Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mule v Slut's Lil Bro

Story by Mule, edits by Stefan, original art by Steve
Mule v Slut's Lil Bro

I added this new slut into my cock rotation about 3 weeks ago.  She's a fit chick from the gym, 24 year old HBB and always down to  fuck.  The sex is great, we did  lazy doggy,  reverse cowgirl,  anal full nelson and flying dutchman all on our first date.  By anal full nelson she had fallen in love with my dick.    Then she cooked me eggs and bacon while I recharged.   Plus she is an operating room nurse and has to leave by 4 am for work so you don't even have to talk to her or cuddle in the morning!  Definitely a keeper.

Killer leg day

Squatting 600 lbs for a double...
Mule making it look easy....

It turns out that she has a little brother that works out at the same gym I go to in Boulder.  I have seem him around, he's a high school  wrestler and works out with a whole pack of 4-5 other school teamates. He stands out among the other kids because of his thick wrestler neck and traps, and his huge forearms.  

Someone admiring  Mule's
 heavy squats...

 Unlike most high school kids in the gym, who spent most of their time looking at their phones, these dudes obviously know what they are  about cuz both him and the whole pack of kids are hooge.  I know for a fact their team is rated 3rd in Colorado for wrestling.

So I am sitting  in the locker room after a killer leg work out trying to gather the energy to go hit the showers when the kid comes up to me and starts up a conversation.

The kid starts a convo with Mule...

So Mule, I understand you're dating my sister...

"Sup Mule...I saw you squatting a Buick for reps when I came in.  Gave me and my crew  some motivation for my own workout.  I'm Jayson.   I understand your dating my sister..."

Sis, ...Nurse HBB
Heavenly Blessed Beauty 

"If by dating you mean fucking her brains out then yeah I guess so...." I think as I go through the regs trying to figure out whose brother this would be and finally settle on Nurse HBB.  I then grunt a response something like "yeah shes a cool chick" since I can't remember her name.

Still conversating, he is getting dressed out for his workout.  As he pulled the shirt off, I could see lines of muscle as the fabric stretched across his back.  As the shirt came off, I have to admit that there was a lot more man there than I had imagined.  Jayson was a very good looking to the point of being striking, a blond haired lad of around 5'9" tall with a beefy wrestler build.  He was brawny rather than cut like a Men's Fitness model.  Jayson still sported some of his baby fat, such that he had a four-pack rather than a sixer or one of those genetically gifted eight-packers such as the one your Mule sports.  Still he was displaying serious muscle for a Junior.  He had the compact powerful look of a trained wrestler.  Well, at least that part of his story checks out.

The harsh glare of the overhead lights treated the young stud’s body well.  Every ridge of muscle stood out in high relief across his back as he wadded up his t-shirt and tossed it into an open locker. I have to admit, I was impressed with the young stud’s body.  Yes, he did have upper arms to match his powerful forearms.  His biceps look like they would stretch the tape a good 18” or so, topped off with delts that set off the biceps real well.  The rest of him fell in line, a good solid looking chest and thick well-developed abs and obliques.  His thick, solid waist had the firm look of power and toughness.

He unlaces  his football shorts, and shoves them  down, stripping butt naked.  He's got the Aesthetic Glutes and thick legs of a wrestler. But what drops my jaw is a huge, thick cock dangling between his muscular legs.  He smiles as he catches me looking at his huge manhood.    His penor is long and thick plus Jayson has got two huge low hanging  hairless balls the size of duck eggs.  His cock, hanging here right in front of me, is even  bigger than mine. I find myself being the one experiencing penis envy for a change.  I immediately hate the kid.


Jayson is standing there with his arms folded and his cock out, confident as shit waiting for me to drop my towel with  this "let's see if you even come close to this muscle boy!" smirk on his face. 

Jayson standing with his arms folded and his cock out

Jayson is hung like a fucking horse...

I'm being challenged to a dick measuring  contest

His cock is even  bigger than mine

"let's see if you even come close to this muscle boy!"
Normally, getting naked in front of other guys wouldn't be a problem for me, most of the times, I've got the biggest dick anyway. But having just finished heavy squats, I got dick atrophy because all the blood is in my legs and not in my dick, plus I got all the shrinkage that comes from the caffeine and stimulant packed pre-workout supplements. I know I'm being challenged to a dick measuring  contest, but even though I am at a temporary disadvantage and not at my blue ribbon finest, I don't see any way out.  I stand up, and drop my towel.

"I got to admit I'm a little disappointed...."  Jayson grins... "my sister said you were 'huge', but I'm not impressed..."

I wonder where they had this rather odd familial convo, and hoped it wasn't during a Kentucky full nelson. But my hatred of the kid for being more well endowed than I, was now intensified by him being so snot nosed about it.  I can't stand cocky fuckers like this, so desperate for attention they flash their huge cocks at everyone.  It makes my blood boil how much he flaunts his assets, sure it's big but he is still being a muthaphucking dick  for showing off his body and his massive endowment just to see the response he got from me ....  I am feeling like I  oughta teach him a lesson by bending him over  and impaling dat ass, after all, he got dem perfectly sculpted  glutes just asking to be Mule branded.  I wonder if he would still think my 9" dick should be larger when I am shoving it up his arse at full throttle.  But instead of saying anything, I head meekly to the showers  feeling just a little humiliated and penis-cowed.  Yeah the shower was cold.

Flash forward a couple of days to Friday night at her place.  She gonna have to be up at 4 am so we started smashing early.  I wake up about midnight, and the well fucked chick is out cold.  I'm hungry so I go prowling for something to eat in the kitchen.  She lives alone so I don't expect to run into anybody.

So I am standing in front the open refrigerator, drinking milk out the jug, the only light being from the fridge.  I am taking a big swig when I hear someone say  "Save some of that for me, Mule...".

I am startled to see Jayson standing right next to me, in some grey sweatpants.

"Fuck, you startled me man, I didn't know you stayed here...." I said my pulse racing like a kid caught by his Mom jacking off.

"Just on the nights when I am running too late for curfew.  I crash here on sis's couch rather than get chewed out by the parents," he explains.  "Man you and sis were fucking up a storm, I could hear the moans and screams.. not to mention the walls shaking..."  I just kinda grin, taking that as a compliment.

Fuck, you startled me man, I didn't know you stayed here....

Man you and sis were fucking up a storm

see you in the morning if not before...

"Cool, maybe we can grab some breakfast in the morning.  Your sis got to leave at 4 but I am gonna sleep here until at least 7...."  I say... "Cool" is his reply, "see you in the morning if not before..." which seemed like an odd response.

I didn't even wake when Nursie got dressed and left.  She had told me to let myself out in the morning.

Mule in a deep sleep after Nurse HBB leaves...

The sleeping Mule doesn't hear it when someone enters the room

I awoke from a deep sleep to find myself hotly aroused. This was more than a night-time erection. It felt like sex. I felt myself on the verge of an ejaculation, but it wasn't like a wet dream. It felt like something, or someone, had aroused me. Had Nurse HBB come back for a quickie?

Nocturnal visitation

A sleeping naked and vulnerable Mule  ...

Jayson's 'miring had turned to desiring...
and Jayson was used to taking what he wanted...
...And what he wanted was the Mule's phenomenal ass 

Jayson flexed in anticipation of  a sexual wrestling
 bout with Mule as he stripped off his skimpy briefs

His muscles were not the only thing flexing in anticipation
 of taking Mule down

Jayson had to admit that Mule's muscular ass was
 a trophy worth winning
Now as naked as his prey, Jason prepared to climb...
... the mountain that is Mule

As the cobwebs cleared, I could feel something hard rubbing against my cock. I tried to move, but my arms were pinned. My Mule penis was not only erect, it was aroused and dripping precum. The muscle in my dick could feel hard pressure against it. Every time it started to swell bigger and stand up, something hard and heavy was grinding it back down.

