Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Daddy Issues : part II

Daddy Issues II (by Mule, edited by S.Kane & illustrated by  Steve62Reeves)
  -- (See Daddy Issues I elsewhere on this blog to see what went on before) --

"As humans we are all animals. We are driven to eat, breed, and survive. All men want to be the alpha male. To be that 700 lb. male Lion. When another male comes into his territory he doesn't reason, he doesn't waiver, but he acts. He turns the grass red with his rival's blood and watches with his females as the vultures pick his bones. That's what it is to be a man. Understand it, embrace it"- Mahatma Gandhi

The day finally arrived for the jock strap only match between Me and the former Mr. Colorado and gym owner, while his daughter, the front desk girl, watches.  We have the gym totally to ourselves, and our match is taking place on the weight room floor.  Some equipment has been moved out the way, and yoga mats have been placed to serve as make shift wrestling mats.

I wore a  tight fitting yellow T-shirt that wasn't tucked in, and some blue gym shorts and of course my jock underneath. I looked astounding as usual! .

Trisha, a.bubbly little Barbie Doll  blonde  with huge double D  boobs,   was wearing a sports bra that strained to contain her massive breasts and shorts that didn’t go any further than her cooter.  She was exhibiting some serious camel toe.

Her Daddy was wearing  gym shorts and an oversized sweat shirt.  He looked a big as a grizzly bear even in his oversized sweat shirt..

The day arrived for the Match between Mule and Trisha's Daddy

I figured someone had to be the first to disrobe.  And it might as well be me.  I winked at Trish who sat on a weight bench and looked up adoringly as her Hercules started to lift his shirt
I let my shirt fall onto the floor and instinctively I stretched out. I shook my arms out and flexed my pecs.   Next I dropped my shorts, leaving me standing in just my over packed jock strap.  My 6'3" 260 lbs of rock hard, bulging muscle on full display, to Trisha's obvious delight.

Trisha stood up and approached her muscle god. She slowly ran her fingers up my rippling abs and onto my thick chest. She stopped there, caressing my warm, powerful pectoral muscles.

Trisha admiring Mule stripped down to just his jock

Her fingers squeezed as she smiled into my eyes.

I leaned forward, and we started to kiss. My big arm moved up and I placed my hand on her shoulders. Shit my upper arm was huge! My forearms were just as developed and  bigger than most men's biceps!

"Shit, babe, you standing there with your big ole tits hanging like that-- you sure are causing me a boner here."  I tell her.

Daddy's mouth dropped open. Trisha tried to hide her smile.

I stepped toward Trisha, very closely. Our eyes locked. "Yeah babe, you like what you see?" I whispered.  I put my hands on her hips and pulled her  into myself. Her eyes met the cliff-like overhang of my pecs, my golden-tan nipples right in front of her. I pushed my hips against her, pressing my jock enclosed  cock against her. My huge arms flexed as my hands rested on her hips. I drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

I tightened my arms on her waist and slowly, effortlessly, started to lift her, sliding her up my rippling physique until our lips met. This mammoth hunk that is the Mule tenderly kissed her as I held her nearly a foot off the ground, my back and shoulders flaring.

She nearly swooned as her lips extended to meet mine. My mouth opened in the kiss, and I began frenching her softly. I  know her Daddy must be imagining my 6'3"  260 lbs frame just rag dolling his baby girl's  lil body around in bed and her moaning in pain after she takes my legendary donkey dick.  Him knowing that every chance I get  I am ape fuking her sweet little pus, going to town on those  sweet suga walls

Daddy grabbed Mule's shoulder, and his hand was greeted with the hardest slab of trap muscle he had ever encountered. Mule didn't move. Daddy tightened his grip and tried pulling me. Nothing. Daddy's huge, muscular body tightened and he tried once more to pull me away from his little girl.

"Come on, you asshole. Get your fuckin' hands off her." Daddy growls 

"Come on, you asshole. Get your fuckin' hands off her." Daddy growled.

I didn't even turn around to acknowledge Daddy's hand on my shoulder.  I pulled back from the kiss and smiled. Trisha barely opened her eyes and seemed to moan for more. I lowered her a few inches, then raised her again. Then I did it again, allowing her petite body to rub up and down against my huge, rippling muscles. We kissed again for another minute, then I slowly lowered her back down. Daddy watched, fuming silently.

"I'm not bothering you, doing this, am I?" I asked Daddy innocently.

"You know," I said, looking at Trisha. "I'm giving your Daddy here a boner."

Daddy face turned from red anger to red embarrassment. But he couldn't hide the huge bulge in his own mesh shorts that snaked up his left hip.

After another few minutes of passionate kissing and touching, I pulled back and looked back at Daddy. "You know, dude," I said to Daddy, "I think you might enjoy watching me fuck your daughter. Might give you a few pointers, some techniques you can use." I turned away from Daddy again, leaving the heavily-breathing hunk to stand alone.

As I turn, Daddy's deep voice booms out:   "Actually, I was just wondering if maybe Trisha might want to see what some REALLY big muscles look like," Daddy smiled. He looked down at his arms, rippled them slightly, and then looked back up, deep into Trisha's eyes.

Then Daddy looked straight  at me. "Aw come on, Mule. You afraid that if I take my shirt off little Trisha here might see something she likes more than you?"

With a broad grin, Daddy started to play with the bottom of his sweat shirt. His huge arms rippled. Trisha's eyes were glued on them.

"You want me to take this thing off and let you have a look?" Daddy teased Trisha.

Trisha nodded eagerly.  She broke away from me and  took her seat on the weight bench that had been set aside for her to use to observe our match from.

Daddy quipped while looking directly at me: "There is still time for you to go and spare yourself the embarrassment, asshole" 

"Oh, I'm not going anywhere, man dude. But later tonight WILL be cumming."  I whispered low. "Right inside your daughter." 

For just a moment, Daddy was just about to throw up a punch at me. Trisha had turned red, but was unable to hide a growing grin on her lips. The grin turned into an out and out smile as she looked her Daddy up and down.

Daddy smiled back and started to lift his shirt. Trisha was watching expectantly from her seat on the bench as her Daddy lifted his shirt slowly letting his physique come into full view.

 First in view were his abs:  two rows of brickwork, unsurpassed in their relief and definition.  Daddy pulled the shirt out and up, over his gargantuan pecs. He lifted it over his head and let it drop onto the floor beside mine. He immediately dropped his shorts, leaving him standing like a Colossus, wearing nothing but a jock strap that failed to contain his huge cock.
The Older Muscle Man is more than a match for the Younger Muscle Man

"Yeah Mule, I'd say she likes what she sees."

Two Muscle Gods square off

Both Trisha and I gasped.
Daddy grinned as Trisha stared. I tried to hide my amazement, but was not successful. Daddy's muscles just kinda sat there, comfortably dominating the world, exuding power and sensual grace.  He had mammoth size and uncanny definition.  His gnarly, mature muscle was dense and rock hard.   In contrast to my shaved down smoothness, Daddy's muscles were covered in fur.  He reeked of maleness and masculinity.  His muscles seemed to feed off each other, each one nursing its neighbor, complementing it, highlighting it. His shoulders were as wide as a highway. Huge cannonballs flowed down from traps that made even the best-built bodybuilders envious. His chest was hairy,  thick and powerful. And his upper arms were 21 inches of competition-league meat, rippling with muscle fibers, veins bulging. His forearms were unbelievably thick and dense, yet pulsing with veins and muscle.  Standing at six feet tall,  his hirsute  Zeus like upper physique coupled with two of the thickest, most rippling legs anywhere made Daddy look like a god among mere mortals.

Daddy tightened his arms as they rested at his sides. They snapped to attention, hardening then relaxing with waves of muscle fibers. He looked at Trisha, but spoke to me. "Yeah Mule, I'd say she likes what she sees." He raised his arms out to his sides in a slow, powerful arc, eventually planting his hands behind his neck. His biceps looked like they would crush his ears!

Daddy was a master poser, showing off every shadow of muscle, every nuance of power. He slowly exhaled and the skin covering his abs dissolved into nothing, leaving only two columns of river rock, each individual stone a masterwork of perfection. The muscles bulged and bunched against each other, then as Daddy twisted his hips, they expanded and rolled. He watched Trisha and raised his eyebrows in a devilish smile. Slowly, almost painfully, he lowered his arms.

"Shiiiiit, this guy is freakin' inhuman!" “- was the only thought that ran through my brain.  I could smell Trisha's pussy getting wet as a rain forest from across the room.  Fuck if she wasn't finding her Daddy hot.  Her vag was flowing like Niagara Falls.  She was getting turned on big time. The sexual tension mixed with the testosterone vibes already filling the room.

The wager >>>>>

" let’s wrestle to see who gets what they want.” 

“Here’s where things get interesting,” Daddy grinned.  He had to be smelling Trisha's pussy too, I couldn't help but think.

“Things are already interesting, Dude” I croaked, swallowing hard.

“See,” Daddy explained, leaning in, “you’ve got something I want.” He reached around my waist and roughly slapped my bare  muscled ass “And I’ve got something you want,” he said, turning and looking over his shoulder at Trisha with a wink.   “I say let’s wrestle to see who gets what they want.” 

