flexes again and the powerful muscleman powers the Hammer of Thor deep into Gary's rock hard gut a second time with incredible power.

 "UUUUUGH" Gary moans as the powerful punch smashes into his weakening gut, sending a geyser of air and spit exploding out of this mouth. The American muscleman Gary is being destroyed by the even stronger Nordic muscleman. 

Torn rises again and flexes his mighty muscles before delivering the Hammer of Thor for a third agonizing time to Gary's prone, muscular physique. This time Torn delivers the devastating overhead power punch to Gary's solar plexus, and the massive muscle man's arms and legs bounce off the ground as he tries desperately to breathe.

Torn  has clearly demonstrated that he has more than enough power to put the other muscle man away any time he wants.  Torn rises above his writhing foe and flexes his amazing sinewy build.   Gary is incapable of even curling up for protection and is gasping for every little wisp of breath he can get. Torn grips the massive stud's tree-trunk legs and easily wrestles the mighty padre from his back over onto his huge chest.  With one quick move, Torn locked Gary's calves under his arm pits and swung his legs out to a sitting position, locking Gary up in a  vicious Boston Crab. In a calculated move Torn  rammed his muscled ass down on Gary's  muscled ass pressuring down hard.

Gary let out a roar of pain as his face contorted with the weight of Torn's 275 lbs of muscle pushing down on his back. Torn straddles his muscular opponent's powerful body and sits back forcing the heavily muscled cleric to the ground.

Gary knows what is coming but is unable to offer any resistance. Torn locks the painful hold tighter and tighter on the 260 pound muscle man. Torn leans back and the vertebrae in Gary's back begin to go "snap, crackle and pop!

The Norse muscle god's perfectly executed Boston Crab is breaking the American muscleman's powerful back! Torn increases the pain factor by twisting the helpless  muscleman's body and grinding the big man's fortress-like chest into the floor just to show that  he can. 

"Who is the strongest man here? Who is so strong that he can kick YOUR muscle bound ass anytime he wants?  Beg the mighty Torn for mercy, Muscle Man! "  the cocksure Torn shouts to his defeated opponent. 

"AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! I give! I give!  I GIVE!" Gary screams in pain.

With his fun is over, Torn  releases his prey,  allowing the big muscleman's powerful legs to crash to the ground. 

Barely able to move, the brawny Coloradan curate can only moan and groan in agony at the feet of the victor.  Torn smiles at his handiwork.  His own two powerful hands have destroyed yet another heavily muscled bodybuilder. 

Torn places one foot on the base of Gary's neck forcing his handsome face into the carpet.  Torn stands on his fallen adversary executing victorious muscle pose after victorious muscle pose.

Torn locked Gary's calves under his arm pits and swung his
legs out to a sitting position, locking Gary up in a Boston crab

What were you saying about being able to lick me Gary,
 or did you mean fellatio?

Torn straddles  his muscular opponent's powerful body and 
sits back...

...locking the vicious Boston Crab tighter and tighter until  the
 vertebrae in Gary's back begin to go: 
'snap, crackle and pop!' 

The Norse musclegod is breaking the American muscleman's

Beg the mighty Torn for mercy,  Muscle Man!  Torn shouts to 
his defeated opponent

AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! I give! I give! I GIVE!,  Gary screams in pain

Don't fuck with me dude, or next time I'll break your back!

But you did better than most clergy I have wrestled!

You and I will have to have a rematch!

You sure you can handle a rematch, Gary?

Let me help you back to your room!

 You're one strong fucker, Father Torn.

Torn helped Gary up to his feet and  looked the other man in the eyes. Torn saw embarrassment and defeat in Gary's eyes but still a spark of manly pride. 

"Damn, Torn, you are awesome man. Unbelievable wrestler. You are one powerful stud. I want at you again." Gary says, demanding a rematch  

"I will give you your rematch, but with our asses on the line. Loser gets fucked.   After the rematch-- which I will also win-- your ass is MINE!" The self-confident Torn agreed with a stipulation. Gary's cock throbbed and he nodded affirmatively.  For the first time in his life, Gary was tempted to LOSE a match on purpose!

Torn helps and exhausted and injured  Gary back to his room.