In the darkness, I felt something warm and hard pressing against his lower body. I heard breathing and felt the tickle of warm hot moist air. Coming to full consciousness, I realized that someone was on top of me in the bed. WTF...

It is a very out-of-control feeling that envelopes a guy when he thinks he is alone in a bedroom and awakens to feel someone on top of him, straddling his crotch and pinning him in bed.

My first impulse was to power up with my arms, but I felt my attacker's arms holding me down...that steady rubbing and grinding on my 9" Mule dick continued. As panic-stricken as I was feeling, I was also feeling pleasure.  My dick was having fun without me, throbbing down there with passion to match my dismay.

As I resisted with flexing arms, a voice said, "Now, now, my little princess, don't fight it. It'll go better for you if you don't resist."

Your Mule recognized Jayson's voice. "What the this sexual WWE, did Nursie tag her l'il bro when she left the ring?" -- I thought.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded. My erection meanwhile was doing its own thing, enjoying that grinding, rubbing motion as the young muscleboy straddled my hips and applied his big musclecock against my man-dick.

Soft laughter in the darkness. "I think it's obvious what I'm doing," Jayson said. "I'm making the princess sing."

I was madder than hell, but my treacherous cock was still warming up for the Hallelujah ChorusThe rubbing and grinding on your Mule's penis got a little harder. My rigid erection delighted in the young muscleboy's continuing grinding action, all the while my mind fumed with outrage.  Time for some MIND OVER COCK activation!

Summoning all my arm strength, this Mule tried to push up against the muscleteen, but Jayson countered my action sinew for sinew, and triumphantly pumped his hard musclecock more vehemently against  your Mule's erect cock. As Jayson pumped his erect tool against mine, this Mule also felt myself being overpowered in the upper body. My own cock was betraying me, sapping my energy and my blood flow needed desperately by my arms and pecs.

Jayson pumped my dick and overpowered my man-muscles. I fought back with my big cock; I didn't want my stud-cock to get whipped by a younger man, but Jayson had the advantage on me.

The muscular teen continued to pump his powerful pecker and hold my arms as he locked his lips on my nipple and raked it with his tongue. My body quivered involuntarily as Jayson sucked and slobbered on my tit.

"What do you want?"  I asked plaintively.

Soft laughter again. "I've got what I want," Jayson answered. "I want to hear you say it, though. I want to hear you BEG for it"

The bigger penis bullied the smaller one.  Jayson's huge cock dwarfed mine  He held me down tightly. After a few minutes of rubbing our swords together, my smaller penis seemed to submit under the power and size of Jayson's huge cock.

Your Mule could feel my cock beginning to spurt. I tried to hold it back, but it was no use. The muscle-dick was whipping me off. I felt the throbbing passion of ejaculation. And the muscle-penis kept pushing and rubbing against me. I let loose a barrage of expletives against Jayson like I had Tourette's or something.

Jayson locked his lips against mine, muffling my verbal curses. Then I grew quiet as I yielded to the sensual pleasures unfolding from those lips.  Good kissers are rare enough in my experience, but this boy was phenomenal.  Better than his sister...we are talking platinum level kisser...of a magnitude I had only experienced with Jamal.  I could taste a cherry tootsie roll pop as Jayson shoved his tongue down inside my mouth and I was lost in a haze of erotic delights...I confess I yielded to these overwhelming temptations as every synapse in my Mule brain fired like fireworks, and endorphins flooded my brain clouding my judgement and taking the fight out of me.  

The 'Jayson Lip Lock' was the kid's insurmountable signature
closer.  He had used it to top every jock on the wrestling squad

 and the football team, as well as the coaches, plus 5 teachers,
 2 vice-principals, etc. He had never known it to fail. Mule was
merely the 103rd guy to feel its impact

Jayson looked in my eyes and saw the look of surrender, my mouth was preoccupied unable to speak, but he saw my EYES were begging for it, which pleased the young stud to no end. My cock continued to throb as our hard erections grinded together and our mouths were locked in the lip version of a bearhug. Jayson intensified the  pumping his hips and humping his muscular studwhipper against your Mule's throbbing man-tool bringing me to ultimate crescendo.

I began to buck and squirm in an effort to escape the pin, but Jayson is locked on tight and begins to furiously hump my 9" throbbing cock into submission! Jayson's lethal weapon was bigger, stronger and more virile than mine.  Your Mule cannot escape; my ass is now involuntarily humping up and down as I begin to lose all control.  

When your Mule's prince was finished singing, Jayson stopped kissing me and let go of the pin. The muscular young teen got off his mount and stood up, turning on the lights. He smirked over at me, your Mule still lost in an ecstatic haze.

Jayson touched his lips with two fingers of his right hand and extended out the fingers in the direction of your Mule.  He clearly knew that tantalizing, inexorable power of those succulent lips.

"Now you know my signature closer, nobody has been able to resist it to date!"

I lay in the bed, violins still playing in my head, my champion dick whipped off by the young muscular teencock.  My chest was covered with my own cum, which was flowing down to the crevices of my deep rock hard abs, which now acted as cum gutters causing rivulets of my man juice to soak the sheets I was laying on. I looked at Jayson's hardon.    It was still standing at attention, long, thick, beefy big and hard as a rock. It matched Jayson's muscular body. I must confess feeling a desperate hunger for cock was not only thing that had been whipped by Jayson.

My eyes slowly wandered from the allure of that big triumphant pecker to the rippling muscular abdominals of this young Adonis.

The triumphant teen showed off 
his muscular body

This kid must work out every day

"This kid must work out every day," I thought to myself. "He's packing serious muscle and it shows, sure some of it was sheathed in baby fat. But it was still deliciously alluring brawn." My lust-fueled eyes studied Jayson with new appreciation, my sex-driven gaze roamed to the hard, firm nipples. "What a beautiful chest!" -- I thought, literally salivating, for Jayson had rung my Pavlovian bell.  Next, I admired the muscles in that firm, young bull neck, the hard neck of a high school wrestler. And then, the smooth, handsome, almost pretty, face. The sort of boy-band beauty that no doubt had both his female classmates AND their Mom's swooning; and now it was your Mule's turn to go all fan-girl over Jayson.  Our eyes met, and the youth smirked, Jayson was enjoying his victory.

Jayson was all teen jock muscle and it shows

Jayson flexed his canon-ball arm muscles 

Want to wrestle for two out of three?

Too much.

The All State wrestler had not only out wrestled me with a pin, but he had out sexed me to boot.  

His eyes shone with confident manhood. He had claimed the Mule's prince as his prize.

"Want to wrestle for two out of three?" Jayson asked. I could see the challenge in his eyes.

Jayson flexed his canon-ball arm muscles and rippled his abdominals. "That is, if you think you can maintain your erection long enough to try anything. Maybe you need a viagra old-timer"

"Too much conceit," your Mule thought. The muscle-dick needed a good ass-whipping and I was just the man to do it!

Jayson stood on the side of the bed flexing his boy muscles. He interpreted my silence as submission. "I had heard you are a tough-guy. I figured you would fight a little harder and longer. I expected more of a challenge. I guess you simply don't live up to your rep, much like that cock of yours"

I was fuming, nobody talks that way about Mule jr.  Jayson turned around and walked over to the chair where he picked up his bikini briefs. I sat up in bed and, spitting venom, snarled. "Two out of three."