“What the fuck?” I asked, but my interest was piqued. “I don’t earn what I want,” I sneered. “I take it.” 

“Then take it, Mule. Best out of three falls,” Daddy challenged, “Winner takes all.”

“All?” I asked, tilting my head to the side.

“You win, Mule, and Trisha will be your personal fuck slave until dawn.  I win and you will be my personal fuck slave until dawn".  Da Fuck, I think, and look at Trisha.  Amazingly, she seems to be down with this. Her old man is pimping her out?   Has she been in on this the whole time?  Have they played this sick little game before?   "OK,", I respond after a brief hesitation, " but after I win you got to watch me fuck your daughter till the sun comes up." 

"That's where your mistaken, you’re the one that will be getting fucked until the sun comes up, and Trisha will be one watching" Daddy replied coolly as we shook on our deal. .  We faced each other jungle style,  in  nothing but our bare ass  jock straps. I heard another appreciative gasp from Trisha she watched two muscle gods squaring off.

Let's do this!" I say.

Round I >>>>>
Daddy didn't say a word as he got in a wrestling stance and circled his opponent. Amazingly I could actually hear Trisha's heavy breathing as both huge men went round and round. She watched in awe as she watched two hard muscled asses framed in jock straps flex with each step taken. The circle grew smaller as we sized each other up. We were inches apart now and with a sudden lunge the battle was on.

I let out a roar as we locked up. "You're going down old man!!!"

"Fuck you punk ass," Daddy roared back. Locked up tight it was a battle of muscle on muscle. Biceps and pecs bulged as we locked up collar and elbow. Our faces were almost not showing as they were buried in rippling slabs of muscle. Each man felt the power of the other as our bodies went low trying to take the other down. Trisha was still hushed at the sight as these raging bulls grappled for dominance. Daddy flexed his tree trunk legs and slowly pushed me back across the mats. I let out a growl!

Fighting with all I had I tried to regain ground. Both wrestlers stayed locked in the other's grip. Our backs rippled and upper bodies swayed as we both made attempts to wrestle the other to the mats. Five minutes passed and it looked like a stalemate. Then Daddy let out a roar and with a powerful shove he broke free.   We both glared at each other after this first attempt to dominate.

 I raised my hands and Daddy raised his as we locked up for another test of strength and muscle. Chests collided and we both breathed heavily as our bulging jocks slapped together signaling the continuation of our test of manhood. Daddy raised up on his toes and blew out his triceps. A look of shock showed on my face as I felt my legs buckle. "GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"  roared Daddy and suddenly I went to my knees and Trisha squealed in what sounded like delight. Daddy continued the pressure and twisted his wrists. I was on my knees and was struggling to get up as Daddy moved in. Still pouring on the muscle Daddy moved in close and to add to the humiliation I was facing, Daddy shoved his sweaty jock strapped cock and balls in my face as I struggled against the man. I tried with all my might to get to my feet, but just as I started to get some leverage, Daddy gave one more hard twist of the wrists and snapped his hands free. He backed up as I got to my feet. Just as I got up, Daddy rushed in and gripped me in a spine crushing bear hug.  Daddy's face disappeared in my massive chest as we fought it out.

I stole a quick glance at Trish.  What the living FUCK!   The little minx had stripped down too!   All the way down... with her Pop in the room?  Da fuck is this sheitt....  UHHHHHGGGG.. fuck, I had lost concentration for just a moment .. distracted by the naked woman in the room, but a moment was all it took for Daddy to capitalize on my lack of attention.... Fucckkkkkk.....

Daddy has stepped to the left,  reduced his resistance just enough to cause me to move forward, the was now to my right and and with a quick repositioning of limbs wrapped me up in an abdominal stretch. Fuck I never saw that transition from bear hug to ab stretch coming.  What a fucking move.  But I don't have time to admire Daddy's wrestling skills as I am presently moaning in both pain and frustration.  I struggle to get out, but he has locked me in with his left arm and leg.   The bad thing for the Mule is that this hold only needs one arm, leaving his other arm free to wreak havoc on my body.  He pulls back hard on the abdominal stretch.  My muscles pop out like an anatomy chart as suddenly my muscled body is on display.  I am staring straight at the naked  Trisha, and I see that she has one hand on her pussy..  She is finger banging herself!   My displayed muscle being dominated by her muscle Daddy has given her a she-boner.  From the look on her face she is jacking herself to orgasm.
Mule struggles in Daddy's Abdominal Stretch 
Mule moans in pain and frustration  

Mule is Helpless
With his free hand Daddy is playing with my jutting man nips, using them to drive me to a state of sexual torture.  My massive chest heaved up and down as I moaned in erotic agony.  I was totally powerless to prevent this humiliating sexual assault. He slid his big hand down the crevice between my gorgeous pecs. He then runs his hand slowly down my rippling torso feeling each inch of my sculpted abdominal muscles along the way and slips it into my jock strap. Then he reached down, wrapped his fingers around the base of my balls, and squeezed.  I groan. He moved his hand to my mushroom cock head and he began to brutally masturbate me with one hand as if he were milking a cow.   “You decided you wanted to fuck the wrong piece of ass,” Daddy snarled.  "Trisha's ass belongs to me, and soon so will your ass...  “You think you’re so tough, Muscleboy,” growled Daddy as he held me stretched wide open and helpless... “Well I’m about to drain you dry."
Daddy dominates the younger Stud

Daddy displays the helpless & tortured Mule to Trisha 

My big cock was rock hard in my jock, I was leaking pre cum like a broken faucet... I was on the verge of climaxing when he pulled his hand out my jock, held it up, made a fist, and slammed his fist into my jock covered dick!  “Oh God!  Awgeeeez ... I’m going to cum,” I groaned as the punch to my iron hard dick caused my cock to erupt and I creamed my load into my jock.   Load after load of white milky cream gushed out of my big bull sized nuts and into my jock. “OOOOOOWWWWWWWW!” I screamed letting out a cry of surrender as I let loose my pent up load. .  Totally helpless, I could only moan as I felt my strength pouring out of my body as my man juice rapidly filled my jock.

When the last of my might had been viciously drained out of me, Daddy contemptuously pushed me off him. I fell on my ass; hitting the floor, defenseless as a beaten puppy.  From across the room I could hear the familiar sound of Trisha having an orgasm. I couldn't bring myself to look at her though.

I scoot backwards on my naked ass until my back reaches a wall as I try to marshal my forces.  Triumphantly Daddy stood, He posed his body for Trish ... flexing his biceps ... flexing his pecs ... doing a lat spread ... most muscular.  He turned his attention back to me and gloated.  "Now one more fall, and your ass is mine.   Mine to do with as I please.  You’re my fuck bitch, Muscleboy ...  and you’ll have no excuse for your loss making my victory all the sweeter.”

I could feel sensation returning to my crotch, which turned out not to be such a great feeling. Pain washed into my abdomen from my swollen testicles, pulsing in waves into my torso and making me nauseated.  But I knew I had to fight through the pain.  I pushed myself to my feet using the wall behind me.  I bent forward and peeled the sopping wet jock strap off.  I swear to God you could have drowned a toddler in my jock. Both furious and embarrassed at having been forced to cum,   I throw the dripping jock strap at Daddy, and shout "You OLD COCK SUCKING MOTHER FUCKER...YOU'RE DEAD."

Daddy swatted my incoming jock strap away with an effortless swipe of one of his massive paws.  He grinned as we stood there, him jocked and me naked.  He slowly put his thumbs in the elastic of his jock, snapped the elastic a couple of times, then peeled his own jock off.  Holding his jock in one hand, he stood there in all his naked glory, exposing himself not only to me but also to his own daughter. Both wrestlers stood naked and the rage showed as each as our cocks rose ready for battle. Daddy's 10.5 inches of manhood saluted Mule's 9 inch rod.  In the background, I hear the unmistakably sound of Trisha having multiple orgasms.  I don't even look at her. “Daaamn girl.  Are you a fire detector?  'Cause you are really fucking loud and annoying." I think in my anger.  Daddy spins his jock on his finger a couple of times, then throws it over to join my discarded jock on the floor.

"“Best out of three, old man,” I reminded him. “It isn’t time to party quite yet.

"Want to go again...? Good I enjoyed kicking your ass and as you could hear, Trisha was enjoying it too...." Daddy brags.

Round II >>>>>
Furiously I tackled muscle Daddy and round 2 had started. There was a scramble of tangled limbs. My body was every bit as strong as it looked and now refueled by my anger's adrenaline.   Hooking my opponent’s left leg in the crook of my right arm, I managed to pin the muscle daddy flat on his back, his shoulders squarely on the mat. I lifted my free hand to slap the mat and declare a pin fall victory, but Daddy violently kicked his leg free and quickly rolled to his side.  So I shoved him the rest of the way over to his stomach. I crossed my opponent’s ankles and trapped them against the inside of his left thigh and successfully snagged the stud’s right elbow and pried the huge arm backward behind Daddy huge back.