Torn is tempted collect his "trophy" for his win, and he can see in his eyes that Gary wants him too. Not that Gary would have been able to stop Torn from taking what he wanted, anyway.  But the thrill of a rematch with both their  asses on the line is too tempting not to take.   So Torn is willing to wait to take that sweet muscular ass of Father Gary, and whispers seductively in Gary's ear: "After the rematch, I will claim my prize!"

"Only if you win...only if you win." retorted Gary


Later that night Gary tells the cowboy priest Brian about his encounter with Torn and the challenge for a "stakes" match with the Viking priest.

Gary tells Brian about his encounter with Torn

Torn kicked your ass?-- Brian repeated incredulously

That big Swede not only kicked my ass, he had me submitting
 like a bish...he almost broke my fucking back...
But  how? I know Torn is one big somabitch
  but you're the strongest man I know...
a stunned Brian asks

You know what they say man:
 no matter how big a badass you are there is always a bigger 
badass out there somewhere....

Gary and Brian make a late night visit to the sauna to aid a still sore Gary in his recovery from the beat down he took at the hands of Father Torn.    The discussion of the proposed rematch continues and Brian offers to become Gary's trainer for his stakes match with Father Torn. 

"It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep getting up. That’s how winning is done!"  Brian expounds. Not many muscle guys could impress Gary, but Brian at 6'4" and 285 was one of those guys, so Gary was inclined to listen to his training advice.

Brian offers to train Gary for the match with Torn
Brian tells Gary he will have to beef up and train hard for 
the rematch with the blond behemoth

Though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death, 
I shall fear no evil, for I am the baddest motherfuker in the
 valley ...

Throw that herring eater down, slap on a rear naked choke,
 and ass rape him...Fuck him dry asserting dominance

Gary checks out the weapons he will be bringing to the 
fight....Big cock, low bodyfat, jacked muscle, athletic as fuck,
 high testosterone, confident and can fight

...and shows those weapons to his new Coach, Brian 

Brian works on building up Gary's confidence....

Dude, you can win this... 

You've got more muscle than any I know ....

Brian as part of his training, massages the muscles of the Colorado behemoth, and tempts him with kisses, caresses, and even strokes and licks the tempting flesh of Gary, he gets himself and the grappling priest well horned up, and then breaks off, to build up the sexual frustration in Gary that will fuel his fighting spirit. After this PECULIAR form of training, Gary is sent to have cold showers. "No sex, not even with your hand! Think of Tim Tebow!" instructs Brian. But under no such strictures for himself, Brian finds another willing priest to release his arousal and prevent blue balls! Brian wants Gary so badly, and promises himself he will have the priest victory or defeat.

Gary takes to the mission too well, and goes full throttle on a complete celibacy kick that Tim Tebow would approve, and Brian no longer is allowed any more of these intimate training sessions! 

Welcome back, Gary!


The clang of iron, the grunts of exertion, the rich aroma of sweat and testosterone filled the now busy gym of the retreat.  Muscles were pumped and did loins...

Hey guys, what is going on? asked Father Torn, entering the
 gym.  Weight training for Jesus, replied Gary 

As the workout intensified, and more and more in an unwholesome fashion, Gary realized that eminent danger that he and the other priestly gym-rats faced by getting overly horned up, and decided he need to refocus the group.  He got the attention of the others, and Gary and the other muscle priests kneel in prayer:

A prayer to  St. Arnold.

Our Arnold, whose arms are heavy,
Vascular be thy veins
Nine sets of lunges, ten reps be done,
To add girth as it is to strengthen.
Give us this day our daily protein, and forgive us our fats,
As we forgive those who eat fat too.

And lead us not into over-training, nor deliver us pizzas,
For thou art the king of the dumbell, the power clean, and the steroids forever,

The holy spirit thus mixed in with the testosterone running through their veins, the priests went back to pumping iron!

Brian starts Gary on a new regimen, training Gary to take on Father Torn.

Jesus give me an assist!

The Lord is my spotter, I shall not falter in my reps...

One more set for Jesus, more set for JESUS...

Gary's well defined quads, glutes, triceps, traps and lats,
proved he was no shirker at the gym!

The other priests would often pause in their workouts to gape
 and gawk at Gary's muscles in motion!

Not just when he was lifting, but when he did cardio as well!

I could sure use some pointers on my routine, care to give me a
 tutorial in my room, after the workout?

That is the sort of fraternization that leads to trouble!

We could pray for strength to resist temptation BEFORE the
 tutorial, if that would ease your mind.