Jayson stopped.

He turned slowly. "What did you say?"

"Two out of three," I  responded. "Me and you. Stud-cock and faggot penis. One on one."

Jayson sneered. "Faggot penis? You must be talking about yourself. It's your cock that submitted. It was you who went all queer over the Jaysonator!"

I didn't like the cocky attitude of the young muscleboy.  Now while everything the punk had said was TECHNICALLY true, it still needed to be crammed back down that smug punk kid's mouth, ALONG with my donger. Once again, I thought to myself, that Jayson's musclecock needed a good whipping. Plus 'Jaysonator', for PHUQ SAKE, for that self-styled moniker alone, I knew I had to turn this smart ass kid into my total bitch!

"It's easy to whip a man off when you've mounted him while he's asleep," I said. "Any little Memphis Belle knows how to do that. I'm surprised you didn't whip me off with your lips so that your boy-dick wouldn't have to face the challenge of a real cockfight."

Jayson looked at my. His eyes took in all of your Mule's well-developed body. The young buck felt me challenging his manhood. His pride wouldn't let him back down. He wanted complete submission from the older muscle stud.

"You were feeling differently about these lips a moment were fucking HUNGERING for them like a good little bitch.  But asleep or awake you are still going to be my bottom bitch...I don't think I can call you Mule anymore, I shall call you Suzie Q."

And with THAT, it was ON!

Your Mule and Jayson locked together in a test of strength. At 6'3", I was 6" taller than my muscleteen opponent and outreached him; but Jayson was brawny and powerful.

I tried to use my height to my advantage, but DAYUM, that muscular pretty-boy was strong as phuq! We grinded our bodies together. Our hard cocks punched and rubbed each other. Jayson's muscle-penis was bigger and stronger.

As we stood against one another in competition, the muscle-penis punched my Mule penis. Jayson pressured his hard pecker against my man-tool. This Mule felt my penis getting rubbed by the young muscle-stud filling me with mixed sensations of fury and delight.

I pumped up my muscles and tried to overpower my teen opponent; but Jayson was too strong and conditioned  for that. With his wrestling skills, he was able to shift his center of gravity so as to make himself unmovable. As Jayson bent my hands back, your Mule could feel himself dropping to his knees.

The skilled  muscleboy wrestler stood over his "stud" opponent and laughed. "I've gotcha," he said arrogantly.

Jayson pushed his big muscle-cock into your Mule's handsome face. "Suck it, Suzie Q," he demanded.  I have to confess, a teeny little part of me wanted to comply, which only aggravated the dominant portion of my mind, fueling me to increased resistance.  However did I mention just how damn strong that punk-ass kid was?

I winced as Jayson applied his upper body strength and held me on my knees in submission. I was getting beaten by a younger but more skilled and conditioned wrestler. Apparently kissing was not the only thing the 'Jaysonator' had mad skills in.

Jayson grinded his pecker into my face. "I said for you to suck it, Suzie Q."

He applied the pressure to this Mule's hands. I winced in agony, and my face fell forward against Jayson's muscle-crotch. Jayson laughed again.

It gave him intense pleasure to watch the older and bigger stud squirm.

I refused to either beg or suck. ¡No Pasarán! was my mental Che Guevaran war cry in defiance of smart-ass punks everywhere, I could not let this snot-nosed kid win, I owed to my generation! Go Millenials!  I was not going to let this post-Millenial snodgrass get the better of me!

I dropped backwards and rolled, pulling the young muscle-teen toward me.  Jayson was too busy gloating. He wasn't prepared for the move. As the teen's muscular body pitched forward, I used my feet to push the muscle-body high into the air and flip him over.

Like an acrobat, your Mule kept our hands locked together and arched my body upward, flipping over on top of Jayson

As I flew through the air and dropped down on top of Jayson, I grinded the musclecock down with my own formidable donger. I heard the teen cry out in shock and dismay as I straddled his hips and punched his cock and pinned him down.

I started working over the big muscle-dick. I put a powerful pump and grind attack on the young muscleman. Jayson fought back, our hard penises working against each other.

Your Mule pumped harder and faster. I used my renowned stud-power to whip Jayson's muscle-tool.

"Get ready to pucker those sweet lips of yours, 'Jaysonator' you will enjoy servicing my donger!" I said grunted breathily

"No way Suzie Q, I ain't licked yet, not by a LONGSHOT," he snarled back through clinched teeth.

The teen flexed his arms and started pushing up, trying to roll over. I used my lower body to fight the muscle erection that was stirring in my Benedict Arnold loins, allowing Jayson an opening to overpower my upper body.

Jayson rolled over on top. "Now who's got who, Suzie-Q" he grunted as he pumped his powerful hips against this Mule's man-body.

I scissored the teen to stop him from pumping his cock. Jayson's lower body squirmed against the scissors hold, and Jayson tried to grind my cock into submission. He used the power in his upper body to hold your Mule pinned to the floor.

I squeezed the scissors hold and which kept my 9'' dick muscle fully flexed and erect. With Jayson locked between my legs, the muscleboy's grind was puny and ineffectual.

Like most teens, Jayson's lower body was not as well-developed as his upper body. His muscle boy-hips were feeling the power of a muscle man-scissors; and, locked between a man's legs, he didn't have the lower-body strength to dominate his opponent.

Jayson grunted beneath the power of my legendary man-scissors. He could feel your Mule squeezing his muscle-erection with my man-tool. I was hugging the muscleboy's lower body so tight that Jayson couldn't even fight back; and his muscle-penis felt the Mule's penis rubbing it and grinding it.

The muscleboy wrestler cried out as this Mule put a crusher-squeeze on his big dick. Letting go of the pin, the teen wrestler struggled and writhed, his face contorted in a combination of pleasure and pain. Mule kept the pressure on his youthful opponent.

Jayson fell onto Mule's chest as the Mule's penis dominated the big muscleboy pecker.

Jayson whimpered. His smaller lower body was getting whipped by the man-scissors. He had never experienced such pwnage in his young life.

He punched my ribcage with his fist and tried unsuccessfully to make me let go of the scissors-hold. He raised himself up and tried to separate my legs with his big teen arms.  Both efforts were easily routed. Each time I simply applied more pressure with my sequoia quads and grinded the teen's muscular pecker that much more, I savored the moment finally feeling some revenge for my earlier comeuppance.

As I grinded against the muscle-cock, Jayson lost some of his fight and fell forward against the chest of his manly opponent. I lay there propped on my elbows watching my famed stud-scissors whip the muscleboy's lower body.

Jayson's muscular arms were going limp as he felt himself being thoroughly dominated by the my powerful legs and lower body.

Jayson began to groan as his cock started to throb. "You're whipping me off," he gasped. "Please, don't do it."--he sobbed.

I tightened the scissors-hold. "Who's the boss, boy?...and who's the little bitch?" I asked triumphantly, continuing to lean back confidently on my elbows. "All I have to do is squeeze...and it is your donger who will be singing the Hallelujah Chorus"

Jayson lay on top in submission, his handsome young face against your Mule's shoulder. I could hear the young muscleboy gasping for breath as he struggled to hold back his wad.

I tightened the scissors hold and Jayson grunted. He was past a struggle for strength as he lay with his lower body locked between my legs, his muscular upper body limp. I continued to grind our big dicks together. I could feel my Mule penis whipping the musclecock. Jayson didn't resist as I felt his lower body slump in submission. I had whipped the fight out of him with my stud-squeeze.

