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Mulezan Part Three: Mulezan v. The Evil Hunter-The Most Dangerous Game


Based on the story Cruel Jungle by Mindsweeper
and a reader Suggestion by TheRockTarzan

Jacob van Rijswijck, The Hunter

The world is made up of two classes - the hunters and the huntees.
― Richard Connell, The Most Dangerous Game

The Hunter's Camp 


Who was the Hunter?

The simple answer, he was Jacob van Rijswijck.  Jacob van Rijswijck was born in Belgium, the product of the one night union
between a circus strongman and a ballet dancer.

PaPa van Rijswijck
Even as a boy he exhibited extraordinary athleticism. By age 18, he had given up team sports in favor of prize fighting, a sport that better suited his aggressive nature, individualism, his love of fighting and for which he had a natural gift. Today BARE knuckle fighting is a shady and largely illegal underground sport which sees former convicts and enormous hard men battle it out until they can't stand.  But at the time of our story, such fighting was the norm.  Boxing matches in this era were gruesome and  not for the fainthearted. The ultimate rule was to “fight until you can’t carry on” and the more blood the better.  

Unfortunately for young Jacob, one of his opponents died in the ring during a vicious and unsanctioned match, beaten to death by his fists.  Fearing criminal prosecution, he fled to Africa, where male specimens with hard muscled bodies were welcome as mercenaries, with no questions asked.  After a few years fighting as a mercenary, Jacob found a more lucrative endeavor in poaching, which he supplemented with a side business, the highly illegal slave trade.  The diamond mines needed labor, and didn't ask questions. Jacob's greed got the better of him, though.  Soon his dealing in the slave trade had him dealing with Arab slavers taking the labor OUT of the Congo, and this drain of labor became too big for the authorities, no matter how well paid, to continue to ignore.  Jacob was arrested for human trafficking, and imprisoned.  Our story starts after Jacob is released, after only 4 years of his 20 year sentence, due to the intervention and influence of  Commandant  Léon Fiévez, who had the need of a man with Jacob's unique talents.


Deep in the jungle, the animals were anxious as the most powerful beast in the jungle passed by. Birds scattered from the perches. Bushbuck antelopes scurried for cover. The leopards suspended their hunt and looked up into the trees, but before they could even raise their heads, whatever had caused the disturbance was gone.

Despite their anxiety, the animals had nothing to fear, for it was no beast, but instead it was only Mulezan, Lord of the Jungle, who raced by at an impossible pace. Mulezan made his way toward the Tmembe savanna to the east of the Ukotho valley. The safari drums had told him of a poacher devastating the land.

Mulezan races through 
the Jungle

The Jungle Drums report a Hunter killing animals that are
under Mulezan's protection

Mulezan was white with rich tanned skin, earned from a lifetime in the outdoors. He was tall and big - 6'3" and 260 lbs. His body was a perfect, efficient machine, ready for anything. Mulezan could wrestle with the strongest creatures in the jungle. He was capable of quick bursts of tremendous power, but could also run through the jungle for a whole day without tiring.

Mulezan, Lord of the Jungle

Mulezan’s face was handsome - classic in shape with a square jaw and prominent cheekbones. He had short, dirty blond hair and stubble for a beard. He had to both cut his hair and shave with a knife, which explained the messy look, but Mulezan cared not about appearances. Whenever he encountered white people from the outside, they marveled at him, treating him like a man-god, but he did not know, what was considered good-looking or ugly among these strange folks - Mulezan just knew what he was among the apes, an ugly, nearly hairless freak.

Mulezan wore only a small loincloth that rode high at the back, was thin over the hips and sagged very low at the front from the weight of his substantial package. All Mulezan’s clothes were cut from beasts that had attacked him. Mulezan was defender of the jungle, but was no vegan pacifist. When attacked, he struck back with deadly precision and ferocity.

He carried two weapons - a knife and a bow. The knife hung on his right hip and the bow and small, flat quiver of arrows were slung over his right shoulder. The flat quiver was streamlined so it would not interfere with his swimming. The bow and quiver strap cut tightly across his chest and emphasized the power contained in his rock hard pecs.

Mulezan practically flew through the jungle, his mighty arms clutching the vines as he swung from tree to tree. Mulezan was not being careful - he would let go of one vine before grabbing another, flying free through the air. One false move and Mulezan would be seriously injured, but his experience gave him total confidence in his abilities. When he reached grassy areas, his massive legs would move like the wind, carrying him across the expanse of the African savanna.   He came on a hunter encampment, but it was abandoned, the Hunter having moved on already.  But he noticed a  set of tracks of a man leading a horse leading from the encampment  to the jungle.  A target of opportunity!  He followed the tracks back into the jungle, swinging through the trees. 

When he was a few miles  back into the forest, he heard shots ring out! Mulezan easily pinpointed their location - they were  to the north and west, near the great bend of the river. He changed directions and swung to the ground. He ran through the dense jungle, his body cutting through the jungle like a machete.


The Hunter had come to the Ukotho to exploit the natural resources that could be found there.  It was primarily for the Ivory and skins, but, there were other riches to be had, and one of them was in his tent.  For a black, she was incredibly beautiful, The Hunter had to admit.  His eyes danced on her face, his gaze dropped to the temptation of her breasts. This was the way life was supposed to be.  Sex with women, without commitments or dealing with consequences, the glory of being an imperial conqueror!  Unlike a white woman in the Congo, the native woman had no social and legal recourse, and The Hunter was a man who would not be fettered with entanglements.  Good sex.  Rapacious sex.    My God, these savages trained their women well. She was good, this one grabbing at his dick with her insides, she was more than up for it all night.  She was enjoying herself.  Unlike white women, she could handle a big cock.  With his every strong  forward thrust she gripped him inside harder, holding him tight, sending sparks of excitement crackling down his thighs.  Christ, this woman was magic!

The Hunter preferred his sex rough and raw!

Unlike the whores back home, the native women were not rife
 with venereal disease!

After all plundering the Congo was what this colonial
enterprise was all about!

Unlike white women, she could handle a big cock

These savages trained their women well

The Hunter had struggled back into his clothes.  He came out slowly from his tent, stretching and yawning, his muscles flexing and bulging, giving a view of his astounding physique.  The Hunter was as built as Mulezan. Just as strong in body as the legendary Jungle Lord.   He stood outside the tent  with a cigarette. He had been a cigar man, but had recently taken to this newly fashionable trend in tobacco.  Rolling cigarettes had become part of his post-coitus ritual.   The woman had done her best to tire him out.  There was something special about having a black savage at your bidding in your bed.  They seemed to have been trained to show appreciation for what they got. Or at least they were smart enough to feign it.  Plus no annoying post-intercourse chatter requiring him to back hand the bish to get some reflective piece  He took another unsatisfying drag on his cigarette and slung the butt to the ground.

The Hunter stood outside his tent

He stood outside the entrance of the tent, lost in his thoughts.

The Hunter,  Jacob van Rijswijck, was the very definition of masculinity. He was incredibly rugged, with tanned, weathered skin and a killer smile. Physically, he was a tall man, standing six feet tall and weighed over 250 lbs.  Jacob was a champion prize fighter in his native country, but after he killed a man in the ring in an unsanctioned, underground match, he fled the country fearing criminal charges might be filed. He  had originally come to Africa as a mercenary in the Boer War. However, he soon found that the illegal, but lucrative trades were far more profitable.  

The mines and rubber plantations were hungry for labor!

Recruitment of such labor required only results, questions were never asked.

Natives were captured and sold for profit to the mines and the
 rubber plantations as de facto slave labor

Everything in The Hunter’s world got reduced to money.  Soon, he began to dabble in the highly illegal slave trade. Men, family men, fathers of children, were just chattels to The Hunter’s greed.  They were captured and sold for profit to the mines and the rubber plantations as slave labor.  It made a lucrative alternative to big game hunting and the trade in ivory.  However the Fleming's greed knew no bounds. Soon he began to more than just "dabble" in the slave trade, and his human trafficking activities became too extensive for even the corrupt and well bribed authorities to ignore, particularly as he sold his captives more and more to foreign markets and enterprises that competed for labor with Belgian colonial endeavors.

 He was arrested and tried for his crimes.  And despite some key witnesses going mysteriously missing before his trial, he was convicted and sentenced for his crimes. The Hunter got the worst prison in the land. The Authorities  wanted to make an example of him! It looked like the end of Jacob van Rijswijck!

While the prison was hell,  the years of hard labor had forged him into the man he was today.  He was a white man in a black man's prison.  He knew that he had to become a physical threat if he was to have any chance to survive in prison.  Building a body that these savages would fear to take on was his only hope.   He’d watched the men in the chain gang, as they headed off  to work.  Big muscled men heaving giant hammers at the rocks all day. Sweat flowing, bodies grunting. Muscle stacking up on muscle with every hour. But he had seen what this work had done for them. Man, did it work.  These men were huge.

 He needed to protect himself and get to their size too.  He was not going to fail.  Jacob was a survivor, so he volunteered for the chain gang,  and he came back each day from the work in the quarries, bigger, stronger, harder.  He’d always had a hefty build, big shouldered, broad chested built like a brick latrine.  He’d played front-row rugby in his youth with British ex-pats, and had been a heavy weight prize fighter, so he had the size for the part.  But he had gotten REALLY defined in that hell-hole. His physique became fat-free and lean--all solid, ridged, knotted, defined rock hard muscle.

In the prison yard, for the three hours before lock-up for the night, a handful of men sweated and strained under rusty barbells. A half dozen muscle-obsessed black dick-heads grunted out their exertions pushing iron. They were huge enormously muscled body-builders. Jacob had found his role models, he set out to be like them. Every day, Jacob was working alongside these mountains of muscle swinging his hammer, grunting with every blow, body juddering with every impact. Sweat flowing, bodies grunting.  Muscle stacking up on muscle with every hour.  And building confidence as he put on muscle. He also pumped iron religiously.  It no longer hurt like crazy when he heaved up the weights even after a torturous day hefting his hammer.  Soon he sported the deep tan that comes with construction work every day in the sun, his torso had filled out.  Solid arms,  a  broad muscled chest,  a ripped set of  steel hard abs and his shoulders a mile wide.  Jacob was pure muscle, and  testosterone-packed male virility. Now statue-like perfection, Jacob had done what he set out to do. He became the strongest man in the prison.

 With his size, smarts, and fighting skills and charisma, it had only taken Jacob a little over a year, to be effectively running the prison.  The guards deferred to him, and the warden was slurping his big cock daily.  The muscle-head Jacob oozed the kind of conceit that only men of incredible muscularity and unbelievable good looks carried.  

Jacob was released, after only 4 years of his 20 year sentence, due to the intervention and influence of Commandant Léon Fiévez, who had the need of a man with Jacob's unique talents. So Jacob stayed in Africa when he left the prison, and ostensibly resumed being a big game hunter and animal trapper, while secretly doing clandestine dirty jobs for Léon Fiévez in the Congo Free StateNot that he didn't enjoy the work, he just hated being beholden to ANYONE, especially not a pencil-neck like Commissioner Fiévez! The Hunter was solid muscle from head to toe. His incredible strength and physique had been honed by by four years of pounding sledgehammers into near unyielding rock doing hard labor in a colonial prison, and now he longed to only serve himself, hiring himself out to whoever paid the most. And that turned out to be Commandant Léon Fiévez, who paid very handsomely for the special  jobs that required complete discretion. 