“No running away, now, Daddy” I chuckled. “Time for some payback, bitch!” I shoved Dick’s wrist high between his shoulder blades in a hammer lock, threatening to pop his shoulder out of joint. The big stud gasped in pain. Controlling the captured wrist with my right hand, I leaned forward and pounded my left elbow into the middle of his opponent’s muscled back. “You like it rough, Daddy!? Then let’s get rough, old man!” Two more elbow strikes into Daddy’s spine made the older muscleman groan.

I continued to grind my elbow into his broad back. Then I reached forward and grabbed Daddy’s chin in both hands. I pulled, prying Daddy’s thick neck backward. The former Mr. Colorado desperately tried to pull my fingers away from his chin, but I held tight. Lacing my fingers around Daddy’s chin and leaning backward, I pried Daddy’s neck back in a camel clutch.

“Feel that power, old timer?” “Feel it?!” I shouted jarringly, wrenching on my opponent’s neck harder and making him whine in agony. “Feel your bones scrape together? Feel your muscles and tendons ripping as I fuck you up piece by piece?” I lifted myself upward a few inches and then dropped my muscled ass hard into the middle of my opponent’s Dorian Yates sized back, making Daddy whimper. “How about now, Daddy man? Are you ready to lose yet?”

“I should fucking rip your head off, you old pervert” I snarled, my biceps bulging as I slowly pulled Daddy’s head back a fraction farther. “Oh yeah, feel that power!”  My cock stretched impressively swelling with excitement. “That little Pearl Harbor job you pulled on me is going to cost you big time, mother fucker. I’m going to fuck Trisha's hot ass all night long for that while you watch and make me sandwiches!” 

Uh… uh… uh!!” Daddy's grunts grew more panicked as I wrenched harder and harder on his neck.

“I can feel you crumbling, big man,” I crowed. “You’re just about to give up. Your neck’s about to fucking break. It just hurts so fucking much, now doesn’t it!?” 

“Give, give, give…” Daddy sputtered desperately.

I laughed at the panic in his voice. “Hell yes, big man,” I chuckled, “you like it rough now, don’t you old man?!”  “This is how you like it, isn’t it big man? Dominated by a fucking muscle stud like me! Fuck yeah! Feel my power, man!” Daddy’s groans lingered after I released the hold and stood up.

“Oh fuck that was hot!” I laughed, wiping sweat from my brow and then giving my fully erect cock a rough tug. I flexed my biceps, one at a time, as my eyes now resumed contact with Trisha and not my opponent who was slowly rising to his hands and knees. “This is fucking fantastic, Trisha! Winning your ass from your old man is going to make fucking it just that much sweeter! Look at me, Trish! Look at these muscles that just defeated your Daddy!” Waves of sweat were rolling off my golden tanned naked body as I stood close to Trish. I dragged the palms of my hands down my sweaty pecs and across the deep ridges of my chiseled six-pack abs. . . . “Trust me,” I panted heavily, my powerful chest heaving as I sucked in air, my hands on my hips. “You’re going to be good and fucked tonight, Trish.” 

“Best out of three, Mule,” I hear Daddy reminding me from behind.  "Let's go again" is my reply.

Round III >>>>>
I smiled and crouched on my hands and knees, and Daddy quickly slid his feet behind him and likewise positioned himself on his hands and knees. Abruptly we both rose to a kneeling position, jockeying for advantage as we grasped each other by the back of the neck. Suddenly Daddy jerked his head free and simultaneously shoved my head down to the mat. I landed on my stomach, and in an instant Daddy was on my back, lacing his thick, powerful arms around my shoulders and locking on a neck cranking full nelson.

 Daddy’s raging cock was sandwiched between my powerful glutes. He locked on a standing full nelson, lifting the Mule to the balls of his feet and prying painfully at my shoulders and neck. Daddy’s cock slid up and down between the sculpted muscles of my glutes, not penetrating me, but clearly working this blond muscleman into a lather. "Yes, Yes, oh Yes...." I hear an excited female voice experiencing an orgasm moan.

Oh… fuck…. Yes!”  Daddy groaned in time with his cock sliding back and forth between my ass cheeks "I am going to break your thick neck with this full nelson, boy" he threatened.   With a grunt, I flexed my shoulders forward and snapped apart Daddy’s fingers laced behind my neck. Another increasingly sweat-lubricated scramble of powerful bodies sent both hunks flying across the mat. My back slammed into the wall, knocking the air from my lungs briefly.

I pushed himself off the wall and our bodies slammed together in another wild scramble of sweat lubricated muscle. Daddy deftly slid his right foot directly behind my right ankle and, with a little effort sent this blond muscleman tripping backward and landing hard on my muscled ass.

Then Daddy swiftly drove his right knee into the side of my face, sending me sprawling on my stomach, stunned and clutching my jaw. “Big boy likes it rough, don’t you now, Mule!” Daddy roared. He dragged me up to my feet, his right hand controlling me by a fistful of hair. I was already dazed when Daddy drove me face-first into the wall. My knees buckled as I bounced off. My right knee dropped to the mat as I twisted away from the wall. I turned around and found himself staring at Daddy’s massive fully erect cock now dripping precum and sweat.

Grabbing the back of my head, Daddy shoved my face against his porn sized dick, dragging my lips back and forth across the head of the monster cock. “There you go now, boy,” Daddy murmured, “get a taste of that dick!” Fresh waves of precum leaked from the head of his cock as Daddy grew more excited.

Abruptly he shoved the back of my head downward and stretched his left leg to the side to straddle my head. Then big Daddy  flexed his impressive, hirsute 29" quads, making me groan and clutch his elephant sized thighs, my head trapped between them in a standing head scissors.  "Fuck", I think, those huge killer quads are about to  crush my skull like cracking open a ripe coconut.

“This is fucking fantastic, Trisha,” Daddy bragged as he laced his fingers behind his head and flexed his powerful torso, showing his gorgeous body and total domination of the Mule to Trisha, sitting directly in front of him. “Look at what a fucking god of a man your father is, girl!” he laughed. “I haven’t had foreplay this fucking hot… ever!” his long and fully erect cock bobbing up and down as he laughed.  But his laugh was suddenly cut short as with a roar I arched my back and sent Daddy flying backward. The back of Daddy’s head and shoulders hit the mat first, making him see stars and lose his grip on my head.

I lifted Daddy off his feet and then quickly dropped him gut first across my outstretched right thigh as I knelt on my left knee. The air rushed out of Daddy’s lungs all at once, followed quickly by choking and coughing as he struggled to inhale again.

Dropping to one knee next to my opponent, I jammed my right hand between Daddy’s sweat-soaked thighs from behind, squeezing it between his legs until my fingers latched onto Daddy’s bull sized testicles. Daddy gasped, his hips levitating off the matt.

I pried the big manup to his knees with a hand on his throat, my other hand still locked onto Daddy’s lemon sized balls. Dipping to my side, one knee on the mat, I bent Daddy backward across my shoulders. With a grunt, I rose off my knee and slowly pressed himself upward until he stood in the middle of the room with the naked Daddy stretched helplessly across my mile wide shoulders. My fingers continued to squeeze Daddy’s nuts mercilessly. I pulled hard on Daddy’s neck, rocking up to the balls of my feet and bouncing.

“Uh… Uh… Uh…” Daddy grunted in time with my bouncing him like a rag doll across my shoulders.

I strolled in a slow circle around the room as Trisha followed me with her eyes.  She watched as one naked muscle god triumphantly carried another now pain racked  naked muscle god in a short victory lap around the mats. The beaten, bashed Daddy was seeing stars from the agony. His entire crotch was numb from the relentless abuse.

I released my hold and shrugged my shoulders. Daddy rolled off the shoulders of the 6’3” victor and crashed to the mat in a naked, soaked heap.

"You liked seeing my body displayed in that ab stretch, huh Trish?  That really made you hot, didn’t it?" I asked. “Let me give you a fair comparison.  I got a display hold of my own.  Let me show you your Daddy on muscle display"   With that, I stood over Daddy who was nearly out and dick down on the mat.  I punch him in the low back to make him instinctively reach back, and when he did I captured his arms.  Once they were secured, I balanced my size 14 feet on his 18 inch calves, then fell back.  "Check out your old man's body in this hanging surfboard" I shout to Trisha, as I display her Daddy.  His substantial muscles really popped.  You could have taught an anatomy class using his Greek God body as a model.. When he screams his submission, I quickly let him drop.
Mule captures Daddy in a hanging surfboard

Daddy decimated and totally humiliated 
Mule displays a soon to be beaten Daddy

Daddy screams his submission
Mule victorious 
Trisha views her defeated Daddy

Enjoying the win>>>>
 Daddy  didn’t try to move for a while. His body throbbed. He was decimated and totally humiliated like he’d never been before in his life. Minutes ticked by silently, and finally the Daddy dragged himself up to a seated position and propped his back against the nearby wall. His chest heaved and his heart pounded as his body continued to struggle to recuperate from the abuse he’d endured.  He rose to his feet.  When his vision cleared, he saw a naked Mule pinning a naked Trisha to a workout bench, his dick buried deep in her pussy.   Daddy continues to watch, as I pull my long dick out her pussy and Trisha proceeds to further service Mule with a blow job.