Jayson realized he had one last shot at redemption, and clawed at my pecs, twisting my nipples in a last effort to force me to release my deadly scissor hold.

Unable to break the teenager's strong grip, I returned the pec-claw. I grabbed Jayson's muscle-chest and dug my own fingers into his beefy muscled pecs. Jayson flexed his pec-muscles. I  tried to dig in, but the teen's flexed  muscles were too hard.

I felt my own tits getting brutally twisted by the teen's powerful grip. My scissors-hold loosened just as Jayson had anticipated; and the teen scrambled out of it, keeping the claw hold on his muscle man opponent.

The muscleboy wrestler climbed up on top of  your Mule and grinded our cocks together as he squeezed my massive pecs. I lay beneath the powerful, aggressive young teen, feeling myself in submission to the pec-claw.

"Had enough?" Jayson asked me.

Our eyes locked together. There was no mercy in Jayson's handsome young face. His eyes glistened with the full vigor of young teen manhood. Then Jayson once again locked lips with your Mule in the lad's signature closer against which I had no real counter. I yielded to the seductive power of those lips allowing Jayson to cradle me in a powerful hold as I lost all interest in the match with only those expert kisses on my sex-mad mind.

Jayson gave a long wet tongue swipe across the face of this smitten Mule and let go of his hold and stood up. I lay on the floor regaining my breath -- and my composure.  The muscular young wrestler stood with his legs spread out. "Come on, Suzie Q " he challenged. "My cock strength versus yours. Teen boy versus girly man. You have any fight left in you are are you thoroughly whupped and whipped?"

Jayson's monstrously big dick stood erect dominating the room. He felt confident. I got to my feet. His cruel taunts having an invigorating effect and dissipating the fog left in the wake of those amazing kisses

We came to grips in a final cockfight, teen-tool against man-tool.

Jayson squeezed your Mule with those big teen muscles and grinded our cocks together. I felt the musclecock attacking my erection. I fought back, using my lower body strength. I felt my penis resisting the muscleboy's attack.

Jayson rippled his abdominals and his erection powered up. Although his lower body was not as  big, he had tremendous muscle control. I felt the power of the muscledick as it grinded against mine.

I put all my cock-strength on Jayson. I centered my manhood into his groin and wrestled cock to cock against the muscleboy penis.

Our dicks wrestled furiously teen to man. Jayson kept rippling those abdominals and using his muscleboy strength to his advantage. I fought back with my manly lower body.

As we pumped and grinded each other, my penis began to feel the superior power of Jayson's muscle-erection. The teen was pumping his big dick and grinding  our Priapan dongers together.  The youngster's raw sexual prowess and stamina was astounding. 

I could feel myself getting whipped. Cock to cock,  the muscleboy wrestler was again proving that his dick was too fucking strong for mine. WTF!

One on one, teen vs. man, dick to dick... I was actually LOSING.  I felt myself getting whipped off. I struggled to hold back my load as Jayson went for the muscle-crush.

"Give it up, bro!" Jayson taunts. "You can't hold out! You know you wanna cum. Give it up to the champ!  Cum on bro, let's see that thick and juicy  cock shoot off!"

The teenager locked his crusher-hold on this big blond muscleman and I  cried out. Jayson was beating me, how was it even possible that this KID was beating THE MULE in a cock fight. Were we in bizarro world?  I knew I would have to draw on every  inch of my Mule power to break out and turn the tables on this cocksure teen. Then Jayson, with my body being pressed so close to his, sensed the energy pulsing through my body.  He would not be able to withstand another assault and countered by planting one of his signature closer kisses on your Mule and that was all she wrote.

Under the power of that kiss, I released my bearhug hug and my arms fell limply to my side as the muscleboy wrestler exuded his superior manhood over me. All that building Mule battle energy flowed up into my brain exploding in erotic fireworks.  I was his for the taking.  My penis felt the muscle-whip. I  intellectually wanted to pound Jayson's back with my fist in an effort to break the teenager's crusher-squeeze, but my heart put my brain in a full nelson, and under the magic of his kiss, I felt my body paralyzed from the C2 vertebrae on down.  Jayson pumped up his muscles and made himself even harder. He knew that he had his man, the cocksure teen had won and I surrendered to his overpowering manhood and succumbed.

My penis began to throb and squirt again, shooting load after load of  cum all over the place. My body writhes and bucks with the intensity of my orgasm. Jayson, the muscleboy wrestler, had dominated this big bad Mule. Jayson added a Mule notch to his unbroken string of victories and held on to the title belt.

There on my muscular ass, I was spent and drained not only of sperm, but my vigor and alphadom.  Jayson then went on to snatch my man card when he said:  "Oh we are not done Suzie Q, not by a LONGSHOT. Your lips and tongue still have some work to do."  When I looked up hopefully, he shook his head, "Not here Suzie Q" he said pointing to his magical lips. "There!" he demanded, pointing to his fully erect triumphant monster cock. I cannot lie to my readers, I serviced that magnificent conquering cock with enthusiasm and gusto. Did I mention what a PHENOMENAL kisser he was....?

The following weekend Jayson coordinated  his visit to his sister to coincide with mine.  When Nurse Sis left, Jayson crawled into bed with me and the WWE of sex was on fast and furious.  I had an hours long make-out session with the teen Casanova that had me feeling like the lead cheerleader being seduced by the star high school quarterback.  Jayson licked his sister's fresh pussy juice off my cock, tasting his sister's pussy second hand. "Mmmm....fuck that pussy tastes good..." he said, sounding a little jealous that he was only tasting his sister's pussy second hand, "next time fuck her in the ass too, I want to taste her ass too...." I, in turn, taught the lad some sexual holds and maneuvers that blew his young mind while we recreated the battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan with our meatsabers.   Jayson finally agreed not to call me Suzie Q anymore, if I agreed to always call him the Jaysonator. So that is what I call him now... Did I mention what a PHENOMENAL kisser he was....?

Jayson  coordinated his next visit to his sister to coincide with Mule's
Jayson was a PHENOMENAL kisser

So to make a long story short, I STILL haven't had the pleasure of taking that sweet,sweet young bubble ass yet, but that monster donger of his  claimed mine...with me in the same full nelson anal hold that I had used on his sister to make her fall for me.  He gave my backdoor fuck chute quite the workout. Not since Coach Chesnick had popped my ass-cherry back in high school have I been so thoroughly  bottomed.  Even with the master seducer, Jamal, I get to ride the bull.  Still Jayson says he is open for a rematch.  I just need to find my own signature closer as devastating as the Jayson Lip Lock. I think I need to consult with Jamal on this, before I decide to take on the Jaysonator in a cock fight again.

If you liked this story, may we recommend  The Cock Contest Round One and Round Two ; Kicked by a Mule Part One and Part Two; and How Mule Got His Groove Back.

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Musings from Valhalla: It's a Small World After All!

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At least everyone can understand Artist-brah Steve's original art and the gifs selected by edit-brah.

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Mulevid and Goliath: A biblical epic

Mulevid and Goliath: A Biblical Epic

פרדת היהודי וגוליית : אפוס המקרא

Story translated from ancient clay tablets by Mule, edited by Edit-Brah, original art by Steve

As told by Right Honorable Rev. Mule:
Expert in Biblical Hermeneutics
and Exegesis

Long ago, in ancient times, there was a young shepherd named Mulevid,  a blond giant, strong of muscle, and hung like a camel.  He was the pride of Bethlehem and its resident heartthrob.  There wasn't a shepherdess in the hill country of Judah married or 'maiden' who hadn't felt the tickle of his 'shepherd's staff '.  