Mulezan confronts the Hunter


The Hunter still carried out his own enterprises, and one of them was the Ivory Trade, which ran him afoul of Mulezan, king of the Jungle.   12 elephants lay dead, an entire herd, they were harvested for their tusks and some bush meat was taken for the road, but most was left for the vultures and the other scavengers.  The elephant was critical to the health of the ecosystem, and such wanton slaughter put nature out of balance.  Not to mention, the elephants were Mulezan's  friends. 

The Hunter took a good look at this ape-man that had suddenly appeared to confront him in his own camp.  He knew it was Mulezan by the loincloth and the physical condition of his body.  This Mulezan looked like he could take care of himself.  He was impressive, deep grooves of cleavage in a powerfully built chest.  Strong legs yet lean muscled, tight sculpted stomach.  Just like the stories said.  A physique almost as impressive as The Hunter's himself.  "Fuck he's a big one," The Hunter thought. He would love to wrestle him one-on-one to submission, just HIM and the legend of the jungle.

With the professional interest of an ex-slaver, The Hunter found himself assessing the value of this savage. The Hunter’s eyes gobbled at Mulezan’s physique.  Man if only he was black, he would be worth a price to his old buddies among the Arab-traders or to the Rubber plantations!  Thick strong neck, powerful hard-working muscle on square-cut shoulders.  He’d have got a good price in the past for just such a stud. The Hunter’s eyes gave him the professional once-over.  In a flash, his eyes saw the muscled chest, the thickness of the shoulders, the tight ridges on that stomach.  Cash-registers chinked in The Hunter’s head. Shit, a century and a half ago this one would fetch a good price on the auction block of Tunis, thought The Hunter.  However the global dominance of European powers had put an end to the market for those with white skin.  He imagined a melanin-enhanced Mulezan. The devastating good looks, the muscle-stacked-upon-muscle.  That haughty pride in his manful superiority.  Just the sort of prime stallion some buyers craved.  Automatically the starting price was set high.  But that was in a former life.  

"I have heard of you, Jacob van Rijswijck.  You deserve the most severe Jungle Justice for what you have done. You have slaughtered animals for trophies and trinkets, rather than for food.  You have brutalized  the Congo with murder and slavery.  Stole fathers away, sold bread-winners into slavery first for far off lands, and then to rubber plantations and mines, to feed your insatiable mzungu thirst for pretty things.  I do not like what you Belgians do to the Congo which you claim is yours, but which you have stolen.  How many families weep for their lost members, how many hands have been cut off, or ears sliced because proud peoples would not passively submit to your rule?    I would kill you now, if I did not think innocents would be slaughtered in retribution!” Mulezan  resented the fact that justice had not been done.

The Hunter had come up close, standing chest to chest  only a step away. He felt Mulezan’s gaze taking him in. Sizing him up.“The world belongs to the strong. We take because we can, your friends have spears, we have rifles, cannons and Maxim guns.  As for your animals, there are plenty of those, and their trade is profitable."

"This quest for what you call 'profit' is simply obscenity, we have what we need in the Ukotho, why should we want more?" snorted Mulezan disdainfully. 

"It is our ambition for more than we just need, that makes US the rulers, and your tribesmen the ruled!"  retorted The Hunter

"The Ukotho is still free, and will be as long as I am Mulezan!"

"You are what we call an anachronism, Mulezan.  I see the word confuses you. It means the time of you and your friends have passed, a new world has dawned, it is a world for men like me, a man with ambition, a man of power, a man not afraid to get his hands dirty, a man who does not scorn profit because of the weakness men call principles." spat the man of Flanders, scornfully.

"The world is one of commodities, for sale or trade, and labor is just another trade.  Ivory, skins, horns, even some live specimens for zoos, these mean nothing more to me than coin.  The Belgians seek to sell rubber, and I see coin in it for me. What I do is profitable and thanks to Léon Fiévez, even my most unsavory acts these days have official sanction. It's a Business, apeman.  Someone’s gonna do it.  Why not me? It's all legal, I got a license and permits, everything is in order. Your welcome to look at my paperwork.”

"I don't care what kind of papers you have. Those may mean something in Boma, but not here in the Ukotha.  Here, Mulezan protects the animals in his lands.  This is a sanctuary for them under my protection.  You have no right to hunt here. You shall not profit from the slaughter you have wrought here, they will be given to the elephant spirits, and their ivory and bones made as offerings to  the land you have offended.  You will  leave the Ukotha, never to return, on pain of death!"

The Hunter laughed at this threat.  With the Hunter being heavily armed, it would have been fool hardy for Mulezan to take any action other than the Ultimatum that he had given.   Mulezan returned to the jungle, but did not go far.  The Hunter knew that Mulezan would be back, and also knew there was a bounty on the Jungle Lord, Mulezan's predictability would enable Jacob to set traps for this nuisance, and would bring the Belgian great profit!

You will go, and never return!

I see you have also had a taste of Chief Ruoli's daughter, Msuta.
 Send  her away from you,  Ruoli is a good man. 
 His daughter deserves better than you!


 Mulezan circled the entire camp area and disabled all the snares he found. He pissed on the edges of all the pit traps so any animal coming by would smell the piss and move around the area, clear of the trap.  Next, Mulezan executed his plan to get the drop on the heavily armed Hunter.  The Hunter's camp was by the bank of the river. The Hunter would be expecting Mulezan to come by land, and would be waiting for him.  But  the keen Mulezan used the river to get the drop on him.

Meanwhile, the Hunter sent Msuta on her way and his native bearers back to their villages.  He wanted no witnesses to what he had planned to happen next.  He fully expected Mulezan to return to enforce his order to leave.  In fact, this hunting expedition into Mulezan's protected domain was a deliberate provocation in the hopes of drawing Mulezan out.  Unknown to all, Léon Fiévez had made the Hunter an offer he could not refuse, to remove Mulezan as an obstacle to Belguim rule and as a thorn in the commandant's side.  Thus the Hunter waited with anticipation for Mulezan to return.  With the crocodile infested  river to his back,  and the quick sand bog to his south, there was only one direction the Mulezan could come from, and that was straight out of the jungle.  Or so he thought. 

Instead, Mulezan proceeded two miles north of the Hunter's camp, until he reached the Ukothe-Luaba, a tributary of the mighty Congo river, he dove forward without missing a beat. His smooth body cut through the water and his arms and legs worked to power him through the water like the fastest Olympic swimmer.

Mulezan's massive chest was heaving rapidly, his body glistening with perspiration. The incredible pace and fighting the strong river currents during his two mile swim had taken a toll on him.

Mulezan was a powerful and agile swimmer!

The natives sometimes wondered if he was part crocodile!

Mulezan swam underwater for the last two minutes, and rose to the surface.  When he came up, he was directly behind The Hunter on horseback, who was facing the other way, unaware of the  muscled threat lurking behind him.  The hunter shot a monkey out of a tree, then dismounted to collect his kill. Mulezan jumped from the water with the stealth and quickness of a river crocodile, and had his knife at the throat of The Hunter before he knew what was happening. 

The Hunter was facing the other way, unaware of Mulezan
 lurking behind him

The Hunter, who was facing the other way, was unaware of
 the muscled threat lurking behind him

Mulezan jumped from the water with the stealth and
quickness of a river crocodile...

...and had his knife at the throat of The Hunter before he
knew what was happening

Mulezan gets the drop on the Hunter

Mulezan has his knife at the throat of the Hunter

Didn't I warn you what would happen if you didn't leave?

The Hunter was amoral and would do anything for a buck. He had been paid handsomely to pursue Mulezan, and will garner even more gold, for delivering the head of Mulezan to the Belgian rogue: Léon Fiévez. He had expected to lure Mulezan into a trap, he had not counted on Mulezan traveling by the river and Mulezan getting the drop on HIM. The Hunter had hunted human game before, and to be caught unawares like this, was for him unprecedented. He had set his traps and snares, and done his reconnaissance and gathered intelligence among the natives, there was no way Mulezan should have gotten the jump on him, but he had!

But even though Mulezan was big and muscular, and held a knife to his throat, the Hunter felt no fear, or panic.  He had been there before, and knew himself, and just what he was capable of.  The Hunter plotted his next move carefully. Mulezan was powerful, but van Rijswijck knew he was smarter and he also believed that he even stronger and a better fighter than the Ape Man.  Opponents  built like a Mulezan were unusual, and he looked forward to taking the feral savage down.  He was completely  confident of  his chances in a one-on-one against Mulezan.  Mulezan knew that the Hunter was extremely strong and very dangerous, but he had never encountered a mzungu quite like Jacob van Rijswijck before, and hadn't an inkling of what he had gotten himself into.


In his right hand, Mulezan held his knife to the throat of his adversary, pressed hard enough, that the skin had already been pierced releasing the tiniest trickle of blood.

But Jacob knew muscle-freaks  like Mulezan always came with an attitude. So incredibly cock-sure of themselves because of the way they were built, rippling brick walls of muscle in a solid  abdomen and giant slabs for pecs.  Jacob knew from his own experience, that men of such extraordinary physique, were used to people stepping out of their way, used to being deferred to... feeling in control. Like they knew all that muscle-power of theirs could face anyone down. They’d spent their strong lives so in charge of their bodies and those around them, that nothing was too much for them to take on. Men such a they were used to ruling the roost; thinking themselves the best; calling the shots. Jacob himself was a man like that. "But unlike this jungle primitive, I have intellect, I can see this deficiency in myself and others, and use this self-knowledge to my advantage" the cocky Belgian thought. 

So Jacob knew this was his chance to use Mulezan's ego against him…Mulezan was just the kind, an over-muscled meat-head so sold on the superiority of the muscles, that meeting up with a likely rival, he could not stop himself from being gloated into giving up his advantage.

"So what're you gonna do? Slide that knife across the throat of an unarmed man? Or perhaps plunge it into my chest and rip out my heart and eat it, to give you some much needed courage!" The Hunter spread his arms wide, providing a wide-open target. In his right hand, Mulezan pulled back his knife a bit from the throat, now unsure of himself, but still, prepped and ready to use the blade. Jacob smiled when the pressure against his throat eased, knowing that he was having the expected results on the primitive's mind. The Hunter subtly flexed his muscles as an extra taunt to Mulezan.

“Can’t take me like a man, Mulezan, eh?” came the Hunter's oily taunt. “You are afraid to  face me as an equal. Man-on-man. You have to have that knife, huh? Is that the only way you can take my powerful muscles on?  So the fearless and mighty Mulezan is really just a coward...

A light smile had played on the Hunter's’s face, when Mulezan released him. He turned, with a sneer on his lips, and stood massive chest to massive chest with
 the Jungle Lord. Mulezan could feel the hot sweep of his opponent's breath.

“Throw away that knife. Let’s fight like real men!” the Hunter challenged.

The Hunter's’s eyes strayed over Mulezan’s defiant face, intently he matching each other glare-for-glare.The ape-man understood what the Hunter was saying. Mulezan sneered as he replied, "Are you suggesting a fair fight?"

"Yeah, This is between you and me, Mulezan. You and me, mano a mano, no weapons...Toss away your knife and face me in a physical contest of strength and raw dominance. Just our bare  hands" the Hunter challenged.