Tempting, but let us just leave the gym talk in the gym where
things won't get out of hand!

If you say big, strong, sweaty hunk of muscle...

I just went for some water, and the guys are getting frisky again!

But with all that pumped up muscle and masculine musk...
who can blame them!

There are one or two...or three or four...I wouldn't mind having
 a go with...

There was less temptation back home in Småland than in this
 contemplative and 'therapeutic' retreat!

Those muscles look knotted Gary,  I could give them a massage,
 and my hands have an almost magic touch!

Even Tim Tebow is not adverse to a massage,
when his muscles are sore!

Doesn't that feel good?

I took courses in deep tissue massage, so you can benefit from
 my skills, and I have many tactile skills...

It works better if you relax...

I could give you the full therapeutic treatment somewhere you
feel more relaxed and comfortable...

Tempting, but we discussed getting too comfortable together
out of public view..

So what you are saying is that you can't trust yourself alone
 with me, very flattering to me if you think about it...

Let us focus our attention back to our workouts...
what do you think of this pose?

Now I think you are trying to tempt ME, Father Gary....

and I can tell you Big G, it is WORKING!

Damn Gary has a Delicious Ass... I wish he would go back
 to being naughty again!

Dayum, flexing in the mirror, I am turning MYSELF on...

I am not the only one besides Gary checking him out...I think
 Jesus has left the gym and it belongs to SATAN now...

All this training activity catches the attention of Torn who begins to have more immediate designs on Gary which makes Torn's new friend, Father Brendan, rather jealous.

Forget about Gary, he is back on his celibacy kick, while I
remain flexible with my vows...

Let me take you to Valhalla, my Nordic Warrior, I am an
excellent lover! Better than that prude Gary could ever be,
I was sent here not because I had lovers, but that I made love too
well, and made the priests I seduced NERVOUS.

I heard it had something to do with your 'special induction 
ceremonies' with altar boys, said Torn
Lies, all lies, I like big boys like you... snarled Brendan

But his seductions of altar boys is  exactly what had got the serpentine Brendan sent to the rehabilitation retreat, but it was also true that Brendan didn't just like fresh meat, he also craved the big boys.  Brendan loved to seduce really big, muscular virile priests and parishioners  too!  The bishop who sent him to the retreat had bitingly noted that "he had lost more souls to temptation, than he had ever gained for the Christ!" Still the church had such a deficit of priests that they went to extraordinary lengths to redeem and rehabilitate them, hence the existence of this very retreat!

Still it had to be the worst sex addiction treatment
 facility EVER!

"I love fucking guys who are thicker and bigger than I am. Totally a control thing .... just fun to turn the tables on them and make them my bitches! Not many things hotter to me than  pounding the fuck out of some big muscle stud and hearing him whimper and moan and groan with every thrust while he eats that pillow! Yep, I love that!"  Father Brendan cooed to Father Torn, seductively. 

"Yeah, Yeah, I know we are both tops. That just makes it even hotter. So I can see the sex being very intense and lasting a good while.  But the  alpha male  will eventually win the dominate role and  makes the other a submissive alpha bitch. The sex gonna be brutal, sweaty and rough. Just thinking about it gives me a boner." Father Brendan continued.

Torn eventually  partially gave in to the relentless temptations of Father Brendan -- at least to the extent of  receiving an incredible blow job that turned into a super hot mutual sixty nine session.    Father Brendan might have been the Prince of Lies, but he was telling the truth about at least one thing, he was PHENOMENAL in bed.


"To get big you have to eat big", Brian tells Gary, as he puts Gary on a bulking diet.

Protein is key of course, but you need the energy of
 carbohydrates! Make sure much of those carbs are from
veggies to get essential nutrients!

Vitamin D is critical, it often is what separates the champions
 from the LOSERS!

Your traps have grown, but they are knotted, let me fix that!

Oh that feels good...don't stop, Brian! --Gary moaned
and You don't stop eating, Gary! Fork curls are as important
as barbell curls!
--Brian replied

On a high protein diet of 10,000 calories a day, Gary is soon hitting the scales at a whopping 280 lbs of solid muscle packed on his 6'3" frame.


Back in the gym Gary and Torn go head to head to see who can crank out the most super heavy leg presses.  The warm-up started at 1100 lbs and quickly escalated as every plate in the gym was soon used to load up the press to 2000 lbs. 

Time to limber up and show Gary how it is done!

