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Mulezan Part Six: Mulezan and the Jungle Tyrant Fight to the Death

Continued from Mulezan Part Five: The Sex Fight


The Hunter could not get Mulezan out of his mind.  He had trouble bedding his wives of Lemoftuland.   This was becoming a problem, to distract himself, he set out to discover more of that Bosneger who had tried to kill him.  He knew he was called Mpeke and was a Lemoftu, so now he was in a position to learn all he could of this uppity native, and who had sent him.  He discovered that he worked for De Paard and so he just naturally assumed the Commandant had ordered his assassination.  "Leave it to that sneaky Ostender to try and back-stab me!  Well I don't leave my assassinations to others. I will kill that bastard myself."

Sorry De Paard, but you are no match for me!

I call this maneuver, THE PYTHON!

Good, good, De Paard, give me some fight,
I don't want it to be TOO EASY!

Your spine makes satisfying cracking sounds,
really turns me on!
You thought you could cross ME?  I am Jacob Fuckin' van
Should I rape you before I kill you, De Paard, would you
 like that? I bet you would!
Naw, I think I will just kill you and be done with you, you
treacherous, backstabbing piece of shit!
Freddy here will make sure your body will never be found,
 you will be just another careless European lost to the jungle!
Adieu, De Paard!
Feeding time!
Nobody messes with Jacob van Rijswijck!

Such a tragic accident, but the jungle is a rough place, I shall
 have to report that Major De Paard was tragically gone

Léon Fiévez summoned van Rijswijck from the Jungles, into his office in Boma.  "I see from your report that Commandant De Paard has gone missing.  I see you suspect he fell victim to crocodiles, but I believe it likely he was killed by that Mulezan character. If you catch my drift!

  We will never have peace in my district as long as that jungle devil is around to stir up discontent, and the temerity to assassinate an official of the crown, that simply cannot be tolerated... bring me his head, and you will be the new Commandant of the zone, the effective governor of Lemoftuland and The Ukotho in the eyes of the Crown, as well as self-styled King of those and you will be sent back to the jail from which I liberated you.  Do I make myself clear!"  

Lust was a second place emotion to ambition in the mind of Jacob van Rijswijck. It was a pity, but it was either him or Mulezan, and Jacob liked his own head on his neck more than he loved Mulezan.


 Mulezan was a pale version of the mighty man he had once been. Only a couple of months ago, The Hunter had attacked nearly every part of his body and destroyed it with amazing efficiency, but his greatest attack had come in the form of a violent, humiliating rape that had devastated Mulezan’s mind and noble spirit. Mulezan had garnered some of that spirit back in his victory over the Hunter in the  Sex Fight, but he was still not at the level of his former self.  Even Jane had noticed, and she had kicked him out of their treehouse to go live with his Bonobo family until he was the man she had fallen in love with in the Lair of the Ivory King

Mulezan woke from his sleep and continued his great survey of the Ukotho with Tantor, his great  Bonobo friend and "brother". Mulezan started to speak, but Tantor gestured him to be silent.  Then when Mulezan signaled  Why?  Tantor did a pantomime that told Mulezan they were being hunted.   Mulezan gestured:  "Leopard?"  and Tantor made a two fingered walking movement with his fingers.  They  were being hunted by someone who walked on two legs.  Was The Hunter after him again?  Mulezan guessed that the Sex Fight had not been as conclusive as he had thought.  They continued on, cautiously, on the lookout for traps or an ambush. But Jacob had prepared this one so carefully, even Mulezan had been unable to detect it.  But fortunately Tantor had not been caught in the pit as well.  But it was a deep pit, and Mulezan had taken a hard fall. 

 When next he awoke, Mulezan was lying on his back on the jungle floor. He felt water hitting his naked body. He heard the monkeys and felt their small hands rubbing leaves on his naked form. When he felt water enter his mouth, he swallowed instinctively. Slowly, after a few more hours, everything came back to him. He moved his throbbing arms, swung his ravaged body around and slowly stood on his mighty legs.

Mulezan stood, surrounded by his worried Jungle friends. Within seconds, he fell back down. When he next awoke, it was morning. He propped himself up. In the bright eastern sun, he was able to look his mighty body up and down. Nothing was broken and his muscles had begun to recover slowly. His legs, which escaped relatively unscathed, still looked like they had been chiseled out of granite, but the rest of him was still painfully devastated.

For several days, the jungle took care of its hero. Mulezan was fed, bathed and protected from any who might seek to exact revenge on the once-mighty Jungle King. Mulezan’s body was constantly caressed and, under his experienced direction, covered in leaves and balms of the jungle, healing his wounds with miraculous efficiency.

Eventually, Mulezan felt strong enough to travel, he knew The Hunter would return to finish the job, and he had to move to a better spot to encounter his nemesis again.. He was probably at 70%, but that would have to be enough.  Mulezan listened to the chatter of the monkeys, The Hunter had withdrawn to the savanna, but Mulezan was sure, the cur would be back to finish the job. He needed to get a head start on him, and pick terrain more to his advantage  He was travelling slowly because of his injuries, but he was sure that the Hunter would proceed with caution, wary  of the animal allies of Mulezan. 

Mulezan stretched his glorious body, sending blood through his muscles and pumping them back to their powerful dimensions. OW! He felt agony, but a good agony. It meant he was alive. The pain subsided in moments. He would need to work through a plan. He was sore, weaker than his opponent, naked and weaponless. Not a good beginning, but using stealth, perhaps he could surprise one The Hunter and gain advantage. As for the strength, Mulezan would have to hope his adrenaline would carry him through.

Another problem came to mind. Mulezan fought against the memory, but it was true. the Hunter had broken him, not just physically, but mentally. Mulezan knew that, despite what he tried to believe, he had actually given in to The Hunter at the end. He had actually acceded to being sodomized toward the end. Mulezan remembered the exchange:

The Hunter looked Mulezan squarely in the eyes, as he bent the Jungle Lord back, legs splayed in the air, piercing him with a look that penetrated deep into his soul. He drank in Mulezan's pain and submission. He opened his lips slowly and licked them. Mulezan’s body bucked forward, trying to reach those rough lips. the Hunter laughed with a deep throaty chuckle, his eyes twinkled and seemed to ask: "Mulezan …my broken, savage bitch. Are ya ready for another round?

“ … yes …” Mulezan meekly replied with his eyes, completely lost in his conqueror’s power. He had been filled not only with subservient submission to the Belgian but febrile desire.

Sure he had beaten the Hunter in the Sex Fight , but that was a different sort of competition..If confronted with the Hunter again in life or death struggle, could he count on his rational mind to stir his fighting spirit once again?  He knew for the sake of the Ukotho, he had to fight and defeat the Belgian, yet a part of him longed for the fighter, he had felt the power of desire for the Hunter first because he had bested him, and secondly because he had not totally been aloof from the passions of the sex fight, Jacob had not been the only one who had caught feelings that day. Dare he even admit that he even felt the burning embers of love for the man who had violated his Jungle as solidly as he had violated his own person?  He must strike that all from his mind and focus, Even a moment’s hesitation when hearing the Hunter’s rich, powerful voice could be deadly.

Mulezan began the slow trek through the jungle.   He had fashioned a loincloth woven from grass and leaves.  He looked down at himself. The garment were tight enough to hold him in place. At the back, he could feel the scratchy fibers wedged up his ruptured ass crack, splitting his perfect round glutes and causing pain as he moved...


Jacob had noted that his trap had been set, but had been disappointed that whoever or whatever was inside had escaped.  He studied the tracks leading away.  Ape and human footprints...undoubtedly those of Mulezan, who else was friends with apes. He  realized his prey had not been dragged or carried off, Mulezan had headed off on his own power, although he was clearly favoring his left leg.   His trap had caught Mulezan.  Damn but that ape had freed him.  He would follow the tracks, and would eventually circle around to catch his prey  in an ambush.  He kept himself on high alert against animal and native foes.  After two days of pursuit, it became clear where Mulezan was headed, toward the village of his friend Bondeko.  

The Flemish trophy hunter knew he had to intercept Mulezan long before he reached the safety of that sanctuary, he did not want to take on a host of  Watu Wakweli warriors in addition to Mulezan.  Jacob van Rijswijck may be arrogant, but he was not foolhardy! He had come alone without allies or native bearers, so he would not have to share the reward, nor be slowed by a cumbersome supply train, but that meant his options were limited, and the dangers magnified.  No one however, ever had concluded that van Rijswijck lacked phenomenal courage, of an order that rivaled his cruelty.

