Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Vignette: Black Cocks Matter


Being black, Jamal frequently gets stopped while “driving while Black”, “walking while Black”, “standing while Black”, etc.  For most black men—this is a constant source of annoyance, frustration, sometimes even danger.   But for Jamal it means he gets to fuck a lot of cops….I mean a LOT OF COPS.  It happens so often, that he refers to cops as the TO PROTECT AND SERVICE.  The more racist the cop is, the more he enjoys it when the copper is down on his knees gobbling up his big black donger, or has his pants down around his ankles, taking the ebony battering ram up the ass.  He loves how even the most racist of them are tweeting him like mad later smitten and begging for more of the Jamal.  Some have even offered to leave their wives and children for him…at which point he blocks their number.   He has a collection of photos of the cops he has slept with—he calls them his “mug shots”.

His preference is for the muscular and handsome ones—the more macho the better--and he loves putting their own cuffs on them.  He has played with over 150 cops in US and Canada.  He says that the middle age muscle daddy cops are usually better fucks than the young cops.  I figure his sample size is large enough to make that determination.   He tells me that even the most hard-ass douches of em, have a soft, sweet vulnerable side that comes pouring out under the influence of swallowing Jamal’s semen.  Turns bulldogs into pussycats…

  “Don’t even get me started about the firemen.” He added.  “I have fucked so many First Responders of all types that I have given the term a whole new connotation.”  

The strong arm of the law, bends to Jamal


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Vignette: Legend

 I head out to this party last night. Wife beater, Jeans, Aviator Glasses, and my gallon jug of water. I take a spot on the couch, staring at the Sports Center on the boob box and slugging my H2O. Chick approaches me to talk, and the following ensues:

Her: “You want a beer or something?

Me: [Condescending Sneer]

Her: Alright fine you don’t have to be a dick about it.

I was acting ALPHA, but came on a bit too strong, so as she was walking away I said "Yeah, well, I actually drink this because I'm really into bodybuilding and I'm trying to get super cut up".

 …and she's like: "Yeah i can tell you have a really good body". I start rubbing my abs and saying how hard I worked them today, and she asks if she can have a peek.  At this point, I start speaking louder. "My ABS... you want to see MY ABS? I don’t know if I can SHOW MY ABS in the MIDDLE OF THIS PARTY".  Bish is drooling like Pavlov’s dog at this point.  Damn I think the bish was picking out bridal dresses in her head.

However her fantasizes are moot at this point as all other chicks in the vicinity had flocked over to as I lifted up my beater and revealed those six prize ripples.  I was collecting phone numbers by the score.

Then some 5'10" 150 lb. soaking wet, 13 inch bicep, pretty boy shows up.

Pretty Boy: [lifting up shirt] “What, you think you're special? You're nothing!
[I will concede he had a decent six pack but no real muscle, I call them SKINNY PACKS]

I take a big slug of my water jug and plot my next move. I ripped off my beater and hit the crowd with a lat flare. Excited Shrieks and cries of "Oh my god, they look like WINGS!" ripped through the party.  Pretty boy then proceeds to show his abs again (what else is he gonna do; flash his 13" water pistols?)


I look at him, take another slug of water and say "Game over." With a side tri and back double that will be talked about for ages, I got a standing ovation from the crowd.  Ladies flocked to feel up my ripped body as pretty boy stood there. All I could do was laugh.

Then he made some crack about me being “Just a fucking juicer.”  As if that somehow explained the disparity in our sizes and not the difference in genetics and time spent in the gym.  I had been pretty tolerant of his impudence up to this point, but one does not disrespect Mule.  I had five point to make about why he is was in error, and I made them.

I think his nose was FLATTENED and he may have swallowed a few teeth, but all I can for sure say is he wasn’t looking quite as pretty when he was lying unconscious on the floor.   I snapped my fingers at some jock sniffers, and they hauled the carcass away.  Mess cleaned, I lost interest in him and turned back to the sloots now driven mad by both my body and my demonstration of physical dominance.

So at this point I knew I had my pick of any girl at the party. I approached a sexy brunette and invite her to the upstairs bathroom with me, so I could "Show her my biggest muscle". 10 seconds after closing the door she was slobbering my knob. As I finished, I opened the door and there was a line of hot bishes.  They weren’t waiting to use the can, but were waiting to use me.  I selected a trio of primes, and they are all over me with slobbering kisses and tongues.

Having been partied out, I walked straight out the front door, jacket over one arm and gallon of water in the other. The sexy brunette ran for the intercept. "Call me!" she screams as I strut through the door.   As I pile into my car., I give an over the shoulder. "We'll see" Keeping it alpha, letting her know she's nothing special to me and speed off into the night, a legend.

Fucking LOL

Thursday, October 1, 2015




Once upon a time...between the stories Mule and Tyrone and The Strength Contest, Mule had his own little HOLY WAR with Muslims and this EPIC CLASH OF CULTURES happened like this....


One Saturday, I head to Delgado's, the closest thing to a hard core boxing gym in Denver.  Like all boxing gyms these days, it’s gone more MMA than pure boxing.  That’s fine by me, although I love me a boxing workout (heavy bag, speed bag, mitt work, shadow boxing) for cardio; I also enjoy rolling and sparring sometimes.

As usual, I see the Sözen brothers, Tamerlan and Coşkun, a couple of Turkish dudes that think they are hard.  Neither one seems to rock a job, so not sure what they do for money.  Must be family bucks, 'cause they live large, party hard, dress like Ottoman pimps: gold chains, Gucci linen and Dolce & Gabbana shirts, Rolex watches, with Mercedes AMG rides.  Coşkun, the younger brother is clearly the more westernized of the two brothers: a college hunk with barely a trace of an accent but swarthy good looks and a ripped body.   This, combined with what seems endless cash, makes Coşkun quite a pussy-hound with the American college girls.


By all accounts, and from what I have seen, Tamerlan, the older brother, is the best amateur pure heavy weight boxer around Denver.  He has been training at the Olympic center and has a good shot at competing for Turkey at the next Olympics in boxing.   Not that even a world class boxer has much of a chance against a wrestler or in a street-fight.  Only chance a boxer has against a wrestler is one punch when the wrestler is coming in, because once the boxer is off his feet he is toast.

Even though I am clearly the strongest fighter in the gym, I have never sparred with Tamerlan.  Frankly, I don't like the way he smells.   In two years the dude has never taken a shower after working out.   He is oily as fuck, like one of those Turkish oil wrestlers.  In fact I would often see him in the steam room with his brother, wearing some gauze diaper looking thing and rubbing olive oil on his built like a brick shit house self and scrapping it off with what looks like a butter knife.  I asked Coşkun WTF is up with that, he just says "It's a cultural thing...


So on this particular Saturday, Tamerlan comes up to me while I am wrapping my hands and says, in his thick accent, "Mule, today you must wear a shirt while you are here..."

I am like "Wut?” Because the words: you must, are not in the Mule vocabulary.

I see Coşkun rolling his eyes behind Tamerlan as Tamerlan goes on to say: "My sister Semanur will be coming today to watch me working out.  It would not be proper for here to see naked male chest of a non- family member.  You need to wear a shirt and some shorts that don't show your cock and balls like those do."

I'm like, “Well that’s nice to know but fuck that shit, I wear what I want, or in this case don’t wear it, and so tell her welcome to America and I hope she enjoys the view...”

But on reflection, I decided I didn’t want to be a total asshole, so I threw on a black wifebeater and my “good” black gym shorts over my sprawl shorts, and proceeded to go about my business.

About fifteen minutes later, Tamerlan re-emerged from the locker room in a pair of boxing trunks that were worn and beaten. There was a dark-shadow of stubble and beard that touched along the edge of his handsome countenance that trailed down lightly over his neck and to the hair that coated his thick, broad chest. His eyes closed slightly as he ran his fingers through the soft, dark fur there, making the sinew that rested beneath the strained, bronzed flesh ripple like a god. His was a frame that was not unlike the bodybuilders that frequented the gym, but unlike theirs his was wrought in the forge of a boxing ring … his was muscle that had purpose.