Down on plains of Philistia, in the city of Gath, there lived another veritable giant of a man, and the baddest bad-ass of all the Philistines, who were a nation of bad-asses. His name was Goliath.  Now in those troubled times, the five cities of the Philistines enjoyed harassing the peoples of Judah, exacting tribute, slaves and treasure.  They enjoyed raping and pillaging, especially the raping, and this put them on the bad side of Mulevid, who saw Judah pussy as being HIS dominion. So you know Mulevid and Goliath were going to rock and roll, and it wouldn't be pretty.

Now one day an army of Philistines had lined up ready for the annual foray into Judah.  They were looking particularly rapey that year, and the Jews of Judah feared terribly for the fate of their sheep and a distant second and third for their wives and daughters, because that is how things rolled back then, when men were men, women served men, and livestock were nervous.  So the Jews argued among themselves as was their want...and then decided.
"Better call Saul" which is what they did.


Saul was the "King" of Judah and Israel, which in those days didn't mean a heck of a lot, he was basically a glorified camel-jockey sheikh with a few more sheep, cattle and wives than the rest of the clowns. Still he knew a lot of shit, and his peeps respected him. Before Saul became Chief Dude, the Hebrews had been ruled over by a bunch of pin-striped refs called Judges, until the fans clamored for the Jews to get all professional like the rest of the teams in the Levant League.  Saul ruled out of a place called Gibeah, which called itself a city, but was a little  shitpile of a village with delusions of grandeur.

Saul gathered a great host to finally stand up to the Philistine marauders, but great host didn't mean a heck of a lot of men in those days, so basically it was Saul's squad up against a squad of knuckle-draggers from Philistia. Saul's squad was looking pretty damn sharp this season and  Samuel who was a "prophet" and manager out of the head office, really thought they had a shot at the Levant title.

So the two squads started their typical pre-match catcalls, and confidence among Saul's homies was pretty high, sure they might have been all around 5'2" tall, but that was normal back in that era, and those dudes were on fleek!

Now the Philistines were all around 5' 4" and more muscular than the Jew-boys but they were a rather undisciplined squad and unfocused, like a bunch of prima donna NBA all-stars, good as individuals but overall lacking team cohesion. The team from Judah, in contrast,was like a well oiled machine. They had been training real hard and were highly motivated.

So things were finally looking good for Team Judah when out of his tent steps the Philistine all-state champ: standing over 7' tall, Goliath of Gath.  This dude was a mountain of twisted sinew glistening like polished bronze and solid as iron.  Saul and his boys literally shat their loin cloths and called Time Out.

Now Mulevid, youngest son of Jesse, had been sent to the battle by his father to bring Goaterade, or whatever sports drink they drank back then, out to his older brothers.  Now Mulevid was a fine specimen of  manhood, towering over the other goat herders at an impressive 6'3" tall. When Goliath was not on the scene, he was considered the resident giant.  The only reason he hadn't made the squad was because all the other players were all jealous of him, so Coach Saul thought it would sap morale if Mulevid played. However with Goliath in the game, Saul knew they needed their biggest, baddest guy on their team if they were going to have ANY hope of victory.  

Saul called Time-Out and ducked into his tent to change his
 loin cloth.

"You wanted to see me, Coach?"--asked Mulevid.

"We need to counter Goliath, 
 Mulevid, and you're the biggest Jew in the United Kingdom
 of  Judah and Israel."

"Damn, what they been feeding this guy"

I'm gonna kick your cute ass all the way to Bethlehem
 and back.....
(click on image to make it full sized)

Mulevid saw the Goliath-inspired abject terror in the eyes of Saul's squad when he strutted up to the line of scrimmage. His nose wrinkled from the stench of fecal matter as he realized all the other guys had shat themselves with fear.  He stepped forward to issue challenge.

"Hey you, dickless got a mighty small pecker for a giraffe!" How Mulevid knew about Giraffes, was unclear.

"Wwwut?" sputtered the colossus in disbelief, he was not used to being spoken to by Jew-boys...well other than things like: "Please, stop... mercy....I surrender..."

Dressed in his simple tunic, carrying a sling and some stones in a pouch and his massive "shepherd's staff" in his loin cloth, Mulevid approached Goliath. The giant cursed at him, hurling threats and insults. Mulevid handed his sling and stones to this useless AFC named David, who haled from the same village of as he, and pulled off his tunic displaying an impressive wall of pectoral muscles that gave the Judean squad renewed hope and many of them the bonus of boners to boot.

Mulevid took a knee and said to the Philistine: "You think you all that, but you ain't shit! I come against you in the name of the Big Man upstairs...can I get an amen to that boys..."

Mulevid's teammates gave a hearty "Amen

Mulevid continued: "...the big man upstairs, whom you have defied and displeased with your insolent rousting of his chosen dudes ... today I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds of the air ... and the whole world will know that Israel rules and Philistia drools...cuz God Hisself is our general manager, and he will give all you stinking heathens into our hands."

The men of Judah cheered, because nothing got those backward shepherds more riled up than some good Sabbath-style preachin' and Mulevid knew how to sermonize.

"The only stench I detect is the stank from your team soiling their loin cloths" snorted back Goliath and his squad cried in response.
"Oh snap!"

Mulevid jumped to his feet:  "Nothing like the stank from your mother's festering cunt, when she oozed you out like the big glob of YELLOW puss you are!"

Mule's teammates gasped.  EVERYONE knows you don't bring a Philistine's mother into shit-talking, that really riles 'em! But Mulevid was young and he had let his emotions get out ahead of his brain.

Goliath saw red and charged! His feet thundering across the ground like a stampeding herd of elephants.  Mulevid mouthed the words "Oh shit"

Goliath was well over seven feet tall and over a quarter ton of rock solid muscle.   He looked at his opponent  Mulevid, clearly just boy but a phenomenal one, a hulk who seemed to be a smaller version of Goliath himself. "I'm gonna make short shrift of this punk-ass Israelite who dares to defy ME!"--the Philistine Titan fumed.

"Oh shit!"

"I'm gonna make short shrift of this punk-ass Israelite who
 dares to defy ME!

Meanwhile the Hebrew behemoth blinked at the sheer size of his opponent.  The brutal foe was bigger than he had thought possible.  Standing at his full height,  he was only eye level to the huge crevice between the Philistine Giant's bulging pectorals, a space deep enough for Mulevid's entire head. 

"I got to find out out what supplements this Goliath is taking
 and get me some, hope they aren't pork or shellfish based!"

 Goliath's abs rose full inches off his waist, looking as large and as hard as roofing tiles.  The Colossus of Gath's arms were nearly as big as the Israelite's mammoth thighs, and his legs were like  the most ancient tree trunks of the famed cedars of Lebanon. 

The Giant of Gath may have been big, but he was not lumbering, that dude was as  fast as a Levantine gazelle

"I am going to pound you into humus, you Judean goat

"You never face the likes of  me before, Philistine!"

"You are just a little less runty than the other Judean runts,
no big deal! I'll still make you squeal like a pig"

Suddenly Mulevid felt his arms pulled back behind him and hot breath searing the top of his head and peaked traps.  Immense pain thundered through his shoulders and back in the wrenching moment.  Instinctively the Hebrew jerked away but an overwhelming force restrained him, and this stupefied the youth.  

Suddenly Mulevid felt his arms pulled back behind him and
 hot breath searing the top of his head and peaked traps.

"Get ready to hear your boy, Mulevid, scream like a girl!"