So The Hunter broke from the trail followed by Mulezan, and used his greater speed to  circle around and intercept Mulezan in an ambush, well distant from his human allies.

Jacob trekked through the forest before camping for the night, it was then that he ran into Bondeko, who alerted by the monkeys, had come in search of his  wounded friend.


YYAAWWWNNN! It was just after dawn, time to wake up. As it did every day, the sun woke him up. He stood up slowly and stretched his lean muscular body. Sleep left him and blood flowed through his veins, invigorating him. AAHH! It felt great every morning when he awoke. 

  Bondeko listened — silence. This was the quietest time of the day. The jungle was just waking … the creatures of the night were already tucked away in their hideaways and the animals of the day were just stirring. After a few minutes of peaceful reflection, before the idol of Mbombo, 

he heard the monkeys angrily chattering in the canopy.  

Something was wrong!   "Yuileme cansu merateh hiuwala", he said in the mystic syllables of the spirit tongue.  The cries of the monkeys became understandable to him!  A mzungu interloper had beaten Mulezan, his friend needed healing and help!

Who powerful enough to defeat the mighty Mulezan?  He must be a formidable beast, unlike any of the Belgians the Watu Wakweli had hitherto encountered.   He was a great healer, not a mighty warrior on the order of Mulezan....What hope did he have in the face of such a devil to rescue his friend?

A powerful voice spoke in his head, speaking not in the tongue of the Watu Wakweli, but the sacred language of the gods.

"You are more powerful than you even know, Bondeko, there is a reason you and your ancestors have each in turn been called, the Lion of the Ukotho.  In you is the Rohosi-Simba, a powerful lion spirit that will turn you into the most powerful warrior in the jungle.  I will now show you how to invoke this spirit using the Star of Covfefe.  It is not a power to be invoked except in time of greatest need, for once unleashed, it can prove difficult to control."

The shaman, while in his mid-thirties, still looked young and strong as he he stood naked before the greatest of the gems of Opar.   He was very defined and muscular his perfectly smooth skin decorated with pigments and mystical writing.  He was already 6'1" tall and muscular with a lithe. swimmer’s build. His chest and shoulders were broad, but his waist was still narrow. His pecs were incredibly developed — they stood out high and proud from his thin torso. Each of his abs was clearly outlined and they were as hard as granite.  As impressive as he was, it would not be enough.  He spoke the ancient words, just as Mbombo had instructed him, and the Star of Covfefe glowed bright.  He felt, a great tingling throughout his body, which grew in intensity until he was wracked with excruciating pain, unlike he had ever experienced...he black out... and when he came to, he felt strange, like he was in a skin of another.  He walked over to the looking glass, that hung in his hut, a gift from Jane Calloway, and the man he saw before him, it had a vague familiarity to it but it was not one he would recognize as Bondeko.

His shoulders were broader, and his torso packed with more muscle than he had seen on anyone other than Mulezan.  He looked down on his legs, and saw massive tree-trunks of sinew.  He bobbed his head back and forth, trying to take in this transformation.  His long dreadlocks flopped from side to side. He swept it from his face, clearing his eyesight. His hair was adorned with beads and feathers of a strange headress, one that he had only seen in the ancient woodcuts, becoming a shaman of the Watu Wakweli of the times of legend.   Mulezan might be known as the King of the Jungle, but Bondeko was now the Rohosi-Simba, as  formidable warrior  as he was as  a healer and sorcerer. 

He covered his nakedness with his traditional garments, but they barely contained his muscular form and his genitalia, which had also grown proportionally to the rest of him.  He exited his hut, and the stirring villagers looked on him, and gasped.  One woman pointed and cried Rohosi-Simba! and the villagers all fell to their knees and bowed their head before their mystical savior, once only of legend, now come to life.

He acknowledged them with a nod, and called out to the monkeys, to take him to Mulezan, and listening to their confused and often conflicting chatter, set out from the village at a run, his powerful legs moved him at a pace that even the fastest runners of the Ukotho would be hard pressed to keep pace. 

He headed to the ford across the mighty Ukothe-Luaba, the tributary of the Congo that cut across the Ukotho.  Mulezan had been reported by the Monkeys to be on the western side of the valley.  By the time he reached the river, he had already collected a nice selection of fruits and nuts for breakfast. He stopped and lay down on the jungle floor beside the riverbed to eat his repast before fording the river. He thought of how lucky he was. The land was fruitful, and the beasts had proved less troublesome since Mulezan had come to rule the jungle.  He had heard tell of the horrors in the parts of the Congo under Mzungu dominion, and hoped they would never come into his beloved land.  As he lay on his back feeding himself with one hand, with the other he slowly untied his loincloth and pushed it down his thighs to his knees.

He reached down and idly fondled himself. He thought about the day ahead. He first had to find Mulezan, but the gossips of the forest, the monkeys would help with that.  While he naturally couldn't talk with the animals, like Mulezan, he knew ancient incantations that would allow him to act as if he could.  He thought of the magnificent musculature of his friend Mulezan and he became hard. His enhanced male member filled and throbbed, reaching its full-size. He worked himself hard, rubbing and rubbing — his powerful hand squeezing hard on his steel rod. Oh … Oh … his breathing accelerated and he began to feel dizzy.

After a couple of minutes he shot a huge load all over his lean stomach and between his big pecs. The cum-trail ran right from his chin to his navel. He enjoyed the feeling of his seed on his torso for a moment, then he stood, letting it run down his body to the jungle floor.  Part of him wondered how he could take the time to masturbate when his friend needed his aid in haste, but a more powerful, more primal spirit now ruled him, sometimes overcoming his intellect.

He paused before diving into the river and sighed. He had been alone for over three years since the death of his wife, to river crocodile as a shaman, he could not just have any woman, but had to find a mate sanctioned by the gods, and this was a slow and frustrating process, hence Bondeko was incredibly horny, while his unsatiated libido had an amplifying effect on his spiritual powers the yearnings weighed heavily on his mind, plus his ancestors urged him to continue his line.  He, Bondeko, son of Kekoku, son of Koraka, 18th in a line of shamans could not be the last of his line, he  clenched his fists and forced himself to get a hold of himself.  One day his progeny would help steward the Ukotho, as he and his ancestors had. 

He stretched his lithe form and dove into the river. 10 minutes later, he was crossed, and exited, nude and wet from the river.  He could of waded across, but he was wary of crocodiles, and wanted to see what lurked below the surface.  As he strode up the far bank of the river,  his genitals bounced on his legs, swaying as he walked. 

Bondeko started jogging. He ran faster and faster, racing to get to his friend. He  knew Mulezan held the fate of the Ukotho in his mighty hands, and wanted to see friend as soon as he could, he wished he go go swinging on the vines like Mulezan did, — the warm jungle breeze on his body. He looked down as he thought about his virile, muscular friend swingig through the trees and his member came back to life at its fully erect 10".  An amusing thought came to him, with a trunk like that between his legs, maybe he should be called the Elephant of the Ukotho, rather than the lion.  He slowed and stopped at the base of his tree, to catch his breath. He dropped to his knees and began to rub his rock hard member. Damn he needed to get a woman...

Bondeko worked himself back and forth, caressing his erect member with tenderness. When he started to rub his chest, he twisted his nipples and began beating on his chest. He left slap marks on his own chest and picked up the pace. The tender caresses on his tool became a hard tight grip. His forearm pumped up, as every vein on his arm, chest and neck stood out. Bondeko’s breathing became rapid and he started bouncing on his knees. He thrust his hips and started to moan and cry out. Bondeko closed his eyes and braced for the overwhelming feeling that was his orgasm. It was so powerful that when it first happened, he thought he was dying. “Uh, uh, uh,” he moaned. His hips were moving in rhythm, thrusting his member forward as his hand pulled back. His whole body began to shake and he finally erupted.

Oh! Yes!  Bondeko shot out another man-sized load onto the jungle floor. As the juice continued to spurt, his whole body gave into the pleasure. He leaned back, arching himself on his knees until his the top of his head touched the ground behind him. His nipples were fully erect, sticking out half an inch from his hard chest. His abs quaked independently as they flexed. When he was finished, Bondeko fell back onto the jungle ground, brought his legs out from under him and opened his eyes.  Enough of a rest, he had to get back to running through the jungle, to the rescue of his friend Mulezan. 