He pulled a tight white t-shirt emblazoned with SUPER TURK over his thickly muscled barrel chest, as I was gawking mouth agape at  Tamerlan, Coşkun pulled me aside, and with Tamerlan standing nearby hitting the heavy bag.

muscle that had purpose

The young Turk introduced Mule to his sister, who looked about 20, all dolled up like a bee-keeper in a hijab and a long old-timey length silk dress that clung delectably to her curves.


After Coşkun introduced Mule to his sister Semanur: Mule’s green eyes locked with those of the dark-eyed hijabed beauty, the instant attraction between the two was so electric, that Coşkun feeling his hair start to frizz from the static charge, attempted to maneuver himself to cock block.  Coşkun like his brother Tamerlan had a pungent stench of oily sweat and over-applied cologne, which overcame the more agreeable aromas of Semanur. Unlike her malodorous brothers, Semanur smelled of a pleasant blend of Jasmine and Noxzema, her breath smelled of wintergreen and her smoldering dark eyes hinted at secret long repressed passions.  Mule felt his donger salute the Turkish princess and he knew he had to slip his oversized cock in her slipper and see if it fit.

Coşkun eager to knock Mule down a peg or two in front of his obviously infatuated sister, began bragging about how Tamerlan had easily taken down everyone at the gym, except for Mule, who had been ‘too chickenshit’ to spar with him. "What you are looking at is an all-American korkak or “yeller pussy” as they say here."

That was too much for Mule, who never backed down from a challenge and lacked a trace of cowardice in his entire 6’3” body.  “That is total bullshit, I’ll take on that brother of yours, any time, or any place, but it will be Mule rule’s brawling no pussified Olympic rules pugilism.
I’ll take that challenge”, interjected Tamerlan in his deep, thickly accented voice.

I’ll take that challenge”, interjected Tamerlan
Name a place and time, sweet cheeks!” retorted Mule.

No time like the present, blondie”, noted Tamerlan

As he was want to do when challenged to a fight, Mule pulled off his shirt, cracked his neck and flexed his muscles.When Mule removed his shirt displaying a mass of twisted sinew in plateau like pecs, bolder deltoids, bulging biceps and triceps, triumphant traps, wing-like lats, cobblestone abs and sequoia quads; Semanur’s brain was flooded with dopamine, a neurotransmitter stimulating pleasure, arousal, desire and attraction. She was helpless against the chemistry of chaos overtaking her. She only could think of Mule, she ached for Mule, she pined for Mule, her other physical needs became subordinate to her hunger, thirst, and respiratory need for Mule. She was possessed by Mule.

Tamerlan who had donned a tee in deference to his sister, now took off his own sweat soaked shirt and joined  Mule in  stripping down to the waist.  Tamerlan revealed a hairy muscular torso glistening with an oily sweat that made him look like one of those oiled up Turkish wrestlers. His thick abdominals and pecs bulged through the layer of hair that covered Tamerlan's muscle ladened body. A confused Semanur grew faint from the additional dopamine that flowed at the sight of her oldest brother's hyper masculine naked torso.  It was a toss up as to which of the males was sexier, the Mule or Tamerlan. It was over whelming to the sheltered Semanur.  Mule's nostrils twitched as wafts of Tamerlan's potent masculine scent reached his olfactories.  It was both discordant and yet also arousing.  He could feel the competition.  Tamerlan was definitely a swarthy hunk and a challenge as a combatant.

Tamerlan was  a swarthy hunk and a challenge as a combatant.

As Coşkun studied Mule to figure out what was capturing his sister’s imagination and interest, he began to see Mule in a whole different light, it was not merely a growing hostility, but an even greater appreciation of his physical charms.  Coşkun  had always harbored a bit of a bromantic crush on the bigger and stronger blond, but now it blossomed into a physical hunger that alarmed him, and made him hate Mule all the more for making him mentally into his ibne*  (*passive male homosexual partner).  Coşkun cursed under his breath: “Kaşar!*” (*Fuck this) Making Semanur look briefly at him with a quizzical look, before her eyes settled back on Mule.

Göt lalesi*” (*asshole) --thought Coşkun as he attempted to wipe his lascivious thoughts for Mule from his mind. All the suitable Turkish men, his family had introduced to Semanur, had thought her a fistik* (* A very attractive young woman) but she had been indifferent to all of them.  "Now she hungered after Mule’s big thick hiyar like a $20 crack orospu!  This could bring undying shame to the family, they would all be dishonored. Mule must NEVER encounter his sister again!  That was for certain."

Mule's solid 6'3 frame, packed with 260 pounds of powerful muscle, sauntered to the swinging sand bag and began to work it over with his wrapped knuckles. A tap upon his shoulder garnered his attention and he hugged the bag before turning to address the two men who had accosted him.

"Mule, so you want to go a round in the ring…?" Tamerlan said in his thick Turkish accent.  The way he put it, made it seem like a sportsman like challenge, but the cocky look in his eyes said otherwise.

"You're not man enough to take me on." The Mule cockily drew both of his thick arms up and over his head in a double bicep pose. The veins strained against his fair flesh and he bounced, and pumped them firmly. Those guns must have been 21" big, and became cut with the strain of his arms.  The blond warrior’s impressive and formidable physique reflected within the mirrors that encircled the walls of the weight room, and Mule appreciatively took himself in.  His massive, thick biceps straining with surgical cuts that outlined the delineation of his  deltoids and lats. His hand lightly ran over a curved, slab-like pec and down over the corrugated surface of firm washboard abs.  His hand lightly trailing his fingernails over his rock solid eight pack.

The big Turk's jaw tightened visibly as he simply stalked away and into the ring. He nodded to his brother as he hopped into the ring. Tamerlan hopped from side to side in eager anticipation. He curled his fingers slightly to invite Mule into the ring with another nod of his head.  He tugged on his crotch and motioned Mule into the ring with his fingers.

Broad-shouldered but narrow-waisted, powerful but graceful, Tamerlan's straight and strong figure was iron-muscled as the best of the ancient Roman gladiators must have been muscled. Long and muscled, it told at a glance a wondrous combination of enormous strength with suppleness and speed. The strongly sinewed legs that had the definition of fine bronze sculpture, the laddered fur covered abdominals that flowed seamlessly into his groin, the massive pecs and big arms, the handsome head upon those broad shoulders. The strong jaw was slightly bearded, and the rippling surfaces of his massive chest was covered in dark black hair.

Mule was essentially by nature a hard core red-blooded American heterosexual with a certain sexual fluidity in the presence of superior male physical specimens: mountains of muscles and good looks, this perhaps a reflection of a certain narcissism for he did enjoy admiring and getting off on his own reflection.  Your typical gymrat could not stir him from his normal predilections, but a muscular alpha male, especially when he was horned up in the hormonal rush of combat could send the needle of his gayometer twitching off its normal Kinsey factory settings. Tamerlan was just sort of the man to do this.

But not at the moment. Mule had been consumed with  bromantic admiration for the handsome physical specimen that was Tamerlan on many an encounter at the gym, but that was until he got a gander of Semanur, and his primal carnal appetites were immediately transferred wholesale to the exotic femme fatal. Even with the macho and  muscled Tamerlan before him, he could think only of Semanur and fighting to impress her…and possess her.

"Let's go boy…"  Mule wiped his nose before curling that huge bicep, bouncing it and pointing to it with a finger. "See this? This is what's going to take you down asshole." With that he moved forward. Feet shuffled as they both wove and danced, each throwing light jabs that were ineffective. "Come on boy, this all you got?" Tamerlan provoked him between light jabs.

 Mule wasn't daunted however, and he put his guard up, letting the blows hit the brick wall of his abs and chest before feigning a hook and then throwing a bare knuckled upper cut that knocked the Turkish stud clear into the ropes. A smile touched his hard jaw as he moved after him. A hard hook greeted the Turk  and he stumbled back in surprise, and shook his head lightly with a deep growl that sent his thick musculature bristling. The Mule was more skilled than he had given him credit for.

Tamerlan quickly moved away from the ropes, certain that he didn't want to be caught there when the American stud made his next move. Tamerlan threw a few hard blows that wrangled the larger man toward the ropes before he went full at it and sent his fists flying hard. Mule got clipped in the jaw and stumbled backward, the rest of the blows compacting those thick, chiseled pecs and impenetrable abs. 