"What were you saying about my mother,

Mulevid was simply not used to ANYONE matching, much less overcoming his legendary strength. The 411 on Mulevid among the Hebrew homies, was that the kid was the next Samson.  Samson was an all-of-famer from back in the day, whose trademark was sporting a ridiculous mane all tucked up in a man-bun.  Mulevid, in contrast, was styling a kick-ass fade.   

Anywho...Goliath had got Mulevid all twisted up in a chicken wing wrassling hold.  The young shepherd felt his pecs stretch with the shock.  His shoulders tendons  strained and he felt his very biceps being pulled from his bones.   Mulevid tensed  so as to drag his arms forward but nothing happened.  Goliath chuckled and disdainfully hawked a loog on the back of the kid's neck.  Goliath flexed his own monstrous pecs and crunched Mulevid's arms further back.  The kid had never experienced strength. nor pain on this level before.  But instead of panicking, Mulevid just got angrier. 

"Damn I kicked him in the groin and nearly broke my foot!"

"Here let me massage your foot for you Mulevid, you like your
 toes facing your face?"

"Damn it Mulevid, get up, you are letting down the whole

"STILL,The reigning heavy weight champion of the Levant!" 

"Reigning ass of Camel, more like it"
 sneered Mulevid derisively

Goliath dragged the lad up into the air by just the kid's arms, and then pounded him feet first down onto the desert floor.  Mulevid had locked his knees under him but hit  the soft ground with such an impact that he sank into the sand up to his thick thighs.   With a contemptuous grunt, the mighty giant yanked the shepherd up and out of the sand.   Mulevid strained with all his power, but Goliath forced his hands together and tried to crush the lad's wrists. Goliath wanted to break the Jew-boy's big arms but Goliath himself was breathing heavily already, his own arms feeling the strain. This had never happened to the Philistine before!
"How could this boy's arms, so much smaller than my own, contain such power!?"  thought the giant. 

Goliath was starting to labor just to hold on to Mulevid, the Philistine's now trembling arms, swelling with fury and popping angry-looking veins.  The Giant of Gath and Mulevid struggled together, slippery sweat beading up on both bodies. Goliath realized that Mulevid's bones were iron hard, his tendons tough and that he was even stronger than he looked.  "But no one was stronger than Goliath!" Yet just as he had that thought,  to the Giants shock, he felt the boy actually pull his arms free.

As the Hebrew freed himself,  he got a kick in the ass from Goliath that sent him sprawling face forward into the sand.  

The muscles in the lad's arms and shoulders were firing in pain and cramping with exhaustion.  The shepherd's face scraped along the abrasive sand leaving a bloody streak.  Sand had also gotten in the kid's eye, near blinding him.  He vaguely saw the giant stride over and straddle him raising his fists in victory, to the roar of the Philistine crowd.  "Still reigning heavyweight champion of the Levant" the boastful giant roared to the acclaim of the Philistines. "Reigning ass of Camel, more like it" sneered Mulevid derisively as he kicked his foot in Goliath's crotch.  But the giant had girded his loins and weathered the impact, where as Mulevid's foot throbbed with pain.  "Let me massage that foot for you Jew-boy!" the Philistine offered sarcastically.  "You like your toes facing your face, right?" he said giving the foot a twist.  "You uncircumsized son of a camel!" came Mulevid's response.  The powerful Philistine using the leg as a handle, flipped Mulevid's imposing bulk over like he was spinning a shish kabob and then slid him forward like he was playing shuffle board, and Mulevid's face was again sliding through the coarse sand scratching off skin, and blinding him.

The shepherd let the stinging sweat from his brow wash out the irritating sand from his eyes, as he rose painfully to his knees.  The Hebrew could hear the Philistines cheer for more of his blood, while the Israelite homies undaunted by his fall, cheered on his prowess.

"I told you it was a mistake to put Mulevid in! I could of taken
 that big Gathite galoot!"
whispered David.

Mulevid stumbled to his shaky feet, and blearily saw the Giant standing, fists on his hips, laughing in deep booming derision.  

Mulevid staggered forward, and blindly slammed his fist into Goliath's rock hard abs, only to feel his fist almost shatter like the tablets of Moses.   Agony blazed up his arm and exploded in his brain.   Goliath laughed harder and patted his belly.  Mulevid swung around and kicked the Philistine's abs as hard as he could,  and what would have killed any other living thing merely made the Colossus fold over with a grunt sending a blast of air and spray of spit out his gaping maw.  

Mulevid had knocked the wind out of the beast, but paid a price. His kicking leg exploded in pain.  It had been like kicking a stone wall and it felt to Mulevid like he had broken his knee.  He fell to the ground, howling and grabbing the throbbing joint.  But being a bad-ass he shook it off, and slowly rose.  As he did, Goliath socked him in the jaw, sending the Judean flying ten feet and onto his ass, and skidding five more feet after he landed.  

Mulevid stood tried to clear his  head but suddenly the Giant was all over him.  He first softened the Hebrew up with a series of devastating blows. Until the kid was staggering punch drunk on rubber legs.

 Then Goliath swung back one massive fist  in a great arc and

Mulevid was back on his big muscular ass once again.

Mulevid was back on his big  muscular ass once again.  Suddenly the Jew-boy  had thighs as big as mountains enveloping his body and pressing him down.  He struggled desperately for breath and pushed vainly against the distending columns of muscle that wrapped around him.  His head knocked against something enormous coiled under Goliath's loincloth.  Mulevid was paralyzed by the huge legs that now were trying to crack his bones as if they were Passover Matzo crackers. The kid couldn't budge.  So he used his sledgehammer fists to pound the rock hard legs, but only succeeded in bruising his hands until his knuckles bled.  The Philistines cheered and the Hebrews watched in stunned silence.

Still as  much as he flexed his mighty legs and as hard as he would strain, Goliath could not crush the resilient shepherd.  Goliath marveled at the pressure Mulevid's fortress of a chest could resist. However he was confident in ultimately wearing the kid down.

Suddenly skidding around, Goliath flung himself on Mulevid, snaking his arms under and around Mulevid's head respectively, bending Mulevid's head forward and cramming it into the sand with a full nelson.  The shepherd's thick dense traps fought back as he powered down his arms in an epic struggled against Goliath's rippling forearms.  The Giant's legs extended out wide  as he maneuvered  to squash the squirming Hebrew into the sandy ground. 

Mulevid could feel Goliath's fingers unlace behind his head as he finally powered out.  Quick as a hare, Mulevid launched a series of rapid fire jabs into the Philistine's big stupid face.

The giant flipped Mulevid over and grabbed him.

Before Mulevid could follow up with coup de grace punch, the Giant lunged forward as the kid was winding his fist back, and flipped him over and grabbed him.  Suddenly jumping up, Goliath heaved him overhead into his signature closer:  "The Gath Back Torment",  revived 3100 years later by Lex Luger as "The Human Torture Rack".  

The Gath Back Torment was Goliath's
 signature finishing move.
The Judean was shown no mercy!

"I guess this isn't our season after all boys, Mulevid is not looking so good!"

"They are usually crying for their momma's at this point,
why isn't this Jew-boy crying for his momma?"

"Damn, did the kid just piss on me?"

 Goliath brought Mulevid up and down on his mile wide shoulders like the kid was a mere spear employed in morning calisthenics. Then shifting one hand to grab an iron grip on the lad's balls, he wrapped the other hand over Mulevid's head, and he started to bend him like an iron bar.  Mulevid's spent back was straining with all the strength the kid had left  against he Giant's arms and lats,  but was clearly losing.  The Philistines were rhythmically chanting: "Go-li-ath,  Go-li-ath, Go-li-ath" as they prepared for their champion's foreordained triumph.