Bondeko felt his pulse return to normal and he sat up. His body was covered in sweat. He lifted himself up to his feet. Today was the day, he decided. Everything in his life, including his powerful orgasms, was a sign of his virility and potency, the gods of fertility would be sure to take pleasure in his copious offerings, and offer him a wife.  Now that Mulezan had Jane, in addition to Shalla, Ioya and Tethe, Bondeko felt his loneliness more keenly. . Stretching his muscular physique, he prepared to resume his forest run, he covered vast amounts of ground in an incredible amount of time.


Bondeko crept silently through the jungle approaching the camp.  It had taken him a long time, but he thought he had spotted the trail of the Mzungu hunter, he felt the fiend would lead him to Mulezan. Looking out, Bondeko saw a muscular behemoth step out of the jungle after taking a leak, and head to a bedroll set near a campfire of burning coals. 

Bondeko had never seen this mzungu before, but he knew he must be  notorious the evil hunter the tribesman had spoken of. He had the same basic face of the Belgians he had seen, but he was much more powerfully built than any Mzungu he had known, the man was a beast rivaling Mulezan himself!  Well it was to be expected, who else could have defeated the Jungle Lord, but such a white devil as he now beheld.  

His old self could not  have hoped t defeat such a man on his own, and he was glad he had unleashed the spirit of his ancestors, and became the Rohosi-Simba. Perhaps now in his new colossal form, he, Bondeko would be more than a match for this Mzungu invader!

Bondeko felt confident that he could handle him, and moved  to take down his foe.  He wanted to capture and question him about Mulezan and his whereabouts.  Carefully and silently, he lowered himself from the tree where he had observed the encampment, to the ground, Bondeko stepped slowly and silently  toward his target, aiming to catch The Hunter unaware.   He crouched to the side of a bush, when the Mzungu turned and listened for a moment, and waited.  The Belgian turned back to the fire, and Bondeko heard the white devil talking to himself in an odd language, that was not the French he had usually heard the white men speak but something of a different cadence more like the tongue of the Englishwoman, yet somehow different.  The Mzungu appeared not only to be talking to himsellf, but arguing.   Bondeko thought, “Maybe this the Hunter is crazy? Even for a white devil, he acts peculiarly!” But he didn’t care. Satisfied that his prey was alone,  Bondeko continued to wait for the best opportunity.

Within moments, it came, the man stood up and stretched,  and Bondeko stuck his spear in his back. “Don’t move!”  the shaman said, in heavily accented French, hoping he had gotten the phrasing right, from his lessons with Jane

What?” The Hunter asked, in a shocked tone. Jacob rolled forward in a barrel roll away from the spear, and spun around and faced his enemy. Jacob had never met this tribesman before, he was sure of it, the muthafucker was huge, and he would have remembered such a big fellow, but there would be time to interrogate the savage, when he had made him his prisoner.

Bondeko assessed his adversary, his opponent was of the same height as Mulezan, and similarly muscled, perhaps weighing as much as a large newborn elephant  (or 250 lbs, in non-Jungle parlance). He was well-built and muscular, ripped like those of the jungle, not fat and soft like most of the mzungu he had met. He had a rather handsome if cruel face, if any mzungu could ever be said to be truly handsome, with a square jaw and deep, dark eyes. He had short dirty blond hair and a light dusting of blond body hair on his torso that glistened in the sun. He was shirtless, wearing only loose fitting, low hanging khaki cargo shorts, work boots and socks. His body was tanned golden brown. The Hunter had a confident swagger and was obviously very cocky and self-assured. The Hunter also had devilish charisma and a killer smile, which he flashed at Bondeko.

Jacob spoke to Bondeko in his deepest, sultriest voice speaking surprisingly enough in the local Bantu dialect, “Hey guy, what’re ya doin’?”  Bondeko licked his lips after he said it.

Bondeko ignored the come-on. "Where is Mulezan?”  Bondeko snarled.

“Who are you?"  The hunter snarled back! 

"I am Bondeko!",the shaman responded proudly.

 "I have never met such a fine specimen of native before! The only Bondeko round these parts is a scrawny runt! Still you resemble him, perhaps a relation?"

"I am the shaman, Boneko, we have met before, Hunter." Bondeko spat as he replied.

"Well you certainly have beefed up quite a bit, but big or small, I will always defeat you inferior natives, you Congolese lack the fighting spirit of one such as I, be ready to get taught a lesson, you are going DOWN!"

"Well you are welcome to try Mzungu, you are welcome to try!  After I beat your ass, you will take me to Mulezan!  He has gone missing, and I suspect you are involved in his disappearance!"

Jacob smiled and  said, “You seek the bitch of the jungle?  I've tried to locate him since my return but he is hiding, I thought maybe you were hiding him, but maybe it under Jane Galloway's skirt he hides blubbering like a baby...” 

As Bondeko's face darkened with fury at the disrespect to his friend, he was caught off guard. WHACK!   Jacob had taken advantage of the distraction to disarm the shaman of his spear, and then he spun around employing the tribesman's own spear against him knocking the now-colossal shaman to the ground. 

Bondeko snarled, “You fight with no honor!

Jacob reached up and scratched his beard stubble. "Says the man who crept up on me with a spear, like a thief in the night.  You savages have strange standards of honor."

THWACK!  Jacob struck Bondeko again with the spear breaking it across his head, stunning the shaman.  "But it is true, I do not fight with honor, it is a luxury, I have never been able to afford.  Perhaps I will after I collect the bounty  for Mulezan's head, and I am sure you will catch a fine price as well, if I don't keep you as a houseboy."

Bondeko's jaw ached, but he felt nothing broken. “ I am Bondeko, son of Kekoku, son of Koraka, shaman of  the Watu Wakweli, Lion of the Ukotho!"

Jacob laughed:  "Is all that pretentious blather supposed to mean anything to me?  I am Jacob van Rijswijck, son of a whore from the slums of Antwerp, street fighter, prize fighter, jailbird, and safari hunter, I am self-made, not born to titles and positions!  All you are to me is another native bitch, and I shall refer to you, as I do all the darky bucks, even one as big a you, as Boy!"

Bondeko after picking himself up from the ground, paused for a moment, deciding what to make of the Mzungu's hauteur and impudence.  Could a man be this confident, and lack the mettle to back up his bravado?  Bondeko put on a stern, implacable demenor and replied fiercely bouncing his now imposing pecs, “Mulezan...take me to him.

Jacob scrunched his face and looked confused, “Huh? I was counting on YOU taking ME to him!

The shaman muttered some words and the campfire flared
Take me to him! NOW!

Bondeko squared off in a fighter's stance, ignoring The hunter's response as mere subterfuge. The shaman muttered some words and the campfire flared up. “Take me to him! NOW!

Jacob shrugged his broad shoulders.  "If it is a fight you want, it is a fight you shall get!

The Hunter flexed his big biceps.
C'mon, Boy

C'mon, Boy

I am not cowed by the likes of you Mzungu, feel my power,
 suffer my wrath!

Maybe I should just snap your neck, and end this right here!

You can try bosneger, but all you savages discover I am not so
 easily killed!

But you have never met a man of the Congo like me before,

That was what Mpeke said, not long before I slew his black ass!

You make big boasts for someone losing this fight Mzungu!

I am letting my DEEDS speak for me in this fight  Belgian,
 I need not make idle BOASTS!

You are strong Hunter, I will give you that, but I am

I am the man who humbled Mulezan and Mpeke,
 don't forget THAT savage!

That fact will make my victory all the sweeter, Mzungu!

Counting our chickens before they hatch, eh Bondeko?
You haven't beaten me YET!

The Hunter breaks free of the grasp of Bondeko
for a moment!

Bondeko moves to re-establish his hold, but the Belgian begins
 to understand the weaknesses in his opponent's technique!

Bondeko gets Jacob in a rear choke, things look grim for the

Bondeko clearly outclasses Jacob in strength and agility, but the veteran street fighter still has some dirty tricks up his sleeve.  He manages to slam his left fist down hard into the loins of the Congolese warrior. He takes the opportunity to do a reversal on the shaman and puts HIM in a rear choke hold. 

Jacob got Bondeko in a rear hold and then found himself on
 the ground trying to hold on to the shaman with a choke hold,
 but keeping a grip on the powerful tribesman was not easy...

...It was like wrestling with a Congo crocodile!

With a lucky blow, Bondeko is knocked unconscious and
 begins to transform back to his old self...