The tough Turkish stud managed a grin as he pulled back for a hook that would be sure to send the Norse god sprawling, but instead he found himself falling backward with a cry of amazement from a Mule punch he never saw coming.

Mule squared his thick shoulders as he moved forward to where the dazed stud lay. "Get up…" He commanded, his hand straying over his ridged abdominals in a soft, taunting caress. Tamerlan warily rose with a sneer and launched full back into the fray.

The next blow that came was blocked with Mule's forearm, breaking the boxing mold as he pivoted upon a foot and grabbed the wrist of that arm and wrenched it hard behind his back and forced Tamerlan to a knee. The dark haired stud cried out in pain as his muscled arm was winged behind him. Mule held Tamerlan there for a moment before he forced him completely down to the ground. His other arm wrapped beneath his free arm and Tamerlan was hauled to his feet in a full nelson.

Tamerlan cried out in frustration as the Mule pulled him around like a ragdoll. "Where's that muscle now stud…?" Mule whispered into his ear and he cranked his arms, making Tamerlan dance upon his tiptoes.

Coşkun watched in amazement as the Mule dominated his older brother.  He had never suspected that Mule could handle his muscle bear of a brother so easily or so dominantly and he reached down into his own shorts to rub himself as his eyes trailed over the two huge muscle men going at it. His brother Tamerlan strained, and the definition of his abdominals and pecs were so clear that they could easily be discerned from beneath the layer of fur that covered Tamerlan's beefy body.  Coşkun’s cock stiffened incestuously at the sight.

Semanur was exultant as she watched the two titans battle for dominance.  Mule was like not like any other beyaz adam* (*white guy) she had ever met. Meeting Mule was so Film gibiydi* (*like a film) it was like the movie Thor, where a handsome blond muscular hunk had dropped into her sheltered world and changed everything. She had gone from a demure young lady to become abazan* (*hungrily horny) for sexual experience with this Mule, eager to unleash the power of his
ejderha* (* penis).  She had never felt this way about a man before other than those in movies, magazines, etc., but not in real life, and never with such intensity.

Semanur was amazed. She had never witnessed anything this erotic. Her tits were hard and her pussy was wet. She was getting off on this. She was getting off watching Mule’s muscular body move and inflict major damage on her sexy brother; getting turned on by the violence, by watching Tamerlan’ tanned, muscular sweaty physique twist and turn while receiving  crushing blows to his  face and body. It was an amazing display of domination and athleticism

Mule let Tamerlan fall to the ground, winded and a tired, but still very full of anger and vitality, he could not believe that this American dog could dominate his well-trained muscles. He dodged to his feet suddenly and launched his thick body into the Mule and speared him to the mat. Shoulders and biceps strained against one another as they rolled, and Mule came up easily on top, once again showing his superior strength. His fair features were almost joyful as he pounded Tamerlan in the jaw with two solid blows that he would definitely be feeling later. His struggling diminished as his head snapped backward. Mule reached down  and dragged Tamerlan up to his feet and into the ropes. 
The action was taking its toll on Tamerlan and his cobra sized Turkish cock was beginning to stir and uncoil in his trunks. "Mmmm… all this fucking hot muscle for show, Tamerlan? You're such a little pussy… weak as hell…" Mule whispered.

 Coşkun could tell his brother was freaking out because the wild blows that he started throwing were nowhere near Mule, save for one that clipped the big blonde's jaw. Semanur, who knew little about combat, was fixated on the massive erections and rippling, straining muscles of  the sexy men: her ruggedly handsome macho brother Tamerian and of the handsome American Mule.  Coşkun watched in utter amazement at the arrogant display of strength that the Norse god was putting on. Mule had reached down and lifted the struggling, kicking Turkish stud by his crotch and shoulder and hoisted him up into the air and then down in a slam that made the whole ring shake.

Mule rose slowly from the shivering, trembling body of Tamerlan with a smirk.  Mule grabbed Tamerlan by his ears and yanked him from behind up and onto his knees. "What's the matter pig fucker...?”  The sweeping curves of Mule's huge biceps went around Tamerlan's thick neck from behind and into a tight headlock.
Mule wrenched Tamerlan up and onto his feet, parading him around the ring with his face buried in Mule's sweaty, musky arm pit. Tamerlan's fingers were upon that ripped forearm, trying to pry it loose as he stumbled drunkenly around the ring with Mule.

Mule finally let him go and Tamerlan collapsed against the ropes, panting and heaving from asphyxiation. "Now… say I'm a little pussy bitch….. Loud enough for your brother and sister to hear it...."

Mule's fist slammed into Tamerlan’s abs as he lay against the ropes, literally being held up by them. His body bounced back slightly as the strong blond jock began to work over the strongman's rock hard washboard with precise, hard jabs.  Tamerlan's  armored abs were his pride and joy, and he sometimes had his brother hit him with baseball bats among other things to test the strength of them. The crazy strength of this blond muscle jock had those same rock hard abs aching and almost breaking.

Humiliated and desperate Tamerlan held his hand's up. "Okay… okay… I'm a little pussy bitch…" Tamerlan groaned in his thick accent. Coşkun’s eyes opened in surprise at the admission. They weren't unevenly matched, but the blond jock just manhandled his hard muscled bother, the Olympic hopeful boxer, like he was nothing.  There was blood on Tamerlan's formerly "indestructible" abs from Mule's bleeding knuckles.  

Mule let Tamerlan sag to against the ropes as he turned to Semanur, sauntering to the opposite side of the ring to grin down at her. He slowly and cockily curled his huge arms over his head. "See this cup cake..? This is what real muscle is about… real fucking power…." He ‘jock shifted’ his sizable cock in his sprawl shorts,  twitched his pecs and casually pulled on his own bullet of a nipple as his chest swelled with masculine pride.
Coşkun hurriedly escorted his sister out of the gym. On the way he gave Semanur a stern lecture on the proper deportment of a well-brought up Turkish woman, and the honor of her family.  “You are the jewel of our household, not some Nataşa*!(*whore)

But this was the Mule, Semanur was hankerin’ for and she wouldn’t be long deterred.  The next Friday evening, when she knew that Coşkun and Tamerlan were going to be in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center for the weekend, she “casually” dropped by the gym pretending to be looking for her brothers, but was actually scouting about for the Mule.  As luck would happen, he had to work out of the Denver office that day, and was working out releasing the stress of a particularly frustrating day.  They got to talking, and Semanur turned out to be a charming, erudite and sophisticated woman, who was going to University of Colorado in Boulder. Where save the summers, she was mostly free of her family’s influence and restrictions.  She was not like the slots Mule typically fucked, and while he was completely under her spell, Mule knew there was no long -term future in this association.

Still the next thing Mule knew he was driving her around in his Jeep, buying her flowers and taking her out to dinner on his dime.  He knew he must really be smitten, because this was abnormal Mule behavior, but Semanur basically was leading him around by his dick all night, until they wound up in her aunt’s house in the northern Denver suburbs.  Her aunt was away in Turkey for six months, and while school was on break, Semanur was looking after the place for her.

After they entered the apartment avoiding encountering any neighbors, with just the two of them alone away from prying eyes, she finally removed her hijab, she revealed a head of luxuriant long black hair, which unlike many of her female relatives was absent from her upper lip, which required no bleaching or plucking.


Mule was no seducer, he had no honeyed words for Semanur, but what he had was an enticing smile, an alluring muscle paced physique, and a captivating virile musk of androgens, pheromones, Axe body spray and masculine perspiration that combined to make the vaginas of women he encountered lubricated for action, and feminine brains receptive to nearly any sexual suggestion.

In no time, they were on the couch kissing and heavily petting, the popcorn knocked over and spilled on the carpet, the chick flick on the Netflix unwatched.

When he explored the contours of her body, his big powerful hands were surprisingly gentle, and his touch gentle and sensuous despite his big fingers, this came to a delight to Semanur and a surprise to Mule whose technique normally centered about ham-handed groping.

It wasn’t long before he swept her up in his big muscular arms, and carried her into the bedroom.
Mule started to undress, but Semanur stopped him, and sensually undressed him, covering each bit of newly exposed flesh with gentle kisses and caresses. Mule returned the favor, gently disrobing Semanur, the first time since a baby that a man, even a relative, had seen her naked.