The rock hard creviced delts and traps of of Goliath unrelentingly punished Mulevid's muscles. But the kid could also feel the Giant's arms tremble wildly, "So there was a limit to Goliath's strength after all!" he thought.

Goliath as if reading the Hebrew's mind suddenly changed course, and with dizzying speed, he hurled Mulevid up  and them slammed him down against his knee in the  "Philistine backbreaker" closer that usually came a bit later in Goliath's signature finishing routine. Mulevid groaned in pain from the punishment of the backbreaker, as his hard muscles bent under the pressure.  Goliath threw the shattered Hebrew off his knee like he was flicking off a dead sand fly,  in a gesture of utter contempt.

"Go-li-ath,  Go-li-ath, Go-li-ath"

Goliath remained crouched as if thinking, then he rose his feet  just as the bruised and battered shepherd was also beginning to rise.  It dawned on Mulevid that the ogre of a Philistine while long on brawn was short on brains. He was growing confused by the Hebrew's continued resistance.  The pinhead Goliath couldn't find a weak spot, and this was playing havoc with his limited brainpower. Yeah, he was strong enough to throw the kid around like a ragdoll,  but Mulevid was proving to be tougher than he thought possible, and was taking everything he could dish out.  The Giant was wearing down, while Mulevid was feeling his strength coming back as he caught a second wind. Goliath could see Mulevid's muscles pump up as blood flowed through them.

"My God is pumping my muscles back is that Dagon working out for you, Philistine?  Not so much, eh?"  Mulevid mocked with Hebraic condescension.

"Amen, brother." cried out his Judean brethren, at last regaining some hope.

"At least my god has a NAME!" retorted Goliath

"Ours has a name, it just is to too cool for shule and unfit for profane Philistine tongues." Mulevid rejoined to the cheers of his homies. 

"We shall see who worships the stronger god goatfucker, let's go again one on one in a test of strength. Dagon will back these magnificent muscles," he said with a double biceps flex.  "and your punk-ass Hebrew god can back those puny swellings of yours!"

"Da-gon!  Da-gon! Da-gon!" cried the Philistine scrubs behind Goliath.  "Ad-on-oi!  Ad-on-oi! Ad-on-oi!" chanted the Judeans behind Mulevid

Goliath put his hands up in the universal challenge to a test of strength.  Mulevid accepted, and laced his fingers with the Philistine's. Their arms locked as each hand tried to crush the other to pulp.  

Mulevid to the surprise of the Philistines and the delight of the Judeans gained a momentary advantage. The tide seemed to be turning in the Youth's favor as he slammed the Giant hard down on the ground.  "Who da man, now?  Who da man?"  He said in colloquial Hebrew.  The Giant gave the boastful Hebrew a powerful kick in the abs sending him  back onto his ass.  As they both struggled to their feet, the Philistine gave a delayed answer to Mulevid punctuated by an impressive double biceps flex.  "I STILL am the man little boy, I STILL am the man!"

The Giant tried to pull the Israelite off his feet, but he remained rooted. Goliath knew that he would be shamed if he was seen to fail against this Israelite punk, a cut-cock fornicator of sheep, backed by a stupid nameless god, a god who didn't even have proper statues like a classy deity such as Dagon.  If he could not beat a mere JUDEAN, than the crowd would turn on him and he would become a laughingstock throughout Philistia, if not the entire Levant.  So  with a burst of superhuman energy, he tried to force the shepherd to his knees.

Mulevid felt his knees strain and back bend under the onslaught, but instead of falling as Goliath expected, the Judean yanked the startled Giant forward.  Goliath tried to let go but Mulevid held his hands tight and jerked him again, hard.  In desperation, Goliath head butted the Hebrew, causing him to see stars and Mulevid let go and staggered back stargazing. 

As Mulevid raised his hand to his throbbing discombobulated head, Goliath clasped both his massive hands to Mulevid's huge shotput bicep, and tried to crush it.  The Hebrew just sneered and flexed his bicep.  

Goliath squeezed the hardened muscle.  Mulevid's bicep engorged, the bulging muscle forcing the powerful fingers off of the pumped peaks.  Goliath immediately crushed back, and dragged the shepherd's arm around and put him into a chicken wing, using one knee to force his hand up and increasing the pressure on the Judean's iron hard muscle.

Pain blinded Mulevid for a moment but then instinct took over, and with a yell, he flipped Goliath up and on to his back swinging him around in a 360.  No one had ever lifted Goliath off the ground  before, and he whooped in surprise and near panic as he spun.  The Hebrew staggered forward and flipped the behemoth down,  then landing on top of him hard, so that both of the titans were seeing stars.

Mulevid was clearly as stunned as the Philistine he had dropped.  As the muscle giants lay on the sand shaking their heads to clear the cobwebs, Goliath growled "I killed an elephant with my fist, boy..."  Mulevid snarled back "Well  I killed TWO of them..." although he wasn't sure what an elephant was....

Mulevid wrapped his arm around Goliath's head while the Hebrew tried to pull up the Philistine's leg with his other arm. The Giant gasped as he felt his massive leg actually pulled up by Mulevid's arm.  His jaw dropped when he saw the Hebrew's bicep peak and saw the kid's forearm rival his leg with its dense river of sinew.  Goliath cried out and strained visibly to lower his leg,  But he couldn't overpower the shepherd's arm. Instead, the Giant used huge punches to the Judean's ribs to force Mulevid to release him.   The hammer blows of the Philistine's gargantuan fists succeeded in tenderizing the Hebrew's arm-beef, forcing him to release his hold. Goliath shoved me away as he scrambled away from the Hebrew and back to his feet.

The spectators knew that Goliath was now desperate, and that knowledge burned into his proud, heretofore undefeated ego.  There was fear in the giant's eyes.  Something the Philistines had never seen before, and it was they who grew silent as the cheers of the Shepherd's fanbase intensified

The Giant charged, hammering a colossal fist into the youth's chest like a battering ram. Mulevid staggered back from the impact, but infused with adrenaline energy (or the power of God as he would have put it) he shook off the blow that would have felled a normal man.   The Hebrew came back with a series of punches to Goliath's abs. Ignoring the pain to his fists from hitting the rock hard muscle, Mulevid 's pain was rewarded as he felt the Philistine's abs begin to quiver and give way under his relentless assault.  

Goliath retaliated by slamming his fists down into the s back like a blacksmith hammering an anvil, but while Mulevid, hunched over into an old man crouch from the compelling impact, kept slamming away with his fists feeling the Giant's defenses beginning to weaken.  "He will have to yield soon!" thought the Hebrew.

Goliath knew it too and with great force brought up his knee into Mulevid's abs which in the Hebrew's crouch were near parallel to the ground.  He kneed the shepherd so hard in the abs that he sent the Judean peddling back until he hit some sort of square stone pillar all that remained from the ruins of some ancient Canaanite town.  It was carved with the figures of long forgotten kings, and now further decorated with Mulevid's blood.  It was about two feet thick and ten feet high. Goliath advanced on the stunned Shepherd, but as he  threw a punch, Mulevid had recovered enough to duck, and the Colossus slammed his fist into the stone column instead, causing it to collapse into large stone blocks. The Judean could feel the shock waves as the pylon few apart and the Giant's arm made a resounding crack.  The Colossus seemed like a ceramic jar that had tumbled and broken into shards. He hopped about holding out a shattered hand figuratively burning with excruciating brain-scrambling pain. Goliath's giant face looking even stupider and more oafish than usual.