The Hunter stood with his chest nearly touching the ape-man's. He could feel the tension vibrating off Mulezan’s tense muscular front. Their eyes burned into each other, neither giving way and oozing defiance. Impressive, muscular, ready for a fight. This was how men like this proved themselves. No referees, no constraints. Just man-on-man aggression. Fiery stares, psyching each other out, not giving an inch, muscled attitude pouring out of every pore. Magnificent brutes that both knew this was about power and about control, the urge to dominate another man.

The Jungle King then fired the knife into the ground, landing it perfectly at the Hunter's feet. The Hunter's eyebrow rose at the perfect accuracy of the throw. His challenge had been accepted.

They would do this in the most basic way - just two warriors facing off to settle their differences. Both men were sure that he would be the winner.

“ You ain’t wearing nothing. Gimme a second to get some clothes off before we fight.” the rugged machismo stud said.

Mulezan snarled. He reached out and grabbed a hold of The Hunter’s shirt. Mulezan ripped the shirt off with one quick motion, revealing Jacob’s thick chest and six pac abs. Mulezan spoke, his own deep voice betraying the contempt he felt, “Is that better?”

" Yeah, now let me get my pants off," the Hunter said, stepping out his pants, stripping down to his sweat-stained briefs.

The Hunter stripped down to his briefs in preparation for
the fight with Mulezan

...hands on his hips, in a classic front lat
spread bodybuilder pose

The Hunter put his hands on his hips, in a classic front lat spread bodybuilder pose. He flared his lats,  deliberately emphasizing his bulging biceps. He tightened  his muscled abs and a wall of concrete blocks appeared. His beefy pecs stood high and proud, his nipples erect with excitement and anticipation over facing such a supremely muscled physical specimen as Mulezan.The Hunter was giving  Mulezan a full view of his broad muscled chest, and his narrow waist topped with a ripped set of abs. The Hunter was pure muscle and testosterone-packed male virility. As Mulezan’s eyes lighted on The Hunter's bare chested torso for the first time, the apeman  took in van Rijswijck’s huge overhang of a body-builder’s chest and the muscled breadth of the Hunter’s shoulders.   Mulezan could see the strength bursting to break free from the acres of muscle across the Hunter’s back. The Hunter's physique was more than a match for the heavily muscled brawny Jungle King.    Jacob van Rijswijck had come prepared. His body was the only weapon that the Hunter needed.  He’d be a match for Mulezan in any fight.  Mulezan felt his own strength scrutinized, appraised.  Dissected by a fighter who was easily his own equal.

The two enormously muscled combatants oozed manly
self-assurance from every pore

The two enormously muscled, predators oozed manly self-assurance from every pore. Both poised mountains of strength knew they were up against a supreme physical specimen. And Specimens like this just needed to show they were boss. They were like twin gladiators staring at the other's superbly muscled body.

Are You Not Impressed?

The Hunter's physique was more than a match for the heavily
muscled brawny Jungle King

So you're going to fight naked like a primitive savage?
Then so will I...

"So your going to fight naked like a primitive savage? Then so will I!" the Hunter stated, prickling with manful aggression. The Hunter feared nothing, showing everything, exuding pride in his body, radiating superiority through his nakedness, wallowing in the full glory of his maleness. You couldn’t find a better collection of raw masculinity than the pairing of the Hunter and Mulezan. Slogging it out, naked. Perfect specimens stripped to the buff, just as in times long-gone, when men had regularly tested each other in such a manner. Man to man combat to prove who was best. One-on-one. A fight to the bitter end. Manliness bristling out of every pore, clothed only in male self-assurance.

The Hunter stripped off his briefs

In one fluid motion the Hunter stripped off his briefs, tossing them away and exposing low-hanging balls the size of lemons and a colossal bull-sized cock, vascular and hard as the rest of his muscles. Undaunted and confident, the Hunter stood before Mulezan stark naked, nonchalantly indifferent to his nakedness. The Hunter's bronzed muscled backside had no tan-line. Fully naked, without his briefs, his six pack was revealed as a true 8-pack. He looked down at his abs and tensed them. All eight cylinders bunched into deep criss-crossed rows like the grill of a mack truck.

The gap down the center of his abs ran like a deep canyon, all the way down forming a arrow with his V lines pointing to the massive white cock jutting out from his huge balls. He was nude, fully confident in his strength, supremely comfortable in his manly nakedness.

The Hunter stripped off his briefs,  now both  superbly 
muscled men were naked. The two enormously muscled 
predators oozed manly self-assurance from every pore 

Let's get this over with, Mulezan said. The two supreme
physical specimens were stripped to the buff for the Man to
 man combat to prove who was best

"Are you up for a challenge? Do you fight for stakes?" asked the Belgian.

"Stakes?" queried Mulezan.

"I win. I fuck you. You win. You fuck me. Are you man enough to put your ass on the line, or are you a coward?"

"Loser gets fucked" Mulezan said boldly, accepting the challenge without a moment of hesitation. 

The confident Mulezan had no doubt that he would win the fight, and then he would collect on the wager by taking this fool's ass. The Hunter would pay dearly for his arrogance.

Do you fight for stakes? asked the Belgian

Loser gets fucked

Are you man enough to put this big beefy ass on the line?

Challenge Accepted!  
Alpha male versus Alpha male - fighting for top

Alpha versus alpha fighting is  about the domination factor as much as about sex. The thrill of having two never defeated muscle studs who know they can beat anyone ...and then putting that reputation on the line to see who can kick whose ass. The feeling when two muscle studs first meet: the initial stare-down, gazing at each other, some overt flexing and posing, then the sizing up of each other. Somewhere in the ritual, one stud challenges the other and the fight is on. Both have got that pumped up feeling of invincibility from all that testosterone raging in their  balls. Which makes for some great alpha versus alpha fighting -- Fighting for ass.  Two studs wrestling for top,  until one finally wins. Then the loser is in big trouble. The loser is now the winner's bitch.  The sex will be brutal, sweaty and rough, with the winner  totally dominating the losing male. Unfortunately, Mulezan was ruminating on wrestling for stakes when he should have been watching his opponent.

Almost in the blink of an eye, time seemed to stand still. As if in slow motion, Mulezan saw the white man’s muscled arm snap back. For a split second, time froze. The big hand now was clenched into a hammer of an iron fist. He saw clearly veins pumped up on the solid muscle of his thick arms. Everything was magnified, like Mulezan was drugged. The forearm turned to carved stone. The bicep gushed as if about to burst through the skin.Then time broke free its bonds. With the crack of a bowstring, the fist snapped forward. Giant shoulders bulged into rock. The Hunter’s face clenched impossibly taut.  With a twist of his upper body, putting all his solid weight behind the punch, the Hunter hammered his iron fist into Mulezan’s upper gut. Mulezan tightened in his abs at the approach of the Hunter’s fist.

Mulezan had seen a rhino charge. He’d heard the thud when that solid skull mangled human flesh. Mulezan heard that same sound of devastation as his iron-muscled flesh met the unforgiving force of the Hunter’s fist. "UUUUUGGGGNNNNNNHHHHH....!!!!" It was like taking it in the gut from a rhino’s charge. Mulezan felt the bellow of pain explode in his guts. A hammerblow into his stomach pounded the air out of his lungs. Astonishingly the power of Hunter’s killer-punch lifted Mulezan's torso, heck his whole dead-weight up off the ground. Tossed in the air. The Hunter sniggered, there was no defense against the sledgehammer of determination on the end of his arm. Years of smashing rocks with a heaving sledgehammer went straight into that punch to the guts. The Hunter had given the apeman no warning. That was part of the fun.

“Let’s dance!” the Hunter said.

The Hunter ’s blistering attack knocked Mulezan flying, coughing, spluttering, and gasping for air. With no chance to recover, instantly Mulezan was on the receiving end of a Blitzkrieg of gut-wrenching slugs from the ex-prize fighter ’s powerful fists. The Hunter was landing crippling blows that were breaking through the prized abs that Mulezan had always thought to be impregnable.  A stunning crack to the jaw left Mulezan reeling. The Hunter’s right uppercut smashed up under Mulezan’s jaw. It was a brain-shaking punch. Muscle built from years of hammering resentment into a thread-bare boxing bag in the prison-yard smacked brutally into Mulezan's jaw. The Hunter quickly followed up with a left hook to the body and Mulezan fell wheezing on all fours from a punch in the guts. A kick in the side from The Hunter ’s powerful leg sent Mulezan rolling in the dirt, writhing from the shock. Mulezan struggled to his feet with the aid of a nearby tree, clutching at the pain in his ribs and using the tree for support.

The Hunter spun Mulezan around and slammed him face first into the tree. The front of Mulezan’s body was rubbed raw and bloody by the impact with the rough tree bark, as van Rijswijck looked at Mulezan’s impossibly muscular back. POW! BAM! WHAM! POW! A series of debilitating body punches began. The Hunter slammed a barrage of sharp brutal blows into Mulezan's side, targeting his already bruised and damaged ribs, in order to break Mulezan's ribs. The Hunter's sharp hearing was listening hard to hear the sound of Mulezan's ribs cracking over the sound of his hard fists thudding into muscled flesh. The Hunter knew he had accomplished his objective when Mulezan's bawl of agony signaled the  caving in of his ribcage. "Fuck yeah, I just broke your fucking ribs, Ape Man....and I'm just getting started...I'm going to  break a lot more of your bones by the time I finish with you...." van Rijswijck gloated.

Pinned against a tree, Mulezan  takes several devastating
 body shots 

The Hunter’s anvil sized  fists rammed a barrage of blows 
into Mulezan's side

Mulezan's ribs exploded in crippling pain

The Hunter slammed a barrage of sharp blows into
Mulezan's side, breaking his ribs

The wounded Mulezan made the mistake of turning, trying to protect his broken ribs from further damage from the ex-prizefighters fists. Too late he realized that he was trapped against the tree and his exposed wide as a rail car back made a great target. Mulezan's back exploded suddenly in pain making the powerhouse throw his head back and howl in pain, The Hunter's anvil sized right fist had found the muscle stud's left kidney with a sudden, brutal blow. The paralyzing hammer blow to his kidney temporarily freezes Mulezan in place, pinned with his front pressed up against the tree.

The Hunter's much-experienced hard-knuckled punch stabbed Mulezan in the kidney another two eye-popping times in quick succession. Although the kidney punch is illegal in professional boxing, he had used it  many times before in his underground fights. He had the timing right and he knew just where to strike to send crippling pain exploding into the kidney he had targeted, turning Mulezan's knees to water.

He continued throwing hard rights into Mulezan's kidney, each one of them knocking a loud, low grunt out of the Jungle man. . He grunted in pain, and his body arched back with each brutal blow. "Huuuuuggrrhhh! Huuurggghhhh! Arrrrrggghhhh!" Every shout of pain was more guttural than the last. The Hunter pounded Mulezan's kidney into mush. Mulezan would be pissing blood for a week.