One thing Mule knew how to make effective use of, was his big broad moist bovine tongue.  He applied it liberally to Semanur's body, laying claim to it with big drooly streaks, like a ...little kid lays claim over candy with his tongue.

Mule rarely did much in the way of foreplay, but this was an exception, Mule instinctively knew that to claim the pearl of her treasured virginity, he had to woo this woman, and so uncharacteristically he was patient and gentle, easing into the destined deflowering step by step.

Finally when it was clear, winds and seas were all fair, and it was clear sailing as far as the eye could see, so Mule went full steam ahead.

His tongue pressed against her fo’castle and his large cannon pressed against her gun deck, Mule moved to penetrate both sets of Semanur’s lips, both of which parted readily and receptively to receive her captain and commander.

When her hymen was punctured, it was as if 1000 years of sexual repression's iron curtain was torn away as virtue gave way to a tumult of desire and libido. “I’m going to drop a load of semen-in-your [pussy] Semanur”, he punned, and the Turkish woman groaned, but not, not at his lame joke. All during their “date”, making out, and foreplay, Semanur had referred to him as THOR rather than Mule, and that was what she called out in the throes of their steamy lovemaking.

After they had passionate unfettered sex, and Mule and Semanur were resting for the next bout, she cooed in the big blonde’s ear.  “I am glad it was you….

Semanur prepared a snack for Mule consisting of a sammitch made with pita bread and some baklava.

Mule's fingers were still sticky with the baklava as he began to finger her pussy warming her up for another go.   “Oh, Thor…” she said tingling all over. Mule had to admit the second go was even better than the first.

This sexual sporting extended first into Saturday and much of Sunday.  One thing that surprised Mule was that Semanur was both enthusiastic and quite adept at sucking his dick.  This was not what he expected from a sheltered virginal woman like Semanur so he inquired about it.

“I saw this YouTube video by this old Jewish woman called Dr. Ruth…” she confessed, “and I practiced with a banana, but you are so, so much larger than a banana.”

“I get that A LOT!” replied Mule.”

Sunday, at about 4 p.m., Mule and Semanur were making the beast with two backs for the last time before Mule had to leave when they were interrupted in flagrante delicto by Semanur’s cousin Asiye, who stopped by unannounced to look for a book and heard noises from the bedroom.  When she opened the door and saw Mule and Semanur humping away, she let out a scream and fled.  Mule and Semanur both quickly dressed afterwards and left themselves without a word passing between them.

By the next day Semanur was nowhere to be found.  Coşkun approached Mule to explain the situation.  Because of her deflowering, their religion of peace called for Semanur to be stoned. 
What did you EXPECT, when you made my beloved sister an açık kapı*” (*an open door, i.e. no longer a virgin)

To avoid this punishment, Semanur's mother and sisters had spirited her out of the country.  But there was still the question as to how Mule was to pay for his affront to the Sözen family honor.  In Turkey they would have insisted on his beheading or at least his castration, but such are frowned upon in this country.  So the family had decided to have Semanur's oldest brother, Tamerlan, challenge the infidel to trial by combat.  Should Tamerlan prove unsuccessful in defeating and humiliating the Mule, then her great Uncle Kagan will step in to do the avenging:  "Dude, you don't want that." Coskun continued, " Uncle Kagan Sözen was a legendary bad ass back in Turkey.  A nearly mythical crime kingpin who was involved in drugs, murder, and possibly international terrorism.  He was already planning on car bombing your ass when my pops came up with the alternative of letting Tamerlan kick the shit out of you instead.  The only thing is, you got to lose dude.....not only lose but take a beatdown.

Uncle Kagan

Fast forward one week to a late night after-hours clandestine assembly at the boxing ring...
Tamerlan pointed to the dozen or so assembled Turkish men.  His Great Uncle Kagan, the family patriarch, his father, his brother Coşkun, and a few cousins and Uncles were there to witness the family honor redeemed.  Some had argued for Mule to be killed, but the family being in America and subject to their laws, decided for prudence and settled for a beatdown.

Tamerlan  was grinning and oozing confidence despite his earlier loss to Mule.   Unknown to Mule, but as he was soon to find out, the boxer Tamerlan had been taking intensive wrestling training from Uncle Kagan in preparation for this fight.  And as Mule would learn,  Uncle Kagan was a great and skilled teacher and Tamerlan was an apt pupil.  

They are here to see you get a drubbing”, Tamerlan said to Mule in a whisper.  “Make it look good, though or honor will not be satisfied.

"You asshole," Tamerlan sneered loud enough for the assembly to hear. "I'm going to fuck you up. Get in the ring."

"Get in the ring!"

Mule wondered if he could really throw this fight.  Once the testosterone kicked in, so basically did his instincts, and he wasn’t sure whether his rational brain would still be able to function.   This was all the more the case because he knew he had a fight on his hands with Tamerlan, the guy was no slouch. 

His eyes locked with those of Tamerlan who, still grinning, quickly kicked off his boots revealing bare feet. Mule placed his workout gloves to his mouth, one after the other. Locking his teeth to the black leather, he drew his hands out. Tamerlan unbuttoned his jeans and slowly pulled them down, revealing his sturdy powerfully muscled legs which had a covering of dark hair. He now stood there, clad only in his plain white y-front BVD's. Mule likewise kicked off his own boots and jeans, so he was now also clad only in plain white   BVD's.

the  muscular men slowly began moving  towards the gym's boxing ring

Still facing each other and eyes locked, the two muscular men slowly began moving sideways towards the gym's boxing ring. Tamerlan was tough, though, and Mule did not underestimate the macho Muslim's ability and resolve to administer a world class beatdown.

The two fighters ducked under the ropes and emerged on either side of the ring. Tamerlan raised his fists, snarled as he began to slowly move forward. Mule did the same.

As the two men drew closer, Mule launched a right fist, but the distance was too great for a heavy impact and the fist bounced off Tamerlan's tensed abdominals with a slap.

"Don't think so, infidel!" Tamerlan spat out, drawing back his right fist, but before he could attack, Mule swiveled back on his left leg, his right foot shooting upwards solidly clipping Tamerlan's chin.

Tamerlan's head snapped upwards with the blow and he staggered back two steps, his eyes widened and blinking at Mule.

"I do think so, motherfucker!" shouted Mule as he threw his weight behind his right fist, brutally smashing it into Tamerlan's left eye.

The violence of the blow knocked the man backwards off his feet and sent him crashing down to the canvas floor on his back. Tamerlan let out a yelp and cupped the eye with both hands as he struggled to breathe through clenched teeth. The first knock down of the fight went to Mule!

As Mule moved forward, fists raised, Tamerlan looked up and, tensing stomach and chest muscles, began to lift his upper torso up from the canvas. A quick kick to his chest by Mule knocked Tamerlan back to the floor. Instantly Mule dropped to his knees, straddling Tamerlan's stomach and chest and grabbing his foe's neck with both hands in a choke hold.

Tamerlan's hands snapped around Mule's neck. The two fighters grunted in deadly effort as chest and arm muscles strained in a mutual death grip, Mule's sweat dripping down on Tamerlan's downed form.

Suddenly, Tamerlan drew his right hand back from Mule's neck and, on the verge of losing consciousness, smashed it into his left eye.

Mule grunted in pain and shook his head. Tamerlan now removed his left hand from Mule's throat and began smashing his fist into Mule's right pec, the muscle quivering with each blow as Tamerlan now dug the fingers of his right hand into the upper part of Mule's hardened left pec.

Tensing the glistening muscles in his right arm, Tamerlan slowly dug his fingers into Mule's quivering left pec as the Mule roared in pain. Mule kept his crushing grip on Tamerlan's throat despite the agony as drops of blood from his red and swollen left eye began to drip onto Tamerlan's chest.

Tamerlan's left hand now locked on Mule's right pec and began twisting savagely back and forth. Mule raised his head and howled in pain. As he drew it down again, Tamerlan drew his left arm across his chest, then sent his bent left elbow smashing solidly into the Mule's left eye.