The Hunter gives Bondeko a good ass raping for his impudence, and then kicks the shit out of the shaman before resuming his pursuit of Mulezan.  He leaves the battered and beaten tribesman to the mercy of the Jungle.

Now to see if I can still track down Mulezan, but with this delay,
 he may have eluded me!

But even if he remains in hiding, he will be as good as dead,
and I can report his demise to the Commissioner, and retain
 my post!

I guess that makes ME the new IVORY KING!

Bondeko humiliated, and Mulezan vanished and clearly in hiding, there seems nothing to threaten The hunter's ascendancy in the region!


The Hunter freed of interference from Mulezan or Boma, unleashed a reign of terror unseen in the region since the days of the Barudoko (see Lair of the Ivory King) !!  Rape, slaughter, torture and other cruel atrocities were the watchwords of the day....Crops were burned, and the loveliest of maidens hauled off to be the Mad King's legion of concubines.  He fancied himself to be a 19th century Solomon of the Congo with his women and treasure, but what he lacked was what Solomon was most famed for...wisdom. 

Heads were set on pikes outside of  Jacob's fortified compound
 in Lemoftuland 

With his new force of  his trained Lemoftu Brute Squad. Jacob established a fortified compound in Lemoftuland, which he described as a military post to the authorities in Boma.  What Jacob did not mention in his reports was that around  his headquarters were heads and skeletons fixed to stakes round one section of the village and by a terrible pyramid of human heads and amputated hands placed on a sort of pedestal table at the door of his dwelling, and the sight of fresh human heads grimacing ... on the stakes in the village, of which he counted one hundred of these frightful trophies.

Should one his concubines displease him,  there was but one punishment.  DEATH!  Their skulls used as decoration round a flower bed in front of his house.  Children servants kidnapped and brought to serve as servants in his household also faced a stern regimen, and many of them had their skulls turned into cups and bowls. 

His dispatches to the commissioner were upbeat, on an assault on one village he wrote: "I made war against them. One example was enough: a hundred heads cut off, and there have been plenty of supplies at the station ever since. My goal is ultimately humanitarian. I killed a hundred people ... but that allowed five hundred others to live."

Jacob was sure he would receive his reward, and his progress in pacifying this this last recalcitrant region would  not be unnoticed in Boma.  This area  under his leadership would slip inexorably under the boot of Brussels. Leopold's domain was secure!  What could go wrong? 


Jane Galloway arrives in Boma,
no longer attired in her jungle garb!

Jane Galloway was sent by the Watu Wakweli elders with a petition of relief from the outrages of the Hunter King to Boma, after all a white woman would carry more weight than any native envoys. She tried to obtain a meeting with a number of officials, by was each time referred to the Commissioner of the District, Léon Fiévez.  "That is his area of responsibility, Madam, take all your concerns of affairs in that area."  Jane knew what a scoundrel Léon Fiévez was, and how little concern he would have for the plight of the tribesmen, but they had placed their faith in her, and she had to try.  But she knew better than to appeal to his empathy, he had none.  But he was a devious politician, suspicious and vain.  She would have to convince him that Jacob van Rijswijck had ambitions to reign over the entire district, and send Monsieur Fiévez to some lesser post in Basoko as a subordinate commandant to a new Commissioner van Rijswijck!  She knew that Fiévez was hated by the colonial authorities in Boma and Brussels, and only his royal connections had saved him before.  But he had already played that card and his royal connections were now frayed to a single strand, the Commissioner would naturally be anxious and paranoid, and susceptible to a slight nudge to send him scheming against The Hunter!

The Commissioner listened patiently to Jane, and then ordered tea served without commenting on her report.  He paused from drinking tea and bridged his fingers contemplatively in a pyramid.  "Commandant van Rijswijck has been an effective tool, but tools wear out and need to be replaced from time to time. I thank you for your trouble in coming to me with this, but I already have plans for his replacement as Commandant, someone more officious and conservative by nature, a paper pusher.  I have had my fill of ambitious subordinates.  What I need now is an unimaginative subordinate in the area and some pliable local native leaders, now that van Rijswijck has beaten the fighting spirit out  of the locals."

While the commissioner mustered native levees to march on Jacob van Rijswijck and restore order in the region, another heard the pleas of the oppressed in the Ukotho and came out of self-imposed retirement, Mulezan.  He began ambushing the Hunter's native goons, until an angry Jacob declared.  "He couldn't leave things alone!  I would have left him in peace. He likes to play ambush?  I will give that white savage an ambush!"

 The Hunter found a perfect location for an ambush, and waited a day and a half for his prey.  At that point he realized something had gone wrong, had Mulezan deviated from his path of least resistance and take a more circuitous and more difficult route.  Jacob advanced, reaching at last the point were Mulezan had departed from the trail into the rough country  around the Lemombe tributary of the Congo.  What madness would inspire Mulezan to hazard that route?  Jacob grew wary, he had noticed rustling in the canopy over the last hour...monkey scouts?  Was he being led by Mulezan into a gorilla ambush?   Jacob decided not to directly pursue, but to intercept Mulezan near the Tetheti swamp, if Mulezan was heading for a rendezvous with his friend and fellow troublemaker, Bondeko, Mulezan would have to zag back through there, now that he had zigged into the Lemombe rough.  He was not going to fall into any ambush set by Mulezan and his gorillas, but would establish yet another of his own.

He was near his desired location when he heard a twig snap, and saw the familiar shape of Mulezan AHEAD of him.  How could the wounded Mulezan get AHEAD of him...unless the limp had been a ruse, and his adversary was not as badly wounded as he had believed. He turned to retreat, but noticed a large silverback gorilla blocking any route of escape.  He would have to engage Mulezan, and hope the gorilla would let them fight it out unmolested.


Mulezan, the jungle lord, crouched on a tree branch, was looking at the Hunter's campsite. He was pissed, no one could enslave men and women in his jungle, Mulezan and only Mulezan had the right of life and death over the tribes, the animals and every living being in the jungle. Until the arrival of the Hunter, it was he, Mulezan, that had ruled the jungle with his unmatched strength. Before his defeat at the hands of the Hunter, Mulezan was the Lord of this jungle and did and took what he wanted, because he the strength and the power to do it.

A grim smile crossed Mulezan’s face. He had been waiting for this for some time. He had decided to challenge the Hunter, to a fight to the death. He jumped down to the ground, his beautiful muscled body was the paradigm of the maleness, he was 6’3”, 260 pounds of muscles hardened in the wild life of the jungle, he had blond hair, piercing green eyes, tanned golden skin, sensual lips with a permanent, his neck was thick and strong like a wrestler, his arms long and big with melon sized biceps, his forearms crossed by dancing muscles and tendons, broad wide shoulders, an incredible V-shaped torso with a back that was an anatomy cart, his massive hairy chest with thick round pecs striated with muscles that were dancing while moving, rock hard abs, a beautiful 8 pack carved in the stone, his long iron legs showed incredible power and agility, cut sharp calves, big and round, his over-sized balls that a bull could envy, and his long, fat cock bobbing between his thighs. His frame, even though bodybuilder type and over-muscled, was imposing, menacing, dangerous, expressing raw power and extreme agility, like a tiger.

Well, Hunter, we meet again!

The Hunter was holding an iron bar about three feet in length.  At first Mulezan thought the Hunter planned to use it as a weapon.  Instead, the Hunter used it in an attempt to intimidate his opponent. With a smile and in a demonstration of his incredible strength, the Hunter bent the thick iron bar into a circle.  It was a trick his Circus Strongman father had done nightly, and it never failed to impress the audience.  Even Mulezan begrudgingly  had to admire this show of pure raw power.  

Leave it to a Belgian to bring a BAR to a knife fight!

Great you can bend a bar, watch as I bend you into a pretzel!

The hunter tosses the bar away, and with a deft move, swipes a big blade off a blanket laid out in the camp sight, and is in fighting stance before Mulezan can react.

"Is this a big enough knife for the knife fight, savage?"

The Hunter was moving very carefully with his sharp knife in front of him, turning to the left or to the right. Mulezan assumed a defensive stance with his own knife in his left hand, while the Hunter had his knife in his right hand. The ape man smiled, he was a true master in knife combat, even if none of his past opponents had survived to testify to it. He soon began to move his arms in front of him in fluid and round movements like a snake-charmer, in a dance of death, when suddenly, as Mulezan was a few steps from the Hunter, he threw his knife to the feet of his opponent. The giant man sneered, he liked the idea to fight the bastard hand to hand, and he decided to kill Mulezan, with his bare hands, right there and then.