My grandmother can top that Gary!

I am just getting warmed up!

and that, my Swedish friend is HOW IT IS DONE!

My turn!

And that is 6 more reps than you did at this weight!

Let's really load it up now.

Every 45 lbs plate in the gym was soon loaded on the leg press machine

2000 lbs on the leg press machine

Torn sustains an injury but Gary is happy to make it feel better.

Fucking cramp in my hamstring...

If I hadn't gotten a cramp in my hammie, I would have kicked 
your ass on that lift!

Yeah, Yeah, keep telling yourself that....

Gary massages Torn's leg cramp

A Deep Tissue sports massage .... Gary's strong and skillful fingers ...

...quickly relieves the pain of Torn's pulled hamstring

Jesus give me strength, my spirit is willing, but my flesh is 
weak -thought Gary as he sensually plied the muscular flesh 
of the handsome Swede making it more supple. 

After helping Torn back to his quarters and once again resisting temptations, Gary returns to the gym and gets an interesting proposition from Brian.

"Gary, back in your church, you used to promote Jesus through wrestling.  Well since you are aiming to bring all these young rogue priests back to their devotions and vows...why don't we do an exhibition match, your muscles pitted against mine?"

Now there is a suggestion that even Tm Tebow
 would approve of!

My victory will be a victory for celibacy!

The spectators were amazed and aroused by the astounding
 display of muscle

Muscles bulged and pants tented...

You still think you can overcome THESE muscles
Mountain High?!

Damn, I want Brian so bad, I feel like jumping him right here in
 the gym!
--thought Gary

How about we set stakes...winner gets to take on Torn...

Fine with me beating you will be good practice
for beating Torn!

Pretty cocky for a guy who will be screaming 'UNCLE' in a
 few minutes!

Just stating facts, Brian, I will make you my bitch!

See these quads and calves, Brian, you will feel their power
when you are caught between them in a Scissor hold!

Impressive Gary but my legs are powerful too, and these pecs 
will soon be pressing hard on that cocky face of yours!
--Brian said with a pec bounce

I will match my muscle-power against yours, any day of
 the week, Gary!

These muscles disagree with that pronouncement, Gary!

I am also a trained wrestler, Brian, so I have the strength
and the skills to beat you!

...and how well did those serve you THE LAST TIME
we grappled, Gary!

I guess I will be taking on Father Torn instead of you, Gary!
 Sorry, not sorry!

So boys, when you're dealing with a mass o'muscle like Father
Gary here, you gotta hurt him every chance you get.

While Brian is distracted by his expounding to the awed crowd, Gary brings a fist up into Brian's groin causing the cowboy pastor to break his hold.  "How is that for pain?" --chuckles Gary.   before Brian can recover, Gary employs in quick succession a leg kick to the gut, a leg sweep takedown, and an overhand right, and it was "good night Brian" as Gary, brimming with testosterone,  ended up winning the exhibition, and made Brian kiss his ass and yell out:  "I am Gary's bitch!" to the delight of the spectators.  Gary's ego swelled, and  with his battlelust fueled by this victory, he was even more eager to take on Torn!

The other priests inspired by the exhibition, the group returned to weight training with a vengeance.

Gym training had kept the Priests preoccupied for awhile, but soon the allure of bulging muscles and the aroma is just too much for the randy rectors.  They move from horny to FRISKY and...beyond...

 This was not the inspiration that Gary had been hoping to inspire.  Gary tries to bring the group AGAIN back into focus. 

"I read this awesome prayer on the Internet, totally on fleet:

Swolefather, who art in the iron temple, swole be thy frame. thy swoledom come, thy lifts be done, in the deadlift as well as in the squat rack. Give us this day our daily whey. And forgive us our cheat days, as we forgive those who swolehate. And lead us not into cardio, but deliver us from the elliptical. For thine is the swoledom, the power clean, and the glute ham raise. Forever and ever. Wheymen"

You haven't been paying attention to Tim Tebow, Gary.
 So I just might have to come down and kick your ass!

The group is reinvigorated and refocused on their training and their religious vocation.


Torn rests a few days, so as not to damage his hamstring, and then gets back into his training with a vengeance.  Torn wants to win the match and collect the sexual rewards that were sure to follow.  Sex with Brendan was great, and he was very well endowed, but he didn't have the muscular physique to compare with Gary, and all Torn could think about, even when he was having sex with Brendan, was GARY! The Colorado preacher had become his OBSESSION.