The bodybuilder yelped in pain and rolled off Tamerlan to his right, landing on his knees, one hand cupping his eye and the other massaging his right pec.

Tamerlan again tensed his torso, muscled in an effort to rise up, but a clumsy punch to his nose by Mule again pushed him back. Tamerlan then rolled to his right and leapt up to a crouching position.

Mule swiveled to face his foe and raised his fists in time to see Tamerlan leaping at him in a tackle. Before the glistening bodies could collide, Mule blindly swung his left fist in an arc, crashing hard into the side of Tamerlan's nose, snapping the Muslim fighter's head to the left, his body crashing limply into Mule who was knocked from a squatting position onto his muscled ass, his back straining against the ring's ropes.

With a trickle of blood dripping from his right nostril, Tamerlan raised his head to see Mule's ripped abs only two feet in front of him, his right shoulder resting on Mule's knee. Tamerlan instantly pulled back his fists and sent one punch to Mule's six pack and another to his bleeding left eye, opening a massive cut. Blood gushed out and Mule screamed hoarsely as he stumbled to his feet, covering the left side of his damaged face with one hand.

As Mule stood upright Tamerlan swiveled into a sitting position facing him. But before Tamerlan could stand, Mule drew his right foot far back and drop-kicked Tamerlan in the chest, smashing him flat backwards onto the canvas and sending him sliding five feet back toward the edge of the ring. The friction pulled Tamerlan's BVD's down below the two hardened mounds of his ass cheeks and his enormous yet still thickening  cock and low-hanging balls.

Tamerlan drew his knees to his chest and a strangled gasp escaped his lips as he struggled for air. Mule, fists raised, cautiously approached his downed foe. Tamerlan's eyes were staring blankly at the ceiling as his bruised chest heaved in a struggle for air.

Mule now slowly lifted his right foot and positioned it above Tamerlan's manhood. Mule quickly raised his foot higher preparing to stomp Tamerlan's testicles when the dark fighter launched his right foot forward, crashing it into Mule's left knee cap.

The surprised Mule let out a yelp as his left leg twisted and folded beneath him, sending him crashing painfully to his knees. Tamerlan instantly launched his left foot forward, crashing his heel into Mule's nose, snapping his head backwards and sending the muscle man crashing to the canvas as Mule's own  tighty whites also shredded, revealing his mammoth erect meat.

Tamerlan now leapt to his feet and in one fluid motion tugged the fabric of his BVD's down over his bare feet, tossing it away without a second glance. Undaunted and confident, he stood before Mule stark naked, his colossal uncut horse cock hanging forward, jutting out from his huge balls. Stripped naked, fully confident in his strength, supremely comfortable in his manly nakedness.
He turned toward the ring's turnstile, the two rounded muscles of his exposed ass tightening as he climbed to the top and turned to face Mule's downed form. Mule groggily lifted his head as a trickle of blood ran from each nostril and down the sides of his face.

Tensing his battered pecs, he began lifting his torso up in time to see Tamerlan launch himself into the air from the turnstile, a piercing battle scream escaping the muscled  fighter's throat as his knees came crashing down deep into Mule's bulging pecs, smashing him back onto the canvas.

As Mule now gasped for air, Tamerlan shifted his legs so that he straddled Mule's torso, sitting on the battered pecs. The fighter now slid backwards, his muscled ass sliding easily down the bodybuilder's sweat-slickened torso. Mule's erect cock bent forward as Tamerlan slid back, the Mule's meat wedged between the Muslim fighter's ass cheeks.

Agazina siciyim*” The Turk hissed.  (*I will shit in your mouth).”

Tamerlan, now in position, drew his right arm back, then smashed his fist deep into Mule's right pec once, twice, three times. The Mule moaned and with eyes closed and head lolling, pushed at Tamerlan's own rock-hardened pecs, but  he brushed away his foe's hands and raised his left elbow, smashing it deep into Mule's left pec once, twice, three times.

Tamerlan  smashed his fist deep into Mule's  pec 

Breathing in sharp rasps through clinched teeth, Mule dazedly looked up into Tamerlan's eyes. Tamerlan firmly grabbed both of Mule's swollen nipples and raised him up to his knees, his exposed cock erect before him, pointed at the Mule's face. As Mule firmly grabbed Tamerlan's wrist, the fighter quickly stood erect, his fists still locked on Mule's nipples which stretched upward with the move.

Ananin amini essekler siskin!” Tamerlan snarled, then translating “Let donkeys fuck your mom’s pussy.”  He then added in English: “As that is how YOU were conceived!”

Mule shrieked in pain as Tamerlan gave a sharp tug on the twisting nipples. Tamerlan grinned through bloodied lips and gave two more sharp yanks before letting go, sending Mule crashing limply onto the canvas with a whimper.

As Mule lay there, momentarily paralyzed, he heard Tamerlan laughing and shouting, "Come on, punk! Get up and fight me, you scum bag!" There was also approving comments in both English and Turkish on Tamerlan's fighting prowess from the previously silent audience of his relatives.

Tamerlan's left leg lashed out and his left foot, flying forward, crashed into the side of  Mule's  mouth. The blond fighter twisted his face leftward with the blow, reducing the damage. Before he could recover, Tamerlan's right leg broke out in an arch, the right foot colliding lightly with the left side of  Mule's mouth.

Mule instantly lowered his head to his chest and, tensing muscles, launched his upper torso up, the top of his head crashing into Tamerlan's forehead and opening a gash over his left eye as the blond fighter's head snapped back and forward.

For an instant, the two muscled fighters faced each other, both on their knees, backs ramrod straight, arms tensed but dangling at their sides, their bloodied faces inches apart as each felt the hot heaving breath of his enemy.

Glaring at each other through sweat-soaked hair clinging to their face, both musclemen began growling through clinched teeth, then launched themselves forward, the bare pecs of the fighters slapping together with a spray of sweat as flesh met flesh. Each fighter wrapped muscled arms around the sweat slickened torso of his foe in a crushing lock hold.

Their faces pushed together and eyes still locked, the  warriors growled in effort as each flexed bulging biceps to crush the other. Each could feel the pecs and abs of his enemy straining and flexing as their torsos crushed against each other.

Below the waist, they mashed mushrooms tips and pushed and prodded and soon they allowed their sprawling dragons to slide and wrap together almost intertwining like coiling serpents...both men groaned at the feeling of the hot hard cock of his enemy...grinding their shafts they grabbed each other by the hips and began a violent pounding swordfight....swingin' hard from side to side, the only sounds were the brutal slapping of cocks and grunts of pain...violent, yet arousing...sweat and testosterone wafted into their nostrils--and droplets splattered on their exposed tongues..the cock slapping continued until they met chest to chest and each roared with hate as they grabbed each other in a crushing  combative dominance-seeking embrace--each yearning for victory--prior arrangements lost in the chaotic heat, overwhelmed by the scent, touch, taste, sight and sounds of alpha battle.

Mule's bodybuilder physique was beginning to win the crushing battle as Tamerlan grimaced in pain, his breathing becoming labored. Before it was too late, Tamerlan threw his weight into a twist and flip, sending both muscle men crashing to the canvas and rolling toward the edge of the canvas then off it.

The fighters crashed onto the concrete floor on their sides, each letting out a yelp of pain and rolling away from each other. Tamerlan continued his roll and leaped to his feet, swiveling to see Mule rolling into the side of the ring, his back against it.  Now the action was taking place on the floor  mere feet away from the assembled Turkish spectators.

Before Mule could lift his head up, Uncle Kagan  pulled his leg back,  put his full weight into a kick, sending his left foot smashing deep into the Mule's abs, which took the full impact of the blow.

Mule's body convulsed at the blow before doubling over in pain from the cheap shot. The injured blond fighter screamed soundlessly as he covered his destroyed abs with his arms, rolling onto his front and arching his back. It was the hardest, most powerful  kick the Mule  had ever felt.  Through the pain, Mule marveled at the power of Uncle Kagan.  It was like he had been stomped by an elephant.  His armor plated abs had been  pulverized by one kick from the huge Turkish musclebear. 

Tamerlan walked to Mule's side as he squirmed in pain. Looking down, the brutish  fighter grabbed a fistful of the Mule's soaked hair and lifted the muscleman's bloodied face to just below the level of his exposed crotch.