Daddy struggles to recuperate from his besting at the hands of  Mule 

Mule mounts Trisha on the bench press

Mule collects his prize 
Daddy watches as Mule fucks Trisha 

While I was still in my superman pose, hands on hips, with Trisha bent over and still sucking me off, Daddy walks up, right behind Trisha.

"Mind if I work in?" Daddy asks 

"Mind if I work in?" he asks me, as calmly as if he was asking to do a set on the bench press.
"Sure, bro" I reply, not sure if he is serious or not.

“Thanks for stretching her out a bit, Mule that makes it a lot easier on me.” Daddy says, the cockiness already returning to his voice.

He grabbed his cock at the base and flexed a bit. "But there is a whole lot more to my sexual prowess than just these extra inches I got on you, so be sure to take notes, Mule."

My mind was full of fuck.   Is this beast actually gonna do it?   Was he really gonna raw dog his own daughter?  This stud was one sick bastard. And Trish...  well, talk about a chick with Daddy issues.

Daddy looked towards me as he assumes position behind the bent over Trish. “Well looks like there is quite a bit more stretching out to do.” He said with a wink. What a fucker. He immediately began ramming the shit out of her pussy just relentlessly. She was moaning and he was growling as they fucked. I watched his back muscles move and his glutes tighten as he conquered her pussy.  I suddenly felt lower than a knats kunt as I realized his longer dick was reaching places I had never been inside  Trish.   As I was trying to deal with the sudden wave of  penis envy I was unaccustomed to experiencing, he suddenly  dove down in between her legs and began using his expert tongue. He didn’t spend too much time at her vag but paid special attention to her asshole.
"Sure, bro,you can work in" I reply, not sure if he is serious or not.

“Thanks for stretching her out a bit, Mule that makes it a lot easier on me.”

Trisha  is split roasted 
 “Well looks like there is quite a bit more stretching out to do.”

"be sure to take notes, Mule."

 “This is where the notes come in.” he said with a grin. He bent her over and put the tip of his cock to her asshole. He rubbed her pussy juice all over his cock and did a mini jack session to harden it up.  He grabbed her at the hips, and slammed her again and again up the ass with his big donkey cock. He then reached around and started rubbing her clit. . He grabbed her arms and dominated her ass. He wasn’t just stimulating the supposed ‘G’ spot, he was beating the shit out of it.  He slapped her ass, again and again. He was a machine. As he boned her you could see all his clearly defined muscles working on his little girl.

 “How do you like MY cock, Trisha?” he asked her. “Whose cock is bigger?” She took a second so he slammed his cock hard and repeated the question. “Whose cock is bigger, mine or Mule's...." And the hot scene was more than I could take. I pulled my cock out of Trisha mouth and started wanking. I was double fisting my cock as she began to cum. He reached under her again and fingered her pussy with as many fingers as he could as he rode her the rest of the way like a fucking stud. Her body writhed and shook like she was having a seizure.  Gasping for air she began to praise him. “Now Trisha, WHO fucked you better? Who is the better man?”  Daddy asked Trish over and over. But he knew the answer. I fucked her like the stallion I was... But this man had dominated her and brought her to a multiple orgasms. Looking at him with longing in her eyes she said “You Daddy”.  Then looking to me she says, “Don’t get me wrong you were an amazing fuck, Mule, but” (looking back at Daddy) “you are the man, Daddy.” I was disappointed; but there was no doubt that her Daddy's lethal weapon was bigger, stronger and more virile than even my own oversized genitals.   And I had watched firsthand the skill he had and there was no doubt that Daddy had me out sexed.  I was definitely going to be using some of the mental ‘notes’ I had taken on my next women.
I might have been the better wrestler but as much as I hated to admit it, he had out fucked me.  I raised my hand and Daddy and I high fived, doing an Eiffel tower over the split roasted Trisha.

We all three hit the showers together to clean up after the grueling wrestle and sex session.

As Daddy and I are soaping up on opposite sides of the shower...the following convo ensues....
"You know Mule, there is only one way to know for sure who the better fucker is..."  Daddy states matter-of-factly.  "We should have a fuck contest.  You fuck me, then I fuck you.   We repeat until one of us finally admits the other is the better fucker.  MANO A MANO.  Just imagine, my huge phallus is going to ram you with pleasure like you’ve never experienced.  Are you up for that challenge?"

-- ??cont’d in Daddy Issues III??  Let me know yeah or nah if you want this one continued--
(Additional Steve62Reeves pics for this adventure can be found by clicking on the link to his  "the Art of Muscle" Blog  located to the right)

Epilogue - Daddy Issues II : Pillow Talk


Mule continued to collect  on his bet the night of the match.

 With Trisha’s Dad as an observer, the Mule felt pressured to deliver his A-Game sexually, feeling that his performance was being judged as if he was in Olympic trials.  While lesser men might crack under the pressure, the Mule rose (literally and figuratively) to the occasion.  The first bout of furious fucking was a tour de force, even by Mulish standards.  As he rolled off Trisha following his sweet release, Mule looked over at her Dad to see that he was tenting beneath his gym shorts and gobs of saliva were literally dripping from his gaping jaw. Mule was kind of creeped out, so he sent  Daddy to the kitchen with a sharp command to make the triumphant jock a sandwich, and still cowed due to  his recent conquest, the older muscleman begrudgingly complied.

Virile as the Mule is, some recovery time is required, so he thought it was time for some the ol’ feigned intimacy that the chicks dig so well.  So while he groped and fingered her with his giant Mule paws, your hero engaged in the Mule equivalent of pillow talk, complimenting her on her breasts, vag, ass, etc.

Trish kept chatting about the fight - . “I didn't think you were going to pull it out there against Daddy. I had no idea you’d be such an … enthusiastic fighter!”  Clearly she was one of those chicks that got wet  watching musclemen fight. Even when  (and more so) when one of the hot battling muscle studs was her own Father.   And she kept working her muscle  Dad into the conversation, the annoying jibber jabber punctuated by occasional sighs and moans stimulated by the sensual touch of Mule fingertips across her firm, nubile body.

“Mule, can I ask you something?”

“Sure Cupcake” Mule said as he tactilely played with her left nipple while tickling the right with his tongue.

“I was just wondering, if in round two whether instead of Daddy just watching, whether you would mind awfully if he could….well… join in.”

While his ministrations to this tempting morsel of femininity were getting Mule hard again, this reinsertion of the whole dueling banjos family circus had a more deflating effect on his cock than the Patriot’s Jim McNally had on Tom Brady’s footballs.

“I dunno, sweet cheeks.   As a rule, I don’t like more dicks than chicks in the bed…”

“Please Mule, I promise I can make it well worth your while"  She illustrated her point with some well-articulated finger ministrations of her own. ...

“You could learn A LOT from Daddy…”   While objectively, the Mule knew this to be the case- having seen the Older Man in action- that wasn’t exactly what a guy wanted to hear after doing some of the best fucking of his young life.  So Trisha was psychologically further undermining her case with that emasculating remark!

“Besides, I want to see the men in my life working together.” Again kind of creepy and not as persuasive as the Dad-besotted Trish might of thought. She was not helping her argument by talking.  What was persuasive was the sheer artistry with what she was doing with her hands.  The little minx knew some tricks she had hitherto concealed from Mule during their previous horizontal “work-outs”.

At this point the Mule’s very excited penis had taken over the thinking for the team and he answered:  “How can I tell you no, Pumpkin.” After which the Mule’s penis-controlled mouth abruptly broke off the conversation and hungrily began devouring her right breast.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thanks to Steve62Reeves for contributing the art work for the Mile High Bear Hug Club post.   See the link to his blog "The Art of Muscle" to check out more of his work including additional pictures from the matches on this blog.  Please remember to leave a comment if you like his work.   And of course, also thanks to S Kane for his usual fine job of editing and continuity supervision.   With another thanks to Steve, here is a preview of an up coming posting, which will be "Daddy Issues II".  You can find Daddy Issues I elsewhere on this blog.

Preview of Daddy Issues II

The Mile High Bear Hug Club

 MILE HIGH BEAR HUG CLUB   (by Mule, edited by S Kane, and artwork courtesy of Steve62Reeves)

As big as you are, and as bad-ass as you are, there is always someone out there that can best you.  As hard as it is to believe, this can even happen to Yours Truly, the one and only MULE.  It can be a profound motivating force to become a bigger and stronger bad-ass.

Now that I am a successful lawyer, I am often flying around the country on business.   As a studly alpha male I am VERY familiar with the MILE HIGH CLUB, but on this particular trip, I was initiated into something I had never heard of, and I bet you haven’t either.  This happened on one of my first out of town business trips.  So here I was in the mid-evening at the airport in Kansas City, waiting for my flight back to Denver, and then on to home sweet home in Boulder.  There is not much to do, not many hot chicks around to ogle, so I was playing some Angry Birds and finally got bored with that, and stared out into space.  Then this business dude starts talking to me, out of the blue.  Now when you are such a handsome guy and spectacular physical specimen as I am, you get used to such interruptions, the price you pay for looking like you just stepped out of Valhalla for a visit to Midgard.