The Hunter’s anvil sized  fists rammed a hard blow 
into  Mulezan's kidney and the wide back exploded in 
crippling pain

 The  paralyzing hammer blows to his back temporarily 
freezes Mulezan in place

Two more kidney punches in quick succession turned 
Mulezan's knees into water

Mulezan grunted in pain, and his body arched back with 
each brutal blow

The Hunter  fired his sledgehammer fist into his kidney
 more than a dozen times

The hunter let up, only to press his hot chest into a pain stunned Mulezan’s back from behind. The fire off the hunter’s effort-heated chest was pressed greasily into Mulezan’s own pain-sweated back. The hunter's voice oiled mockery into Mulezan’s ear. “ I told you that you can’t take me like a man, Mulezan!” the Hunter taunted. “You can't face me as an equal. You can't beat me Man-on-man. I have already broken your ribs and made you bleed inside and out."  The sneer of a man in total control of the situation played across his lips.

Mulezan broke away and got in the the Hunter’s face from the front. Just a bit taller, Mulezan's chest was nearly touching the Hunter's equally muscular front. Eyes burned into each other, neither giving giving an inch, muscled attitude pouring out of every pore. Mulezan stepped straight into the Hunter's punch from in front. A hard thudding blow into his rock hard abs. It was less the pain, more the force that doubled Mulezan up. And the surprise. Plus the follow-up. A blow from above hammered an elbow into the back of his neck. Mulezan felt his knee give at the shock. Another fist into his lower back collapsed him forward onto one knee. A vicious knee-kick caught him in his damaged side twisting Mulezan sideways and dropping him to the dirt.

The Hunter placed the King of the Jungle in what our modern readers would recognize as a debilitating Kurt Angle style ankle lock. Mulezan was twisting and turning every which way like a great fish on a line trying to break loose.

A desperate Mulezan tries to reach his knife 

The Hunter puts Mulezan  into an Ankle Lock 

The Hunter's ankle lock prevents Mulezan from being able to
reach his knife even though it's mere feet away

The pain from the crippling ankle lock is excruciating 

Sorry, Monkey Boy, am I hurtin' ya.....?

Aargh, my fuckin' ankle...!  Your breaking my fuckin' ankle!!!
screams Mulezan in pain

Mulezan furiously beat the ground with his fists and howled out in pain."Sorry, Monkey boy, am I hurting ya....?" the Hunter asked calmly with a smirk. "Aarh, my fuckin' ankle....! You're breaking my fuckin' ankle" yelled out Mulezan in pain.  The Hunter sadistically continued to twist and turn Mulezan's trapped ankle, finally stretching the strong ankle ligaments beyond their limits.  There was a loud "pop" like rubber bands snapping  as Mulezan felt the ligaments tear, causing a severe and painful ankle sprain and eliciting another yell of pain from Mulezan.

 There is nothing like having the skills to pin a big  man to the 
ground against his will

A gogoplata  triangle chokehold 

And Nothing beats wrestling a muscle boy for getting a man fired up....!

The Hunter dropped the crippling hold only to turn it into an equally destructive double hammer lock. The Hunter's massive arms bulged as he forced the equally mammoth arms of Mulezan behind his muscled back, causing Mulezan's shoulders to hyper-extend.

The Hunter has Mulezan locked up in a double hammer lock

The Hunter teases Mulezan by keeping him inches away from
 the knife he was trying to  reach

The only thing that's cooler than breaking a guy's arm in a
 fight is breaking them both... at the same time, 
laughs the Hunter 

Mulezan feels like  his arms are being ripped out his shoulder
 sockets...the pain is incredible 

The Hunter plopped down hard onto the Jungle King’s rock 
hard powerful glutes, his massive sex tool laying directly over 
the Ape Man’s ass crack and ball sack

Fuck you're a hot one, Apeman.  I'm a bit disappointed that you 
are not hairy like an ape. You sure have the build of a gorilla
 though. Just think of this as foreplay, stud. I will be taking your
 beautiful ass soon enough...

Mulezan continued to bellow out in agony as the Hunter continues to apply force to Mulezan's arms. Mulezan could feel the ligaments in his shoulder joints begin to stretch to the breaking point and then tear. His arms were on the verge of being dislocated from his shoulder sockets.

Frustrated that several minutes in the painful hold hadn't made Mulezan surrender, The Hunter dropped his double hammerlock, letting Mulezan roughly fall to the ground on his belly. As soon as he hit the ground, the Hunter dropped a knee into the small of his back. It hurt like hell! The Hunter squatted over Mulezan, reaching down to pull up his shoulders while dropping his naked muscle butt on the lower back of Mulezan. Then he grabbed Mulezan's right arm, then the left one, trapping them over his hugely muscled legs. The Hunter was putting his opponent into a deadly Camel Clutch, forcing Mulezan’s arms across the Hunter’s enormous thighs. The Hunter locked his hands under Mulesan’s chin. He violently pulled the Jungle Lord's head and neck up. Mulezan groaned in excruciating torment. He had him!

The Hunter had applied a perfectly executed camel clutch hold, flopping Mulezan’s phenomenal arms over his tree trunk thighs and wrapping up the Jungle King’s chin in his hands, forcing his head backwards in the intensely painful hold. The Hunter’s great killer cock dug deep into the flesh of the Jungle King’s sweaty back. The Hunter pulled harder and tighter to increase the pain and intensify the damage to his mighty opponent.

Camel Clutch!

The Hunter locked his hands under Mulesan’s chin

Mulezan's mighty arms were trapped over the Hunter’s 
enormous thighs

The Hunter applied a perfectly executed camel clutch hold, 
 He had him!

With his naked muscled  ass on Mulezan’s equally muscled 
backside, The Hunter’s huge cock dug deep into the flesh of 
the Jungle King’s sweaty back

Mulezan realized that the Hunter was grinding his growing
 cock  between his struggling glutes

The Hunter  violently pulled the Jungle Lord's head and neck
 up. Mulezan groaned in excruciating torment

The Hunter adds a painful fish hook to the Camel Clutch 
Mulezan felt his neck muscles being stretched to the limit 
while spasms of pain racked his lower back

Great quantities of spit flew from Mulezan’s mouth as he snorted and gasped for air. His face was scrunched up with pain, his eyes were squinting, deep furrows of torment carved themselves across his forehead. His hands wildly twitched, like the flapping wings of a doomed bird. His manly grunts began to turn into weak, breathless whimpers.

The Hunter’s face, riddled from the intense strain he was exerting to break the Jungle King, nevertheless he said loud and clear. “It won't be long now,!” The Hunter was already feeling the wild exultation of victory. "I will snap your neck and break your back!” as he pressed his muscular butt down harder and yanked backwards. Mulezan's mighty arms were flailing wildly and uselessly as he felt his neck muscles being stretched to the limit while spasms of pain were racking his lower back. Still in the camel clutch, Mulezan realised that the Hunter was grinding his increasingly growing cock between his struggling glutes.

Confident that victory was assured, the Hunter contemptuously threw the Jungle King off his legs. The King of the Apes plummeted to the jungle floor with a hard smack. The massively-muscled Hunter triumphantly stood up. He took his time, Mulezan wasn't going anywhere. 


Seizing the advantage the Hunter grabbed his sodden underwear off the ground. Then the Hunter leaped over to the writhing Mulezan and kicked him over onto his front. In a split second the briefs were wrapped around Mulezan’s throat. As quick as a flash the Hunter joined his hands together in the back of the unsuspecting Mulezan’s neck.

With a yell of exuberant triumph, the Hunter hauled Mulezan’s chest up off the dirt by the briefs on his neck. Teeth gritted, arms straight, the Hunter heaved. He hauled the struggling Mulezan up off the earth by his neck. Throttling Mulezan with his briefs across the throat. Back-arched, all his muscled weight pressing down on the tightness of the Hunter’s briefs choking Mulezan across his windpipe, cutting off his air. The oxygen in the air is what fuels big muscles like Mulezan's. As the Hunter well knew, it doesn't matter how big you are, if you can't breathe, you can't fight.

The Hunter used his briefs to choke Mulezan

The Hunter heaved back on the briefs against Mulezan's 
windpipe. Mulezan couldn't breathe! 

The briefs slammed across Mulezan’s windpipe. The Hunter's solid muscled bare chest rammed itself into Mulezan’s back. The Hunter heaved back on the briefs, crushing Mulezan’s windpipe. Mulezan couldn’t breathe. The immensely strong Hunter had him trapped. He could not escape. And he could not breathe.

The Hunter gripped his briefs with a hand on either side of Mulezan’s neck. And he heaved. Biceps turned to rock. Hundreds of hammer swings for years, had forged biceps of iron, nothing could break this grip. Not even Mulezan. Teeth gritted with effort, heart leaping with the success of surprise. The Hunter heaved his helpless victim against his solid muscled pecs. The bicep curl was forcing Mulezan’s head back. The Hunter grunted pleasurably with the physical effort. This was the kind of workout he’d dreamed of. His face creased with lines of exertion as the muscled rocks of his arms throttled Mulezan.

Shock turned to desperation. He felt Mulezan struggling against his own muscled front. Then The Hunter felt the first signs of desperation when  Mulezan’s shoulders wriggled, and tight bunches of muscle writhed. The back fought to twist and break out of the iron grip. Mulezan’s head rocked, he writhed struggling to break free... uselessly. The Hunter muscles were burning with strain and effort as he strangled the Ape Man. Desperate gagging noises broke from Mulezan’s mouth. A sudden flush of sweat glued their bodies together. A heat flared between their straining torsos. The Hunter wished he could see Mulezan’s face. Eyes popping , face distorted, mouth gaping wide in shock, gagging in desperation for air. Choking, Mulezan was fighting to break free. But he’d be weakening and running out of breath soon. Against his chest, the 
Hunter felt Mulezan’s body sag, knees giving in.

The Hunter gripped his briefs with  a hand  on either side of 
Mulezan’s neck  

The Hunter had biceps of iron, nothing could break his grip, 
not even the mighty Mulezan

The Hunter heaved his helpless victim against his solid 
muscled pecs

The Hunter's  muscles  were burning with strain and effort. 
 Desperate gagging noises broke from the choking Mulezan’s 
mouth as he fought for some air

The immensely strong Hunter had Mulezan trapped and 
was  strangling him using the briefs 

The choking Mulezan could not escape, nor could he breathe

The Hunter's wide as a ship's deck muscled back was taut with strain as his choke-hold held Mulezan. Desperation powered Mulezan’s knees under him till, demonstrating incredible strength, Mulezan managed to start to stand while still being choked. The Hunter released his grip, pulling the briefs away from Mulezan’s throat. The Hunter contemptuously threw the coughing Mulezan roughly back down to the dirt, letting Mulezan roll squirming onto his tortured back with his hand clutching at the burning in his crushed throat.

Satisfying sounds of retching hit The Hunter’s ears. Animal-like spluttering. Mulezan gasping and wrenching noisily air into his burning lungs. Mulezan was still noisily gasping in air after the attack while the Hunter watched satisfied from behind. The Hunter saw Mulezan stretch his neck to assess the damage to his windpipe.

Mulezan was still squirming in the dirt, head rocking from side to side, a hand nursing the burn at his throat when the Hunter reached down and dragged Mulezan to his feet by his hair.

The Hunter dragged Mulezan to his feet by his hair

The groggy Mulezan could barely stand

The Hunter went for Mulezan's crushed throat again. His hands wrapped around Mulezan’s throat and clenched at the burn mark around his crushed windpipe.

The Hunter went for Mulezan's crushed throat again

The Hunter's hands wrapped around Mulezan's throat 
and clenched at the burn mark around his crushed windpipe

Mulezan couldn't break the Hunter’s steely grip

Do you want me to kill you now?