Orospu cocugu erman dinkay!*” --Tamerlan growled.  (* Suck my dick, dumbass.)

In a flash, Tamerlan drew his right knee back then forward, crashing into Mule's nose in a splattering of blood, then drew it back and kicked forward into the man's brutalized right ab, Mule screamed  from the pain in his gut. The  audience murmured their approval.

Tamerlan wanted the win badly. Tamerlan threw Mule back into the ring and climbed in after  him,  smelling victory.

Tamerlan stood behind the muscled man and with Tamerlan's knee in Mule's back jerked his head back. Mule's body was forced to arch back opening his expansive chest wide. Tamerlan raised his forearm and smashed it down across Mule's throat. Mule clutched his throat and rolled to his left side gagging as he did.

Tamerlan dragged Mule to his feet and punched Mule heavily in his lower abdomen below the navel. Mule reeled. Tamerlan whipped Mule into the turnbuckle. His body bounced off the post like a ball  landing in a kneeling position at the feet of Tamerlan.

Tamerlan yanked Mule's head back by the hair and then circled behind him. Holding Mule's head back further. Tamerlan raised his clenched fist and smashed it down across Mule's throat once again. Mule made a gagging sound but could not collapse back because Tamerlan kept his grip. Tamerlan dragged Mule to his feet and grabbing Mule around the waist raised him up and smashed the challenger's body across his knee in a knee back breaker. Mule writhed, his back arching as he felt the pain sweep over him. Tamerlan held Mule in position across his knee and pushed down on his throat with one hand and his abdomen with the other. Mule groaned with the pain as his body was forced to arch across Tamerlans knee. Mule's body glistened with sweat as Tamerlan kept the pressure on. Tamerlan clenched his fist and smashed it into Mule's sternum. Mule convulsed in pain his upper body twitching upwards and back with the fiery pain. "Yessssss..." crowed  Uncle Kagan..."just as I trained him.  This American Mule has no chance against my prize pupil...."

Tamerlan moved in again, raising Mule to his feet by his injured throat. Tamerlan entwined Mule's arms in the ropes. Mule was slumped against the ropes his head hanging loose. Only his arms caught in the ropes keeping him from the floor. Mule could feel he was in serious trouble.  ''Where had this Tamerlan come from?!!'' Mule asked himself.   This superman was vastly superior to the fighter he had faced just a few weeks before,   Mule's  body was ablaze with pain. His energy was being sapped by the brutal onslaught to his physique. Tamerlan sensed this also and looked at the battered body on the ropes, he almost drooled at the thought of pounding the body more, his cock  hard between his legs.

Mule gasping leant forward, his body almost totally windless. Tamerlan pulled the head back again exposing the man's throat. Maintaining his grip on Mule's head, Tamerlan chopped Mule's damaged throat mercilessly again and again, each chop making a satisfying fleshy thwack sound. Tamerlan knew that Mule's beautiful body was now his to brutalize as he wished. His penis jumped at this thought hardening more at the impending final besting.

 He let  Mule's body go of the ropes. It fell to the canvas with a satisfying lifeless splat.

Every cock in the gym,  participant and spectator alike, was engorged  and leaking now.  Uncle Kagan was beaming with pride as Tamerlan executed his  fight plan against the American flawlessly. Uncle Kagan shouted some instructions in Turkish to Tamerlan  telling him to stick to the plan.  Tamerlan's Olympic level boxing skills together with  the new wrestling skills acquired from his Uncle Kagan had made Tamerlan an unbeatable foe.

Tamerlan grabbed Mule's hair and yanked him to a sitting position. Holding the challenger slightly forward Tamerlan drove his knee into Mule's back. Mule groaned and arched his back in pain.  Tamerlan used his thumb as a spike and stabbed Mule in the larynx.  Tamerlan dragged the man to a standing positing and holding Mule's arm outstretched pulled him forward at the same time driving his clenched fist into Mule's throat yet again. Mule gagged grabbing his throat and convulsed to the canvas, lying flat on his back.

Tamerlan climbed to the top rope of the ring and leapt forward, his elbow pounding down across Mule's well-defined pectorals. Tamerlan repeated the move this time landing on his victim's throat. Mule bounced with the impact landing strewn on the canvas, half on his side totally incapable of defense. The repeated strikes to Mule's throat had done the job they were meant to do.  Mule's injured windpipe was closing, and when you can't breathe you can't fight. It was a fight strategy that Uncle Kagan had worked out with Tamerlan, and the game plan had proven devastatingly effective.   Mule was desperately trying to get air back in his body so he would have some oxygen to fuel his big muscles.

Tamerlan knew he was winning.  He looked out to Uncle Kagan.  Uncle Kagan smiled and nodded approvingly, he knew it also.  It would soon be all over for the infidel dog.   Uncle Kagan was swelling with pride at the superior  might of the Sözen  family scion.

As Tamerlan began flexing his biceps in an effort to lift Mule's torso higher off the canvas, Mule suddenly launched his right fist up, smashing deep into Tamerlan's bull sized testicles.

Tamerlan yelped out in pain, instantly releasing his grip and grabbing his injured balls, sending Mule crashing down onto the canvas. As Mule groggily began pushing himself up off the canvas, a stumbling Tamerlan, still cupping his manhood, weakly sent his knee bouncing off the side of Mule's face. The Mule continued to rise, however, and turned to face his opponent. Blood streamed from Mule's injured face and flowed down over his sweaty naked torso. Tamerlan was hunched over, eyes shut tight as he shook his head to clear the pain. In one quick motion, Mule moved forward, grabbing the muscular Muslim in a crushing headlock. Tamerlan snapped to attention, his hands flying up to Mule's straining biceps that were crushing his wind-pipe, but the Mule increased the force of the crush.

With Tamerlan bent over and struggling helplessly in his crushing headlock, Mule now began dragging the fighter over to the ring's turnstile. Only inches away from the gleaming metal, Mule rotated so that the dripping gash over Tamerlan's eye was facing it. Mule pushed violently back then forward, sending Tamerlan's head smashing into the turnstile with a spattering of blood.  Tamerlan's hard fought victory was on the verge of slipping away.  

Tamerlan moaned as Mule prepared for a second blow that Tamerlan knew would leave him unconscious or worse. Leaning back on his right foot, Tamerlan used what was left of his strength to twist back and send a roundhouse kick smashing brutally into the side of Mule's face, sending the muscled fighter crashing  backwards and out of the ring, then  onto the concrete floor with a sickening thud.  Mule convulsed once as the back of his head  hit the concrete floor causing his brain to rattle around in his thick skull.  Mule lay still. Mule had landed  at the very feet of Uncle Kagan.
Uncle Kagan quickly  made sure the concussed Mule had not swallowed his tongue and that he was breathing.

The concussion Mule sustained   left Mule  unconscious and flat on his back, his chest heaving as he gasped for air.  His arms  were laid out straight behind his head. In this position Mule looked like dynamite. His whole body was glistening with sweat and glowing red from the beating he had been given by Tamerlan. From his muscled arms to his expanded chest to his large cock to his well defined legs, Mule was motionless.  Mule's large nipples were stretched slightly across his chest, his deep chest was highlighted because of the position of his arms, which forced his ribcage to rise. His stomach was rising as he breathed heavily. His penis lay large and lifeless between his thighs, his testicles lying on the ground in a loose fitting sack.

With the gash sending blood streaming into his left eye and down his face, Tamerlan turned and dropped his head for a better view of his enemy. Mule lay motionless, his strong naked body spread eagle and  covered in sweat and blood. Seeing the naked Mule lying  on the concrete, the Turkish gladiator, bloodied chest heaving, cautiously walked to the side of the sprawled form of his downed foe. Tamerlan gave a light kick to Mule's side. There was no reaction. Tamerlan blinked twice, then, as recognition of his victory sank in, He grabbed his crotch and looked toward Uncle Kagan. He stretched. He was obviously showing off to his assembled relatives. The bright overhead lights glistened off his deeply tanned, magnificent stretching torso, every muscle on display straining. His abs, his obliques, serratus, it was like a perfect specimen of male anatomy on display. His thick, powerful, proud cock snapped upwards against his tight abs then settled, aggressively bobbing in the air, upwards from his body. He just stood there in front of his assembled family, casually oblivious to his nakedness.   His virile, powerful cock stuck out from his muscular hips, straight out and a bit up, looking proud and threatening. It was thick, veined and two full low-hanging bull balls hung beneath, and then his muscular toned thighs. And then there was the attitude, the way he carried himself. The dominance, the animal power. He exuded sexuality and pure brick shit house power on every level.  The atmosphere of the room became thick with pure incestuous lust as his relatives were enthralled  by the glorious sight of his magnificent young physique.