Father Torn, who in his native Sweden is a ranked Strongman Competitor, finds training works better than prayer to get his mind off of Gary.  As Father Torn explained Strongman contests to the young Priests, it’s what they see the really  big guys do on  the telly. “You know,carrying logs,  pulling trucks, loading Atlas stones, deadlifting cars.”

Log carry 

Gary spots Torn training

Torn notices Gary  watching him and begins to show off in
 order to intimidate him for the rematch as well as to tempt
him away from his renewed celibacy.

Father Torn's idol was Strongman Hafthór Björnsson. Björnsson had broken a 1,000-year-old weight lifting record to become 'The World's Strongest Viking' by lifting a  log, weighing 1,433lbs on his shoulders and carrying it for five steps during the World's Strongest Viking competition in Norway.

The plan is working as Gary is both awed and aroused!

Father Torn carries two  500 lbs logs and makes it look easy!

"Nothing but a paper weight...."

Father Torn has his sight set on taking that World's Strongest
 Viking title in Norway one day

Atlas stone carry  

I bet Gary is rock hard watching me carry this heavy rock!

Father Torn is making it look easy.....

Gary's python cock swelled so hard it was jabbing fully erect
 into the stone wall. I might have to jump into the pool to cool 
off, he thought!

Sprints for Cardio and endurance 

Torn's muscles rippled as he ran, driving Gary into paroxysms
 of febrile lust and desires!

You can't blame Gary, even Tim Tebow would pop a massive
 boner watching this magnificent specimen of muscled

Jesus, I want me some of THAT, Gary you must
be strong for both our sakes!

Gary spots Torn training, and Torn was not the only one obsessed, Gary watching those Swedish muscles in motion, was thoroughly smitten.  It didn't help that his "trainer" Brian insisted that he refrain from  SEX or Masturbation Before a Fight.  According to Brian, this helps you stay focused and be more aggressive for a fight.   Personally, Gary felt that the whole no sex before a fight thing is an old myth and urban legend  and in reality it won't make that much of an effect either way on performance.  But Gary had promised Brian that he would put himself in Brian's hands completely when Brian became his fight mentor  and training coach.

I must concentrate on Matthew 6:13!

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil...

As Gary watches Torn, he remembers that old saying....

Somewhere he is out there training while I'm not.
 One day when we meet, he will win.

But I guess I could watch a little longer, to assess his level of
 athletic prowess, help me devise workout strategies to counter
his this is very informational...

That is my story and I am sticking to it!

If only my throbbing boner didn't make a liar out of me!
No harm I guess in a FEW strokes, right Tim? Tim?
Well I guess he is fapping too!

Torn spotted Gary watching him and forgot ALL about his time with Brendan, and knew that it was Gary he craved.  He HAD to have him. Whatever had he EVER seen in that low life Brendan, that man was the devil...but Gary...Gary was a glorious angel...and he PINED for him, and like the menfolk of Sodom, wanted to know that Angel biblically... and know him again... "and again...and again..." --Torn mused as his cock throbbed. He ended his workout and approached Gary, and as they locked eyes, both knew the attraction was fierce and mutual.  The big question is whether they could even wait until after the rematch! 


Torn shrugged and repeated his pledge: "I can be patient, but after the rematch, that hot  ass of yours is mine. 
It is only a few days away, and the anticipation will make the consummation all the hotter."

Gary wanted to retort with confidence of victory, but the thought of the hunky Torn plowing his ass, seemed rather tempting, and he remained outwardly silent, while an internal conflict, personified as Satan vs. Tebow, raged within his horned up brain! 

The internal debate between Sex and Celibacy in Gary's head
 seemed to be going Satan's way...

But then Gary suffered pangs of guilt, personified as Tim Tebow in his head.


Gary imagining the disapproval of  Tim Tebow, left to take a cold shower, but the rat-fink Brendan saw Gary leaving later and was furious with jealousy and a sense of betrayal, he reported Gary to the Dean... well he did so AFTER he slipped in and had sex with the horned up Torn.

Torn enjoys Brendan's American hot dog!
And Brendan enjoyed some succulent Swedish sausage!

I wanted Gary's big muscular ass, but Brendan's hole will just
 HAVE to do for tonight!
--thought Torn

Continued in Part Two: Aversion Therapy!

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