All I need to do to break your neck is to  flex my arm 

No, I'm not going to kill you yet...

...I'm going to fuck you first, then I'm going to kill you

Mulezan’s hands were on the Hunter’s wrists, struggling the break the squeeze on his throat. Head flailing, legs squirming about in frustration and pain. Trying to break the stranglehold. A punching desperately on the Hunter’s iron-hard forearms. But nothing was breaking the Hunter’s steely grip.

Mulezan let out a cry of relief when the Hunter stood up and let him go. Head rolling, brain reeling, his legs flopping and jerking. Abs pounding for air. Powerful and etched, maybe they were. Magnificent they looked coated with his sweat, heaving for breath. But they were unprepared. Not expecting the thud of the Hunter’s jackhammer into those packed guts. Jumping up and landing with both boots into those cobblestone abs. Mulezan jack-knifed up. Mulezan bawled out in shock and surprise. The grinning Jacob van Rijswijck was loving the thrill of teaching this muscle-hunk a lesson. Putting him in his place. Breaking Mulezan of that hard-muscled arrogance and haughty pride in his manful superiority. He would humiliate this cocksucker ape man!

The Hunter dove onto Mulezan and the two behemoths  rolled over and over. The two muscle men struggled. The Hunter ended up on top of the mighty Ape Man.

SLAP! Jacob struck a powerful double-fisted punch across Mulezan’s face, temporarily stunning him. The Hunter stood, preparing another kick, but Mulezan managed to grab his ankle, only to receive a boot to the face. OOF! Mulezan fought to stand up – he was dazed and had lost focus. The Hunter leaped onto Mulezan’s wide back and started choking him again. ARGH! Mulezan struggled, his chiseled body arched back to compensate for the Hunter’s devastating choke hold. Mulezan’s arms strained under the pressure as his face went red from lack of oxygen. Mulezan staggered on his mighty legs, taking three steps forward.

Then Mulezan collapsed, exhausted, to his knees.

Mulezan flexed his stomach his muscles when he saw The Hunter’s boot launch. in a flying kick from The Hunter’s leg. Jacob’s powerful torso bent forward over a thick-muscled thigh, like a rugby-player aiming for a goal. Mulezan’s own strong abs turned hard as rock at the threat of that flying blur. But the metal tip toe of the boot smacked hard into the muscle with overwhelming force. The power behind the boot pitched Mulezan’s chest forward. The force of the kick punched out the wind and filled Mulezan’s cheeks.

Mulezan’s face smacked against The Hunter’s waist. His grunt of pain splattered muffled against van Rijswijck’s solid muscled abs. But before Mulezan could register the strength against his face, the Hunter’s fist was in his hair. The Jungle Lord was yanked back off Jacob’s abs by his scalp. A split second later, The Hunter’s uppercut smashed brutally into Mulezan’s jaw. In the last second, van Rijswijck twisted with his shoulders. Smacked with the full weight of The Hunter’s muscle-solid bulk into Mulezan’s jaw. Mulezan flew. The force lifted him up, shock knocked him up off his knees. Pain pitched Mulezan backwards, His back smacked onto the hard ground. . It has been a brain-shaking punch.

Mulezan tightened his stomach again. The Hunter gave him plenty of warning of the next kick. Standing alongside, van Rijswijck’s leg lifted, bent at the knee. As if in slow motion, Mulezan flat on his back observed every slight move. The bulging steel-solid muscle of The Hunter’s legs and the boot-heel turned down menacing over Mulezan’s stomach. Time stood still over each thick blond strand of hair on a rock-hard calf. The muscled menace was poised, ready to stomp.

The Hunter saw his enemy’s body's muscles clearly failing and smiled. he took full advantage. The Hunter dove right on top of him, driving all the air out of his body with a mighty splash. Mulezan’s head smashed into the ground, knocking him senseless. Jacob van Rijswijck slowly moved off Mulezan, reached down and grabbed a handful of Mulezan’s hair. He forced the Ape Man back to his feet.

 van Rijswijck reached down and
grabbed a handful of Mulezan’s hair

The Hunter forced the Ape Man back to his feet

Mulezan wobbled, barely able to stand up

The Hunter let go and Mulezan wobbled, barely able to stand up. Jacob tugged on Mulezan’s hair again . He had complete control of the King of the Jungle – Mulezan followed where he was led, like a small dog in the clutches of a wolf. Jacob smiled at the sight of the legendary so called most powerful man in the jungle, helpless. Mulezan's eyes were open but not seeing. His arms hung limply and his chest heaved, struggling to fill his powerful lungs. There would soon be no doubt about who the true "most powerful man in the jungle" really was. The Hunter, Jacob van Rijswijck had totally dominated the Legend, Mulezan. It had been a fair fight, and Mulezan would have no excuses for his loss, which would make the Hunter's victory all the sweeter.

The Hunter absent-mindedly rubbed his chest, as he pondered his next move in the destruction of Mulezan. His other hand stroking with enjoyment over the hardness in his muscled abs, feeling the muscle-stacked-upon-muscle of his own physique. The evil man lived for power and now he had all he needed with Mulezan. Jacob van Rijswijck danced around Mulezan like the champion boxer he had been as a young man a decade back, in Antwerp. His muscular pecs bouncing . He threw out his fists, narrowly missing Mulezan’s head, which swayed from side to side on his spaghetti neck. The Hunter continued to play and shadowbox with his enemy. He spoke to the Lord of the Jungle, “C’mon Mulezan, where’s your fight … ? Don't quit on me yet, I'm having too much fun taking you apart with my bare fists...."

Mulezan heard the words and tried to throw himself at van Rijswijck, but he couldn’t find the energy. The Hunter’s taunts and arrogance were ringing in his ears as the Hunter stopped playing with Mulezan. CRACK! The Hunter landed his next blow against the powerless jungle man. Mulezan’s head snapped back as the haymaker upper cut landed squarely across his jaw.

The Hunter watched Mulezan collapse to the ground.

Mulezan, the most powerful man in the jungle, lay helpless on his back before The Hunter. Mulezan’s massive chest muscles heaved up and down with each breath. His muscular physique had been ravaged by the Herculean Fleming’s cruel abuse.

The Hunter stretched his own muscular body up to the sky, reveling in the sight.He could take his time. The Hunter lowered himself to his knees and positioned himself across Mulezan’s mighty torso.

The Hunter sat back and surveyed Mulezan’s body. The Jungle Lord’s pecs stood out high and proud, from the base of his chest and his lats fanned out like wings of muscle. They looked massive, with every muscle defined like an anatomy chart.

The Hunter lowered his body on top of Mulezan’s. He stretched out,grasping Mulezan’s wrists and touching his powerful body to Mulezan’s – pecs to pecs, abs to abs, groin to groin. Mulezan was getting turned on, in spite of himself. He put his face right in Mulezan’s and spoke.

“Mulezan … you’re mine, now … my bitch … and I’m gonna handle ya like a bitch. Only when I finish using you as my cum depository, will I finally be done with you, take your head, and bring it to my employer in Boma, who will pay me handsomely ” Using all of will power, Mulezan forced himself to not react at all.

Disappointed, the Hunter released Mulezan’s wrists and moved his hands to his enemy’s throat. He began choking the Ape Man mercilessly. “D’ya here me, bitch? You are gonna die ya stupid savage! Nobody can beat Jacob van Rijswijck!”

Flushed with pride at battering his legendary opponent into the earth, his dick was hard. No shame in that, it was his body’s sign that the Hunter was vanquishing the wheezing apeman down in the dirt. His boner was a symbol of male dominance. His cock was in proportion to the rest of the monster. His hand was unselfconsciously stroking a massive erect dick. This was what a warrior male lived for.

Mulezan's survival instincts spurred some action, as he coughed in the Hunter’s iron grip but he couldn’t throw off his oppressor. The Hunter released his choke and dismounted the Ape Man, who flopped back and forth on the ground, filling his lungs again.

The Hunter reached down and seized a hold on Mulezan’s hair. He pulled Mulezan to his feet and slapped him lightly to knock him back to his senses.

The Hunter pulled a disoriented Mulezan to his feet 
by his hair


"Now Mulezan,  its time to find out which of us is the truly the strongest man in Africa."  Jacob van Rijswijck raised his hands, in a challenge for a trial of strength. "A second chance!" thought Mulezan. Mulezan had never met a man that could fight like this Hunter could. The Hunter was kicking his ass. This Hunter might be the better fighter, but the Jungle Lord was confident that there was no one stronger than Mulezan.

The Hunter raised his hands and spread his fingers. Mulezan nodded knowingly. A true test of strength to see whose muscles were the strongest.  Mule smiled. He had never lost a test of strength, not even against 400 lbs Silverback gorillas. When he brought this foreign strongman down to his knees, it would cause The Hunter such a great loss of confidence that the match might even end right then, he thought. The heavily muscled supermen locked fingers and immediately started trying to force the other down. They moved closer, banging their massive, heaving chests together. The two musclemen grunted and strained as they stood chest to chest, nipples to nipples, hands locked tightly in place. Their heavily veined thick cocks pulsated and dripped like leaky faucets with pre cum as they slid up along side the others. They pushed with all their might as their red faces grimaced from their strenuous exertion as their bull necks strained with such intensity that the veins seemed to almost pop through their flesh. They were both already sweating bullets from the strenuous effort. Their arms were huge, puffed up to their maximum sizes. Mulezan confidently exerted all his strength on The Hunter's muscles. Every fiber in his body strained to force the mighty muscle for hire down to his knees. The striations of Mule's arms damn near burst through his skin as he exerted all his superhuman strength. Like Mulezan, with his teeth clenched, The Hunter strained with every ounce of strength he possessed, as the veins in his massive arms, chest and neck stood out. His muscles worked furiously.

The two strained against each other, each powerhouse struggling to force the other to his knees on the muddy ground. The Hunter's arms bulged as he pushed and pulled, slowly working Mulezan to his knees. To his shock, Mulezan found himself straining, grimacing, and pushing in order to remain in control. The Hunter possessed inhuman strength, he was the strongest man Mulezan had ever come across. The two pushed and strained against one another, their powerful bodies shimmering in the noonday sun.

Mulezan was tiring, but his heaving breaths only accented his musculature as the sun light bounced off his sweaty muscles, accenting the red marks and bruises where the Hunter had struck him. Slowly but surely, inch by inch, Mulezan was being out muscled . His big green eyes started to fill with defeat and self doubt.

"Feel that power, Jungle Man..." The Hunter hissed between grunts, through clinched teeth. "Your totally outclassed, you damn dirty ape."

A shocked Mulezan felt his mighty legs and arms begin to tremble and shake. He was fighting but he knew he was losing. His legs buckled. His knees hit the ground as he dropped first to one knee, and then to both knees. Mulezan had finally met a man stronger than he was, and had been overpowered by that man.

"YES! I knew I was the strongest..." gloated the Hunter. The humiliated Mulezan was on his knees before his conquer, hands still locked with the Hunter.