Hand to hand, flesh to flesh, just as I like it, I don't need a knife
 to beat YOU, savage!

You are peeling  bananas, your mouth can't eat, with that
 boasting, Hunter!

The Belgian killer thought he never saw such a beautiful man, too young and too good looking to be a real danger in a real death fight. Jacob liked nothing better than to destroy young good looking self-confident muscle studs. He liked to crush their bones, to smash their balls, taking their manhood, fucking them senseless, killing them in the most painful way. Yes, he was sure he could take care of the beautiful Mulezan, just as he had killed the black warrior stud, Mpeke. The Hunter will take pleasure in taking Mulezan apart piece by piece, after all the problems he had caused him.  He had almost destroyed Mulezan before, only the accursed  monkeys had saved Mulezan from death that time.  This time, the Hunter will finish the job.

The Hunter was confident that he was unbeatable, he had wrestled and killed a lot of men. His strength was unmatched, his fighting skills honed during his years in prison had allowed him to defeat all the greatest warriors of the tribes of the Congo in single combat.

The Hunter watched his enemy. Mulezan was a good fighter but the Hunter had few years over him, much more experience, and had defeated Mulezan before. The giant Hunter was so confident about his victory he was already thinking about fucking the white ape again one final time before strangling him to death,

Mulezan was looking at the Hunter, he was huge, a mountain of muscles, big and ripped, cruel black eyes over a face covered with scars, completely bald and hairless, his arms looked as they could crush a rhino neck, his biceps and triceps were the biggest Mulezan had ever seen in his life: the Belgian’s chest was impossibly broad, covered by huge pecs, and his legs were coiled with serpentine sinew. Mulezan knew he was indeed a worthy opponent to fight, to defeat, to fuck and to kill, the toughest challenge he had ever faced. When they last fought, the Hunter had methodically beaten Mulezan into bloody, broken pulp.  Only the intervention of the jungle animals had saved Mulezan's life.  Mulezan knew the Hunter had both superior strength and experience on his side, but Mulezan had youth and speed on his.

The two fighters began to circle, Mulezan was completely naked, his giant cock fully erect and orange-sized balls bobbing between his muscled thighs.  Both men they kept their hate-filled stare at each other, baring their teeth in a hungry smile. It would be an epic battle to the death between two warriors.

The Hunter, snarling with fury, held out his hands for a test of strength “C’mon, jungle queen, pale white ape, let’s see how strong you are, if you dare, boy.

I am the king lord of this jungle here, big foreigner beast, I kill you!”, sneered Mulezan. The blond warrior lifted his arms accepting the challenge, the big Belgian muscleman grinned, he had Mulezan where he wanted, with careful prudence they locked their fingers. The two warriors strained and heaved, their faces were contorted in the wild efforts of the battle as each of them tried to gain the ascendancy.

The two warriors strained and heaved, their faces were
contorted in the wild efforts of the battle as each of them tried
 to gain the ascendancy

 Neither of them gave an inch at first, their muscles trembled in a static struggle but after two minutes of struggle, gradually, it seemed that the Hunter’s ferocity and superior strength were winning through, and he started to get the necessary leverage to force Mulezan to his knees.

While at first Mulezan had the initiative, momentum would
soon shift to the Hunter

The Hunter opened his mouth to give a bloodcurdling roar of triumph as he slowly forced Mulezan into an impossible position, flat onto his back on the ground, spread eagle, their hands still locked and extended to each side, so that the Hunter was lying on top of Mulezan, chest to chest, crotch to crotch, leg on leg, his heavy body pinning his opponent down.

You are all talk, king of the Jungle my ass, king of the faggots is more like it...” the Hunter growled, his face, his heavy breath and sharp teeth only a couple of inches above Mulezan’s nose.

Hunter was lying on top of Mulezan, chest to chest, crotch to
 crotch, leg on leg, his heavy body pinning his opponent down

But even as the Hunter spoke, sure of his easy victory, Mulezan had wrapped his long muscled legs around the Hunter’s waist and clamped on a body-scissor. The Hunter’s eyes opened wide in surprise as the sudden vice-like grip on his diaphragm asserted itself. “Fucking dumb European meathead,” said Mulezan, lying back and letting his rock hard legs do the work, “ bet you’re a sucked for a body-scissor every time you wrestle

As the blond king of the jungle pumped in the pressure, the Hunter had to release the hand to hand grip in order to use his arms to break the body-scissor before any real damage was done. It was another test of strength as the Hunter, already feeling his breathing impaired, tried to pry Mulezan’s legs apart while Mulezan struggled to reassert the hold. But again, drawing on all his power, the Hunter slowly was succeeding in wrenching Mulezan’s straining legs away from his waist, and with a sudden and terrible show of raw power he was able to freed himself from the punishing hold.

You are going to pay for that Mulezan!

How, do you have help coming Hunter?

The Hunter suddenly tries to  turn Mulezan over in a camel clutch, a move that he  liked and  had used with great success in his earlier victorious match against Mulezan.

The Camel Clutch had given the Hunter a victory in their previous encounter

But this time Mulezan is prepared and blocks the hold, succeeding  in knocking the Hunter sideways to the ground, then leaping on him like a leopard. Legs and arms flied in all directions as the two bodies already slippery with sweat rolled around the dusty ground, seething and locked together in an angry and deadly embrace.

Mulezan punched twice the Hunter’s ribcage, while the Belgian muscleman kneed him in his huge balls, the blond warrior grunted in pain and punched the Hunter’s nose, breaking it. Finally the Hunter was able to grapevine Mulezan’s legs and the Hunter was once more on top - “Know what I think of you, white ape? "-- he whispered and the giant mercenary dropped a gob of spit right into Mulezan’s face, rubbing it with the palm of his hand.

The Hunter was once more on top

Enraged by this insult, Mulezan grabs the Hunter in a headlock, forcing him sideways, forcing two fingers inside his bloody nostrils and pulling them. With a mighty pull of his muscled legs, Mulezan kicks the Hunter off him onto his ass.

Back on their feet, they shaped up to each other, the sweat dripping off their muscled frames, and staring each other down. The Hunter held a hand out as if challenging his opponent to another test of strength but Mulezan attempted to grab it in a arm-lock. The Hunter was one step ahead, however, and slipped behind him, snapping a full nelson. “Gotcha!!! Try getting’ out of this one, shithead” And the pressure that the Hunter quickly exerted, forced a groan from Mulezan’s throat.

Gotcha!!! Try getting’ out of this one, shithead 

The jungle lord strained desperately against the ferocious pressure on his neck, trying to stay erect, all the muscles of his back and neck dancing under the bronzed skin in the supreme effort to stay alive. What was even worse he could feel the thud of the Hunter’s huge swollen cock against his muscled ass. He tried to reach up, to grab the Hunter by the hair of his head but the Hunter was bald, he was able to grab the left ear, forcing a scream of pain from the Hunter’s lips, but the sweat pouring off the bald head had made it slippery, and Mulezan lost his hold. The Hunter laughed in his ear: “You are up against a champion gladiator, boy. I’ve broken tougher fighters than you, cocksucker.

Headlock by the Hunter on Mulezan
I'm going to crack your skull open like a ripe coconut...

Increasingly frustrated, Mulezan tried to drag himself free, but the Hunter swung him around, and was suddenly back to back with Mulezan. Mulezan was suddenly in a rear hangman. The vicious Hunter hung Mulezan for a few minutes, until Mulezan felt as thought his thick neck would fail and the Hunter would pull Mulezan's big gorilla head right off his wide shoulders.  But suddenly the Hunter dropped, turning his hangman into a neckbreaker, with a savage downward thrust, which brought forth the first scream of pain from Mulezan’s clenched teeth.

Scream like a woman, Mulezan, you are my bitch now!

I enjoyed our dance Mulezan, but it is time for you to pay
 the piper!

Your Mulezan scream will become your signature sound,
 rather than your  yodel yell, and you will be doing a great deal
of screaming before I am through Ape-man!

Or perhaps I will just be merciful, and snap your neck,
Jungle Man!

But who am I kidding, MERCY is not a word in MY vocabulary!

Mulezan crashed backwards to the ground.  Mulezan rolled away from his opponent, intent on trying to regroup and get his neck working again but the Hunter, on a roll now, was onto him straightaway. 