So I turn my head to see who is talking to me, and I get a surprise, it is not your typical pencil neck getting a hard on talking to an alpha hunk. This guy obviously can answer the “Do you even lift, bro” with a clear affirmative.  He is in business attire, as am I, and like me, no dress shirt and suit can hide such prominent muscles.  He looks to be a little older than me and nearly as jacked as I am.  I can tell he does serious lifting, and of course he can obviously also tell I am a monster in the gym.  We introduce ourselves, I tell him to call me “Mule” and he tells me to call him “Grappler Dan”.
So we bro-connect over a discussion on what else … lifting, then onto chatting about our work and where we are headed and what flight we are on, etc. but mostly about lifting.  I am surprised to find out hes 40, he looks younger.  I am getting a good alpha to alpha vibe when suddenly out of the blue he asks me if I like to wrestle. I feel for a second that I am in that AIRPLANE movie and next thing he is going to ask me is if I like gladiator movies.  But I still got a pretty good vibe from the guy so even if it was a WTF question, I shrug and tell him “Sure!”

And then with a glint in his eye, he continues “…. so do you wanna wrestle?” Not something I believe has ever come up in any of my airport conversations before.  Plus he said it rather matter-of-factly, not in the throw down challenge I am used to hearing.  My head snaps back in confusion, unease and surprise and I say. “How is that exactly supposed to work, bro, without the TSA getting all over us shooting Tasers?”

He doesn’t even skip a beat, like he has done this a dozen times before. “Look ... we’re on the same flight and there is another one in four hours ... which is less crowded.  They have a hotel right here in the airport that rent rooms by the hour so you can nap, etc.  How about you and me - grapple for a couple of hours…”

A warning bell sounded in my brain.  Hotel room?  I dunno about this!  He is probably just another one of those homo business guys who are always trying to lure The Mule into some sordid encounter or another (unsuccessfully), so I am about to give my usual “Fuck Off” growl, when I pause, and swallow the bile I was about to fire off at him.  There is just something about his overall demeanor that is so genuine that I believe that all he is interested in is a good grapple session. This is no doubt why he goes by the name Grappler Dan now.  Well I do like contests of strength and combat, and really have nothing better to do, so I say: “Sure, why not!”

The next thing I know I am standing rather awkwardly in the room he has just rented, wondering what I have gotten myself into with my usual reckless abandon. But it is this spirit that has fueled this blog - the Mule just has to be the Mule.  He started moving the furniture back to clear a space, and I jumped into the task, and my misgivings faded.

He took off his wedding ring and set it on a table next to his wallet. Then we started stripping down all the way to bare ass, since with our suitcases and the rest of our clothes already on their way to Denver, we didn’t want to sit in sweaty undies on our flight.  When I was no longer concentrating on the task of stripping down, I looked up to assess my opponent.

 I looked up to assess my opponent.

Whoa ... The dude looked strong as fuck! He stood well over  6’2” and weighed 250+ . so a near match to  my 6’3” and 260. His muscles were as lean and chiseled as my own, with arms that rivaled my own.  His body did not look like they belonged to any 40 year old I had ever met. This dude had a physique that was not to be sneered at, with slabs of muscle on top of slabs of  muscles.

We lock in the grapplers embrace ready to test our mettle against one another, and immediately I am amazed by how strong he is. He is even stronger than he appears, and he appears to be a powerhouse.
The first few pins go to him, as I try to adjust to his strength and skill.  The guy clearly wrestled in high school and college and probably belongs to one of those Masters Wrestler teams that allow singlet-studs to continue in the sport they love well after college is just a memory. He has wicked skills!  Still I am the Mule and the next few went to me, until we were almost taking turns tapping out in the pins, so evenly matched we had become. I was really enjoying the level of challenge, I had to be at the top of my game at every moment, one slip up was all he needed and I was toast.  It was good by-the-book NCAA style wrestling: clean, crisp, technically rigorous, without him ever resorting to dirty maneuvers or any funny shit.  I followed his lead and wrestled sport style rather than the kind of grapple-brawls I usually wind up in.
Grappler Dan goes on the attack

Mule counters

 So we push each around in this fashion for about an hour and a half, just for the sheer fun and pleasure, because as there is no referee we ain’t going on points here. So we shower, and as we are just cooling down clad only in towers he asks me: “Are you a member of the Mile High Bear Hug Club, Mule?”

I give him a quizzical ‘WTF is that’ look.

“Well it’s just like what it sounds like, it is an elite group for those who want to test their strength and endurance up at 30,000 feet.”

“Hell yeah! I want to be a member!” You know The Mule, I don’t back away from a challenge.

“It is going to be a pleasure making you a member, Mule!” he said with a devilish grin.
"Let's grab some more comfortable clothes at the airport gift shop.  Our suits are going to be too inconvenient for what we will be doing on the plane.

Fast forward about an hour.  It's after 10pm, the airport is getting pretty deserted.  We board the plane wearing our gift shop purchased garb, looking more like we are two bodybuilders  heading to the gym than businessmen returning home from a trip.

We settled into our seats, both in first class, Grappler Dan  a few rows ahead of me.  The plane was unusually empty even for a late night fight.  So I had plenty of room to spread out.  Then about 20 minutes after we take off and the seat belt sign goes off, I see him heading down the aisle, but not the first class bathroom, he went instead to the one all the way back behind where they make the food on the longer flights..

Grappler Dan gives me a bro nod when he saunters by; so after he passes, I wait a few minutes and then get up myself and strut down the aisle to the same bathroom. I give a stealthy two-way glance and slip in after him.  Inside as you can imagine, the bathroom is your typical tiny airplane john.  You think it is small for you normal sized folk, imagine how undersized it is for the Mule at 6’3” 260!  I can barely fit by my lonesome in one of these claustrophobic hells! Now imagine two big musclemen in there, we were wedged in there like sardines!

 heading down the aisle

Further imagine us both trying to get our clothes off , it was like playing a game of vertical twister!  Grappler Dan takes off his wedding ring again.  This just might be a memory enhanced by hindsight, but I will swear he seemed to expand like the Hulk when he took off that thing; I would swear now that he not only got broader … but taller!

Because we had wrestled in the buff earlier, with our hands all over each other in wrestling holds, I was completely comfortable being naked with him at such close quarters. And close they were - we were standing with the big shelves of my chest stacked against his own powerful plateaus of pecs. Two sets of biceps were bulging and quads flexing as we set out stances. Grappler Dan laughed and said with a cutting tone of challenge: “Before was just a warm up, Mule, let me show you the REAL power I am packing.”  He says "so you bench 455 for a one rep max , huh Mule? Well, big man, you are about to feel what 365 for 16 reps’ strength feels like..." We got 30 minutes man ... you are gonna die in these big arms of mine, Mule...."
"you are gonna die in these big arms of mine, Mule...."

I gave one of my famous Mule sneers, accompanied by a growling snort. I had been in many a bear-hug contest, and was supremely confident that it wasn’t going to be ME, that was bested.

 So it began, the two muscle gods each wrapping massive arms around his intended victim. I feel his big dick on my rock hard abs ... as we were pressed close in our ‘vice-grip off’.  We had wrestled naked all afternoon and he had only got a semi from the charge of adrenaline and testosterone, but now wedged together in vice-like grips, he seemed super-charged with combat hormones and had erected a massive fully hard boner ... that seemed my cue to press my advantage.
Grappler Dan captured in the deadly bone crushing vice grip of the Mule!
Mule  winning the contest!

Grappler Dan uncomfortably found himself captured in the deadly bone crushing vice grip of the blond muscleman, and although the older man was inflicting his share of pain on the Mule, the handsome younger man still felt victory was assured. But when the older man spoke, it was not to concede … "Remember Mule, no screaming ... no matter how much I hurt you ... we don't want the Sky Marshall in here." he managed to hiss in my ear, between grunts.

“WTF!”- I thought, “Hurt me Old man? I am winning this contest!”

Then he locks his hands around the narrowest part of my wide back ... puts his fist right over the juncture of my L5-S1 vertebrae, my jaw almost drops as his chest expands with a seemingly concerted effort of every sinew in his body in league against the Mule.  Bammmmm!!!! He squeezed hard, and it was like the crush of a Burmese python as he dug his fist into my L5-S1 locus.  A huge gush of air rushed from my mouth along with a spray of saliva as I lost a lungful of air in an ape like grunt. As he dug deeper into my spine, I felt excruciating pain shooting down my sciatic nerve like electric shocks administered by a fiendish scientist in some ghastly experiment.  Despite my effort not to, a deep moan was forced out me.

Grappler Dan reverses the bear hug!

Grappler Dan takes charge....

The punishment being inflicted by Grappler Dan was relentless

your Hero hanging on for dear life! 

 This was no longer a challenge of bear-hugs, but a one-sided vice, with your Hero hanging on for dear life! My green eyes felt like they were being squeezed out of their sockets like toothpaste. At this point all I was seeing were white spots!