Instead of releasing his grip on his hands, the Hunter pulled Mulezan forward, kneeing him in the gut over and over. OOOFFF! AAAH! UNGGGHH!!! Spittle shot out of his lips.He started to double over. As his head was was going down and the Hunter rammed his mighty chin with his upcoming knee. The hard knee was powered by the Hunter's massive quad nearly knocked Mule's handsome head from his thick shoulders. CRACK! Bone against bone. The Hunter released his grip and Mulezan went sprawling backward on the ground, knocked fully unconscious this time. He laid unmoving on the ground, blood dripping from his nose and beaten face.

Once again the Hunter had dropped Mulezan. But this time, the Hunter hadn't just knocked the Apeman down, he had knocked him out! It was lights out for the Jungle Lord. Mulezan was fully unconscious! And it was the fist of Jacob van Rijswijck that had delivered the concussion inducing blow.

"Yeah! Down for the count! I won. I not only won,  I fucking KO'd Mulezan!" The Hunter shouted victoriously.

"So much for foreplay." The Hunter thought with a smile.

The heavily muscled supermen locked fingers and 
immediately started trying to force the other down

The two musclemen grunted and strained pushed with all 
their might  Their arms were huge, puffed up to their 
maximum sizes, as both powerhouses exerted all their 
strength Their powerful sweaty bodies shimmering in the
 noonday sun

Their arms were huge, puffed up to their maximum sizes, 
as both powerhouses confidently exerted all their strength 

Neither were moving – they were frozen in fierce, muscle-
straining combat, sweat pouring off both of them 
They pushed with all their might as their red faces grimaced 
from their strenuous exertion

Mulezan was tiring, but his heaving breaths only accented his
musculature as the sun light bounced off his sweaty muscles

Mulezan planted his feet hard on the ground and pushed 
against the Hunter with all the superhuman strength in his
 massive legs --to no avail, the Hunter didn't budge!

Is that all you've got, Ape Man?

You're strong Mulezan. But I am stronger. Feel my power,
The Hunter hissed between grunts.  A shocked Mulezan felt 
his mighty legs and arms begin to tremble and shake!

Slowly but surely, inch by inch, Mulezan was being out 
muscled and over powered. Mulezan had finally met a man 
stronger than he was!

The Hunter takes the win with a KO.  It's lights out for 

The Hunter had won. The Hunter had not only vanquished the Jungle Lord, he had annihilated the legend of the apeman. And now, he would seize that title of jungle lord for his own. It never occurred to the arrogant Belgian that the Jungle denizens might have other ideas.

Grinning triumphantly, the arrogant Hunter made himself comfortable, sitting down and smoking a victory cigarette while waiting for Mulezan to regain consciousness. The Hunter was taking a well-deserved break before he fucked Mulezan.

The Hunter smokes a victory cigarette while waiting for 
Mulezan to regain consciousness

The Hunter,  Jacob van Rijswijck had not only won,
 he had single handedly annihilated the legendary apeman

The Hunter took a well deserved break before he fucked

Another successful job for his employer. 
I should get a bonus for this one thought Jacob van Rijswijck

The Hunter's mind wandered as he smoked his cigarette ... 

The Hunter looked over at Mulezan's  laid out body. His vanquished opponent was out cold. The Ape man lay motionless, his strong naked body spread eagle and covered in sweat and blood, with large black and blue bruises already appearing.  Unconscious, but still gasping for breath. Mulezan unconscious and flat on his back, the  heaving of his bloodied chest was the only indication that he was still alive. His arms were laid out straight from his sides. In this position the defeated Jungle Lord looked like dynamite. His whole body was glistening with sweat and glowing red from the beating he had been given by Jacob van Rijswijck. From his muscled arms to his expanded chest to his large cock to his well defined legs, Mulezan was motionless. Mulezan's large nipples were stretched slightly across his chest, his deep chest was highlighted because of the position of his arms, which forced his ribcage to rise, his bruised ribs plainly visable . His ripped stomach was rising as he breathed heavily. His penis lay large and lifeless between his thighs, his testicles lying on the ground in a loose fitting sack. "I hope I didn't put him into a fucking comma! I want him awake when I fuck and kill him...." thought the Hunter.

They had gone one on one, man to man in a fight to the finish. And Jacob van Rijswijck had decisively proved himself the better fighter. The Hunter had devastated the apeman, and Mulezan’s stamina and strength had given way to the hammering of the Hunter’s pulverising fists. Having now taken the measure of this Mulezan, the Hunter knew that he was fully capable of beating the Ape Man to death with  His killer blows. But he had something even more fun than beating the Jungle Lord to death with his bare hands planned. 

Lost in thoughts, The Hunter's hands slid absent-mindedly over his own thickly muscled sweat covered bare chest. His Fingers squeezed at a solid pec, flicked at the hard nub standing proud on a firm ridged edge, bringing a nipple to life. He was still fascinated by the body he had grown. Proud of his pumped-up physique. His fingers played with the deep ridges of his solid abs. Feeling the body that he had built up as he had sweated mindlessly for years in gruelling hard labour under the harsh sun. Smashing rocks by swinging that enormous sledgehammer. And after, Pumping iron in that prison yard, thousands of pained grunts pushing rusty weights up off his chest, Preparing for a day just like this. This day when his body-builder muscle had squashed the Mighty Mulezan, the so called mightiest man in the Jungle. He had squashed Mulezan like a bug.

The Hunter threw his cigarette butt into the mud. He was done playing now, break time over… it was time to FUCK! The Hunter relished his conquering of another muscle man and owning him sexually. Besides, the sooner he finished the job the sooner he would be paid.

Break time over, thought the Hunter,  The sooner I finish this 
the sooner I get paid...

I'm not sure what I am going to enjoy more, fucking him or 
killing him

The Hunter got some water and threw it on the fallen jungle 
stud to wake him

The hunter walked to the nearby river, got some water and threw it on the fallen jungle stud to wake him.  Mulezan sputtered and shook out the cobwebs.


Mulezan looked up at the arrogant Hunter standing over him. His enemy’s body was pulsing with power – van Rijswijck’s arms were as big as his own, and the Hunter’s solid, bulging chest looked as strong as a fortress. The Hunter flexed his biceps and pecs to intimidate the beaten muscle man before him.

"I wanted to go up against the best in the jungle, and that was you, Mulezan the stuff of legends. We fought, one-on-one. I made sure it was a fair fight, so you would have no excuses for you loss. It was a clean win, which makes my victory all the sweeter. I, Jacob van Rijswijck, single handedly annihilated the legend of the all powerful, invincible King of the Apes... " the Hunter stated, calmly and matter-of-factly.

Mulezan was bruised and battered, muscles throbbing in pain. He knew that he still had one chance. Mulezan backed away from his destroyer and filled his lungs. The Hunter saw his enemy’s desperation and knew what he was doing. The Hunter smiled, knowing that he had won – but more importantly that Mulezan was awake and aware that he, Jacob van Rijswijck was the better man.

Mulezan took his one last chance – he started to let out his famous call, hoping some of his jungle allies might hear and save him. Just as Mulezan began his famous yell, FWOOSH!!! the Hunter launched a devastating kick into his crotch. ARGH! Mulezan bellowed and collapsed to the ground, helpless, clutching his big bull nuts with both hands.

The Hunter spread his arms, fanning out his own big lats. “How’s that feel, eh, jungle man? Don’t bet ya’ll be calling your animals now! I proved I could beat you clean. So now I can learn ya how men fight prison style – with a kick in the balls! Don’t worry, I still ain’t gonna kill ya just yet. I got a plan for ya.

The Belgian kicked Mulezan in his bruised side. Mulezan fell over onto his back. His hands remained over his devastated crotch as protection. The evil Fleming grabbed his ankles. He lifted Mulezan’s legs and spread them.

The Hunter lingered, savoring the moment. Mulezan knew what was coming - . the Hunter spit down, hitting Mulezan in the face and then he dropped - driving his knee between the Lord of the Jungle’s thighs, driving Mulezan’s hands into his own package with incredible force. NOOO!

Mulezan lay writhing on the ground – in incredible pain from the low blows. The Hunter circled the naked fallen jungle stud.The Hunter laughed out loud. He flipped the devastated Jungle Lord onto his back. Mulezan was naked, and completely at the Hunter’s mercy. the Hunter laid on top of his fallen foe his mouth breathing hotly into his ear.

“How’s that feel, eh? KING OF THE JUNGLE, MY ASS! Guess we both know who the real Boss man of the Ukotho is NOW.UNF! UGH! HFF! The mighty Lord of the Jungle struggled against his nemesis, the Ape Man’s fight was the ultimate definition of futility.

Mulezan was completely at The Hunter’s mercy. Unfortunately for Mulezan, Jacob van Rijswijck had no mercy. He was the most ruthless man in the jungle. His reputation put fear in the hearts of every man who heard his name - every man that is except Mulezan. But The Hunter was going to change that - Mulezan would learn to fear van Rijswijck and show him the respect he deserved. When the once-proud King of the Jungle acknowledged his fear and submitted to his superiority, then, and only then, he would die by the Flemish Hunter’s hand.

The Hunter laid his powerful body on top of his fallen foe, slowly moving up and down, letting Mulezan feel his muscles - the muscles that had destroyed him. The Hunter let the Ape Man experience everything that made van Rijswijck the envy of men everywhere.

Jacob van Rijswijck was a real man, a man’s man - Mulezan could feel The Hunter’s hard chest and stomach rubbing against his skin - He could smell the He-man of Flander’s manly musk - the scent was so overpowering that he could actually taste The Hunter in his mouth. Mulezan could hear Jacob’s deep, arrogant voice laughing at him, calling him names, reveling in his total defeat. Mulezan closed his eyes and tried to form a plan, but there was none. He could not escape and he could not hope to reason with a man like The Hunter.

The Hunter laid his powerful body on top of his fallen
slowly moving up and down, letting Mulezan feel his
- the muscles that had destroyed him

The Hunter continued to lie on top of his victim. He loved playing mind games with the 'invincible’ jungle stud. He remembered how everyone told him to "stay away from Mulezan - how no one was a match for the King of the Jungle...blah blah blah blah blah." This was the mightiest man in the Jungle? What a joke...

Jacob van Rijswijck, was a fearless hunter of big and dangerous game,  The warnings he received, he took simply as a challenge, incentivizing him even more than the promised gold.  All this reverberated in his thoughts as Jacob placed his mouth right next to Mulezan’s ear, breathing hotly into it, and he said in his rich baritone, “How does that feel, eh? Lord of the Jungle, my ass. Guess I’m the Lord of this Jungle, now. Not bad for someone from the cholera-ridden slums of Antwerp!”

Jacob laughed malevolently and stood up. He lifted Mulezan to his knees by his hair,

Mulezan regained enough control to stay kneeling. He looked up at The Hunter. The Sinjoor Safariman looked down into the Ape Kin’s eyes, which again burned with hate. The Hunter, arms raised, flaunting his manly strength, displayed himself while Mulezan was gasping for air on his knees. 

Mulezan’s  green eyes opened looking into the Hunter's. Mulezan’s chest swelled and relaxed as he lay there still on his back.  The Hunter flexed his right bicep.  His  bicep swelled to Matterhorn size as it shot into a fight-pumped double peak. The Hunter's tone was harsh and forceful. "Look at that muscle!" The Hunter barked. "These are the guns that took you down." The still kneeling Mulezan looked up at The Hunter barely conscious. Mulezan’s eyes stared at the huge muscle, at the cuts, at the veins sprawling from The Hunter's chest to his boulder sized shoulders to the double-peaked monster and up his massive forearm to the fist that had beaten him senseless.