Get up, boy!, the Hunter hissed

“Get up, boy!” he hissed and dragged his hated foe off his knees and on to his feet by the blond hair of his head, immediately picking him up in a crotch hold. Mulezan weighed 260 pounds, but the Hunter without effort quickly lifted him shoulder high and crashed him down on his waiting knee. The Hunter heard a loud crack and a scream of pain from Mulezan, but not satisfied he lifted Mulezan again holding him high in the air with one hand twisting Mulezan’ bull balls, beads of sweat spraying off the horizontal golden body onto the smiling face of his cruel opponent, before power slamming him to the ground with such force that it seemed to send a shudder through the earth.

The Hunter effortlessly lifted the 260 lbs. Mulezan off the 
ground and into a crotch hold
A powerslam to the hard ground knocked the wind out of 

Whadya say, blondie, want to quit now? asked the Hunter, 
as a stunned Mulezan groaned in pain from the power slam

Mulezan had the wind knocked out of him, he was unable to breathe as he groaned in pain. The Hunter sat on Mulezan’s chest, so that his 11” huge cock, now at full mast, was nudging his victim’s chin. “Whadya say, blondie, want to quit now, and lick these big nuts and suck my big cock before I start breaking your bones? I will still take your life but at least you will be spared some pain!

But again it was Mulezan’s greatest agility that came to the rescue, as he kicked his long powerful legs back to capture the Hunter’s body, dislodging him and then consolidating with another bodyscissor, applied sideways on the ground. the Hunter could feel the incredible power of the scissor that could have squeezed weaker wrestlers to death in seconds.

I like breaking bones, too, false king” and Mulezan dug his knees in with every thing hes  got, determined to make the big Belgian strongman holler. Mulezan knew his own power well, he had already strangled a buffalo and even a male lion between his legs, not to mention at all his enemies crushed between his powerful limbs. the Hunter just gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, equally determined to contain his agony. Mulezan’s fists fired, quicker than cobra’s attacks, hitting the European fighter on his lips, his right ear, his throat, his ribs. Mulezan screamed in rage and judging the angles more carefully now, to put the hurt on liver and kidneys, he summoned all his power for the big cruncher. And this time the spasms of pain were so sudden that before he realized it, the Hunter had uttered a shriek of pain.

That’s more like it, you big fucker” grinned Mulezan, content for the moment to settle back with the scissor and his powerful punches, getting his own breath back and enjoying just controlling his hated muscleman enemy.

Mulezan relaxed his grip too much, it was a mistake, and the Hunter was able to kick his way out of the hold. He scrambled to get to his feet, but Mulezan, agile as ever, flung himself at him from behind, driving his face forward to the dirty ground, reapplying the body-scissor from the top position and quickly snapping on a full nelson for good measure. It was payback time.

Mulezan drove his knees into his victim’ sides and added a bit of punishing pressure to the full nelson, and he was rewarded with a sob of frustration from the Hunter, who could not only feel Mulezan’s 9” fat mighty cock lying full length in the small of his back, but was also aware of the heel of Mulezan’s foot rubbing itself against his crotch and pressing against it painfully. And the blond man’ sweat was splashing down onto him underneath.

Mulezan was beginning to have himself a good time as he rode the captive muscleman hard, all the time reminding him of his great frightening sex tool witch is now well lubricated with his own pre-cum. “ I’m gonna rip your muscle bound ass of yours for good, ripping you in two, before smashing your face against the ground and killing you.” chuckled the lord of the jungle, and working the full nelson from left to right he wiped the Hunter’s nose against the dirty ground.

However Mulezan had underestimated the Hunter who suddenly pushed himself up from the ground to his fours by his hands. Mulezan tried to use the full nelson to keep him under control but the Hunter was incredibly strong like none the blond man had ever met.

The Hunter got to his knees, now he seized Mulezan’s constricting legs so that he was trapped in a piggy back position. Mulezan tried desperately to control the mighty fighter with the full nelson but the Hunter’s thick column of neck withstood the mighty assault that had broken so many mighty warriors. With a big supreme effort he rose to his feet, carrying a helpless Mulezan on his back.

Checking out the area, the big Hunter noticed that there was a big palm tree a couple of feet off the edge of the camp. Carrying his passenger, who too late had given up the full nelson and gone for a more effective strangle hold in an effort to make the Hunter drop him, the giant Belgian headed towards the tree, at last minute swinging around on his heels and crashing Mulezan’s back into the rough trunk with such force that the tree swayed crazily from side to side under the impact. He repeated the treatment twice more, this time massaging Mulezan’s flesh against the gnarled surface.

Arrrrgghh!!” groaned Mulezan in agony, sagging under the attack. the Hunter dropped him off, swung around and lifted a knee right into Mulezan’s balls. Mulezan’s mouth opened in a silent scream of pain.

There was a look of triumph in the Hunter’s deep black eyes as he grabbed Mulezan by the balls and walked him around. His callous hand felt how big and ponderous his balls were, they felt  like they were made of solid rubber.

Still holding Mulezan by the balls, insolently he slapped Mulezan’s face, to and fro, with his free hand, yelling out “One! Two! Three! Four!” with each slap. The big Belgian thought that it was time to apply a bearhug. His bearhug was a killer, the hold he liked most, he liked to squeeze the life out of his victim crushing them to death.

Releasing his grip on Mulezan’s balls, the Hunter slowly wrapped his huge, heavy muscled arms around Mulezan’s midsection and locked his hands in preparation for the main deadly assault.

C’mon Mulezan, fight it, fight like you have a pair!” taunted the Hunter. Mulezan seemed to register this message because he circled the Hunter with his own arms to challenge his bearhug. They stood there in the center of nowhere, locked together, faces only inches apart, their sweat soaked bodies straining and heaving, their throbbing cocks jammed up hard against each other in a their own battle for the supremacy.

The Hunter appreciated the challenge because he had supreme confidence in his bearhug. There was a thin, chilling smile on his big lips as he cranked up the pressure and tested Mulezan to the full. And the blond Adonis began to buckle; he was forced to relax, if not relinquish, his own bearhug and he stood on tiptoe to try to ease the awful pressure on his torso with the Hunter was beginning to exert.

Mulezan knew that if his feet left the ground, he was a goner, but as the Hunter stepped up the pressure to the next threshold of torture, Mulezan, his diaphragm beginning to seize up on him, had no option but to cling on, desperately grapevining his legs around the Hunter’s. The Hunter simply smiled with pleasure and demonstrated that he still had reservoirs of power to draw upon, crushing Mulezan in his arms like a rag-doll.

It was time for desperate measures and Mulezan headbutted the Hunter’s chin and in the same time grabbed his huge nipples and wrenched them ferociously. Taken by surprise, the Hunter for a moment relaxed his grip, allowing Mulezan to insert his arms between their sweaty bodies. Letting out an ear-splitting war cry, Mulezan straightened his legs and simultaneously thrust his arms out and upward in a cataclysmic movement which broke the hold.

Exhausted both by the bearhug and the effort of escaping it, the blond fighter collapsed to the ground, trying to roll out of harm’s way. The beautiful golden body, now racked with pain, was on his knees, almost at the Hunter’s feet, his back to his attacker. Angry at having been thwarted, the Hunter strode towards his fallen foe.

An Exhausted Mulezan is on his knees...

The  Angry Hunter strode towards his kneeling foe

The Hunter grabbed the lord of jungle by his blond hair and dragged him off his knees, then to his feet, wanting to apply the bearhug from behind. 

The Hunter grabbed the Lord of Jungle by his blond hair...

... and dragged Mulezan off his knees...

.... and on to his feet

Sensing his last possibility, Mulezan swiveled to one side, reached down and in an incredible show of strength, he picked up the big body of the Hunter in a face-down crotch hold, stomach-dropping him to his waiting knee. It was all done so quickly that the Hunter hardly realized what had happened. The big Belgian rolled onto his back, clutching his belly, whereupon Mulezan jumped on him with both feet, landing right on the solar plexus. The Hunter’s scream was so deafening that the whole jungle seemed to fall in a deep silence, as the blond warrior stand over the Hunter, his immense cock swinging from side to side, jumping and jumping again and again over the mangled body of the now helpless enslaver.