I felt the pain radiate up and down my body, spiraling down into my glutes, through the back of my legs, into my calves and then feet, so that my lower extremities rioted with pain for a moment, before both of my big legs go numb.

Meanwhile in the other direction, it was like the amusement park machine where a sledgehammer is applied to a trigger, and a weight shoots up and rings a bell. Well, the Mule had his bell rung for sure!
Grappler Dan continued to give the Mule a taste of that vaunted power he had been boasting about.  It was not a bluff, it was real, and it was being skillfully and ruthlessly applied to crush your blond hero’s mammoth muscle-bound body to smithereens … the Mule’s carcass hammered against the muscular anvil of Dan’s own rock hard physique. The Mule felt his muscles surrendering one after another, in a chain reaction of destructive submission. Mule bit into his own tongue as he struggled against the pain!

The punishment being inflicted by Grappler Dan was relentless.  Dan flexed his cannonball biceps; and they sunk into my sides compressing my ribs ... my arms dropped and hung uselessly at my side ..."Ffff...uck man...”  was all I managed to groan. Pressing our muscle-bound bodies together, Grappler Dan-- grunting with glee … slowly, ever so slowly, he built up the pressure, deliberately prolonging his savage torture.

"Yeah, I know ... you feel my power waxing, Mule ... while yours wanes" he grunts back.   Grappler Dan continuously poured on more pressure.  My mighty back and ribs were being systematically softened up for the kill.  My breathing was being constricted, air prevented from entering into my mountainous chest.  A helpless Mule was feeling his stamina being drained from his great body as his head rolled about his thick bull neck.

And indeed his crush was only gaining in strength and intensity, while my whole body grew weaker.  Grappler Dan had, by now, became totally aroused, as he took complete control of the Mule, showing me how it felt to be bear hugged without mercy.

He lifted me up and dropped my big muscled butt into the metal sink ... My neck felt like rubber-forcing me to rest my chin on his shoulder while he continued compressing me like a trash compactor.  I can take a great deal of pain, I am no slacker in that department, but this had gotten so bad, I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to stay conscious.

My chin slipped off his shoulder as my neck hung over his back like a slinky, my jaw fell slack, my mouth lay open … drool dribbling out of its corners and down his back. I started to go in and out of consciousness ... if felt like my ribs were going to splinter into shards any second ... I was totally helpless and … under HIS control ..."You are no match for me, Mule,” gloated the mighty muscleman. “I can crush the life out of you!” The squeezing force of Grappler Dan was unbelievably powerful. I felt like I was dying in his incredibly strong arms … arms that were steadily, inexorably driving me toward submission and ignominious defeat.

Mule fans know that a victorious bear hug is the greatest demonstration of a man’s supremacy. The epitome of one man dominating another, and sad to say, by this point, the Mule was as dominated as a man can be.

Then I began to feel the emotions of all those men that I had bested.  The sheer uncontested power he now held over me, and corresponding breaking of my body, brought a corresponding crushing of my pride. Overmatched by Grappler Dan, I began to feel submissive … drawn to his victorious power like a moth to the flame.  I actually began to fall for my torturer … the more he hurt me the hornier I got ... I was man-crushing seriously on this powerful alpha male that was dominating me.  It was the bromantic thirst all males feel when confronted by the superior power of another man.  It is a mixture of hero-worship, envy-fueled desire and a hunger to share that power, even if only in yielding to it. Plus battle is a sexually stimulating situation, as all contests of power are. Other alphas might not tell you this, but such is the reality. The Mule is so comfortable in his own skin that he doesn’t care if some of you lesser men might misconstrue this and hate on the Mule.

Grappler Dan understood all this, as my cock engorged, its long thick shaft pressing against my conqueror.  He smiled knowingly.  He was inside my head.  He had won.  He knew it and I knew it.  He owned me.  He released his hold, taking a moment to admire his brutal work as I slumped helplessly. He stepped a baby step back, as that was all he could manage in the cramped space.   I leaned backwards, sitting on the toilet with my immensely broad back against the sink mirror, struggling to catch my breath as I wrapped my massive arms around my huge battered and bruised chest while gasping for air.

 "Too bad I can’t fuck you, Mule, but I’m a married man..." he said smiling as he put his wedding ring back on. When he said we could not fuck, I actually felt an aching pang of disappointment.  I had fallen hard.

He struck a naked "superman pose" - hands on hips - my dilated eyes hungrily take it all in.   Grappler Dan's physique was just plain breathtaking, his proportions just about perfect. Broad-shouldered but narrow waist, his powerful figure was iron-muscled as the best of the ancient Roman gladiators must have been muscled … it told at a glance … enormous strength!  My eyes skimmed the graceful lines of the strongly sinewy legs that had the definition of fine marble sculpture. I scanned the laddered abdominals that flowed seamlessly to his huge stiff, erect and swollen dick … my eyes slid back up to the massive pecs and big arms that were more than a match for my own, then my gazed fixed on the handsome head upon those broad shoulders. The strong jaw was slightly stubbled.

 "Take a long, long look Mule ... so you can jack off to this later
  “It is no dishonor to be bested by me!”

Mule: Defeated but initiated 

  "Take a long, long look Mule ... so you can jack off to this later ... you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from rubbing one out – during the rest of the flight and beyond … because you’ll be thinking of all of this“ … he flexed and  preened muscularly. “I will even email you some pics ..."
I looked at him with the same longing expression that I had seen directed to me so many times. My brain was awash with so many endorphins that for a moment I couldn’t feel the throbbing pain of my body,  my body responded appropriately so that both our cocks were once again like flagpoles.
“You should feel proud Mule”, you withstood more than any man I have previously initiated into the Mile High Bear-hug Club.  “It is no dishonor to be bested by me!”

With that we did some maneuvering allowing him to take a piss, he drains his huge hose like a race horse, still radiating gloriously from his triumph, and my own hose throbbed.  A moment later, it was slightly less erect, enough for me to piss with difficulty, but he waves me off from the shitter.  “Toilets are for victors, use the sink Mule!”.  He gloats while shaking off his huge dong,  as  I comply and my own sizeable  hose unleashes  like a hydrant into the sink.

There is another vertical game of twister as we struggle to get our clothes back on, and pressed up against Grappler Dan, I am back completely erect during the dressing process, entangled as I am with my new idol. He beamed, knowing how I burned for him, like the long line of initiates before me. “Thanks for making it an interesting flight, Mule” he said.  He was pressing his now clothed loins against the fabric of my crotch and an explosion of fireworks went up in my head as the endorphins flowed again firing every synapse in my brain.

With me still in a stupefied haze, he goes out from the lavatory first ... I wait a couple of minutes as I try to clear the Mule brain, then I go.  The walk back was not the bold, triumphant stride that had brought me to the encounter, but a wobbly staggering, hands-bracing-the-seats struggle that seemed to take an excessively long time.  No doubt I seemed airsick to the handful of awake passengers, save one. Given I looked as pale as a ghost, that was a reasonable assumption.

I finally get back to my seat and settle in, still fixated on the thought of Grappler Dan, intoxicated by his power and dominance.  I am startled out of my reverie by an attractive flight attendant, who is bringing me a blanket.

I am still a bit ‘punch drunk’ from the bear hug, so have trouble processing this. Flight attendant sees my confusion and she explains: “That gentleman said you needed it“ … I look up the aisle and see Grappler Dan flash a smug grin.

I just tell her, “Yeah I guess I do!”

Wrapped in the blanket, I reach a big paw into my pants, unseen by neighboring eyes and begin to stroke my great fuck pole, as I play the excruciating and yet exhilarating ‘bear hug/lavatory’ encounter over and over again in my head like a video loop.

Later when I was leaving the plane Grappler Dan handed me the business card of a good chiropractor in Denver.  On the back was scrawled: Welcome to the Club! Membership has its privileges, give him my name for a 15% discount on services.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Guilty as Charged: Mule v. Cop

Guilty as Charged: Mule v. Cop  (by Mule, edited by S Kane)

Summer break of my Junior year of college: Your college football jock is driving all night from Durham NC to Louisiana, and then on to Texas.  About 2 am… somewhere in mountains of Tennessee I see red and blue lights in my mirror and look down at the speedometer, which is showing something in excess of 80 mph.   "Aw fuck" goes thru my mind.   I realize there is a road rest stop up ahead and I pull in there rather than the shoulder.  I barely notice the signs that say "no restrooms" but do notice there are no other cars as I pull on to the gravel and park my jeep, the police car right behind me.  It's local police, Johnson City, not the state police.  I am revving up the legendary Mule charm, hoping I can talk Barney Fife out of giving me a ticket as I grab my license and registration and hop out my jeep to the ground.

I was an imposing sight in the moonlight.  My 260 lbs. of football jock muscle was evenly dispersed over my 6'3" frame.   Short blonde hair in a jock buzz cut made my all-over tan look darker and my thick, muscular neck made my ginormous traps look even huger.  I'm jacked, handsome, young, overflowed with confidence and just oozing alphaness, I'm swole as phuck, and I got a fat dong too. Melon size shoulders protruded from my tight wife beater tee shirt. I wore my shirt so tight it was stretched to its limits by my thick muscled 53" chest, showing off those two giant slabs to perfection.   My wife beater was tucked into my tight, well-worn blue jeans, the pants tapered down my 33” waist, down my muscled ass past my 28" thighs and 18” calves to a pair of brown, size 14 cowboy boots.