Tamerlan stood over his vanquished opponent. His back muscles expanded and contracted as he breathed, his fist still clenched, while his opponent was collapsed into a pile of muscle at his strong feet. Tamerlan raised his arms up in the air. Tamerlan’s body looked magnificent, the sweat gleaming and making his physique's mighty muscles stand out. He looked like an ancient gladiator. His arm was raised, revealing his muscled armpit and cut serratus. His opponent was a bloody mess. The Mule still had not moved, his defeat was decisive and complete. Tamerlan's victory was indisputable. 

Tamerlan planted his right foot on Mule's muscled chest and, tensing every bulging muscle in his body, the naked Turkish warrior  raised his muscular arms and ruggedly handsome face to the ceiling and let out a long, piercing victory howl.

The crowd applauded loudly and erupted with  many shouts of "praise Allah", "All the praises and thanks be to Allah" and what sounded to the senseless  Mule as "Ali Snackbar".  The family, amid many compliments and blessings to Tamerlan on his decisive defeat of the American dog, began to file out, satisfied.  They would be telling stories of Tamerlan's fighting prowess for many years to come.  Tamerlan's defeat of the Mule would become family legend.   Uncle Kagan gave an approving  nod to Tamerlan, and a knowing wink to Coşkun.  Uncle Kagan hugged Tamerlan  and whispered in Turkish in Tamerlan's ear on his way out.  Those leaving assumed it was congratulations, but actually what was said was: " Good… Good…Everything went as planned....You know what you must do next...."  Coşkun,  lingered to witness  the further retribution  Tamerlan had in store.

Now the gym was vacant except for the victorious Tamerlan, his brother Coskun, and the defeated and unconscious Mule.

the defeated and unconscious Mule

Tamerlan's attention once again turned to his beaten and knocked out foe. Tamerlan's cock was  as hard as a steel rod, reaching its full glorious 10-inch length, glistening in anticipation of the final step in Mule's besting. He turned Mule over. Mule's hard round buttocks were  inviting.  Tamerlan angled the buttocks upwards.  Biceps straining, the swarthy nude fighter turned Mule around, pulling off the remnants of Mule's DVD's and exposing the thick, rippling muscle flanking Mule's spine and the bodybuilder's round firm muscled ass. Grasping Mule's flat hips, Tamerlan now pulled Mule toward him until his  great erect cock found its way between the two slabs of muscle and pushed into the Mule's ass crack.

Your ass tulip is about to be plucked by ME, Mule. You should have learned to stick to your slots not to go all Amsalak in the pursuit of more prized pussy.  You will think better of where you put your dragon  in the future, when I make your ass into a pussy. I will turn you into such an ibne, you probably will end up offering it to everyone at the gym hereafter once I am done with you!”

Moving his arms down and outward, Tamerlan spread Mule's thickly muscled thighs widely apart. Then Tamerlan drew his hips back and rammed his mammoth cock into Mule's unprotected rectum, burying himself balls deep into the Mule's ass.

Take that, Got Veren”- Tamerlan cried. (*Ass giver)

You dishonored my sister, now I am going to dishonor you.” –the greasy hirsute muscleman Turk hissed.

Revived from his concussion  by the sharp pain in his ass, Mule screamed and his whole naked body convulsed as Tamerlan's gigantic spike pierced him completely. Mule raised his face from the ground and gasped for air, but the heavily muscled Tamerlan locked his hands around Mule's neck with a full-nelson and, with violent inhuman strength, he began to brutally fuck the other fighter.

Mule began to come back into his senses.

Coşkun jeers from sidelines: “Oh yeah, he’s got to fuck you to revenge the family honor!” 

This wasn’t part of the deal!” Mule hissed between clinched teeth.

Consider the deal…renegotiated!”—the Turk Tamerlan said with an angry laugh.

Coşkun chimes in: “Well, would you rather deal with the car bomb, Mule? You might as well just relax and enjoy the least it's not Uncle Kagan's 13 inch ejderha..."

Fuckin’ Muslims”, grunted Mule.

Mule bucked and twisted, adrenaline rushing through his veins. He struggled mightily, straining his bull-neck, his muscles bulging at supreme exertion. But Tamerlan had pinned the muscleman, his own muscles rippling as he humped Mule's beautiful, tanned, hard muscled body with the inexorable force of some hydraulic-powered industrial machine tool. All Mule could do was to grunt in agony at each violent thrust of his opponent's immense weapon into his brawny physique, Tamerlan's muscular arms and weight keeping Mule tightly entrapped under his tormentor

You going to pay, you American gigolo!”  as Tamerlan using a half nelson with a  reach around grabbed Mule’s enormous balls in his big ham sized fist and squeezed down hard causing Mule to bellow in pain, the sound sliding up through the octaves as the crush continued.  “Time to geld the Mule”—Tamerlan laughed fiendishly. Mule bellowed like a castrated bull as Tamerlan attempted to crack the steel hard balls like a couple of jumbo goose eggs.

Tamerlan thrust hard, muscle straining against muscle, pulling out and surging back again, ramming his mammoth shaft deep into the entrails of the other fighter, determined to finish the job he had started with his fists by using his titanic cock. He really enjoyed destroying the other stud's manhood. This was the ultimate pleasure. He growled hungrily as he thrust hard and fast into Mule, savoring the warmth of the muscle ass around him. The tightness, the moistness aroused him into frenzy. Moving his hips in short fucking motions, Tamerlan forced his rigid meat into Mule's tight hole, slamming into the world class butt with the force of a runaway piston engine.

Tired of the ass abuse, Mule was tempted to pull a reversal, which he knew he could do with Tamerlan so rectally distracted, but then he saw in his mind a vision of him starting his jeep and then he and his jeep vanishing in the fireball of an explosion and thought better of it

You fuck with my family, you gonna be fucked by ME!” --growled Tamerlan

Tamerlan continued his assault on the bodybuilder's ass, spreading his thighs and digging his toes into the floor, seeking more leverage to thrust harder into Mule's ass. Another scream was wrenched from Mule as Tamerlan bit Mule's thick shoulder and  practically ripped the muscleman a new asshole.

My ancestors were a nation of nomadic horsemen, breaking stallions is second nature to us….but I am going to turn you Mule from a stallion into a fuckin’ MARE.” He squeezed Mule’s balls with one powerful hand: “I’m going to make you into a gelding, Mule!”

It hurt like hell, and Mule fought to free himself once more, certain that he couldn't stand anymore, but he was totally unable to stop his own rape.  Tamerlan was just too powerful, and Mule too weakened.   Mule was on fire, the burn searing his thoughts to cinders as the Turk’s thick ridged shaft plowed into him, and he couldn't stop the groans that vibrated through him. He found himself driven mad by the experience, by the physical force used to pin him in place, by the knowledge that he could do nothing to stop the thorough reaming of his ass. But the pleasure began to mount. The incredible feeling of the plunging cock against his prostate was pulling Mule spiraling into a zone-out and, as time compressed in on itself, his mind was lost to the waves of pain/pleasure that almost made him pass out. A strangled scream rose in Mule's throat. And then he was groaning, coming as Tamerlan continued to rock into his body. Mule's vision darkened as his whole body convulsed, his cock spitting semen, the huge muscles of his ass tightening around Tamerlan's thick iron bar as he came.

This violent massage was too much for the Turkish warrior. With sweat pouring, Tamerlan bellowed like a bull in heat as he was seized by the acute intensity of his own orgasm. His seething, hot, chiseled muscles surged and rippled under warm, smooth, supple flesh as he spewed hot cum deep into Mule's battered rectum. Then one hard final slamming of his groin and his control broke.