Mulezan yanked him to his feet by his ears “An eye for an eye, you bastard”, he spat and seizing the Hunter by the hand he Irish-whipped him face forward into the palm-tree. the Hunter was slammed at full force against the tree-trunk, face and cock first, half second later Mulezan hurled himself at him, his newly swollen cock crashing against his victim’s exposed buns, splashing his hard muscles against the Belgian’s back. Then he turned the Hunter around, pinning him with his back to the trunk and headbutted him repeatedly in the gut, he pressed himself against the Hunter’s body, his head pressing against the muscle brute’s chin, he began to punch his gut, lefts and rights, with such a speed that he sapped the resistance of his big opponent and slowing his reflexes.

The blond fighter nailed his brawny enemy with a vicious knee-lift to his balls, the Hunter started to double over only to meet an uppercut to his chin, following with four or five punches to his face, lefts and rights, again following with two more knee lifts to the crotch. Mulezan stepped away to watch his handy work. A swollen eye, lips and nose broken, red marks already starting to turn into dark bruises all over the body, the Hunter was staying on his feet only by a pure exercise of willpower. A smirk crossed the handsome face of Mulezan. The lord of the jungle wasted little time and quickly closed against his mammoth opponent. He slammed the palms of his hands against the Hunter’s ears. The slap made the big Belgian loose his equilibrium as he slid to a seated position, his face about crotch height of his enemy. Mulezan pulled his right hand back, made a half fist and sent his knuckles into the Hunter’s throat, almost crushing his larynx. The Hunter clutched his throat with both hands. Mulezan took immediate advantage of the Belgian’s vulnerability and slammed his foot against his exposed balls with a football kick that lifted the big heavy body two feet off the ground. The Hunter dropped his right hand to clutch his almost destroyed nuts.

As Mulezan slapped his face back and forth, the Hunter’s head started to spin and he brought his hands to the side of his head to shield it from Mulezan’s slaps, while  he gained his feet. Mulezan took half step back and scoop kicked him underneath his crotch and racked his balls with his instep. The Hunter closed his knees too late and lashed out wildly with a fist, hoping to connect with Mulezan’s bull balls and slow down his attacks. Mulezan was expecting that pathetic attempt of fightback and simply knocked his ham-sized fist out of the way.

The Hunter was almost in a blind rage as Mulezan pranced in and out of range, his monster cock and balls swinging tantalizingly between his powerful legs. The Hunter wanted to bash his balls before killing him but he underestimated the blond jungle lord, and the Hunter's attacks were now slow and predictable. Mulezan jumped in the air and wrapped his muscled legs around his neck and swinging his weight he forced the Hunter in a somersault, slamming him to the ground, lifting a cloud of dust. The Hunter, dazed, got back to his feet, Mulezan bounced back and forth, in and out, each time he landed a blow to the big Belgian’s hulking body. An insulting slap to the side of his head, a punch to the throat or to the gut, or a kick to the balls or to the ribs, followed by a kick to his face. Mulezan danced around the Hunter and hit him from all angles, not letting him rest or know where the next attack would come from, slowing him even more.

Mulezan went behind the Hunter and drove his toes into the Hunter’s swelling scrotum, kicking the Hunter directly into his opponents huge cock and balls. When the Hunter fell to his knees cupping his massive gonads with both hands, Mulezan circled the Hunter's head under his armpit and bulldogged him face first to the ground. The Hunter tried to grab Mulezan’s body between his dangerous limbs, but the blond warrior was too fast for him and in no time Mulezan was on his feet again. 

Mulezan gets a Waki Gatame ( Kodokan Judo armbar) on the
Slowly the big stunned Belgian gained his feet.  Mulezan backed away, in need of a respite.  Both fighters stood,  covered with sweat, their big chests and ripped abs were heaving to refill depleted lungs with much needed oxygen.

Slowly the big stunned Belgian strongman regained his feet.

You're gonna pay for that, Monkey Boy!

But before the Hunter can strike, Mulezan charges....

As soon as he did, Mulezan charged, slamming his right shoulder against his foe’s gut, grabbing his Flemish thighs with his powerful arms, the massive biceps and triceps muscles engorged and bulging, lifting the hapless Fleming off the ground like a dancer lifts a partner. With a fluid movement, he lifted his heavily muscled opponent over his shoulder and back slammed his back to the ground. The impact was hard, the big Belgian felt every square inch of his massive back in pain. The Hunter did not have time to react, Mulezan had already grabbed both his ankles, lifting them from the ground, the muscled mercenary's mighty legs forming a wide V, Mulezan stomped his balls, flattening his swollen scrotum against his bony pubes. The Hunter jack-knifed in a silence scream of pain, completely winded, Mulezan was waiting for him and Mulezan’s hard knee hit his nose, damaging it more than it already was, slamming the big Belgian back to the ground, completely stunned. Mulezan followed with two powerful punches to the face. The Hunter was barely conscious.

Mulezan’s power packed stomp had demolished the last of the Hunter’s defenses. Mulezan slid between the Belgian’s spread legs and pump handled his battered balls with four forearms smashes to his vulnerable defenseless balls. Mulezan was getting a real charge out of bashing the Hunter’s nuts and watching his ball sac swell to the size of grapefruits.

Mulezan cocked his fist and aimed right for the Hunter’s balls. He twisted his fist as his knuckles impacted with the Hunter’s manhood, four, five, six times he punched the Hunter’s balls with his power packed right fist in a Hammer blow that would have impressed Thor. The Hunter was delirious as lighting bolts of agonizing pain shot through his crotch from Mulezan's punishing ball bashing workover.

The Hunter was almost out when he felt himself lifted by his ears to a standing position, Mulezan was behind him, “And now you filthy murderer and slaver, for my ultimate bearhug!” -- he snarled. The Hunter felt his ribcage circled by two anacondas, Mulezan could hardly circle the immense chest of his enemy, after carefully positioning his feet firmly on the ground, he seized the Hunter and in one crunching movement, he put the bearhug, lifting the gigantic Belgian muscleman right off the ground.

The Hunter made a pathetic attempt to fight the hold, but he was a spent force. Mulezan increased the  pressure. All the air was pumped out of the mighty mercenary’s lungs in a huge explosion of air and spit from the Hunter's mouth. With another squeeze Mulezan broke two or three ribs of the defeated Belgian, who hung there helpless in Mulezan’s deadly embrace. It was fitting payback, as the Hunter had broken two of Mulezan's ribs in their first encounter. Now it was a sight to see a powerful white blond male, in his full glory of muscle perfection, to crush an equally big and muscled opponent in his rear bearhug, arching his back to lift him off the ground, sweating pouring out from the bronzed skin, the powerful arms swelling to the max, muscles dancing under the golden skin.

The Hunter felt himself weaker and weaker, he was on the verge of passing out, when Mulezan opened his arms and the big Belgian fell to his knees, his arms dangling useless on his sides, his hands resting on the ground, his head bent down, he did not have the force to even lift it. Mulezan was just behind him, his legs spreaded, grinning, his arms large along his sides, ready for the last triumph, the ultimate image of the victor: “Time to go to sleep, slaver,” as he approached his fallen enemy, circled his neck with his powerful arms in a sleeper hold, his biceps contracted, reaching an impossible size, crushing the neck of the struggling Hunter in the deadly vice.

The Hunter ’s eyes popped open as he realized what was locked around his head. His arms clawed at Mulezan ’s Popeye-sized forearms, and his body thrashed about this way and that, but nothing he could do lessened the crushing pressure that was exerted on his skull. The Hunter tried to swing his massive fists into Mulezan’s face but was frustrated by the jungle man’s deft evading dodges of his magnificently beautiful head.

The Hunter stopped fighting and thrashing after another 30  seconds, but Mulezan kept his hold for 30 seconds more, before kicking the Hunter’s back to the ground on his belly, senseless.

Mulezan planted his right foot on the Hunter's neck and screamed his victory howl to the jungle.

The jungle lord massaged his  bull-balls and stroked his mighty 9” prick. After this epic fight, he needed to fuck like never before. He knelt over the Hunter’s legs, his hands spread wide his ass-cheeks, he pressed his impossibly hard cock against the enticing hole of the mighty Belgian and with a sudden push he entered at full force, with two other thrusts his bull balls slammed against the muscled mercenary buns. The Hunter was awoken by the sharp pain that radiated out from his violated ass, he screamed, as he felt his insides being ripped apart by that huge prick and began to crawl only to be stopped by two rabbit punches to his neck by the blond warrior. “Not so fast bitch, I ain’t through with you!