A shattered hand,
burning with pain

 While the Philistine was pre-occupied, Mulevid grabbed one of the huge blocks and shoved it into Goliath's chest, driving him back.  He then hurled the huge stone block against the mountainous pecs of the Colossus in a shattering blow that sent the battered Goliath reeling. 

The battered Giant reached down, and grabbed the offending stone block, lifting it high above his head.  He threw the block at Mulevid.  Instead of dodging or letting it hitting him, the Youth amazingly caught it, although the impact still forced him to stumble back and go down to one knee.  Mulevid stood back up, the stone block overhead, and hurled it back at Goliath.  The Giant held up both his arms and the solid rock block broke in half across his massive forearms, both halves plowing into the screaming spectators behind him.

The tide turns momentarily in Mulevid's favor!

"Who da man, now?  Who da man?"  He said in colloquial

The Philistine was down but not out

Mulevid was clearly exhausted from his efforts and his body seem to sag as he faced his Philistine adversary.  Goliath noticed this and while a moment before a ruin himself, was energized and charged crying.  "Doom of Dagon!"  Goliath arrived at the gape-mouthed Judean, raised his arms higher, to bring them down like giant hammers on the youth's sagging shoulders, the Philistine's face showing frustration, hatred, and rage.  Just before they landed with  a death blow,  Mulevid came to life and moving with the speed of lightening caught both his opponent's wrists.  The force still pushed Mulevid to both knees where where he glimpsed his foe was  tenting his loin cloth with a nearly fully erect cock in all the proportion one would expect an seven foot quarter ton giant.  Mulevid was distracted and frankly a bit titillated by the prodigious monument to masculine virility and power.  This gave Goliath a chance, since the Judean was still holding the Philistine's wrists, to use Mulevid's  own hold as leverage to pull the youth up off the ground.  Mulevid let go, hoping to fall free, but the giant  grabbed him, wrapping his arms around the youth and locking his wrists together behind the Hebrew's back.

Goliath held the lad aloft, his two feet dangling a foot off the ground, as he squeezed the shepherd in a devastating bearhug that crushed the hapless Hebrew deeply against the Philistine's cobblestone abs so that the Gathite's tectonic pecs swallowed the Judean's head.  The Philistine drew a deep breath and flexed his entire torso so as to crush Mulevid's head between his twin mounds of nippled masculine power.  

He ground Mulevid's body into his unyielding belly. Mulevid was tormented by the both crushing and smothering becoming light headed from the lack of air. Trapped in the bearhug and beginning to lose consciousness, the shepherd suddenly felt Goliath's massive cock fully engorge.  It forced his legs apart as it rose, hard and thick.  This Dick of Death was seeking the lad's Hebraic ass.  It began forcing the shepherd's muscled ass cheeks apart, somehow being supernaturally guided to the panicking youth's quivering asshole, lubricating a path with pre cum as it mercilessly sought out its ripe target.  The cockhead began its penetration wreaking havoc with Mulevid's virginal sphincter.  His ass screamed with pain and outrage at the unspeakable violation. There was no way he would survive a full assault by that uncut monster cock.  The Judean would clearly die on that impaling heathen uncircumcised ramrod; he would be ripped in half and literally fucked to death.  Mulevid found his own prodigious fuckpole swelling at the excitement of the impending peril, driving a wedge between him and the Colossus allowing him a few gasps of much needed air.

Oily sweat drenched both Titans,  with a fear of  fatal Priapan impalement fueling a surge of power.  Mulevid wrestled his arms free of Goliath's vise-like bearhug, although he still had the lad's body trapped in his massive arms.  The Judean secured one of his own massive arms around Goliath's thick lower back, and flexed his bicep into iron shattering hardness.  The shepherd pushed his other free hand up into the Philistine's colossal pectoral muscles.   Nothing moved but a few vertebrae in Goliath's back. The Giant was breathing hard, gulping for breaths, straining hard to overcome Mulevid's surging power. 

Sinew against sinew, the battle of the Titans raged

Mulevid attempted to choke out the Philistine


  The Judean's strength was stretched to the utmost resisting the bearhug but the Philistine's body simply grew harder than ever, his back barely caving inward from the shepherd's desperate exertions.  His tough skull could feel Goliath's pecs begin to spasm.  Both titans were tiring, but it was do or die for the Hebrew as he was the one still largely trapped in the Philistine's unrelenting embrace of arms and cock.  He exploded every muscle as he fought his way free. Mulevid clenched his glutes tight around the cock trying to work its way to his asshole.  It stemmed the deadly advance and gave the the shepherd a barrage of sensations, not all unpleasant.

Next he used his head to shove up against the living rock of quivering pec around his head.  Goliath suddenly felt his back bend and yield under Mulevid's  desperation strength.  The Giant's eyes widened as he tried to resist but Mulevid bent him back even farther.  The Judean ground Philistine cock with ass cheeks of iron as his own Hebraic fuckpole surged in size.   The Philistine cock beat a hasty retreat, as Mulevid began to overcome the larger man head to toe, forcing him backward.  The shepherd stretched the Giant backward over his knee, digging it into his giant back muscles as the routed Philistine yielded to the backbreaker, muscles failing, unable to resist and forced to accept their inevitable destruction.  Goliath shook uncontrollably under the relentless, inexorable pressure generated by the Hebrew.  

Goliath yielded to the backbreaker

Slowly, ever so slowly, Mulevid's forced Goliath's once iron edifice of bone and sinew into rubbery submission.   Goliath emitted a howl of outraged pain and bewilderment.  Mulevid kept bending the Giant's mighty back until Goliath was almost bent double over his arm with deep penetration by the shepherd's knee.  With a roar the youth made a final assault on Goliath.  The Philistine shrieked and flailed.  Finally his back caved and shattered.  With a huge crack like a limb of a tree breaking, Goliath's spine snapped and his immense muscles quivered and seized.  As Mulevid prepared to let go so that the broken Colossus could go TIMBER, like a axe-felled cedar in the mountains of Lebanon,  JUST then a slingstone crashed into the forehead of the already pulverized and paralyzed Goliath, dousing whatever remaining embers of life still burned in the crumbling Colossus.

"No way am I going to let that cuckold-maker Mulevid get
 the glory for this!"

The back of the Philistine was crumbling from the pressure.

"Where's your Dagon now, you Philistine camelcock-sucker!"

As Mulevid prepared to release the broken Goliath,
 a slingstone hit the Giant in the forehead

Mulevid looked up to hear the punk-ass double-dealing David jumping up down yelling that HE had killed Goliath with his sling, "That is MY damn sling," thought Mulevid.  " ...and damn if the Judeans were not congratulating that baby-dicked David, as if HE was the hero rather than Mulevid. I guess I shouldn't have fucked all of their wives." the shepherd mused bitterly, trying to figure out the strange turn of events as he turned from hero to zero.

punk-ass double-dealing David claimed that HE had killed Goliath with his sling

The Philistine squad had meanwhile turned tail and fled, as Saul came up and with his royal sword cut off the head of Goliath.  He then presented the trophy to the "man of the hour"...DAVID,

Saul presented the trophy to the "man of the hour"...DAVID

 and  the Hebrews marched off carrying David on their shoulders in victorious triumph.  Mulevid, with a WTF expression seemingly permanently etched in his face, slumped down on his exhausted ass in the sand, and wondered what posterity would make of all of this.  

Mulevid had gone from HERO to ZERO

!?מה לעזאזל , חבר ?  מה לעזאזל 
(What the fuck, dudes?  WHAT THE FUCK?!)