"This is the chest that crushed you." The Hunter said, flexing his pecs. The tendons rippled through them like steel cables. His  nipples were full-erect

"And this is the cock that's going to fuck you, Mulezan." He said firmly. "I got 11 inches of thick meat, and I been to prison bro, I will make sure to make it unpleasant for you." Mulezan didn't respond. Mulezan just knelt there, eyes fixed on The Hunter's fuck muscle.

The Hunter had showed Mulezan who the superior male was. Mulezan had finally come across someone more powerful than himself.  That more powerful man  had beaten him!

"You can't tell me it doesn't turn you on to  be beaten  by someone more powerful than you." The Hunter said. as  every muscle in his body flexed, the surface of  his ripped body even more magnificent covered in sweat. 

The Hunter had vanquishing the wheezing apeman that was now kneeling down in the dirt at his feet, .  The  dominant male  was flush with pride at battering his legendary opponent into the earth.  The Hunter said, "I want to hear you beg and whimper before you die. Jungleman.  But first I am going to fuck you.  That was our wager, and I expect you to keep your word,  not that there is any way you can  stop me.”

Van Rijswijck was relentless and even more sadistic than the most savage of the jungle tribes.

The Flemish Hunter spoke again “Beg me, Ape Man. Beg me to spare your miserable life. A hunter has two choices - he can kill his prey, or he can tame it. Do ya wanna be killed or tamed?” The Belgian had no intention of letting Mulezan live, he just wanted to torment his prey with false hope.

The naked and helpless King of the Jungle did not respond. The Hunter straddled the Ape Man, van Rijswijck bitchslapping Mulezan repeatedly. “Still no answer, Mulezan? We’ll see about that!” the Hunter lifted his hands  and clutched each of Mulezan’s massive pecs. the Hunter squeezed them, breaking down the marble orbs of power. Mulezan desperately flexed them for protection.

Mulezan managed not to cry out this time, but he knew that if van Rijswijck could break his pecs, it would not be long before his spirit fell too. The Hunter desperately wanted to hear Mulezan cry out, so the Fleming altered his tactics.  The Hunter  let go and played with the Ape kin’s nipples. Mulezan’s mind was reeling at the combination of pain and pleasure he felt as the Hunter fondle his nipples - one of the most erogenous areas on Mulezan’s body! OH! OH! He cried, unable to stop himself!

Ya like that, do ya? That's another skill I picked up in prison. I can make you forget all about girls. See, Ape Man, if ya give in time, it won’t all be pain … just give in.  I know your jungle code means your word is your bond. I’ll free ya if ya promise to be my slave - I always need a good hunter.

The Horny Hunter was bending forward and licking the Ape Man’s nipples as he said this. Mulezan was in the throes of ecstasy and The Hunter’s masculine voice was commanding and hypnotic. Part of van Rijswijck’s success in life, was his uncanny ability to charm everyone he met - his cruelty made him sexy in a badboy way.

Mulezan’s mind was reeling as he felt as the Hunter fondle his nipples

Ya like that, do ya Ape Man?

The Hunter licked and sucked on Mulezan's nipple

Mulezan was turned on and in the throes of ecstasy

Mulezan came very close to saying yes, to giving in to the Hunter's charms and seduction...the words almost slipped out, but at the last minute he regained control.  "NEVER!"

That’s too bad. 'Cause that means this is what ya have to look forward to, Ape Man.” The Hunter stood up and moved back to Mulezan’s crotch. He lifted his hands so Mulezan could see what was coming. “Beg me to stop and pledge your life to me and this can all stop!”

No man had ever manhandled Mulezan, Lord of the Jungle, the way the Flemish Hunter had- he had never been so thoroughly decimated. But for one moment, the nobility, strength and courage that were Mulezan returned. Mulezan looked at The Hunter and said, “I would rather die!

Then that’s what’ll happen!” Jacob lowered his arms and seized the Ape Man’s balls in his hands. He mercilessly squeezed, pulled and twisted Mulezan’s manhood. Mulezan's body humped and thrashed violently. Mulezan screamed but the mighty Ape Man did not give in - he would never give in!

The Hunter couldn’t believe that Mulezan could still resist. He was impressed, and Jacob van Rijswijck did not impress easily.  The success of the nipple work made The Hunter realize that he had been attacking the wrong end of Mulezan. the Belgian let go and propped Mulezan back up on his knees.

You know Mulezan, I always wondered about you … living like you do, parading around naked all the time. I thought, yep, this guy’s a homo. I know ya want me, don’t ya? a real man?

Mulezan looked confused for a moment. “HA, HA, HA! Don’t ya get it Jungle Man? I’m gonna show ya what I learned in jail! Get ready to beg for your life, 'cause ain’t no one ever walked away after taking my jackhammer!

The Hunter began stroking his massively thick and long organ to full iron hard erection. "Like it Jungle Boy?" he asked as he stroked his huge 11 inch pussy buster till it started to drip. "Not a bad piece of equipment  huh?" he stated, answering his own question.  It was even bigger than Mulezan’s! Mulezan had never seen so large a  cock on a white man before! A couple of men in the tribes were this big, but only a couple in all of the Congo! Mulezan dared not think of what was to come -

Mulezan the Jungle Man felt fear deep in the pit of his stomach as he knelt before The Hunter … fear of the man who towered over him … fear of what was about to happen to him.

As the now-naked the Hunter circled, rubbing his , power-packed torso, his engorged member throbbed and pulsed in anticipation. the Hunter longed to destroy Mulezan completely – he had done it physically, but now would do it mentally. The mental destruction of Mulezan could only be done one way – by dominating him in the most important and humiliating way.  The Hunter would fuck Mulezan.  The Hunter would take away the last vestige of Mulezan’s pride and honor. He would fuck Mulezan prison style. He would fuck Mulezan until he loved cock. Yes, he would fuck Mulezan until the Jungle man turned queer.  And when the Ape Man was crying and begging at his feet, he would kill him.

Shit! A hardness like this should last a lifetime. That last night he’d come time-and-again with that woman. But nothing like this. The ape-man’s powerlessness had made the Hunter gloriously hard. The women had done nothing compared to this gush of uncompromising power set ablaze in his boner by Mulezan’s defeat. In this power-struggle, in this contest of male-on-male strength. Hunter’s groin was flooded - intensely - with male aggression. Bursting with pure muscle, his cock and balls packed to bursting with male-muscled virility that only drove more blood thundering up through his long, throbbing shaft.

SMACK! The Hunter swung out his hand suddenly, catching Mulezan off guard. The naked jungle man flew back, stunned. His mouth was bleeding. He tried to right himself, but couldn’t. The Hunter stood in front of him, grabbed his garganuan cock and balls in his hand and shook them at Mulezan "I got 11 inches of thick meat, and I been to prison bro, Now… I’m gonna give you some of  this, prison-style!

The Hunter lay on top of Mulezan, positioned at Mulezan’s ass. “I don’t think I’m gonna call ya Ape Man anymore. You’re an Ape Woman – my Ape Woman. I'm about to make you my girlfriend.  Let's fuck, stud..” the Hunter said seductively as he mounted his victim.  

Man, you have one awesome ass, I can't wait to get in it

Now I am going to fuck you Mulezan...that's it , struggle, try to
fight me, try to stop me ...

....but there is nothing you can do to stop me from fucking your
ass, I am too powerful

The Hunter was done playing now… it was time to FUCK! The Hunter had learned in prison to relish his conquering of another muscle man and owning him sexually. "I love fucking big guys like you. It's totally a control thing .... it's just fun to turn the tables on them and make them my bitches! Not many things hotter to me than pounding the fuck out of some big muscle stud and hearing him whimper and moan and groan with every thrust! First in pain, then in pleasure as my victim stops fighting it and yield to it, and then relish it.. as you are doing now." the Hunter said in a low voice. "I bet you are no longer preferring to die, you are preferring to live and experience my long, thick cock over and over again."  The Hunter knew Mulezan was not quite there yet, but was laying the seeds of suggestion for his inevitable submission.

 ... I like taking it by force...

Your ass is mine...I am inside cock is in you.. I am
fucking you, Jungle Lord!

The Hunter propped himself up, placing his hands in the center of Mulezan’s muscular back. He braced himself behind the jungle stud and started swaying his hips. He let his rock-hard jackhammer rub across Mulezan’s ass, as a tease for what was to come.

The Hunter let his rock-hard jackhammer rub across 
Mulezan’s ass, as a tease for what was to come

The Hunter Fucks Mulezan

Mulezan gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.  He felt two huge hands grab his arm at the sides, holding him steady.  The Hunter laughed and then the Belgian plunged forward, penetrating deep with one mighty thrust!  ARGH! Mulezan screamed!  NOO! ARGH! His entire body gyrated and bucked desperate to relieve the torturous pain that was tearing him in two!  UUHHH! UHHH! NOOO!  Mulezan almost passed out from the pain. 

SLAP! SLAP! The Hunter slapped Mulezan's face.  head. Mulezan slowly and reluctantly opened his eyes – the terrible pain in his ass was as bad as ever. He could not regain his senses. “You ain’t sleepin’ through this, boy,” Jacob  said to Mulezan, smiling. “You gotta stay awake until I'm all done with you. Got it?

Mulezan struggled to speak but couldn’t. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. .

Mulezan’s mind was reeling. He felt The Hunter’s large hands on his arms and the Fleming’s inhuman cock deep in his ass, tearing him apart with each thrust and pumping slowly in and out.

The Hunter had pinned the jungle muscleman, his own muscles rippling as he humped Mulezan’s beautiful, tanned, hard muscled body with the inexorable force of some hydraulic-powered industrial machine tool. All Mulezan could do was to grunt in agony at each violent thrust of his adversary's immense weapon into his brawny physique, The Hunter's muscular arms and weight kept Mulezan tightly entrapped under his conqueror.

The Hunter thrust in and out faster and faster. As he picked up speed. To add to the torment, whispering messages into his ear – “Ooh, that’s so good, ain’t it, boy, tell us how much you love’s it feel to have a man in you, finally got what you always submissive slut, cry out for daddy.” Jacob then slipped into Dutch in his ecstatic excitement, which just sounded to Mulezan like a leopard gnawing on a bone.

Mulezan tried not to listen, but it was so confusing and he had so little resistance left. was just too powerful, and Mulezan too weakened. Mulezan was on fire as the Hunter’s thick ridged shaft plowed into him, and he couldn't stop the groans that vibrated through him. He found himself driven mad by the experience, by the physical force used to pin him in place, by the knowledge that he could do nothing to stop the thorough reaming of his ass. The Hunter was penetrating Mulezan's mind as well as Mulezan's body. But the pleasure began to mount. The powerful van Rijswijck was a tremendous cocksman. The incredible feeling of the plunging cock against his prostate had Mulezan spiraling into waves of pain/pleasure.

The Hunter continued the display of his dick strength with his intense fucking of the jungle stud. Mulezan’s own 9 inch cock was rock hard from the fucking. Mulezan had conflicting feelings due to the intense pleasure from the rubbing of the Hunter’s bloated cockhead on  his prostate. He moaned in pleasure now more than pain, his nuts churning. The Hunter could tell and he smiled to himself. He leaned over and continued the rhythmic fucking. The Hunter reached out and grabbed Mulezan's ample penis, squeezing it  and jacking it as Mulezan continued to moan.