Mulezan began to violently rape his hated enemy, in and out in most savage way, the blond dominator wanted his reward and the speed and the force of his fuck was vicious. The Hunter was groaning, his mind full of pain and humiliation. Mulezan was in a sexual frenzy, his long fat cock was fucking his most powerful enemy with incredible force. After few minutes Mulezan reached his explosion that lasted at least two minutes, and he screamed again his victory howl, he almost blanked out for the triumphal pleasure, it was like a bomb that exploded from his groin up to his brain: he had never felt something like this. For two long minutes he filled the Hunter’s ass with his white hot seed, sprinkling out of the ravaged ass, forming a small pool of cum mixed  blood between the Hunter’s legs.

Mulezan collapsed over the Hunter’s back. The big Belgian muscleman tried to escape, but Mulezan was ready for him.

He grabbed the Hunter’s arms, and still inside him, he sat over his ass, the big enslaver was as a puppy in his hands, with quick moves he applied a raping camel-clutch. He tortured the Hunter’s back and ass for more than 15 minutes before reaching another powerful orgasm. The virile, masculine  Hunter was completely destroyed, but Mulezan had no mercy.

The blond jungle lord slowly circled his victim with his powerful arms and scissored the Hunter’s waist and squeezed him like he wanted to force his intestines out of his ass, till the Hunter was senseless again, Mulezan lifted him to his feet and raped him trapped in a rear bearhug. Mulezan enjoyed every minute of it, his legs trembled when he reached his orgasm under pleasure and the strain of the heavy body. Mulezan opened his arms, the senseless body of the now broken muscle god slide out off his cock, slowly, inch by inch, down to ground.

Did I 'accidentally' knee you in the groin? Oops my mistake!

How does it feel when I bend this?

You having fun yet, Jacob?

Is this better? No? You are damn hard to please!

The blond jungle lord put the Hunter in painful 'Boston Crab' that had him groaning in pain as he then  grabbed the Hunter’s right leg and positioned it between his legs and arms and applied a painful ankle-lock, the same hold the Hunter had used to break Mulezan's ankle a few months earlier. 

I told you I would bend you like a pretzel!
Does it hurt when I twist your ankle?  Make some noise to let
me know!
"That sure looked like it must have hurt like a bitch..."

You need a breather there, Jakey-boy?

Break time is over, time to break some parts of you!

Lets us start with this leg, I bet a fractured femur is
 very painful!

Scream when it hurts, and then scream again when
 it hurts more!

It will be a shame to utterly destroy such a magnificent body,
 but heck duty calls!

Fuck you Mulezan, for every injury you inflict,
 you will be repaid ten fold!
You can't keep ME down for long, I shall triumph in the end!

Keep telling yourself that, Hunter, it will make your defeat all
the more humiliating for you!

Your reign of terror is over Belgian! Time for you to feel

You will learn what torment truly means, Mulezan in
 a few minutes!



The Hunter screamed and Mulezan stopped only when he
 heard a satisfying sound of ripped ligaments. He had broken

 the Hunter's ankle.

The Hunter screamed and Mulezan stopped only when he heard a satisfying sound of ripped ligaments. In their first encounter the Hunter had done the same to Mulezan's ankle, so turn about is fair play. 

In their first encounter the Hunter had broken Mulezan's
 ankle with an ankle lock, and now Mulezan had done the same to him
 I have to kill you, but before I do, I will take you apart
 piece by piece, as you once tried to do to me!
Slowly, agonizingly, the bruised and broken Belgian strongman
 dragged himself to all fours

The Hunter began instinctively crawling painfully away as his 
aching muscles flexed and strained in a desperate attempt to 
keep moving. 

Mulezan pulled the crawling Hunter off his knees and placed his knife to the Hunter's throat.

Mulezan pulled the crawling Hunter off his knees...

...and placed his knife to the Hunter's throat.
"No, cutting your throat  would be too quick and merciful" Mulezan growled.  "First you must suffer for all the pain, misery and death you have caused.  I will destroy you  piece-by-piece like you once tried to do to me!"

No, cutting your throat would be too quick and merciful.
First you must suffer for all the pain, misery and death you
have caused. I will destroy you piece-by-piece like you once
tried to do to me!

Mulezan sat on the big Belgian back and dislodged his shoulders from his sockets, as the Hunter had once done to him. Then Mulezan forced the Hunter on his feet, with a sadistic smile he kicked his sole good leg, right on the knee, breaking it.

The big Belgian collapsed to the ground screaming in pain.

The big Belgian collapsed to the ground screaming in pain....
...clutching his broken knee!

Mulezan was not satisfied yet, he grabbed the Hunter' massive right arm between his strong hands and with a sudden knee-lift he broke the Hunter's right arm.

The Hunter was on his back, his legs broken as well his right arm and 3 ribs broken, his balls busted, his face was a bloody mess, his nose and lips broken, his eyes swollen shut, scratches all over his body. He was bleeding from his mouth and nose, as well from his ass. The "invincible"  Hunter had been defeated by the King of the Jungle! Mulezan decided to put an end to his misery: Mulezan straddled the Hunter's chest, and spat into his face.

 Mulezan straddled the Hunter's chest, and spat into his face

Mulezan straddled his vanquished foe who was fighting the fog and the darkness that filled his eyes and brain, the Belgian vaguely saw the blond fighter lifting both his arms high above his head, holding his knife, Mulezan laughed when he shot down his arms: Jacob van Rijswijck felt his sternum been broken by the sharp knife, the knife went inside his chest up to hilt, the Belgian was paralyzed from the pain.

Now I shall cut out the heart of my slain foe, and steal his

You were a fierce adversary, albeit a cruel and mad one!

After I cut out your heart, I will leave the rest of you for the

You will feed the jungle you have despoiled!

Jacob van Rijswijck felt indescribable pain, even while his senses were being overwhelmed by the obscurity of his own death, his eyes focused on his hated enemy, who was towering over his body, his legs spread eagle, he saw him smiling in triumph, massaging his elephant scrota, his long thick rock hard cock in its full glory, while a stream of hot piss was flowing down over his dying carcass, burning his flesh.

The last things that dying Jacob van Rijswijck felt were the acid smell of urine filling his nostrils, the bitter taste of the urine and blood in his mouth, the burning sensation of the urine inside his torn flesh, the deafening sounds of Mulezan’s piss splashing all over his body. His last thought was the most absolute, devastating, abominable, deepest sense of defeat. He had been annihilated.

Who is the bad-ass NOW, Belgian!  

It would be ME!  Dat's right!

American Jungle Man beats Belgian Interloper!

It is GOOD to be the king!

Give those champs, a kiss!  I don't mind if I do!

Sweet taste of victory!

King of the Jungle!!!!

Mulezan then threw his head back and gave a primeval yell of victory, he was the true lord of the jungle. His muscled body glistening in the last rays of sunset, he seemed a true war god, a demon from the hell!

Mulezan looked at the devastated carcass of his dead enemy. He kicked the lifeless body on its back, then he stepped over the body, his feet on the throat and on the crushed crotch, the blond lord of the jungle screamed his victory, hitting his rock-hard pecs with his fists, like a drummer, his iron hard monster 9” fat cock straight like a flag, oozing of precum. Then Mulezan knelt beside the dead body, and with his sharp knife he cut out the Hunter's heart.

Mulezan noticed that the sun had reached the horizon, the last sunset rays were reaching the jungle land. The epic battle, the annihilation, the sexual conquest of the Hunter had lasted for over four hours.  

Kneeling beside the dead body of his most powerful
 enemy ever,  an exhausted Mulezan screamed his 
victory, hitting his rock-hard pecs with his fists, 
 his iron hard monster 9” fat cock straight like a flag,
 oozing of precum

Mulezan looked down on Jacob van Rijswijck's still corpse, lets out another jungle ululation that reverberated through the entire Ukotho.  It had been the longest and most violent  fight that Mulezan had ever had or ever would have. Then he knelt  exhausted next to the dead body of his most powerful enemy ever.


I think it is time for me to go into semi-retirement!

Have some me time, and spend some time with Jane!  
I might even  finally go and meet my relatives in the USA...

Maybe I  will sire a son or two, or three, get some of my bishes
 knocked up, preserve my legacy! 

Thus ends our Jungle Saga about the Adventures of Mulezan.  Or will he be back someday?  What about Bondeko and his strange new powers... What is the commissioner up to?  Let's hear from you readers about how you feel about future adventures of Mulezan and friends...