The officer gets out his police car and walks slowly towards me. As he does his John-Wayne strut, I can see he's no Barney Fife. As you know, Mule is 6'3 260lbs of striated, gluteus maximizing, defibrillating, masturbatizingly hot, swole shreddedness- all wrapped up in alphaness and cold pressed in awesome; but Officer Smith is an imposing sight in his own right!  In the full moonlight, that is the only illumination at this point in the night, he would make even the most hardened criminal blanch. The military buzz hair cut is about the only hair on this beast of an officer, and sets off his square chin, broad square shoulders, and massive chest.  The rest of Officer Smith is as firm and tight, even his bubble butt. With 20-inch guns showing in his dark blue shirt Officer Smith must be the envy of the Johnson City police force, and every meathead at the Johnson City gym. Unlike most Five-O’s he has clearly has never seen the inside of a donut shop.

This Po-Po colossus stands 6'4" tall and weighs in at solid 250+ lbs. Not more than 25 or 26 years old.   When he swaggers close enough. I can make out on his expansive, thrust out chest- his shiny shield on the left massive pec, and his name tag, on the equally impressive right:  "Officer Smith".   This muscle-head in blue oozed the kind of conceit that only men of incredible muscularity and unbelievable good looks can project. I am sure not too many people matched up to him in size and stature, and he was no doubt the heartthrob of Washington County!  Not a rival to be found… until now… at least, as we squared off, gazes fixed on each other narrowed eyes to narrowed eyes in the alpha glare-off.

"we squared off, gazes fixed on each other narrowed eyes to narrowed eyes"

I let my expression soften first: "Sorry Officer, I sort of wasn't paying attention...." I start saying, sounding like a little beta bitch.  But before I could get an apology out Officer Smith barks: "Put your hands on the hood of the Police car, and spread your legs wide....procedure requires you be frisked and searched..."  His commanding tone made him sound precisely like the Alpha Male, he appears to be.  "Aw fuck" I think again, "he's gonna be an asshole about this..." 

I comply with the orders he just gave, and positioned myself with my hands on the police car and my legs spread wide apart.

At this point my expectations lower, and I just hope I can talk him out of bringing me to jail for booking; and instead just giving me a ticket: letting me get on my way -as there is still a long drive ahead of me.  Officer Smith starts to follow his frisk procedure.

Starting at my bare forearms the cop runs his gloved hands down my thick arms, grasps my big biceps and squeezes, continues down to my arm pits and then around to and under my snug wife beater. A solid check of my big firm pecs and a squeeze on the nips insures him that there is no foreign object under my shirt. Following the contour of my yard-wide outstretched lats, the cop frisks my jeans waistband, lower back and rippling rock hard six-pack. Moving lower, he pats down my thick quads and steel cable hamstrings, down my right leg over my big calf that barely fits into my boots, then up the left leg. There can be no doubt he is admiring my Herculean physique as he feels me up, appreciating what he feels as only another bodybuilder can.  Almost satisfied he needs to finish the pat down, placing his huge paws on each of my ass cheeks then slowly runs his left thumb and forefinger up and down the crack between those two massive glutes. Satisfied so far the cops hand reaches up between my legs and grips my prize bull sized balls in my fraying jeans, a slight squeeze and then he moves both hands to the front where finally his right hand grips my long thick cock that is nestled to the right.

“What do you use this little toy for?” Officer Smith chides as he massages my 6+" flaccid cock to confirm it is not dangerous.

“It’s bigger then that thing you call a dick” I mouth off smartly without even thinking, and am quickly rewarded with a fist to the right kidney from the less than amused cop. I let out a loud grunt when the blow lands. “Remember you said that.... cause Your gonna cry like a bitch when I give it to you up the ass'''” again Officer Smith rewards my smart mouth with four shots, two to each kidney.  On each punch Officer Smith is rewarded with a loud grunt from yours truly. Grabbing the back waistband of my jeans, Officer Smith pulls me out from his police car and knees me hard from behind squarely in the nuts.  Fuck those punches hurt, and that big knee felt like it cracked my jumbo eggs.  Shit, talk about your fucking police brutality.

The big cop grabs my blonde head and presses his swelling cock up against my muscled butt then whispers into my ear, “I bet I'm gonna find steroids when I search your Jeep, big guy,  How is an arrest for steroid procession gonna go over with that football team?  You think your gonna keep that   scholarship with that arrest on your record, stud?"   One look at Officer Smith had already told me he knew all about steroids.  And I was sure he wasn’t above planting evidence to make a bust if he had to.

“So here’s the dealeo, football star..." the muscle Cop continues... "You and I are gonna fight here and now, stud.  If I kick your ass you’re gonna suck on my "night stick" after I take that ass of yours.  You win, and I don't search your vehicle, and let you off with a speeding warning. Yeah, that's right,  if you win, this mass of muscles is yours for the taking....only see I ALWAYS win."

So now I knew what I faced, this was a classic bully-a friggin’ cowardly, beta-personality hiding in an alpha body. He probably never been whipped, so never had to face this hard truth.  I don’t see any option but to take the deal offered. However knowing what THE COP REALLY was gave the Mule an unexpected edge! With most bullies, the first time they take a strong pop in the jaw or big slam they turn into quite the little pussy.

The Cop laughs when I nod my acceptance of the terms.  "Just so you know," he says with a grin, "I was in the Marines before I joined the police force . . . Once a Marine, always a Marine.  I am extensively trained in unarmed combat, and I can kill you just with my bare hands. I will shit fury all over you, and you will drown in it.  Are you getting insecure, football star?  Are ya, you cock suckin’ pussy. ."   

"You fuckin’ marine cunt, you're fuckin’ dead meat, Cop..." -I bellowed through clenched teeth, still holding my battered nuts.

"Fuckin’ football jock cock sucker," the Cop snarled back, “I am gonna fuck your ass.”
I turn and face the Cop eye to eye as I am sucking some air back into my body while my nuts are screaming! Preparing for battle, the cop takes off his gun belt, his shoulder walkie-talkie, and his dark  police shirt, leaving him standing there in his black police issued, size 15 steel toed, boots, tight police slacks hugging his perfectly sculpted ass and massive package,  and shirtless.  "Holy fuck!" I think as the shirt comes off. "This guy is STACKED!"  The Cop is as jacked and swole as I am and almost as good-looking.  The Cop had huge, dark nipples planted on two slabs of pec beef. His traps and shoulders bordered on inhuman; broad and thick, the muscle heads bulged everywhere! He was a fucking musclegod with  rippling abs, a thick chest and powerful pectoral muscles.  Shit his upper arm was huge and his forearms were bigger than most men's biceps!

"Holy fuck!" I think as the shirt comes off. "This guy is STACKED!"

As his final step in his battle preparation, Officer Smith slips on his police issued black SAP gloves.

SAP gloves are a self-defense weapon which helps to improve your punching power, used extensively by law enforcement and military personnel. Almost similar to the effectiveness of brass knuckles, these weighted knuckle gloves reinforce your fist with steel shot inside the knuckle area.  They are an ordinary looking glove that you can wear casually in plain sight without causing suspicion, but secretly have eight ounces of steel shot sewn into the top of the hand and knuckle. I know from personal experience that SAP gloves pack a mighty punch.  Having those are gonna give the Cop a huge advantage, if this turns into a fist fight, as a man Officer Smith's size armed with SAP gloves could knock out a big heavyweight -even my size- with one punch, if he lands it right.

I pull off my wife beater and throw it into my jeep.  I square up, only to have the Cop say "Sorry big boy, lose the jeans and boots.  You’re fighting this one naked."  I have never had an issue with fighting naked, I’m jacked and tanned and hung like a donkey.  But the Cop having his boots still on, and also the SAP gloves was giving him some extra weapons. Definitely a beta move.  Officer Smith was making sure this was no level playing field, he had the deck stacked in his favor.  Loaded gloves, steel toed boots, and his big balls safely secured in his standard issue police jock strap. Maybe he could have taken me in a fair fight, but he elects to cheat from the get go instead.  So it was the well-equipped, shirtless Cop up against the fully naked Mule, as I strip all the way down.
"(Mule is) fighting this one naked"

As soon as I am naked, Officer Smith shot a double biceps pose and smiled.

"Think you can handle this, you Mother Fuckin’ Football Jock Pussy?"

"No problem, this is Gonna Fuckin Break You, Cop Cunt," I replied with a double biceps shot of my own, with massive arms bulging like cannon balls ready to go off, as we have an impromptu hot stud flex off.  Both of us bounced our pecs to intimidate the other and stretched. Neither one of us took his eyes off the other, as we flashed our muscled bodies at each other.

"Think you can handle this, you Mother Fuckin’ Football Jock Pussy?"

We rushed at each other, and a seriously vicious match began. We gripped upper bodies with loud roars.  Our Legs were spread wide as the two massive bodies collided  Our arms bulged as we grappled rough and hard with each other  We both jockeyed for control, with neither letting up on the grip on the other.