 When van Rijswijck reached   out and began working Mulezan’s cock, the feral fighter began to shoot immediately! Mulezan’s body began bucking again as his swollen balls painfully pushed out his man-juice all over his abs and chest and The Hunter ’s hand! “We got a gusher!” Jacob shouted, laughing.

Wow, you just couldn’t wait could you?” The Hunter whispered. “You can’t deny it now wanted me to do this. Admit it … admit it to me … admit it to me and admit it to yourself. C’mon …

Mulezan didn't speak, and the Hunter laughed hard and cruelly.

Jacob van Rijswijck moved his hands to Mulezan’s  pecs and accelerated. He had done it – he had broken Mulezan. – The most powerful man in the jungle  he had speared with his mighty cock. Waves over pleasure worked over his body – every muscled pumped with blood, growing to their largest size. YES!   The Triumphant Trophy Hunter exclaimed a he began shooting his greatest load ever!  The victorious Hunter’s hot white cum filled Mulezan’s ass. Mulezan felt the hot juice inside him – he felt his body swelling up as the Belgian hunter emptied his flesh rifle into his hapless prey.

Mulezan’s face reflected the complete realization of his defeat and humiliation as it sank in. The Hunter finally finished his huge load and withdrew from his ass.

The payment of the wager is a fait accompli as the victorious
 Hunter’s hot white cum filled Mulezan’s ass

Mulezan’s muscular frame lay on the ground.  The mighty Ape Man was completely limp – his exhausted and abused muscles, once the envy of all, no longer responded when he tried to rise. All his energy, power and confidence had been stripped from him by the evil Hunter. All he could feel was the throbbing pain from his muscled ass, which was  dripping semen from the Hunter’s conquest of him. When Mulezan looked up, he could see The Hunter,  Jacob van Rijswijck looming above him.

The Hunter stepped forward, his body seemed to have grown even bigger in size … his pulsating, sweat-covered muscles glistened in the sun. the Hunter knelt on one knee to look Mulezan in the eye. the Hunter’s manly musk filled his nose, with a pungent, but erotic smell. The Hunter’s smell now caused an instinctive reaction in Mulezan – his cock grew hard again and he felt a yearning for the Hunter unlike anything he had ever experienced before. 

Mulezan had never even thought he could be subject to such total devastation - he was totally in The Hunter's power. He had been overpowered and fucked by a stronger man. It made him hot.  Mulezan could not help falling for a man who could best him. Virility, testosterone, and pure alpha power oozed from the victorious Hunter. Mule was stunned. He couldn't take his eyes off this man, so powerful, confident, and totally manly. Mule had fallen hard for the Hunter. It had been the best sex Mulezan had ever had. The infatuated Mule was his bitch now.  

The Hunter looked him in the eyes, penetrating deep into his soul. He opened his lips slowly and licked them. Mulezan’s body bucked forward, trying to reach those rough lips. the Hunter laughed with a deep throaty chuckle, “Oh Mulezan … it’s too late for that. Are ya ready for another round?

 … yes …” Mulezan meekly replied, completely lost in his conqueror’s power.  "You have to ask me this time, got to beg for my big cock... let me hear you beg for dick...."  The Hunter told Mulezan in his deep, sexy voice.

"Uhhh! Yeah! I need it… Aaagh, ungh… I need you in me… .please fuck me again...I need your cock inside me ... please...." Mulezan begged.   The Hunter laughed as he mounted Mulezan again. It turned the Hunter on to hear Mulezan begging for his cock.

The Hunter once again forced his hard dick inside the jungle stud – hooting and hollering like a cowboy at a rodeo. In a way that’s what he was –a rugged men using his strength and his smarts to ride and dominate a strong animal. Mulezan was this bull, but he lasted a lot longer than 8 seconds. Mulezan’s mouth and ass were full for the next hour as Mulezan was topped a dozen times.  The Hunter emptied his huge nutsack yet continued to fuck Mulezan to the point of exhaustion.

When the Hunter was done, Mulezan was he allowed to pass out, which he did immediately.

The Hunter laid on the ground in front of the unconscious Mulezan relishing the moment. “Enough’s fun. Time ta move on, and get dressed,” the Hunter said spotting his hunting attire. the Hunter stood up and walked over to his pants as they were his only clothes. They were wet and caked in mud. His undershorts had been destroyed when he used them as a weapon against Mulezan. He looked at them and tossed them down in disgust. Then he got an idea. He had beaten Mulezan completely. He truly was the new Lord of the Jungle – but no one would know unless he had a trophy. The Hunter picked up Mulezan’s loincloth and slipped it on. He secured it and picked up Mulezan’s knife. The Hunter filled the cloth out amazingly well, even better than Mulezan. He walked back to Mulezan.  Time to take the head for his reward in Boma.

The Hunter slapped the still unconscious Ape Man again and again. He threw water into his bloodied face. AHH! Mulezan awoke, his entire body still screaming in agony. He reluctantly opened his eyes and stared up at his defiler, his subjugator – The Hunter,  Jacob van Rijswijck.  

When Mulezan awoke...

...Mulezan saw the Hunter standing above him, huge hands on his trim hips ...

The Hunter was wearing Mulezan's loincloth and knife

Mulezan's  animal-skin loincloth, a symbol of  his  power...

...was now being worn by The Hunter, 
Jacob van Rijswijck. The New 'King of the Jungle'

Mulezan saw the Hunter standing above him, huge hands on his trim hips, wearing his loincloth and knife. The rugged, muscled machismo Hunter looked like a true Jungle King, filling out the loin cloth even better than Mulezan had.   Mulezan felt tremendous shame. The Hunter, the most ruthless, evil man in the jungle  had defeated him in combat and fucked him. The villain was walking around in his animal-skin loincloth, a symbol of his power and of his conquest, and wielding his knife. Mulezan, so-called King of the Jungle, was laid out in the dirt before his archenemy, naked and helpless. Mulezan shame and humiliation before the rightful Lord of the Jungle. the Hunter had attacked Mulezan's body and destroyed it with amazing efficiency, but his greatest attack had come in the form of a violent, humiliating fucking that had devastated Mulezan’s mind and noble spirit.

The Hunter looked down at the vanquished  former King of the Jungle. Mulezan was lying in the mud, injured, bruised and bloody, desperately gasping for breath.  A job well done - "the mighty, the invincible, the all powerful King of the Jungle".  Defeated, Fucked, and Dethroned  by Jacob van Rijswijck.  To some it would have been a glorious victory, but to the Hunter, it was just another job done well.

The Hunter had one final Humiliation for Mulezan before he died.  The Hunter  cupped his hands around his mouth. His massive chest swelled  as he filled his lungs with air.  Then the Hunter gave out the apeman’s yell.  Yes, the apeman’s yell of victory.  The yell  that would resound through the juntle at an enemy’s defeat.  He stood there, standing above  the apeman’s defeated ass, cupped his hands around his mouth and bellowed the apeman’s yell of victory.  It was the Hunter's yell now. The yell was now the property of  Jacob van Rijswijck. The property of the new King of the Jungle.

The Hunter had one final Humiliation for Mulezan. The
Hunter cupped his hands around his mouth. His massive chest
 swelled as he filled his lungs with air

Standing above the defeated apeman, the Hunter cupped 
 his hands around his mouth and bellowed the apeman’s yell
 of victory  

It was the Hunter's yell now. The  property of  Jacob van 
 Rijswijck,  the new King of the Jungle

I want ya to be looking at me when you die  

The Hunter laughed and grabbed Mulezan’s short hair, forcing his head back and looking him in the eye. “I want ya to be looking at me when you die. I want ya to know that your jungle is in good hands – my hands. We both know that I’m the Lord of this Jungle, now.” the Belgian pulled out Mulezan’s knife and swung it around. “Pretty fitting that you die by your own knife, eh Jungle Man?

I’m the Lord of this Jungle now

The Belgian hired muscle pulled out Mulezan’s knife

Pretty fitting that you die by your own knife, eh Jungle Man?

The Hunter prepares to slit Mulezan's throat with Mulezan's own knife 

As The Hunter reached across Mulezan to slit his throat, the knife was knocked from his hand! A monkey in the  trees had thrown a rock at the Belgian pretender to the throne. Projectiles came flying out of the trees, sending the Fleming thug  ducking for cover.

The Monkeys were just the advanced scouts for apes and
 other jungle animal warriors!

Mulezan’s friends, the monkeys, had come in answer to the Mulezan's yell that the Hunter had given, They were there to to help Mulezan, their King and protector, but they were too small for direct contact. The air was suddenly filled with the trumpeting of elephants, the roar of great cats, and the rumble of the great apes. An army of jungle beasts were on the way to aid Mulezan, the true King of the Jungle, in response to the famous call. They had not arrived yet, but the shaking of the ground meant they were approaching at great speed.

Mulezan, hearing the urgent calls of his friends, unconsciously stumbled into the trees, collapsing behind cover only feet from the fuming Hunter. Some of the monkeys dove down, dropping leaves and branches onto his battered body, covering him completely to hide Mulezan from the Hunter until help arrived.

The monkeys stopped when the the Hunter reached his gun and shot into the trees randomly. The Hunter started to search for Mulezan when he heard an elephant’s cry and a jaguar's roar and felt the earth tremble under his feet.

The forest denizens were enraged and did not recognize Jacob van Rijswijck as their lord!

Defeating Mulezan had merely angered the Jungle and set it
against him!

The new 'King of the Jungle' realized he had a rebellion on
 his hands, and would soon to be out numbered...

FUCK!!!. The cavalry’s comin’. I've got to get outta here!!!

FUCK!!!. The cavalry’s comin’. I've got to get outta here. With a concussion, broken ribs, internal  injuries, and a sprained ankle Mulezan is as good as dead anyway.  He'll never make it out of the jungle alive in his condition.” the Hunter cursed. The Hunter quickly fled, leaving behind the humiliated and destroyed Mulezan... 

The Hunter quickly fled...

leaving behind the humiliated and destroyed Mulezan...

Remember that it was Jacob van Rijswijck that took your throne
 and yout title, Mulezan

A new muscle stud rules the Jungle, now...

The vanquisher of the jungle lord, having annihilated the
 legend of the apeman, seized the title of jungle lord for
 his own

The Hunter, Jacob van Rijswijck is already plotting how best
 to use his newfound position as the new KING OF THE 

He’s as good as dead!

The Hunter picks up Amadi's sister Msuta along the way. Msuta, one of Chief Ruoli's twelve daughters, had been sent by her father to spy on the white Hunter encampment. Msuta eyes got very wide and she even gasped when she first saw the muscles on The Hunter's back and shoulders. His physique and raw masculinity had made her vagina as wet as the rain forest. She had fallen for the hot, virile Jacob's physicality and charisma, at first site.

The Hunter escapes the wrath of the Jungle critters!

...and you honey will be how I symbolically FUCK THE
UKOTHO, tonight!

To be continued?

Coitus interruptus

You really though it was over, Big Man?


*Mulesblog would like to note that the Belgian characters depicted in this series in no way are representative of the fine citizens of that delightful land, and especially not of our Belgian readers who we value and treasure be they Flemish, Walloon, German or other ethnicity.