Tamerlan gasped for a moment, held in his rippling  muscled gut, then roared as he allowed his hard cock to explode with a massive stream of hot semen. His semen jetted in hot, scorching spurts up Mule's convulsing anus, the filling of his male juices stinging Mule's anal walls, driving Mule over the brink.

Tamerlan uttered a wild yell of animal pleasure and release: his mighty chest heaving and his entire body clenching with need as he was seized by the acute intensity of his own white-hot orgasm, the end of the other fighter's orgasm merging into the beginning of his own. Tamerlan moaned and spasmed as Mule shuddered and jerked underneath him, Tamerlan's grip slipping, fingers losing their hold.

Both men could only pant as they recovered from the exertions of their bodies, breathing in the scent of sex, blood, sweat, and each other. Mule seemed barely conscious as Tamerlan heaved a long, deep sigh of pleasure. Tamerlan slowly drew his long but softening pole out of Mule's oozing ass.  He had done it.  He had raped  his sister's  despoiler.  He had used the Mule like a woman.   The family honor was restored.

Tamerlan leaned his upper body over Mule's prone form and stared down. Mule just lay there,  totally at the mercy of his conqueror. Tamerlan watched Mule a moment, then rolled him over onto his back  It was obvious by the huge puddle uncovered and the stains on the Westerner's muscled belly that Mule had also shot a load.

Tamerlan lay his heavily muscled hairy and sweaty body  on top of Mule, their muscled bodies cock to cock.  Mule felt the power and manliness  of Tamerlan as he lay atop his own muscular body. He had never  even thought he could be subject to such total devastation - he was totally in Tamerlan's power. It made him hot. Tamerlan  laid his still swollen cock on top of Mule's, noting with pride that his own cock was at least one inch longer than Mule's and even thicker. There was no doubt who the biggest stud and best man was.  The Mule was his bitch now.

Tamerlan  detached himself from Mule and stood up on wobbly legs.   His tremendous cock now discharged but only marginally smaller, the last few droplets of cum dripping from the reddened head of his penis and onto the prone Mule. The bested Mule lay  beneath Tamerlan. The victorious Turk wiped his forehead and flicked the sweat on Mule. Tamerlan could feel the heat coming off Mule's body. The heat of pain, the pain he had caused to this hot wrestling body now brutally beaten on the floor. Mule's upper body was red from the damage to it. Mule shuddered, his body consumed by the pain of his besting and the ecstasy of his orgasm.

Tamerlan's shoulders and neck were sore and his arms ached from the workout they'd been given. It took a lot of strength and energy to brutally beat down, knock out, and then forcibly rape a bodybuilder as he'd just done and his breath was uneven and ragged. He stood studying his fallen foe as he felt his breathing ease. Never before had he experienced anything like the ultimate satisfaction given by this brutal rape of this strongman. Damn, the Mule's muscled ass was the tightest, hottest hole he had ever fucked! It made Tamerlan's cock hard again just thinking about it.

His conquest complete, Tamerlan faced Mecca and began to pray loudly:

“Al-ḥamdu lillāh, All Praise Be to Allah, for giving me the strength to vanquish this Infidel, and to revenge his spoliation of my beloved Sister, by taking his manhood...I have used my mighty phallus as the avenging sword of Allah…used it to turn this western stallion into my mare, praise be Allah, I declare our Jihad to be over and our honor satisfied by this deflowering of this son of Satan"

"Whatever...." thought Mule.  Mule had to begrudgingly admit that Tamerlan had fucked the shit out of him... the dude was good, really good...Semanur was forgotten, and sexual thoughts of the manly and hairy  Turkish  muscle stud  swirled in his head. Even though the fight had to some extent been rigged, Mule felt conquered by another Alpha, and when that rare event happened, Mule could not help falling for a man who could best him.  Virility, testosterone,  and pure alpha power oozed from the victorious Turk. 

Mule watched  with lust as Tamerlan's naked muscled ass flexed with each step as he strutted  into the locker room, leaving the defeated and raped Mule sprawled on the floor leaking cum out of his butt and  Coşkun to tend and minister to be conquered muscle god. Coşkun peeled the tank top from his own muscular body and opened his camos, stroking a monster tool equal to that of his brother. "Let's get cozy, baby." he mocked at his moaning victim. He had plans of his own for his brother's new bitch. Coşkun continued the debasement of the exhausted and now helpless Mule by inserting three fingers into Mule's asshole as if he was a bowling ball and verbally replaying the action of the last few minutes, making Mule relive his defilement at the fists and cock of the elder Sozen brother over and over. "Jerk your juicer, Mule, don't let me do all the work for ya' ", Mule heard Coşkun's hoarse voice panting in his ear while the Turk's finger was thrusting inside his burning ass. Mechanically Mule started to pump his own dick. "Yeah man, give it to me, uh yesss .... Fuck that feels ssssoooo hottt," Mule moaned. The last of Mule's dignity and macho ego  was stripped from him as the  uncontrollable horny Mule found himself reduced to a whimpering sex toy by Coşkun, howling in untamed lust like a cheap alley whore, begging for something larger than a finger in his ass Coşkun obliged and  picked up where his brother left off and  didn't end until Mule's ego was lower than a snail's cunt and Mule had shot another load to the vivid memories and graphic description of his destruction by Tamerlan.  The waves of pain mingled with hot ecstasy as Coşkun actually had Mule  enjoying his own destruction at the powerful hands and cocks  of the Sözen brothers.

A deflated Mule spent the next couple of nights masturbating to visions of  the hyper masculine Tamerlan and Coşkun, until the hearts stopped spinning around his head and the anger welled up within him, bringing his testosterone levels back from the nadir into which they had fallen.  He now saw red fury rather than hearts and fumed against the Turkish brothers and the indignity that they had imposed on him.

He confronted Coşkun, who just laughed and told Mule that he made up the part of there actually being a bomb threat, just to get the oversized Mule to be more pliant.

Fuck you, Cocksuckerun and your whole family!” growled Mule testily

“That’s COŞKUN!”--the Turk reminded him.

But Mule referred to him ever after by that new nickname, and others at the boxing gym began calling him Cocksuckerun as well, until he and his brother were forced to find a new place to spar.
Mule was still not satisfied.  American honor was at stake!!  The offense by the Turks could not go unanswered.

 So on July 4, a large white assailant and his even larger black accomplice went down to the new gym where the brothers worked out.  Seeing their cars in the parking lot, the white suspect dressed in American flag gym shots, and a black “thug”, each sporting lead shot gloves and hockey masks, waited behind the dumpster to waylay the Turks as they went through the alley to the parking lot.  The secret was to strike first and hard, and then keep wailing on them so they never had a chance to recover.

The Turks were caught by total surprise as their two attackers launched their Pearl Harbor on their two victims.  The victims were knocked to the ground with five punch combos, and then when down, as the two perpetrators played soccer practice with their heads and bodies.  Then simultaneously, the victorious pair each grabbed their victim by the hair, pulling them up for the coup de grace-- knockout punch: the white guy on Tamerlane and the black on Coşkun.  Then they stripped the Turks naked and dumped them in the nearby dumpster.  The victors each secured a Rolex watch and a pair of Armani sunglasses, not to mention a thick wad of cash for their troubles.  The police blotters reported it as a mugging, the victims apparently were unable (or unwilling) to identify their assailants.  USA! USA! USA!

As for Semanur, although now forgiven by her family due to the satisfaction of the Jihad against Mule, thought it prudent to go live with her black sheep cousin Gülizar, thoroughly Westernized, sexually liberated and modern. Mule thought he had heard the last of her when one day he received this postcard:

When he flipped over the back it read:

Dear Thor,

Sitting here on the beach thinking fondly of you, thanks for broadening my horizons.  Speaking of horizons, the one's here at Waikiki are wonderful at sunset...wish you were here. A friend of yours who is visiting here in  Hawaii looked me up. His name is Tyrone, and we have become lovers, at least for the duration of his holiday here.  After you, I would never be satisfied by a man who doesn’t have a big dick, and Tyrone is even better endowed than you. I love having his büyük siyah horoz inside me. Je ne regrette rien as they say in Paris,

                       Warmest regards,