Suddenly, the Cop slapped me in a muscle-crushing full nelson.  I let out a wail,
as I felt the power of the cop. I thought my head would be ripped off as Officer Smith barreled down on his naked adversary.  As I struggled to muscle out, my 9" now fully erect cut hunk of man meat was swinging violently as my body was jerked from side to side. Against most guys, I would be able to flex out of this without batting an eye, but this stud was rock hard muscle.

"Yeah, you fuckin’ jock boy. Can't take this cop muscle. Too much for ya, ain't it?  YOUR FUCKIN’ ASS IS MINE-YOU COCK SUCKIN’ CUNT." With that I once again pressed up with my feet and with a massive surge of muscle, I slowly pulled my arms down. The veins in my neck bulged as my lats flared and the Cop's grip loosened. With one final snap, I broke free to spin around and once again it was two bulls meeting head on.  We were evenly matched and it showed.

Groans erupted from deep within each of us as we battled out for male supremacy. Officer Smith was matching me muscle for muscle, move for move. I stretched my arms out and the Cop locked hands with me.  We both pumped out 53" chests and I had only the slightest of disadvantages as my 19.5" guns bulged to meet Officer Smith's 20" cannon balls. Our chests slammed hard as we leaned into each other, muscles bulging, trying to muscle the other to his knees.  Sweat was pouring off both of us as neither was letting up on the other. "

Officer Smith watched my hot bare muscled ass flex, as my 28" quads struggled hard against the Cop's even more awesome 29"; both of us were grunting as each tested the rock hard muscle of the stud locked in his arms.   The Cop's boots dug into the ground for leverage, as did my bare feet.

"Yeah muscle boy, feels good don't it?" the Cop grunted as he began to force me back.

I could only moan.  The Cop was more powerful than I had thought. My legs were spread wide enough for me to catch an occasional whiff of my own butthole as I flexed hard, my fully naked body working to control the big bruiser.

Both of us finally broke free of the other and stood, staring and panting.

Officer Smith growled out, "You're one strong fucker, man."

"Thought you were gonna get a win, huh, fucker?" I panted.

"Shit, Boy, we just started." Officer Smith grunts.

I throw a right kick-it finding its mark in the officer’s right knee. The cop backs away and then I swing around and land a hard right across his jaw, sending his face wobbling and sweat spraying off it like from a shaking wet dog. Grabbing the scruff of the Cop's thick neck and the back of his pants, I run him-chest first- into a solid pine tree.  Then holding the dazed big cop in place, I lands several solid knees to the small of the big man's back. The officer’s mammoth back spreads out from his narrow waist and obscures the sight of the tree, which gives me the idea to clutch those lats, and ram the cop’s big chest up against the tree again, and again.

I turn the cop and drive his back up against the trunk of the pine tree.  With the Cop pinned between my big shoulder and the trunk of the rough pine tree bark, I scrape the Cop's big back up and down the tree three or four times, scraping the shit outta the skin on his back and making the blood flow till both his raw, wide back and the pine tree are covered in red.

The big Cop howls in pain but then he hits me with a “double ax handle” -- both of his anvil sized fists to my mile wide shoulders, which drops me to both knees....as I do....the cop Clutches up under my jaw, he pulls my head up, targets my big square jaw, then rearing back with his right SAP gloved fist he roundhouses me into tomorrow.

I see black and next thing I know I am face down in the grass, and the Cop is using the sole of his boot to checks for signs of life by rubbing it over my naked muscled ass. The beast of a Cop with the aid of that SAP glove enhanced punch had knocked me the fuck out.  It was like taking a punch from Tyson in his prime.   I barely know where I am, as I get up to all fours, shaking my head of the cobwebs..... Only to be driven back down to the ground by a huge, size 15, cop boot to the back of my head.  Then the Cop sits his 1/8th of a ton of muscle on the small of my back and with his sweat and blood pouring on me, he camel clutches the fuck out of my back while fish hooking my mouth so I can't speak, until I am slapping his big legs to tap out and moaning in pain.  He has me beat, the big Cop has defeated me, and I am trying to “give”...but instead of taking my submission, he slaps the back of my head and says “"Don't give up yet, football jock, I'm having too much fun...."  I was trying to surrender and tap out, but the Cop has decided to play with the now helpless Mule some more, and instead grabs me by the head, stands me up, and runs me across the hood of his cruiser.   Then the cop comes and finds me on the opposite side of the car, and plants a steel toed boot deep into my rib cage while I am still on all fours.  I let out a howl of pain as he attempts to kick in my rib cage.  That's going to leave some nasty bruises....

“Fuck he almost broke my ribs with that kick.”-I thought groaning in agony.  Laughing at my moans of pain, the cop pulls me up and drags me barely conscious, and on rubber legs and angled ankles, to the hood of the cruiser.  Twisting me around by the waist, and pinning me to the hood, the Cop holds my right elbow above my head and punches the exposed pec and nipple before him.  With the SAP gloves his fists are like bone crushing sledgehammers.  My nipple bleeds from the enhanced punch.  He then twists me around again this time pinning me ass-up, on the hood. The cop pulls my head back and whispers in my ear while stroking my 9-inch iron hard cock with the leather SAP glove, “Now that I've kicked your ass, I get to fuck your ass.” 

With one hand holding me in place the Cop's other hand bitch slaps my ass to get the blood flowing into my bubble butt, spreads the muscled cheeks apart , then unsnaps his own pants, unzips the fly, and pulls aside his jock strap to release his swelling fat 8" cock .

While he’s busy trying to position his dick on my asshole, I throw a big left elbow behind me which connects with the cops left temple.  He's stunned, I turn to face him, and unload a huge forearm to his face.  I scoop him up, and body slam him on the hood of his police car.  With one hand on the Cops dick and the other under his chin, I hold him across the hood, while I head butt him over and over in the abs.  Pulling the Cop forward, so his boots were on the ground but he was still leaning on the hood, I pull his uniform pants down to reveal his well-tanned muscle butt.  Holding the big cop by his still bloody lats, the cop grips the windshield end of his patrol car’s hood, and braces himself for the solid fuck that is coming. He is not disappointed; ‘cuz I bitch slaps his cop ass, spread the cheeks apart and without as much as a lick of spit, ram my fat nine inch cock up his cop’s hole.

For the first time in his life, someone else was inside him, and he LIKED the reversal of roles.  As my giant cock moved back and forth inside the Cop, he went wild with this new found sensation.  Each movement of my cock drove the Cop insane with lust and closer and closer to climax.
  Forcibly tearing the asshole up and pushing my stallion cock up the cops tight muscled ass,  I rail him good and then I start banging the cop’s forehead against the hood... while I’m a yelling  “Squeal pig squeal!” Finally I drive my pussy driller in one more hard time and releases my load at the same time as the Cop shoots a huge load of cum all over the hood of his cruiser.

Before exiting the cops hot ass, I whisper in his ear “you’re not getting off that easy, man,  You wanted me naked, well there is going to be some payment expected for that...”  I pull him off the hood and he slumps to all fours on the ground, shitting my cum out his ass, as he shakes and wimpers  like a terrified puppy dog. His first time being fucked in the ass has turned this Alpha Male into a pussy in more ways than one. I see the Die hard look in his eye had been replaced with the Barney Fife nervous twitch, I had originally expected.

As he stays on all fours there, like Fido, I walk over and get my size 14 cowboy boots that I had been ordered to strip off earlier.  I slip them back on.  I don’t bother with my jeans.  I am naked except for my boots.

Putting one boot on the back of the Cop's neck, I push him face down to the ground.  I rammed my other pointed steeled toed cowboy boot into his beat red face. “Eat this, pussy boy!” I laughed as I forced the leather deeper and deeper into his mouth and throat, as he gagged.   "Still planning on giving me that warning, Officer Smith?!? Or is that Officer Pussy now?"

Virtually exhausted and finally submissive, he began to lick my size 14ee boot. At first tentatively, and then enthusiastically.

“Suck on it!” I bellowed.

I removed my boot from his neck and flipped his muscular frame over and shoved my other boot beneath his face and ordered him to lick it clean, and like the little bitch he had become, he readily complied.    I felt like the king of the world.    As I looked about the scene in, triumph, the muscle cop was still energetically licking my boots in the bright moon light. "Yeah... good doggy" I say soothingly, as I reached down to pet his head.

Finally I had enuff fun and needed to resume my trip.   I put on my jeans and throw the big cop naked and handcuffed in the back of his cruiser.  I take off his SAP gloves, and try them on for size.  They are a perfect fit (even on my ham-sized fists) so I decide to keep them.  Officer Smith's face is enraptured as he looks up at me as I slip the gloves in my back pocket. "Shit, dude. You want my dick so bad."  I think to myself as I look down at the completely smitten Cop, but “Have a nice day” are my only spoken words  to the cop, then I drive away in my Jeep.  Officer Smith didn’t write me up a ticket... in fact I got off without even a warning....it was the cop who had entered a plea of TOTAL PUSSY.